Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFOMM: James Carrion the Jesus Christ of MUFON

“And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” Hamlet.

I just got finished reading an article, “Goodbye Ufology, Hello Truth” by James Carrion. In this article James compares(to the millionth degree) his courage of pursuing the truth in UFO land to Jesus’ courage ...yea right. So how does James Carrion, Ex- MUFON International Director do this Jesus courage thing?... Well… in one giant swoop, without the courtesy of presenting the specific evidence, James Carrion, trashes all of Ufology, NICAP, MUFON, and NIDS. His accusations include dishonest Ufologists, sloppy UFO investigations. He goes on with even more sensational accusations like intentional deceptions, outright frauds. But James doesn’t stop there on his courage quest he attacks that naive group inside the UFO community, you know the ones, the ones who believe fervently ETs are the source of some UFOs.


James basically says he came into MUFON to pursue the truth. The article reads like a love story, a love story about James loving himself. This article was written by a man who could have changed MUFON but decided to walk away.


His pronouncements are neither unique nor original; just the same old clichés repeated till they are eventually believed:

“No, I am not talking about some grandiose cover-up of alien visitation, but instead the documented manipulation of people and information for purposes that I can only speculate on. How do I unequivocally know this to be true? Well let me lay it out for you in laymen’s terms. People are easily manipulated because we are all subject to the psychological pressures of ego, biased beliefs and tunnel vision. For example, those that KNOW that earth is being visited by aliens have blinders on and no amount of alternative explanation will convince them otherwise. They are the die hard in the wool believers for whom Ufology serves as a religion to confirm their beliefs that they take on faith. On the other end of the spectrum are the debunkers who must counter every claim with a reason why it can’t be so, without bothering to examine the data or lift a finger in conducting original research of their own”.

Below is the sentence in the quote that really got my blood burning:

“They are the die hard in the wool believers for whom Ufology serves as a religion to confirm their beliefs that they take on faith.”

James see no nuances in the UFO community; just right, left and middle. To him there doesn’t seem to be a human part of it. The above statement is completely devoid of sympathy or compassion for the large majority of people who are now a part of the UFO community, who’ve had close encounters with UFO crafts themselves.

Yes, what these people experienced shocked them to the core.

Yes, most honest UFO witnesses would like to make some sense of what happened, but no…

…no other alternate explanation put out there by you, or any of your counterparts , organizations or you name it, explains what so many of us have experienced. Many of us did not just see lights in the sky or mistaken aircraft.

Former US Air Force fighter pilot Milton Torres is convinced he had an encounter with an alien spaceship in the skies over England in the 1950s.

You and many others just don’t seem to get that. No matter how many photos or videos or anything else is presented and then discounted we know there are strange craft. Many times we see photos and video that look strangely what we have witnessed. We meet people, who seem as honest as we are, that have claim to witnessed creatures or been through the trauma of abduction. We don’t discount them we tend to believe at least some of them.

I know we need skeptics but how you convey the data is as important as getting the data out there. People who have had close encounters need to know that this earth shattering experience can be validated in some way external way. They tend not to believe skeptics because when your that close to something so truly phenomenal skeptics’ explanations just don’t ever seem cut it.
James, I am sad to say, portrays himself as a victim in all of this. Here he laments the sad story of his supposed Roswell find and the mistreatment of him by everyone else:

“Interestingly I also observed how my original research fell on deaf ears in the UFO community. When I suggested that the holy grail of Ufology, Roswell, could be part of an elaborate intelligence deception operation, not only did I encounter a wave of hostility from the “believers” but a backlash of silence, debunking and dismissal by even those “unbiased” researchers who claim to not stoop to such tactics.”

James, do you honestly believe that the UFO community should have “stop the presses” on that hypothesis of yours? You write about everyone else’s ego; how about yours? Be honest with yourself. I listen to your presentation on your pet theory that Roswell and Ted Arnold were disinformation campaigns by the government to send the Soviet Union on a wild goose chase. I thought Stanton’s response to your contentions were handled well in a rebuttal article in the January 2010 MUFON Journal. Stanton made a good case countering your presentation at the symposium. An obvious point that Mr. Friedman made was, except for the newspaper articles about a new super secret weapon in 1947 there was nothing else of note to link it to Roswell or anything else. Roswell was a dead story and remained that way for decades; some ruse. Stanton also showed how, to make some brownie point,s you used the same old arguments and mistakes about the way Mogul was kept secret. “The Mogul balloons equipment was never classified and even the name “MOGUL” was well known, only the program’s mission was classified.”

James uses the same ploy used by debunkers. It’s what I call “ why didn’t they do this” questions, which proves nothing, unless you can read minds in such a unique situation. But the bottom line James... your evidence wasn’t persuasive enough. Even so ,I don’t think everyone was negative about what James presented. I seem to remember positive comments by some in the UFO community on James’ blog and at the MUFON symposium . Of course, I could describe that group of people inside the UFO community as just a naive group of believers that will latch onto any explanation of Roswell as long as it’s not involved Extra-Terrestrials or spaceships. A good argument can be made that some of those people who abhor the ET hypothesis have an obsession bordering on dogmatic religious belief.

After the victim bit, James lined up some UFO cases that had divided the UFO community, and that he proved “personally” to be hoaxes… really, just you James?...no one else helped you on these investigations?

James, you’re a funny guy, the way you handled debunking the Stan Romenek case, what a great example of your humor. You did that whole public cloak and dagger number in your post…that could be funny bit. It was real cool with a kind of dark humor the way you had received the documents through some source that must remain anonymous. The problem is you must have known that handling the debunking of Stan in that way would hit some buttons in the UFO community. Is that the “poking of the phenomena” you write about in your article? I can’t believe you never thought, that maybe some people were harassed by real cloak and dagger life UFO experiences? James did bring up some very valid points in his skeptical piece on Stan case. It was his arrogant tone and insensitivity that I believe turned so many people away. Was that what you wanted James to play martyr?

After listing some other hoaxes that he uncovered he mentions this:

2009 –“ Unsettling information I discovered with Dr. Frank Salisbury about the Skinwalker Ranch that calls into question the validity of experiences de

scribed in the book “Hunt for the Skinwalker”.

If Carrion had found damming evidence of Skinwalker affair, the first person he should have gone to discuss this with is Robert Bigelow. Or does James courage only allow him to go after the common UFO witness? Mr. Bigelow funded millions to purchase the “Skinwalker Ranch” to try a long term investigating of this and other phenomena. He had formed an organization the “National Institute Of Discovery Science”( NIDS). NIDS was a well funded team of open minded scientific investigators. Any data that was collected was suppose to be subjected to rigorous scientific analysis (no sloppy UFO researchers need apply).

What James forgot to mention was the Skinwalker affair was not handled or investigated by any UFO researcher linked to any old, tried and true UFO research organization. In fact, Bigelow didn’t want any UFO investigators, including MUFON, on this case and on any other NIDS cases. The ranch was off limits to all UFO investigators and they were serious about it. Several activist “ UFO researchers” were escorted off the property by NIDS guards when they got a little too close. So the “Skinwalker” research, sloppy as it had been, was carried out by NIDS scientists. In the end I do think some gook MUFON researchers could have done a better job.

The “Hunt for the Skinwalker” book had a strange relationship with NIDS in the first place. NIDS never put anything up on their web site about the ranch or the book. The book was put out with claims that NIDS hadn’t supplied them with the evidence they collected at the ranch in time for printing, so they had to go to press without it.

As I reported a year ago, I questioned George Knapp about this and he promised a book would come out with all the evidence…I’m still waiting. The real question that comes up with James’ accusation is motive? Is James Carrion suggesting that the owners of the ranch hoaxed James Bigelow? Does James suggest that the owner and the writers of “Hunt For Skinwalker” had lied or hoaxed the experiences to sell a book, the ranch or both? If this is what James is implying and has evidence these are career destroying accusations. We don’t know at this time know what the damming evidence James has because James isn’t telling us…but I am sure there will be a book published soon where James will let us all in on it

James criticizes the UFO community for coming to the defense of Roswell and other UFO witnesses, but isn’t that the way it should be? Many of thesee witnesses deserve to be defended and where else will anyone come to their defense? There are hoaxers but we seem to weed them out eventually.

If you want to compare yourself to Jesus remember Jesus’ legacy. He was into explaining the truth in loving terms. Jesus especially used loved and compassion toward the people with the least power. So who has the least power in our community James?

James, if you have this sensational evidence I am sure the UFO community wants to see it… so let the games begin.

Thank You

Joe Capp


  1. Hey Mr. Capp!

    Like you, I suspect, I'm unmoved by last century Cartesians or reductionist wannabees who prosecute their fatuous anthropomorphism and intellectual cowardice just to facilitate a juvenile pique regarding messy failures herding wild ufological cats, eh?

    Talk about scared monkeys making mouth noises, and under the facile cowl of fundamentalist religion, too. This is just another charmless authoritarian, imo, entirely unaware that you can "hide a whole f__kin' universe behind a grain of sand held at arms length into a starry, starry night sky."

  2. Dear Alfred,
    Your right on the mark. James seems to act like he was above the rest. Everyone knows there are hoaxes sloppy investigations but isn't it MUFONs job to prove there is something to this UFO phenomenon. MUFON has done some excellent investigation that help prove UFOs are real. On James' watch, they investigated the Stephenville Tx. case. This is where they need to go. Boots on the ground active investigation is the future not a month or a year down the road but as soon as possible. You can carry a great deal of equipement in your Iphone now...that's how far it has gone.

  3. Joe, you've done it again, great post.

  4. Hey Joe...your take brought a smile to my face.

  5. I knew something was wrong a couple years ago when one of MUFONs ,in house, photo analizer was basically debunking most of MUFONs past and present photos submitted by witnesses. This photo professional was suggesting to investigators that the case was not a ufo observation but a possible bug, bird or some other explanation. Even before the investigator began to investigate the case was already solved by MUFON's in house photo professional. How unprofessional is this ? I questioned James Carrion for letting this happen. When I started my web site World UFO Photos, I had many e-mail conversations with MUFON's photo analizer. He wanted to use my Web site as a training tool for investigators to show them what a IFO [Identified Flying Objects] looks like. He basically told me that the 800 photos I had on my site was probably a bird, bug or camera lens flair. This clued me in as to what his agenda was. MUFON also has a new person editing the MUFON Journal. He seems to has the same agenda and he will not post any photos that could be bugs, birds or camera malfunctions. I told him then there will probably be no more photos in the MUFON JOurnal because every UFO photo, according to them, is not a UFO. He did not disagree. It seems that James Carrion has either hired or mentored MUFON employees to share his personal feelings and theory's that UFO's probably do not exist. Why James Carrion was given this position, in the first place, has raised red flags in my head. I hope things change for the benefit of MUFON otherwise they should just close their doors and throw up their hands and say " we quit, UFO's are not real." Clifford Clift has a big job to do and I hope he is up to the task. He has to fix many things in MUFON but the good news is there are many Ufologist in the MUFON community that can help him get it all back on track. All he has to do is ask...Thanks Joe for the great article and bringing all of this to our attention...Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.

  6. Thanks Regan,
    so nice to hear from you again.


  7. Dear Lon
    Yep James' pontifications do lend themselves to comedy. I am just the messenger:)


  8. Dear Ken,
    Marc D'antonio is the chief optics investigation for MUFON. He said he had a close encounter and is not a debunker. He spoke at the Congress. He went through some interesting misinterpretation of UFOs. I put some of what he did up myself. But what all of my friends at the conference pointed out was Marc didn't show anything that has proven to be real UFO. This is the mindset of many at MUFON. He seems now to be debunking the images on the "Flier Files" in the MUFON journal. No real ones there also it seems. The problem is we have debunkers all over the place including a few debunking magazine. We have the mainstream media, military and the government telling us there is nothing to UFOs. We have MUFON spending must of it's time deubnking UFOs or indicating they are just an unknown phenomenon. Where are the people on our side. The side which have witnessed and photographed for decades more than lights in the sky. There are photos and video out there right now which are real and show craft.
    Bottom line MUFON needs to spend more time proving what is real and less time proving what is false. We are tired of them trying to win the scientific and academic community into actions. I believe we should overwhelm the skeptics with the right evidence. One way would be to only analyze photos and video which are positively an object in the sky. In other words group sightings where hoaxing is very unlikely. This would save a great deal of time on speculation by the video people. I am not a very bright person but even I know that.
    The recent letter by the new MUFON director in the MUFON journal talks about respect for the witnesses to UFOs and the members. He speaks about "transparency" by MUFON to it's members. This is a great start. Let's get into proving UFOs are real...because they are and let the other guys try and take us on.

    This is a battle that can be one.
    Thanks for you insights.


  9. Carrion is military intelligence, dose anything more need to be said.

  10. Stan,
    It still America and the last time i looked people were innocent until proven guilty.

    Joe Capp

  11. I think James is giving his personal opinion based on his experiences. Everybody is entitled to their personal opinions whether we like it or not.

    I am for once, happy that somebody is providing a different theory and perspective to this phenomenon. How many years after Roswell..I don't see any answers to this and many other mysteries yet. I think people in this field are happier judging and fighting than focusing in searching for answers.

  12. Dear Marla,
    James is giving more than his opinion in that article. When you accuse long time respected people in the UFO field of intentional deception without providing the evidence I think someone should say something. When you play the Jesus hero/martyr part at least do some suffering. James just seems to love to provoke and when he gets some reaction he doesn't like it. I was at the presentation it was frankly a weak case for another Roswell explanation.The response was by the members was appropriate. Stanton had a right to his opinion too and he had a right to counter Jame's hypothesis.
    The way he played "I got you" with Stan Romenek case. He never once accused any MUFON investigators on the case of of sloppy work or intentional deception but he was quick to accuse the Romeneks...some courage.
    The bottom line is when will Mr. Carrion present this evidence that will destroys the credibility of ufology.
    Thank you

  13. Nice article again!

    I haven't read much or heard much from James Carrion. He seemed ok on the radio shows I've heard with him. If he says what you describe here, especially on the roswell case, that is not very impressing. However one might look upon the roswell case, it's basically word against word situation - a 'who do you believe' sort of thing. I don't think there is much merit in painting a whole complex scenario of disinformation and deceit when the issue mostly is between the collaborative testimony and the silence of the military on the matter. I tend to not believe the military's six different roswell-explanations but suspect the people are candid in their testimony although some of their conclusions might be slightly off target (since they were not privy to the inside info on what went down).

    The psychological human aspect is very underrated and so interesting in the UFO subject. It is what fascinates me most nowadays.

    Here is another example of where I believe the human aspect have gone missing. I have been following the Bob Lazar case very closely the last 13 years and read up on everything I could get my hands on regarding that case. People have a hard time believing that case because of Lazars flawed persona and his involvement with John Lear. Thinking that truth is so simple is just delusion. Just because Lazar wasn't the brightest and best qualified physicist and have somewhat trouble backing up his military involvement by official means doesn't mean his involvement didn't happen. Also, Lazars endeavors since hasn't helped his case or elevated his reputation. Hence it's been getting even easier to attack his character rather than having to face the facts surrounding what went down...and we all know that debunkers looks for that easy way out of a sensitive UFO discussion - every time.

    There is so much surrounding information and particulars to the Lazar story of what went down during this period that basically the only thing missing is the official military admission that Lazar did work in Groom Lake Military Facility on classified projects for a shorter while. Almost all of the people not believing in the Lazar story usually miss the particulars of that case (Gene Huff and David Biedny anyone?). I've heard George Knapp so many times having to educate and straighten out the many misconceptions people have about Lazars experiences. Some of the anecdotal information is really interesting and not often talked about. Also, Knapp says that there is some information not publicized also for own reference and collaboration dealing with other former employees of Groom Lake Military Facilities.

    I can't help to wonder why people have such a hard time understanding and appreciating the ups and downs of average social human life. Many of us would not look that great if dissecting past histories. Many not so good decisions and negative personal traits would be exposed. Perfectly logical decisions (at the time) would be challenged. While some of the persons having gone through extra-ordinary experiences - that doesn't make them extra-ordinary persons.

    Frankly I don't know what would satisfy a debunker character-wise. A spotless and perfect persona like Tiger Woods maybe....oh yeah, that's right, he coughed up too.

    Thanks for the blog Joseph. I hope you'll continue a long time.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  14. Dear David,
    Thank you. The Bob Lazar case is a strange one. Witnesses are human and that seems to be forgotten in the world of debunkers. There was a check paid to Bob that indicates he was an employee. Lear is off the wall as far as I am concerned. I believe Lear is either disinformation or a little off. What surprises me is how many people believed the contention that Lear put out where aliens had a "soul catcher" on the moon to mop up human souls. When stuff like that comes our of the mouths of intelligent people I start to wonder if it is on purpose.
    Bob's association with Lear has rubbed off and that is a shame. There is, in my book, something to Bob's story what that is remains to be discovered.
    As always, thanks for your participation in my blog.