Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UFOs Yes Conspricies No !

Throughout the year 2012  I constantly tried to speard the word that the world was not coming to an end. I know people like conspiracies like they like Halloween. But did you ever think that you are being controlled by indulging in them? Below Mr. John Lear talks about CIA and how they control our UFOs community and any community. They do it  by burying  credibility and fostering  conspiracies including  the  world is coming to end to keep us in a state of constant anxiety.   To continue to try and make us look stupid.
Let's all agree that many people get turned off by these conspiracies which do not have near the evidence of UFOs.
I know that there are conspiracies NASA and some big corporations come to mind but we have should start to be skeptical of  conspiracies that have no bases in reality. Planet X is a prime example of conspiracies that are absolute nonsense. Another is the Ison comet. I think we should all take a moment to ask ourselves do we really believe this stuff. There is a great line in" Tommy" by the Who.
"We won't be fooled again".
How many of you out there in the UFO community believe the hype about 2012? Some of these conspiracies are insane to say least born out of very disturbed paranoid and  sometimes  even raciest minds. 
We know there are UFOs. Most of us have experienced them, and many who have not, understand the amount of evidence out there for UFOs craft. but mix that in with "Obama is reptilian" and we look like absolute idiots.
As a community we need to filter the nonsense out. We need to support real conspiracies and stop promoting what I call "boloney land conspiracies".

What do you think?

Stay Skeptical My Friends
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matter
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

UFOs: "The Times Are a Changing"

 UFOs Vs The Bleak Universe

Well people, if  UFOs are not spaceships from other planets that means  to me Star Travel has never been achieved - Period!

 Everyone would agree that looking up on a clear night seeing the billions of stars does something  inside. It inspires us and challenges our thinking.   The more intelligent you are the more the sky confounds you.Yet according the large majority of scientist UFOs are not alien and there is not a shred of evidence otherwise.

Fermi's Paradox says :"if there is other intelligent life where are they?"

What could the answer be?; They are not as technological? They are very far away? We are alone in the universe? There is no way to get to other stars?

The universe is ten billion years older than our star. Some of the stars around us are billions of years older than our sun.  Now they have discovered hundreds of planets around these stars. So where are they?

The answer, in my book is: everywhere you look!

It seems they have been here for some time. They don't seem to want us to get to know them. The scary part is they seem to interact with us in private most of the time. What would keep a intelligent species here and not communicate.

One of the answers may be the history of the human species. We rarely keep our contracts or promises. We have almost wipe out hundreds of species off the planet. We go to war at a drop of a hat. Our scientist have egos compared to rock stars. And people are afraid. The next time you go to You Tube or read a blog with comments. Notice the vicious attacks on anything UFO. It is relentless and violent name calling at best and or sexist and raciest at it's worst.  The only time that humans attack like this verbally and with no regard for discourse is fear. The fear that this  be true. But that is changing. The fear of the past becomes the investigations of the future. After all these years they are taking notice.

Finally it's up to us in the UFO Community to take the higher ground. We will never reach the fear but we can reach those who can see mature behavior. As you just heard the "Times they are a changing" and the next few years should be astonishing.
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What do aliens eat?

What do Aliens eat?

Why would the government continue to keep UFOs so secret.   Many say it would topple our religions, but that is what they said about evolution. Could there be something so unacceptable to us as humans that they would never voluntarily disclose it. 
How about this: Aliens drink blood.
Recently there was reports of cattle mutilations which I believe makes over ten thousand unexplained  cases or unexplained mutilations. If you believe, as I do, that many of these cases were caused by these entities than what could they want?

Do Aliens Drink Blood?

No, I haven't been watching to many vampire movies. But in  all of these strange cattle and horse mutilations no blood was found, either on the ground, or around the carcasses..We as humans certainly can't point fingers we do feed off of  "lower lifeforms " on this planet but take a look at the depictions of aliens from ever witness report., they seem to a very small mouth and no one has ever described teeth.

A intelligent species that that uses blood as it's main food source? What the hell would that news bring. 

Theire may be a clue that also tells us why the government is so hell bent on keeping this a secret.
I think many in the UFO community would be turn off hearing that news, especially those who believe aliens are very spiritual.

But let's be honest. It would scare the hell out of all of us. I've always felt that if aliens are here than what would drive all governments continue to hide their smoking guns

In all of these unexplained  mutilations no blood is found the other parts of the animals  taken would make a  fine stew- at least for them. 

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UFOs, "Contact Has Begun"

Defining What UFOs Mean To Us:

One of the definition put out by the media about our UfO community is that we are "true believers" but that is a misnomer. The large majority of the UFO community are "UFO witnesses" When you get involved in UFOs to the extent that many of us do than you tend to be beyond just believing. You've had a significant UFO sighting that has convinced you beyond doubt that these craft are real.

Take me for example. I've  had a full life but the one personal experience that I can never forget is my daylight sighting.  What do you do with a detailed sighting like that? What do you do when you can see the details of the disks in your head? Yes  you go on with your life but there is a line drawn in your mind that can't be crossed by those who don't know - that line is; "flying saucers are not real". 
When you hear people make fun of "flying saucers" you know you have  a secret that most other humans will not understand. You know, to be true to yourself and keep your integrity, you must not pretend you don't know. 

You remember it as if it was a tape playing in your head. You go over the experience whenever you remember it to make sure it couldn't have been anything else. You try to describe it but you never get the color right. In a way that color was a off world color.

When you go on You Tube you see how  the trolls call UFO witnesses all type of horrible names. You see the media smirk at the subject. Your hear your favorite comedian  make jokes - you laugh but there is a uneasiness inside. Soemtimes you take it personal -  and it is.  There are times you couldn't mention it because your livelihood would be affected.  

Inside your head you ask question that only the  pilots of those craft could answered.

But in the end the wonder of the sighting trumps everything.
Someone out there has made it and you know it. Someone has been able to travel the stars. Someone has taken our understanding of the physical laws and  turned them on their head.

There is a future in the stars if we care enough to live for it.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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