Monday, June 2, 2014

UFOs Common Sense

UFOs: The Good The Bad  And The Ugly.

Don't you ever wonder when this debate is going to end. When some brave scientist will ignore their peer's scientific uniformed opinion to sway  honest investigation. Every single debunking scientist report I've read is deeply flawed . It's seems to the uniformed scientist only the UFO researcher uses Voodoo science. But if they would only look?
When you think of the courageous scientist who stood up against the church facing death and think of the unimpressive group that we have  now - man- I understand why global warming is not believed.

Globule Waring is real folks the evidence undeniable.  facts are facts. If there is any doubt than you do some research that follows how much money the dirty energy business is paying to scientist on the other side of the this issue.Are you willing to bet your life that it is not real. By the way if Globule Warming is happening even if you don't believe we caused it.The UFO Community is so wrap up in the government conspiracies that the obvious conspiracy of big business's take a back seat.

My opinion of these visitors is not good. The "Visitors" in any common sense of the word are arrogant and crewel.Their actions show they don't respect our greater intellectual community. As far as the "Visitors" compassion and empathy toword earth species great and small their  actions  sicken me and I shake my head in disbelief  at some in the UFOs community who causally discounts all the horror of abductees and cattle mutilations  go through by claiming others feel peace and affection for the aliens.

I must be an idiot but  inducing  good feelings and controlling those you capture seems the logical thing to do if you can. Some abuctees may be so scared that other methods are employed like amnesia to control them.From what I see thees intelligences  are  nothing I want over for dinner. Not because I couldn't accept their appearence,  but because they have moral values I will not accept.
Many will say; "There are bad aliens and they are the one who do these things.."

So your theory is the good aliens stand by while the bad aliens abduct and rape people?

Do I think we need to blow them out of the sky? No I don't, but I think the more we got to know them the more we would not like them. A species that skins and drains the blood of  harmless species  as if they were nothing more than garbage. A species who could easily end these antics, contact us, and quiet our fears using their technology and kindness. 
For me this is a sign that the interaction we have with these beings has more to do with them needing something from us than any compassion. 
There are millions of dead people in our world that could benefit from cures. Where is the compassion for them. Wars that could have been stopped... and don't give me that non interference bull! What do you call abductions if not getting a whole lot of involved in our affairs. 
Reality  is not Star Trek the universe is very dangerous and any compassion intelligent being of course you would help  other intelligent species!

For me gutting and slicing cows and horses up tells me you couldn't possibly be spiritual and you are very involved it your own interest.

In places in Africa woman were sexually mutilated  at a certain age it was tribal  law. Many woman and men abductees suffer rape.
I will never accept this was in some way good for the adult and children abductees. We should be dame mad! Instead of waving at these possible alien ships at night maybe we should give them the finger!

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Well now I am more scared. I saw it right outside my balcony starts far away like a pulsing star then came very very close fast then slowed in front of me I finally ran in and yelled for someone looked back and its gone. I am scared for my life right now... What if it comes back? I want to move.. I know what I saw but I don't understand why it just came up to me like that. Do you think I am in danger? This happened about an hour ago..

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