Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UFOs Yes Conspricies No !

Throughout the year 2012  I constantly tried to speard the word that the world was not coming to an end. I know people like conspiracies like they like Halloween. But did you ever think that you are being controlled by indulging in them? Below Mr. John Lear talks about CIA and how they control our UFOs community and any community. They do it  by burying  credibility and fostering  conspiracies including  the  world is coming to end to keep us in a state of constant anxiety.   To continue to try and make us look stupid.
Let's all agree that many people get turned off by these conspiracies which do not have near the evidence of UFOs.
I know that there are conspiracies NASA and some big corporations come to mind but we have should start to be skeptical of  conspiracies that have no bases in reality. Planet X is a prime example of conspiracies that are absolute nonsense. Another is the Ison comet. I think we should all take a moment to ask ourselves do we really believe this stuff. There is a great line in" Tommy" by the Who.
"We won't be fooled again".
How many of you out there in the UFO community believe the hype about 2012? Some of these conspiracies are insane to say least born out of very disturbed paranoid and  sometimes  even raciest minds. 
We know there are UFOs. Most of us have experienced them, and many who have not, understand the amount of evidence out there for UFOs craft. but mix that in with "Obama is reptilian" and we look like absolute idiots.
As a community we need to filter the nonsense out. We need to support real conspiracies and stop promoting what I call "boloney land conspiracies".

What do you think?

Stay Skeptical My Friends
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matter
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  2. Hi Joe! Just surfing and thought I would come visit for the moment and see what you've been up to. Catchya later alligator - Eileen (Atrueoriginall)

  3. Guess you whole ISON thing kinda backfired

  4. IMO the vast majority of the people that have the time to upload and comment ignorant rants on blogs, youtube and upload videos on these esoteric subjects are mostly rather young and do it because it captures their interest and imagination at the time. It is entertainment for them and not research. Once these young people enters fertile age and have kids, the matrix locks them in another reality and lost is the time for intense activity into these kinds of subjects. Therein lies the problem. How can you Joseph - an older aged man, distinguished AND experiencer - mingle with all these ongoing 10-25 year olds, that hasn't got experience or science down yet BUT spends most of their waking time creating online junk? Hence the UFO subject is a lot of mud and most of the good info will get lost in it. The misinfo people is the constant tidal wave you can't stop. Sadly. You just have to keep it real for yourself.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

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