Tuesday, October 1, 2013

UFOs: "The Times Are a Changing"

 UFOs Vs The Bleak Universe

Well people, if  UFOs are not spaceships from other planets that means  to me Star Travel has never been achieved - Period!

 Everyone would agree that looking up on a clear night seeing the billions of stars does something  inside. It inspires us and challenges our thinking.   The more intelligent you are the more the sky confounds you.Yet according the large majority of scientist UFOs are not alien and there is not a shred of evidence otherwise.

Fermi's Paradox says :"if there is other intelligent life where are they?"

What could the answer be?; They are not as technological? They are very far away? We are alone in the universe? There is no way to get to other stars?

The universe is ten billion years older than our star. Some of the stars around us are billions of years older than our sun.  Now they have discovered hundreds of planets around these stars. So where are they?

The answer, in my book is: everywhere you look!

It seems they have been here for some time. They don't seem to want us to get to know them. The scary part is they seem to interact with us in private most of the time. What would keep a intelligent species here and not communicate.

One of the answers may be the history of the human species. We rarely keep our contracts or promises. We have almost wipe out hundreds of species off the planet. We go to war at a drop of a hat. Our scientist have egos compared to rock stars. And people are afraid. The next time you go to You Tube or read a blog with comments. Notice the vicious attacks on anything UFO. It is relentless and violent name calling at best and or sexist and raciest at it's worst.  The only time that humans attack like this verbally and with no regard for discourse is fear. The fear that this  be true. But that is changing. The fear of the past becomes the investigations of the future. After all these years they are taking notice.

Finally it's up to us in the UFO Community to take the higher ground. We will never reach the fear but we can reach those who can see mature behavior. As you just heard the "Times they are a changing" and the next few years should be astonishing.
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. They have been present in all over our history. Many ancient texts talk about them. It is the fact that the some of our govt. especially American are not so revealing regarding thus. But sooner or later, they will reveal themselves to everyone. The truth will finally come out. Keeping fingers crossed.


  2. http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com/2013/10/ufos-times-are-changing-joe-capp-and-my.html Hi Joe, I offer some comments about this post at my blog.


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