Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What do aliens eat?

What do Aliens eat?

Why would the government continue to keep UFOs so secret.   Many say it would topple our religions, but that is what they said about evolution. Could there be something so unacceptable to us as humans that they would never voluntarily disclose it. 
How about this: Aliens drink blood.
Recently there was reports of cattle mutilations which I believe makes over ten thousand unexplained  cases or unexplained mutilations. If you believe, as I do, that many of these cases were caused by these entities than what could they want?

Do Aliens Drink Blood?

No, I haven't been watching to many vampire movies. But in  all of these strange cattle and horse mutilations no blood was found, either on the ground, or around the carcasses..We as humans certainly can't point fingers we do feed off of  "lower lifeforms " on this planet but take a look at the depictions of aliens from ever witness report., they seem to a very small mouth and no one has ever described teeth.

A intelligent species that that uses blood as it's main food source? What the hell would that news bring. 

Theire may be a clue that also tells us why the government is so hell bent on keeping this a secret.
I think many in the UFO community would be turn off hearing that news, especially those who believe aliens are very spiritual.

But let's be honest. It would scare the hell out of all of us. I've always felt that if aliens are here than what would drive all governments continue to hide their smoking guns

In all of these unexplained  mutilations no blood is found the other parts of the animals  taken would make a  fine stew- at least for them. 

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. You certainly make a compelling argument worthy of further study. For me, the animal mutilation scenario is truly terrifying and puzzling. In the reports that I have read, the animals are mutilated while alive (i.e. presence of vital reaction). One would assume that a technologically superior life form would avoid the infliction of pain and suffering.

  2. omg ikr also, i wonder if they eat poop? didnt they say astronauts say when they poop it floats in outerspace because they have no where else to put it. Also if aliens are out there they have to eat something, i wonder if its the poop.

  3. Apparently, somes kind of ebe like the Zeta Reticuli eat nothing solid. In an alien interview with the only survivor of the Roswell crash explain how they replentish their frail body: it's directly from energy via the nerves system. They don't have the need to eat, to drink neither breathing or cleaned. Their body is build especially for space travel and living thousand years.

  4. Do they every really WANT to eat?