Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UFOs, "Contact Has Begun"

Defining What UFOs Mean To Us:

One of the definition put out by the media about our UfO community is that we are "true believers" but that is a misnomer. The large majority of the UFO community are "UFO witnesses" When you get involved in UFOs to the extent that many of us do than you tend to be beyond just believing. You've had a significant UFO sighting that has convinced you beyond doubt that these craft are real.

Take me for example. I've  had a full life but the one personal experience that I can never forget is my daylight sighting.  What do you do with a detailed sighting like that? What do you do when you can see the details of the disks in your head? Yes  you go on with your life but there is a line drawn in your mind that can't be crossed by those who don't know - that line is; "flying saucers are not real". 
When you hear people make fun of "flying saucers" you know you have  a secret that most other humans will not understand. You know, to be true to yourself and keep your integrity, you must not pretend you don't know. 

You remember it as if it was a tape playing in your head. You go over the experience whenever you remember it to make sure it couldn't have been anything else. You try to describe it but you never get the color right. In a way that color was a off world color.

When you go on You Tube you see how  the trolls call UFO witnesses all type of horrible names. You see the media smirk at the subject. Your hear your favorite comedian  make jokes - you laugh but there is a uneasiness inside. Soemtimes you take it personal -  and it is.  There are times you couldn't mention it because your livelihood would be affected.  

Inside your head you ask question that only the  pilots of those craft could answered.

But in the end the wonder of the sighting trumps everything.
Someone out there has made it and you know it. Someone has been able to travel the stars. Someone has taken our understanding of the physical laws and  turned them on their head.

There is a future in the stars if we care enough to live for it.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Thank you Joe. Tim.

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  4. I think aliens have been visiting Earth for years, and the governments purposely keep us in the dark to avoid widespread panic. But more and more information is leaking out and I think it's only a matter of time until we will finally see full disclosure, and some kind of official announcement that we are not alone in the universe and mankind has been in contact with aliens for some time.

  5. Dear Cynthia,
    I hope you're right been waiting since 1062 to find out what we witnessed.

    Joe UFOMM

  6. Interesting post. The video was fascinating too! I work for a new social blogging site called, and was wondering if you would be interested in sharing your posts there with us? It wouldn't affect your blog in any way, and I know there are many within our community that would love to read through your work here. Let me know what you think!

    All the best,


  7. Mostly, deciding if you're a believer or not boils down to if you yourself has seen a UFO or not. That's all too obvious from peoples stories and opinions. You can't change many peoples opinions for believing and not believing on discussion alone. They have to see to believe.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.