Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The UFO Spotters Clubs

How do we change the future of UFO investigation? How do we harness the thousands of young people, who have busy lives, but wish to do something to help solve the UFO enigma? All too often MUFON is not the answer for many young people so what can be done? Try out a new idea.

Someone could start nationwide “UFO Spotters Clubs.” How is a UFO spotters club different from MUFON? Spotters wouldn’t be there to investigate- they would be there to corroborate UFO experiences. The idea is easy, cheap and could be very effective. Spotters Club members could be made up of up to eight individuals who would set up a spotter’s club hotline or web page in their area. They could start very cheaply with some basic equipment like a low light camcorders and cameras.

The smart phones can converted into all types of field testing equipment with the downloaded APPs that are now available. I have a few on my iPhone. There is an application which cost $2.99 called “Star Walk” which will show you the position of the stars and planets anytime day or night. I have another for $9.99 which tells you every satellite which is going over your position where ever you are. The phone comes with a compass and you can download videos of plane lights to compare when you’re viewing an UFO object in real time. This is just the beginning of the future of smart phone applications and help for the mobile UFO investigator.

The idea of these clubs would be simple but elegant; independent documentation of real UFOs in real time. If a spotter club goes on site and documents an object that can be identified, the club identifies it and they move on. We don’t criticize the witness. What spotters document and forward are what they consider unexplained phenomena or craft. Spotters clubs probably will be wrong at times, but I am very confident that a club like this could have many UFO real time successes.

Local clubs should set their own parameters as to when and where they will go on these UFO spotting expeditions. UFO clubbing can not only be a service but it could turn out to be damn fun with barbecues and viewings. The bottom line though would be to put their stuff out there. The clubs should be formed on the very foundation of integrity. This is not for ego; it is for a very important cause. Their mission statement
might be “UFOs are real; we don’t apologize for that statement. In fact, our club seeks to educate and help prove these facts; UFOs are still around, they are real, some are intelligent, and they still are, unexplained.”

These clubs could also benefit MUFON by introducing cases that could be quite real. UFO bloggers could help by posting info on local spotters clubs in their areas. This is just an idea thrown out there to the ether of the web. My health is not the best and of course my age is not the youngest but I can see a worth t
o this idea. Now I know I’m just a “armchair quarterback” here but it is better than leaving the game altogether. Therefore I have purchased the three domain names ufospottersclub.org , com, and info for posterity or to give to someone who would like to start this adventure. I am not saying this will be easy. Your first club will be your own but I don’t see a real down side to doing this if you are really interested in starting something that could bring the young into the UFO adventure.

I believe we can prove UFOs are craft and they are not from here. No one knows for sure when, or to whom, the ETs aboard the ships will finally land to contact humans. It certainly could be with the President of the United States, or with a group of UFO club spotters waiting and watching on a lonely hill.

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Joe Capp
UFO Media Matter

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  1. Yes, cooperative research is most assuredly the future of ufology.

    Ideally, Open Source UFO Research would utilize small, *independent* teams committed to sharing information and, whenever possible, resources. Otherwise, OSUFOR Teams would have the option of operating independently or in association with other teams sharing similar perspectives, objectives and/or methodologies - always in accordance with the only real guiding principle of OSUFOR: transparent cooperative research for the benefit of all.

    Ufology doesn't need to be de-factionalized to develop an appreciation for the open exchange of information & resources - and an open source data collection and retrieval system.

    We don't need no steenking Robert Bigelow.

    And never did.

    I would emphasize the need for firsthand proactive research as opposed to study groups issuing a thumbs up or thumbs down on the validity of someone else's experiences... but if people think that's more important or interesting than doing actual field work, that's their business.

    None of this seems even remotely compatible with anything I would ever expect from MUFON.

  2. Dear Alvin,
    I agree this is not for MUFON but something like this is needed.

    Thank You

  3. Interesting reading but awful videos Joseph... :-D Not your fault but BBC should be ashamed to send out such a clueless guy to do such a difficult subject as UFOs. Even their most qualified journalist would have immense difficulties nailing down the truth and yet they send that guy??!? That show was pure entertainment (trash) borderline on disinformation in my book. It is a shame that for a lot of people that BBC program might be the only briefing into the study of this marginalized subject. They would come away thinking that there was nothing to the paranormal but interesting looking people (with long hair) wading in crop fields talking about vortexes. That BBC show got me seriously depressed.

    UFO spotting seems like fun spare time. Socially engaging in outdoor fun while having something tangible to chase for and document.

    It is too obvious to see what debunkers would think of this activity. They would ignore all UFO-spotters since these people don't have enough degrees, also labeled as believers they are too biased using a method not scientific or useful enough for others to draw any hard conclusions from.

    What I find the hardest regarding UFO-spotting is identifying the real non-manmade crafts from the nuts-and-bolts-crafts. In the 1920-60s that would probably have been feasible, but now?? Having followed Ufology very close the last 15 years, it's my strong belief (based on scientific studies gone black, collaborating inside whistle-blowers and types of UFOs spotted) that anti-gravity was mastered sometime in the 60s by the military and has been a viable military technology ever since. Even though anti-gravity is classified material (and not generally acknowledged) it would be too easy for the debunkers to label all UFOs spotted as manmade. UFO-spotters could not shoot down that thesis (but argue the probability of it). It's basically hypothesis against hypothesis. And the only party that could settle that argument - the military - won't cooperate.

    In my book there is a big difference between what is an aircraft defying gravity built with nuts and bolts and one that is obviously built (or grown) in zero gravity using a mental interface to guide the organic craft around. [For people interested in more, look into the David Adair Story] How is spotting a UFO going to help us differentiate between the two? Both types of craft could look identical on the outside while the inside and the specifics of it would truly differ without us being able to tell.

    I very much applause your efforts and wish you the best of luck but don't see much possibilities for this activity to truly blow the UFO-subject open. The military sits on all the information needed to rule out known craft (IFOs) and won't help us in our quest for truth any time soon. It looks like fun pastime though! :-D

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  4. Dear Daniel,
    In fact you are right as far as science goes.
    But think of this Daniel, even the best photos and evidenced are challenged. As far as advanced aircraft that would be fantastic news in and of itself.
    Eventually with groups like these evolved you could have teams of people in active areas all around the country with high tech night vision scopes scanning the skies.
    Recently National Geographic channel had a group of paranormal experts videoing the "Brown Lights" using generation 3 night vision. At this famous spot where UFOs appear regularly they caught something that couldn't be explained even by the scientist. The "UFO"object light was so energetic it appeared blue on the night vision camera. This is impossible and yet it happened. It was annualized at the Princeton Labs and couldn't be duplicated. Of course this UFO was caught by accident.This team just happened to be there at the right time.

    The UFO spotters clubs could have the same luck. Who knows what they could spot with 21 century equipment.
    The real importance of this, I think, is having the young get involved in the field. There is nothing like experiencing a UFO to get a person personally involved. The young are our future and the future of UFOS.
    I am sure there are better ideas than mine out there and unless someone gets the young involved in UFO investigating we may have an extinct species on our hands.
    Thanks Daniel

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  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZnkPTIjlA

  8. This is a UFO I filmed Thanksgiving night 2012 in Seagrove Beach Florida 2012. I have 2 witnesses and very few reference points.

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