Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UFOs Over New York…Now!

After I started the blog UFO Media Matters I looked around New York City for a UFO meeting group. I found meetings in Yonkers and Queens but none in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The only local organization which dealt with UFOs and other aspects of the phenomenon was “The Intruders Group” and as anyone in NY, who follows this subject will tell you “The Intruders Foundation” rarely has a presentation anymore.

So I decided to start my own meeting group and quickly found Meetup.dom and started the “NY UFO Meeting Group” in Brooklyn. Eventually we moved to Manhattan and held monthly meetings at the” Starlight Diner” on 34 street which is a very accommodating place. From this meeting another meeting NY MUFON was started by my good friend Lillian, who heads the group as a MUFON” member and investigator. Now Manhattan has two monthly UFO meetings and they seem to be doing fine.

One of the goals I had for the meeting, and still do, was to attract young people to the UFOs subject educate them on the hoaxes and the real UFOs and get them involved. Also after noting that there were no real MUFON investigated teams in the NYC area I hoped to start my own(non-MUFON investigative team). This is moving along slowly but we may be going on our first investigation soon equipped with night vision and the right IPhone Apps.

When I first started the meeting we had multiple sightings in the Bronx. Lately at our meeting we had some people from Williamsburg Brooklyn who attended claiming they were seeing many UFOs above their roof in Brooklyn. I have also been in communication with someone who has had very interesting experiences in same part of Brooklyn and even had them when she went to Texas. I invited her by email to the next NY UFO Meeting Groups she than email me back and what she wrote was so interesting I asked permission to reprint it on my blog. So here it is below with a clip of one of the objects she has recorded in Brooklyn.

“Thanks for the invite. I may do that [come to meeting] but I can't say for sure right now. I've been juggling too many things. In case I'm not able to make it please share this with your friends.

I started picking up on the increase of UFO sightings on You tube in September and then dove completely into the subject around the 2nd week of October. I've been following things very closely over the last several months.

I went to Houston the week after Christmas and saw so many things in the air i lost count. I had witnesses with me almost every sighting. An old friend from high school I've known for over 20 years came with me one night. She thought I was nuts when I asked her to go and look for UFOs but after we witnessed more than 2 dozen odd lights in the sky within just an hour she believes. She would probably love to share her experience but lives in Texas so you would have to email her. She's a friend on my profile under the name of yogapants.

My stepbrother emailed me a few months ago to say he saw 3 orbs floating over a shopping mall. One of them was shooting a greenish laser at a smaller one. About a week later he saw two large UFOs high in the atmosphere. They were crossing paths so they weren't satellites. His son and some friends saw a neon blue, squarish shaped orb floating silently over some trees a few months ago. He's also in Texas and would be willing to share his story if you would like his number.

My little sister in Houston called me recently on the way to pick up a friend. she counted off 12 orbs while we were on the phone together. She would also share i'm sure.

I've been seeing the odd lights and strange aircraft over Brooklyn since November but didn't start filming until January. I decided to try and record them after failing to convince one of my studio mates that UFOs are real. She's an animator and graphic designer so she didn't trust any of the Youtube videos i showed her but said that if filmed something myself she would believe it. She knows i don't know after effects and only recently learned how to use imovie.

I borrowed a video camera from work and started looking for strange lights in the skies over Brooklyn on January 25th. Since then I've filmed them dozens of times in multiple locations and have caught them during the day as well as at night. I have seen some very, very strange stuff in the sky over the last few months and I'm not the only one. Several people have contacted me since the news reports aired on CW11 and NBC to say that they have seen the same thing. Something is going on and it worries me that people aren't paying close enough attention to all of this. I hope others start filming them soon or at least start speaking out about what they've seen.

Thank you again for the invitation. If i can make it i will certainly try.
Here is one of her latest clips:

NY UFO Meeting Group has been trying to start an UFO investigation team for New York City area especially dedicated to ongoing UFO experiences. This week at the meeting details of how to precede will be hopefully resolved and our first investigation may start.
The problem is of course getting people to volunteer their time. So far we have three voleenteers and other members who seemed very interested. We may have a phone number and a web site up soon.
New York is a wonderful city with some of the smartest people in the world. We are in need of active UFO investigation. Now in the “NY UFO Meeting Group”, although I am not a young man anymore, I have tried to start the ball rolling . The UFO witnesses in this area deserve to be heard and understood. These UFO experiences can be so profound, freighting and confusing that a whole belief system can end, shattered by just one encounter.
At these times, and considering how horrible a UFO witness can be treated, a safe place with accepting people was needed . I have never been a person who just talks a good game. I have always been an active person in important subjects I believe in, whether it was protesting for civil right and end to fruitless wars in the sixties, or now helping those who may have experienced life from other planets.
It doesn’t matter that the larger population won’t see the importance of what we are facing. It doesn’t matter that many out there think UFOs are a fad. In the end something is flying these craft and what they are may be could be a game changer for the entire human race…rather an important audience don’t you think?

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters

New York UFO Meeting Group- Non-Commercial: Next Meeting March Sunday March 11 2010 3pm Starlight Diner Corner 34th street between 8th and 9th.


  1. Hey Joe,
    You always have my support! Anything I can help you with please let me know.
    Vincent Polise

  2. My name is Mark Treber. I have numerous photos of UFO's over San Francisco, where I live. I am a former Air Force Sargent B-1B inspector, an ATA Flight Mechanic, and currently am a Lead Maintenance Technician for Delta Air Lines in SFO. I know the difference between human made objects and non human made objects that float or fly in the sky. I just don't know who to show my photos to or tell what i saw. But,,, I know that these aren't ours.

  3. Dear Mark,
    Send them to me. I will have them look at by someone. They will always be your material and I will them back to you when we are done. My blog as you know is non-commercial in other words I am not trying to make a dime. But I do have a person who volunteers from time to time to look at things for me he is a scientist and not affiliated with any UFO group but truly an honest person. So let me know please email me at ufomm@verizon.net
    Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch.
    UFO Media Matters
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