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UFOS: The Galileo Factor

"I've been doublcrossed now for the very lost time and now I am finally free!" Dylan

A significantly advanced ET technology would look like magic… but would they act like magic...intentionally?

You know what really p***es me off?

When self-righteous scientists and debunkers claim that, if they had a chance to see some quote real, unquote, evidence on UFOs, they would be fighting each other in their race to get the first look.

But the truth is, they don’t want to see.

The righteous debunkers and scientists are just like the Dark Ages clergy who were confronted by Galileo. All the outraged Church’s agents of the Dark Ages had to do was look and they would see. But to those True Believers, no matter what the sky showed them, the universe must be literally what their one-track religion said it should be, and that was the end of it.

We still have an uneven playing field out there in Science Land. The Spirit of Scientific Inquiry is not really practiced today by many mainstream science practitioners and information distillers. What is widely practiced is bowing low to The Spirit of Government Grant Renewal, and the unfortunate, irrational worship of Establishment Science.

Scientists make the bald-faced claim aliens don’t exist, even though there’s a case to be made that scientists are aliens themselves, living on a planet full of aliens, exploring space beyond their host world.

We also can make an argument of “absolute nonsense” when this group worshippers of establishment scientist make public proclamation of how intelligent ETs should and would not behave. Dismissing the existence of ETs because they act like magic and don’t live up to our standards of behavior is funny when you think of it.Yeah, we laugh at their irrational claims, but we keep letting scientists and debunkers get away with it.

It is a sad state of affairs when ridicule, fear and persecution are orchestrated not by religious fanatics and their dogma, but by scientists.

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The only way a worldview outside the narrow one dictated by the Science establishment can be investigated in real time – with expensive instruments, in the presence of physical evidence-- is through independent research funding, like that lately provided MUFON by insightful multimillionaire Robert Bigelow, or a commercial TV program like “UFO Hunters” who spend money for ratings.

Many of you know about Chuck Wade from Roswell and his attemps to have his material from The San Augusta UFO crash tested,…if not read UFOMM posts:

Chuck was an engineer by profession, a good family man who worked hard and paid his dues. But Chuck was part of a town that was never given its due by the media, the debunkers, and even some UFO researchers: Roswell.

Chuck and others came forward to say what they found could be the real UFO beef everyone’s been waiting for, but their pleas for proper inquiry were largely ignored.

And this highlights another major conflict in the UFO truth quest: a class of witnesses we should pay special attention to, the aptly yet sadly group known as Death Bed Witnesses. These Americans about to meet the God they believe in, feel it is essential to clear their hearts of a terrible burden and tell their families of a secret they were sworn by their government to not divulge.

Why don’t we give the death bed testimonials of UFO witnesses the respect and evidentiary consideration they merit? These witnesses have nothing to gain on this earth by coming forward, no book tour, no TV interview, no time to build a McMansion or squander a giant media fee on the roulette wheels in Vegas…yet we fail ourselves and humanity’s future when we denigrate the death bed testimonials.

The special burden of the deathbed witnesses is a burden they swore to keep, and most witnesses took their official oaths of secrecy so seriously, they never shared their testimony or evidence with spouses, much less UFO researchers. Yet the death bed witnesses’ burden was the most fantastic news ever shared with humankind: the news that we are not alone in the Universe.

Among these confessions was the first-hand truth about how a ship from space crashed in Corona with little creatures aboard.

Just as with all of the more startling UFO information cases, except for some initial sensationalism, the Roswell-Corona witnesses barely get a yawn from all but the pro-Roswell factions among UFO researchers.
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Of course we also get the slight-of-hand distraction from the debunkers, but they’re singing to the nothings-true-till-we-say-so choir.

So again, let’s remember with gratitude Chuck Wade and others, who took precious days out of their retired lives, days where most retirees are playing golf, traveling, or taking the grandkids to the big game, to seek an answer for the rest of us.

Chuck’s predesasor Art Campbell after decades of trying to put the pieces together on a certain UFO crash site finally mapped out where witness testimony said the crash material would be. Campbell dug, and he found --in the middle of nowhere-- an aluminum pieces and other material that should not be. His work in this debris field is known in UFO history as the San Augusta crash site. Chuck eventually joined him and now we have promising investigation with no ending.

The aluminum was a composite material they found was not made by any commercial manufacturer. As an aluminum compositionally it didn’t even make any sense. Throughout the structure of this particular aluminum sample were iron and silica. The sample’s heavy metal -- iron-- should have sunk by its own weight to the bottom of the aluminum during manufacture, according to the laws of good old gravity. But no, there it was, latticed throughout the host metal.
Testing showed this material deserved further inquiry. But what the owner of the sample got was just a superficial analyses. Case Closed?

What you don’t know is that when I was putting together the posts “Has Roswell Evidence Finally Emerged?” Parts 1 and 2, I’d hoped this case’s material evidence was testing out POSITIVE: NOT OF EARTH MANUFACTURE.

My experience with this material came about at the International UFO Congress. I kept bugging a good friend to come with me to a UFO conference. He works for a top company in the nano-tech field. My friend had personal experience with UFOs --what he describes as his most astounding-- after we met. He had called me from the car after the incident, where, along with his whole family, he had witnessed the “craft”. So he came to the Congress with a new level of interest. At the Congress, witness Chuck Wade was being interviewed by overseas meida shows, and also, Joshua Warren a skeptic but a strong advocate for further testing on Chuck’s artifacts included in his Presentation on ”Physically Faking UFOs”, included the peculiar behavior in a electrostat of the material Chuck supplied him. Warren announced he be would testing the material on a deeper level because of this experience.

Chuck Wade was not hesitant in offering the samples to the researchers he knew could really help get the puzzle of the UFO crash field metal sample solved. Chuck won my respect right away with that attitude. My friend --with the nano-tech lab-- also believed Chuck Wade was for real, whatever the outcome of the crash field metal. So with a little prodding on my part, my buddy had some pieces shipped to him. Because of the depressed economy, my friend’s company wasn’t overbooked; they had the time to run complete tests.

We all knew, that given this company’s prestige, if they took the field metal analysis on, the answer would be definitive.

At first it looked very promising. My friend showed a sample to his peers and they seemed interested. Sample fragments in hand now, they wanted to look at past test results. After they review the earlier lab results, further tests seemed to be greenlighted. I was very pleased with the way it was turning out.

But someone at the company with the final authority shot it down. Maybe the decision not to test the material wasn’t the latest scandal in a big conspiracy… maybe it’s just the ongoing business as usual vis-à-vis anything connected with the UFO subject.

However, we still have the intrepid investigator, young Joshua P. Warren, continuing with his own effort to get this material analyzed by a recognized facility. We should all be grateful for Warren’s foresight and integrity. I thank my friend from the nano-lab, too, for going the extra mile, while thousands stand by and do...nothing.

But this is not the end of the line for me on Chuck Wade and Art Campbell’s samples. I intend to continue promoting this evidence and have it looked at by real scientists, not the talking heads of science. I refuse to just move on, as others in the community seem all too willing to do.

And there are real scientists out there; some of the people at my friend’s company fit that bill, even encased as they are within the prison of the corporate and science establishment’s stale mindset their curiousty was inticed.

Someday soon I hope to help write the final chapter on Campbell and Chuck Wade’s testimony and material. But “Evidence” Part 3, will have to wait.
I believe right now the UFO question is about to be settled and we will be right...not because we are so insightfull, but because we have witnessed. And what many of us have witnessed including some men who have gone into space is like nothing we have on here earth.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. One can only wonder how "they" sleep at night. Or maybe they don't need to sleep. maybe the movie "They Live" was closer to the truth than we realized.

    But seriously, you are correct to continue to make note of these courageous individuals who continue to stand their ground against over-whelming odds.

    May the God I believe in bless you all.

  2. Joseph:

    Galileo believed in God, so his death-bed comments were relevant.

    Did all the death-bed UFO witnesses believe in God and retribution in an after-life if they lied?

    The other thing that you and many UFO mavens fixate on is the supposed UFO metal fragments from crashed disks.

    Research by Tony Bragalia (and others) seems to suggest that UFO construction is not of metal, as we know it.

    Aluminum alloys are too mundane and the Air Force/Battelle studies of alleged flying saucer debris indicates something more esoteric.

    Your obsession with witness testimony and metal fragments is a bit facile for some of us.


  3. You need to face death a few times personally before you can speak about what people feel when they are about to die. I have three times. I love when debunkers, like yourself express how others feel about my posts. I didn't think you believe in mind reading. Speak for yourself friend.

    I know you have much to say and so little time left to say it.

    As far as I can see most of debunking blogs, like yours, have no problem using the same tiring explanations no matter what to attack UFO witnesses out there reporting. I've had so many people email me and tell me not visit your blog because of your old tired cruel debunking tactics. I think they are afraid to take you on because of your viciousness.
    I say to them and to you...if you find it so important to attack UFO witnesses I feel it is more important to attack the tactics you use to hurt these people. Maybe you will win some day and no more brave UFO Witnesses will come forward. If that happens go over to the paranormal they have the same problem.

    Sometime very good people who have acquired detailed observational skills see UFOs. The combined observational experience of these witness, when compared to the expertise of debunkers like yourself, make it quite clear you and your colleges are noting more then arm chair quarterbacks.
    I challenge you to go out for 6 months boots on the ground and investigate with these people who experience this. You may come away like Hyneck and McDonald...that is if you have a conscious that is more powerful then your need to be right.
    So if a small blog like mine (it seem to be growing beyond what I can handle alone) wishes to defend the witnesses (who get laughed at and attacked by the good old debunkers clubs) really bothers you then of course you know what to do.
    By the way did you ever admit you were wrong on Stephenville...If you don't know by now the radar proved these (dumb foolish UFO Witnesses) saw something that was not stars or commercial jets, ecactly were they said it was.The witnesses of those small towns deserve an outright apology from you...and the respect and courage it took to come forward in the face of what you and other do. If you are a real skeptic in a McDonlad's vain than an apology is in order from you...or is it you are never wrong. How safe that must feel.

    Many people when facing war find, or believe in God. The odds are 90% that these men believed, not only in God, but a Christian if any of that matters anyway. When you are dying the over all feeling is helplessness.
    So I can understand in my heart the need to have control over anything... especially your soul.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  4. Dear Bob
    You can help by letting the debunkers have it on line...that's if they even publish your comment.. or for that matter have comments turned on. This happens allot...Seems they like to give it but they are too fragile to take it.
    In the many psychology classes I took I was taught a personality not willing to accept disagreement is a strong candidate for emotional insecurity.
    So remember if you prod them they will makes fools of themselves. They have to rely on 100% fallibility of any case which indicates non-world craft.
    That leads so stupid statements like...Venus even when Venus is not there.
    Don't worry about the people that follow them for they are even more about UFO member gullibility... the comments by the followers of skeptics on the web, radio or any media they are always single minded at best...without a non conformist voice in the whole group.They remind me of Bushees Wow!

    Unfortunate of fortunately you get arguments all the time at UFO sights.and conferences.

    Recently we have seen were a teacher and his students went out to pull a hoax a dangerous one at that...flares and balloons?
    But if they have gone to the International UFO Congress they could have watched as Joshua Warren who heads a fake UFO contest very year not only explained, but taught us the way of the "faker" (those who are duplicating UFO reports by natural means but not hiding it)
    There is no doubt they are inventive and can fool people... even UFO researchers.
    Yet I have never met a UFO attendee who didn't believe UFOs have been faked and quite well.
    He did explain how some conditions need to be met before some of the more striking UFO fakes turn out successful... they can be quite formable, weather wind etc. So when you talk massive sightings of hovering lights over a period of time in all kinds of weather and wind...balloon is probably not your candidate

    Also when you have an object 1 mile across hover and accelerate to at least Jet aircraft speed then even Skeptics like Warren will admit something is going on up there that can't be explained by faker or hoaxer.

    I believe the more cameras out there and the more displays by our "invisible residents" and the more the debunkers use these tiresome old line propaganda tactics with their constant attempts to underline fakes like this dumb teacher case as the true explanations... the more we don't have to worry about the future of the UFO truth being accepted... because in the end the debunkers and unfeeling skeptics will sink under their own massive weight of bull**it for all the world to see.
    Thanks for you comments and thanks for the blessing I need it.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Where was the material collected?
    Below Horse Springs in the Raveen
    south of the road? Without details
    of the site such as this, one would be reluctant to conduct analysis without the true provenance of the samples being established. Who would green light it without them collecting? I would encourage them to allow others to examine and collect from
    the site.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    That is the easy part they will take you right to it. The hard part is getting the experts to listen. Most scientist and UFO researchers, for that matter, seem to have pre-conserved notions as to what the material should look like. We are all Star Trek indoctrinated.
    But this could be an insult to the intelligence of a species that wants its presence hidden. How do you stay hidden on a planet? I suggest they do everything that is possible including appearing magical or the spiritual card so the scientist won't bother... they may make their scout ships out of local material..and on and on. Until we understand the length this species will go to confused the subject of their presence, we are shooting in the dark with the idea any material that is found should be this way or that. The material was made from things found on this planet but it was different... this means it deserves a look on the deepest level. The people that were there at the crash site never changed there story even on death bed. Doesn't that have any significance to a real scientist out there? I hope so or real science will be so removed from the people so much that it won't matter anyway.
    Thanks For you comment
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. I am a psychologist who has been studying UFO phenomena for several years. This inquiry has been conducted outside academia and has not been funded by any grant or employment. I have been particulary interested in the individual and social psychology of what has transpired. At this point my hypothesis is that denial is the rule among journalists and scientists, especially the latter. This is not difficult to explain. The reality of alien visitation of Earth in spacecraft exhibiting fantastic, far-advanced technology
    certainly threatens the soundness the presumptions, theories, and knowledge of scientists regarding the physical universe. The obvious deduction from the valid evidence of visitation is that travel through space can be made faster than the speed of light which our science asserts is impossible. In fact, modern physics is based upon countless scientific observations and the finding of the Michaelson-Morley experiment conducted circa 1900. The latter demonstrated that the speed of light is absolute, not relative, and is the upper bound for velocity of all physical phenomena. The reality of alien visitation represents a direct contradiction of this so-called fundamental law of nature. To accept that alien visitation exists would mean that modern physics must be put in the trash can of science. It would represent a monumental setback and destroy most of the value of all previous research. Because this would be so threaten the self-image and social status of so many scientists, the institution of science as a whole rejects the truth that aliens are here. Finally regarding individual denial, it is largely based on insecurity and narcissism. More on this later.

  8. Dear Douglas,
    Thanks. The fear is real. ETs could be extremely advanced phchologically. They could have had long a history of detailed examination of our psychology all over our globe. It is very confusing when you take in reports some very strange. But I wonder if that is intentional.
    I know there are scientist out there who understand you can't pre- judge a phenomenon. It may sound strange but I call these persons pure scientist in that when they are confronted by a mystery, they hunger for an answer, but they let the science itself, devoid of "The Scientist", find that answer.
    Thanks again and looking forward to you next comment.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog