Friday, March 13, 2009

Has Roswell Proof Finally Emerged? Part 1

Has Roswell Proof Finally Emerged? Part 1 of 3

After all this time, after hoaxes and heartbreak, have pieces of a Roswell space ship really been found?

What I love about this story --if it turns out to be real-- is how the face of Providence couldn’t have shone on a more deserving person to make this discovery public.

Most people haven’t heard of Chuck Wade. I learned about him through my good friend Gary. Chuck Wade’s father owned the Wade Bar in Corona N.M. from 1934 until 1976 he passed away in 1978. Chuck’s father was alone one day, standing at the door of the bar, when his friend Mac Brazel drove up in his truck. Mac Brazel told Jesse Wade: “To come and go with him, that what he found out there on the pasture was unlike anything he had ever seen”.

Jesse Wade said he couldn’t close the bar and didn’t accompany his friend. Mac Brazel was about to walk into one of the great firestorms of history, and Jesse Wade would later tell his son he regretted his decision to stay behind “the rest of his life.” However that might had been a bad move Mac was kidnap by the military and held for days.
Ohooo what a MUGAL can do to you. 

But the stories Jessie heard, standing behind the Wade Bar for more than three decades after the Roswell crash, affected him forever. You see, what the debunkers and even some prominent UFO researchers don’t get is this: Roswell, like any other small town, tends to be very protective of its natives when it comes to keeping secrets from outsiders. Anyone who’s lived or traveled out West knows this is doubly true where people have to depend on each other in an unforgiving landscape, where basic survival against drought and extreme heat and animal predators is much tougher than we could imagine back eastin the inner city. That kind of land builds a different kind of close community spirit outsiders never understand. My grandfather was a farmer and my mother grew up on a farm. I lived their lives every day in stories when I was young and they fit the Roswell personality profile so well.

And another thing both debunkers and some Ufologists still don’t get: Roswell citizens know that the involvement in this case wasn’t just about one brave man and his family. There were other Roswell witnesses, and, like most folks out West, and in small faming communities they just didn’t want the notoriety. They were private people and would never talk to strangers.

All this was confirmed to me by the granddaughter of Floyd and Loretta Proctor, who owned a ranch near The Brazel place. Mac Brazel had brought some of the material he recovered from the crash he discovered to them. The Proctors’ granddaughter had attended a small conference that has run for millions of years “Earth Mysteries UFO/ ET Congress” in NJ, where I met her. She said something interesting after she explained how strange the material was. She said many of her neighbors know a great deal more, but they’ll never tell it to outsiders.

Now here’s something I found most interesting about Chuck Wade. Chuck been interested even as a child about UFOs. Considering where he grew up and who he was I would be surprise if he didn’t, he became an engineer and when he retired his real obsession Alternative Energy grew out of that interest he explains it simply.

“My passion for alternative energy grew out of my desire to know how extraterrestrial crafts are propelled.”

Almost a given with Chuck. He believes energy should be free to everyone… an energy that could end the need for war or hunger.

Like many of you reading this, I’ve been disappointed when material that purportedly came from UFOs turns out to be nothing, or shows minor anomalies that end up getting labeled ‘inconclusive’.

Chuck wasn’t from this school of contemplation. Chuck picked up a shovel and dug!

Before I make it sound simplistic, Chuck certainly did his research, partnered with the right people and he believed the good witnesses around his area and those out there in the trenches doing research. When they spoke of other saucer crashes. He believed and others believed. Chuck believed them because he had been around people just like them all his life.

Chuck also believed Walter Hault and Col. Philip Corso basic statements on some of theses crashes. The statements sat well with what he heard and learned for decades .

There were other people who had come forward some he had not met … former resident James P. Ragsdale, a Roswell witness who, back in 1947, was employed by an oil company and living in Carlsbad N.M..

James Ragsdale, along with his friend, watched in amazement when a disk crashed close by. It was not a large craft, and Ragsdale and his friend went right to the site. Ragsdale actually handled the entities --sorry Nick, they weren’t dwarves-- while trying to remove the headgear. Jim Ragsdale talks about the strange, large head and big black oval eyes. Ragsdale was at the crash site for not long as he remembered before the military arrived, This was odd in itself how did the military get there so fast.(of course mission time was never even thought back then) His accounts were detailed thorough he and his friend knew what they were looking at out there on the forest wasn’t human, and the craft wasn’t made by the US Military.

Nearly all the people in the Roswell region who handled and took away the crash material at James’s site are dead now, some tragically. Interestingly, James himself had crash material in his truck when it was stolen.
Remember, this was 1947, a time and a place in America where people didn’t steal each other’s automobiles or take property out of people’s cars. It was a time when no one locked their doors at home -- much less, their vehicle. And another point: in a population as small as Roswell’s back in 1947, a stolen truck would stand out like…a crashed flying saucer. Ragsdale’s truck, along with or without the crash material, was never found.

There are lots of approaches to hunting the truth. You can stay home and think about it, you can buy books and videos, go to a conference and listen to experts from opposing camps. Chuck went to a UFO conference and met a man presenting about another crash. Art Campbell a researcher from another state who through years of research had located the very site he had look for so long. Chuck writes to me about how he met Art and the “artifacts”:
(Art)“located the 1947 UFO crash site on the Plains of San Augustin in west central New Mexico, about 200 miles from Roswell. Mr. Campbell was a presenter at the 2004 UFO Symposium in Aztec, New Mexico, where he showed artifacts that he had retrieved from the UFO that crashed on the Plains in 1947. After this presentation Art and I became friends and Art invited me to be part of a “dig” in 2004 and again in 2005. Both of these digs produced additional UFO
Chuck Presents His Case At Various UFO Conferences:

Before the debunkers go off on a tangent and say scientist would be ready and willing to test this stuff anytime. I would like to give you the real matrix pill on this. It’s not going to happen.It is hard work to get anyone to listen to you when you talk alien spaceship. Both Chuck And Art Campbell did have success in testing thir “Artifacts”. But despite surprising results on both test nothing was really done till now.
Part 2 Goes Up 3/18/09
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