Friday, March 13, 2009

Has Roswell Proof Finally Emerged? Part Two

"you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Dylan

What was the true significance of these tests mentioned last post?

Chuck Wade, the Corona, NM resident with recovered Roswell-associated UFO crash material I introduced in the last post, is very good at putting the crucial question and the results simply. So I’ll let him do it:

“The question is, what makes the foils that we retrieved from the UFO crash on the Plains of San Augustin so unusual? Normal kitchen aluminum foil must be at least 98.5% aluminum, or it is rejected. The foil that we have is 91% aluminum, 6% iron particles, and 3% silicon particles. Per the American Aluminum Association, which has published all the known formulas for manufactured aluminum foils, our foils do not even come close to any known aluminum foil formula.

The iron and silicon particles are dispersed evenly from top to bottom through the visible cross-section. What is important about these particles being dispersed evenly is: a particle of iron is much heavier than the same volume of liquid aluminum. When you introduce a heavy particle of iron into liquid aluminum, the heavy particle would be pushed toward the bottom due to the push of gravity. The only way these heavy iron and silicon particles could be suspended evenly throughout the cross-section is for the foil to be produced in zero gravity. What method was used to manufacture these foils is a mystery to the experts! I have asked experts and they can only guess.”

This evidence, remember, was given a yawn by influential members of the UFO community for four years.

Now comes a guy I’m going to call the young skeptic with a good heart: Joshua P. Warren. Joshua’s been a star, consultant, and producer of TV specials and series on paranormal investigation, so he’s recognized all over the US. Joshua’s running a contest that’s gotten quite a bit of exposure, too. Contestants have to produce --under strict guidelines-- a very cheaply built, floating on its on power, UFO. And that’s a hoaxed UFO.

Lift is an important factor, so is believability. Video about Joshua’s hoax-it-yourself UFO contest will follow at the end of the post. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Joshua received some of the artifacts from Chuck Wade. Joshua starts to fool around with the fragments and….voila !

The next video is from the DVD Joshua P. Warren Physically Faking UFOs, from his presentation at the 18th Annual International UFO Congress 2009:

So now Joshua’s hooked on this metal that meant nothing to so many --and everything to a few.

One of the great wonders of the UFO community are the people like Chuck Wade, the grassroots people who, by coming forward, first change the debate, and then change the world.

I remember back in the 50s and 60s, and even today, all the laughter the debunkers generate over the “farmers and country bumpkins that see UFOs.” What a chuckle mainstream news had, led by the inescapable logic of the debunkers. But now, after forced release through the FOIA, what do we find in those US Government documents? We find out that what our good ol’ boys and gals --the country “bumpkin Americans”-- were reporting exactly what our highly trained, most experienced American military pilots were chasing...and getting documented on radar.

Plenty of UFO researchers complain about Roswell, calling it old news. But why is it OK to dismiss witness testimony and physical evidence delivered by solid members of a small community --just because the witnesses live in a rural area?

I’m tired of watching UFO researchers join the professional debunkers and the know-nothings, taking the easy way out by making good American communities the butt of stupid jokes.

Hey, city slickers! Strong people with determination for a just cause can move mountains, and planets from the center of the universe.
OK, so I’m a city slicker, too, but I know there’s a lot more truth in the streets and the small country towns and ranches of America than there is in the Pentagon, the Congress, and most of our corporate boardrooms today. Not to mention the newsrooms.

In our parade of flashy conference-going, increasingly organized ufologists, maybe we all need a dose of humility. We need to identify with the kind of humility and persistence evidenced by the unassuming people of Roswell and Corona, who kept on keeping on, as caretakers of eye-witness reports and physical evidence through two and three generations. Maybe emulating these brave witnesses will help us better educated, credentialed-up, ufology pros and wannabes move the mountains of coverup and BS out there. We all need to learn to trust the everyday people to tell the truth about what they’re seeing.

Now we have young people like Joshua redefining what a skeptic may mean, at least within this community.

Now, I’m going to get real personal. I met a witness once on an investigation who I felt lied to me. But I found out he actually was experiencing what he said he was, and more. I was very shocked at myself. Because I didn’t see, even with all my years as a professional counselor, the simple reason why an individual who asked for help would lie about this type of experience.

We found out what the witness was seeing was even more unbelievable than what he was telling us. We found out he was telling the truth when we the field investigators began to experience some of what the witness reported on site, and as he pointed.

But by the time this field investigators understood his own bias, the witness --whose location was still full of investigation-worthy phenom-- didn’t want to see us anymore.

He was scared.

Joshua Warren has pointed out something very important:
We cannot discount the most outlandish claim…because we really don’t know what is on the other side.

I have stressed this principle in these posts. And I’ll add a principle of my own:
We must never limit our imagination about what future technology could do.

And let me expand on that last idea: I think we need to understand that future technology may be more amazing in its simplicity than in its complexity.

Getting back to the physical evidence, we know there is a bottom line: is this crash material of Chuck Wade’s human technology, or technology from elsewhere?

It does look promising. Will adding celebrity --and serious-- paranormal investigator Joshua Warren to the mix produce a definitive answer about what this material is and what it is not?

What was this strange aluminum doing under a few inches of earth in the middle of the desert…two hundred miles from nowhere?

The answer may not be far off now. I want to go on record here: I cannot reveal all the details. And I may not ever be able to reveal some of what is going on with this research.

But I’ll move on to another breaking topic, because Part Three will not be posted until a definitive answer has been reached.

I’ll close with a DVD clip: Joshua Warren demonstrates how easy it is to fake a UFO. There are hoaxers and we should be on the lookout, especially when money is involved.
Joshua also states that many UFO sightings are probably not faked. Also Warren goes out on at “International Congress” night vision scopes with Ed Grimsley.


DVD International UFO Congress: "Physically Faking UFOs"

Joe Capp


  1. How does a piece of ordinary kitchen aluminum foil behave, when tested using the electrostatic wand and the VDG machine? Is there a significant difference in the behavior of a piece of known ordinary foil, of the same mass, and the UFO debris sample?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. am not sure. But what seemed very strange to me, was the one side of the foil created a plume, the other side of the same Aluminum Composite created sparks and then was repelled away at a he clip.
    Also the way this iron, and I believe the silica also, is spread evening within the piece. Why would anyone do that, and how did they do that. Put all that together with where they found it...I mean 200 miles from nowhere...I think you have something that should be look at.
    I find Chuck as the type of person you know when you meet him, would never think of hoaxing.
    But I know out there someone is going to say hoax. But think about it. If you are going to hoax something why put it into the hands of someone, for free, who's connections, could answer that question, one way, or the other. Chuck does that with no qualms.
    If anyone can solve this he's in your corner.
    Chuck is no slouch, he is a retired engineers.
    Also you could email J. Warren. I would do it but to be truthful I am overwhelmed with email right now.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  8. In 1965 I was teaching 5th grade. One of my students brought me this magic foil; silvery-gray, slightly elastic, couldn't be punctured or cut with scissors and wouldn't crease or hold a crease. I"m wondering if that was Roswell material. Contact me at I'm a professor in California. Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.