Thursday, April 9, 2009

UFO Millionaires

What do the debunkers really think of our UFO organizations, researchers and witnesses? Come with me now as we journey into the collective mnd of the debunkers…get ready it will scare you. Yes I can mind read.

At the UFO conferences you can’t but help but see those rich leaches.
First thing I’ll bet Stanton Friedman (Top UFO researcher) will drives up in his red Maserati. He’ll park it next to James Dolan,(UFO Security Sate)…who of course has to have the top of the line Hummer.
Jamie Maussan. (UFO Mexican and all around bad guy) when he arrives in his private helicopter, all hell breaks lose as they get out of his way. No shame that man.
Cary & Schmitt of …“A Witness To Roswell” book fame… I would know their limousine anywhere in the world… with its prominent gold Gray ET ornament… staring out on the hood of their black stretch like an Oscar from outer space…sick.
Tim Good…you will never be able to follow that money… he keeps his wampum well hidden of course, like the good Brit he is.

That Tim Phillips fellow, famous on the ground UFO researcher,….don’t let that earthy down home look fool you man… he makes tons of gold from MUFON lectures.

Past and present UFO research organizations….money bags all of them.

Major Keyhole, war hero… Head of NICAP… funneled millions of support money to his bank account. . It was so lucrative even an ex- CIA chief joined NICAP to get a piece of the action. Then, of course, being CIA he had Keyhole fired, and faked bankruptcy. Keyhole didn’t really mind… he had millions.

MUFON should be really known as MMMM. “Money, Money, Money, Money”
These people received bigger donations than Fanny May …. The last director of MUFON…it is rumored… and please keep this quiet… lost tons ofmoney with Bernard …(Yes, that Bernard).

UFO Conferences rake in the bucks and they know it.
They spread rumors like the one about Steven Bassett losing 50 grand after the first UFO X Conference... don’t believe a word of it… you should see his new house in Boca. Or the many rumors of “International UFO Congress” going through financial difficulties over the years… don’t believe it… they have two Swiss bank accounts.
UFO Witnesses of course they been in on the action, tens of millions of dollars worth.

Betty and Barney Hill, the famous abduction couple… they had a small house in New Hampshire…after the big book deals sure, they kept their small house, but it was a front for tax purposes…think private island… and then you’d be closer to the real ball park of what they made.
That other small town family, the “Trents”, … farmers who faked three photos of flying saucers. They didn’t mind the calls at all hours of the night, the threats and accusations, because their future retirement look very rosy…big cash cow those photos.

Newhouse would have struck it rich, but the original faked video was “lost” by the Air Force… too bad; who knows how much he would have made?

Also, Dr Edgar Mitchell, famous moon walking astronaut… moon… schmoon.. he didn’t cares once he looked over the UFO possibilities. Mitchell was smart to give up all that credibility for the well known big paycheck in the UFO community… the one that would make a Pepsi contract laughable by comparison.

This goes for that other money hungry astronaut, “hero” Gordon Cooper, always looking for the limelight at the UN…who knows what residuals he received for that public grandstanding.

Now kiddies I bring you back to the real world, the world,…sadly, the debunkers will never know.

The way to any dehumanize any group of people of people is to stereotype them.

This has been done to many in our midst by debunkers and over zealous researchers.

On the web, whenever any witness or researcher presents startling evidence, both the researchers, and the witnesses, are accused of making money.

There is money around but not much of it. UFO Conferences just get by; researchers make a living… but not one UFO researcher has made the “big bucks”. I’ve seen some high profile witness cases showcase at a UFO conference. What does that mean as far as the money compinsaton… travel expenses, hotel expenses and a conference pass that’s all folks. These conferences do not make enough to do more than that.
Sometimes witnesses, on their own copyright a video or photo. The researchers may have to pay to use the copyrighted evidence. Many times this can put a dark cloud over the whole case, even though the witness and the supporting evidence may be real.
Many UFO organizations like MUFON will not pay for witness reports or supporting evidence. I don’t know which UFO researchers follow a simular policy, but I would bet many.
Above all the money attacks on Jamie Maussan are a disgrace. He could have had a more lucrative and peaceful lifestyle by avoiding the UFO subject entirely.
Here are his credentials:
Jamie has done a great deal of good in his country for the environment and the people.

“1993/1994 Received the prize The Gold Palms of the national circle of journalists.”

“1998 Received the recognition of the world-wide organization of the health for the program Third Millennium by its contribution to the promotion of the health.”

The only person who made any real money from the UFO subject was Colonel Philip Corso “The Day After Roswell” and Whitney Strieber’s “Communion”
Corspo’s son and Corpso’s co-writer got, got most of that money, there is a special place in here for people like that… and then did a number on Corpos’s credibility.
Whitney… he didn’t need Communion to make money and it certainly did hurt his credibility among many mainstream readers.

Video Clip - UFOs Motherships:
Grass Roots Researchers: Luis Vásquez Coronel Piura Peru

Ufo 2 was caught on November 25th, in Chulucanas, we were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, it was at the sunset. The ufo was behind Vicus Hill, over a dessert land that ,backwards, take to the spot where Proyecto Ufo caught a similar ufo. It proves it is a route.
Ufo 6 was caught in November too, it was a trip before the first I detailed. We were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, and I and the cameraman had to go down some meters, Horquetudo Hill is about 380 meters high, and the sphere was in the middle of the forest, next to Piura " La Vieja" town. It was after midnigth.
All of this was caught before you sent the camera. The images I got with the camera, I hope I will send this weekend.

The only real money that has been made in the UFO community is in the heads of the debunkers and their conformist thinking groupies.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Gee, I had to read this twice. First I thought you were really nagging about the money made by contemporary UFOlogists.

  2. Dear Mamajacquie
    Yea I know. I wanted my readers to really get into the heads of some of the people on the other side of this issue. They despise the UFO subject and the people involved, and it is no joke. Their most avid targets are witnesses who's experiences reflect the possibility of ET craft or beings. How many UFO have witnesses and researchers have been constantly defending their honor over the years. It gets tiring.

    skeptic/debunkers try and control the UFO information by accepting any explanation even if implies a UFO witness is a liar.

    Fear sometimes can generates extreme over reaction.
    I know what that great fear is on our side groups. I have see these object and at time I sit back and think about what I witnessed and wonder what it all means ...that can be very scary....I have strong personal evidence they are real...
    but what about the other side the debunkers what all that rage and generates their extreme over reaction...could it really be the same thing maybe?
    Thanks what a great name do you know what it means?
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Thank you for the thoughtful message. I have also had enough experience with ufo 'reality' and I really resent debunkers who debunk simply because they follow the government line. Can't think for themselves for fear of ridicule or whatever.
    I joined MUFON several years ago because they are not doing the Hollywood thing, nor the 'paranormal', ghost, astrology thing re: UFOS. It is none of those things. What we have is a very clear real phenomenon going on and our media is in cahoots with our government, and our government (way above President Obama)controls what the public knows, believes,and goes to bed and dreams about. Adieu!

  4. For those who are clever and curious enough, please read a book that does expose just how all-encompassing the government is in controlling what we, Americans, and people of planet earth believe. The book: THE MISSING TIMES,(News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-Up) author: Terry Hansen LC# 00-192057
    Although there are a number of good books on the subject by Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, and Stanton Friedman to name a few.

  5. MUFON even gut's hit from all side what people don't understand is MUFON is a volllenteer Organization and without them thousands of reports would go unanswered.
    Joe Capp

  6. There are many unpaid, and unknown researchers who volunteer their valuable time in this endeavor. Most of the "debunkers" wouldn't even think of donating their time for anything worthwhile. Many times, they don't even use their real names when they are debunking someone's honest blog-site.

    This is how honest they are in their approach.

    Greta work all of you...whoever-you-are!!!

  7. Dear Bob,
    Recently on UFO Hunters a Skeptic asked a solder if he was drunk or on something when he witnessed an underwater USO. This is basically their attitude.

    Here is another prime example of skeptics going overboard doing a number on a witness.

    1993 Maslin clear photos. You have a family man who took the photos not even showing them for two months. You have the wife and family in him.

    But the author needs to find focus on a possible slight discrepancy.

    "Still, there are several details in his story that are worth pondering. Eric Thomason set his alarm clock to 05:45 in order to catch the sunrise, which took place around 06:00. During these 15 minutes, Mr. Thomason had time to get out of bed, put on several layers of warm clothing, bring his camera, fetch the dog at the back of the house, walk to Ochre Point (which according to Mrs. Thomason takes 5 minutes), climb the 60 meters tall cliff, wait for the failed sunrise, and then walk on to another site close by in order to look out over the ocean. At 06:00 sharp he took his first photograph of the object. The bright blue sky on the first photograph suggests the images were taken later in the day.

    So what? I mean really. I am sixty five and If I wanted to get up and do that in around 15 minutes no big deal you can dress without showering, lay out your clothes the night before... the dog will take not very long... and the button line... if you wanted to hoax why not say you got up a little earlier.

    He goes on showing a part of a ventilations system piece for a boat that has the same shape and some opening slats as an example of what he may have hoaxed the UFO object with and I quote

    "The part is made of plastic and very light and shows many similarities to the Maslin Beach UFO but of a different brand."

    The part of the ventilations system that he shows is round,and has slats like the UFO in the picture and that is it. It doesn't have the same type has many more slats... the shape of the slats are wrong and the slats on the UFO are different sizes..the color is wrong and on and on. He doesn't cover the second UFO in the picture at all I guess we have to believe his wife must have tossed that into the air while he took the pictures . all in all It's like showing a freebie and saying that is a UFO.

    This is what the author is spending his time doing... trying to proving this decades old witness is a liar?

    Even though everything seems to indicate otherwise. The whole family must be a liar because they agree...

    "In March 1993, Eric decided to try to document the old mine using his son's camera, a Kodak S50 with a Fuji 100 ASA-film. Despite having never owned a camera of his own and having virtually no experiencing photographing"

    So what we here its the Mozart of hoaxers with his gun maul family promoting a fake UFO photo ...for what exactly?

    We will never promote a UFO photo as real if we require perfection in a witness and treat them as if they committed a crime.

    Thanks for supporting the UFO witness

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    No-Commercial Blog

  8. Hi Joseph.

    It really is beyond ridiculous how robot-like some of the debunkers are. Here we have varied peoples, from various locations around the globe, with varied stories, but the debunker who chooses to act in any of the situations seems to act the same as the last one, and the one before that. Its as if they are operating from the same playbook.

    And so...maybe they are.

  9. Dear Bob,
    I agree, we need to go beyond the idea that a phenomenon is at work here. Some of our good skeptical researchers need to start looking at this as if there is an intelligence and real craft, otherwise we will always find something wrong somewhere. The preponderance of the evidence NOW its, something intelligence that is not us indeed on earth. Unless there is evidence of a fraud by the reporter(Witness) than it is probably not a fraud. Why because there are UFO craft and... it seems creatures. That means to me we don't have to start as if there is nothing out there in our research...Zero on he playing field, because in fact that is not true. There is massive evidence that some UFOs are craft. Even the debunkers have to admit that, Most of our more informed researchers who believe in the witnesses all agree they see small entities... dame we had small boot imprints at Zamora's police case a very well documented landing with entities. So we get duped sometimes what else is new. Even with this most skeptical view some of out best researchers get duped.
    But if we look into the past... can we name one family type situation that turned out to be a hoax, or one person, who turned out to be a hoax, yet never sought the limelight?
    I heard just now at a UFO group a MUFON investigator say she believes ET's don't want to be videoed that's why we don't get clear photos? What does that imply? All clear ET photos are faked, guess what if you believe that going are going to find all photos are faked, or it must be the witnesses.
    . No UFU org will ever receive credibility from mainstream unless they produce the beef. The real beef may be waiting but denied because of researchers good, but misguided investigative techniques.
    Thanks Bob

  10. Hi Joseph, I first saw Eric's photos years ago (93ish?). I was close friends with his son and was disappointed when the pics were dismissed by many (morons). The photos were unbelievable to me, as they were so amazingly clear and detailed, even more so because Mr Thomason had taken them... ie no way on Earth would/could he fabricate them. No computer, no photo equip, no motive. No choice basically but to believe. As I remember he used to regularly walk around the area as he was writing a book on the history of the place.
    Strangely enough today is the first time I have ever searched on-line for the photos.. adn bam!..finally I can refer friends to see for themselves (I have been talking about them for years - perplexed why i never looked on the intertubes) Interesting though as I remember there being one more in the sequence. I am glad people are still talking about them and Mr Thomason seriously. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  11. Dear Mostyn,
    I hope the bloggers keep the witnesses in mind when they write their pieces. I know some people fake, but let's get real here, you would think, by the way some write, that 98% are hoaxers.
    It just doesn't fit. I guess you can always find something if you forget or negate the good character and source of the evidence.
    In the end it is guilty till proven innocent and good character means very little with some people.

  12. Reference: "The only person who made any real money from the UFO subject was Colonel Corpso “The Day After Roswell” and Whitney Strieber’s “Communion”
    Corspo’s son and Corpso’s co-writer got, ..."
    A small typo correction needs to be made here: The corret name is Colonel Philip Corso, and NOT Colonel CorPso.

  13. A one letter correction needs to be made here: The correct name is "Colonel Philip Corso" and NOT Colonel CorPso.

  14. Hi. Interesting thoughts. I was wondering where it was going with the first few paragraphs.

    There are, however, some people out there making good money from Ufology. Fraudsters like Ray Santilli (Roswell autopsy video) and Stephen Greer (Disclosure/CSETI/Ambassador to the Universe training) have made plenty of cash through exploiting the subject and deceiving the hard-core believers.

  15. Dear Anonymous,
    You are right of course. A large part of Greer's money comes from what I call the "ETs are spiritual beings who are Godly",group inside the UFO community. Now they are funding Exopolotics which didn't have enough money to put on an X-conference except on the web. They did more harm than good I believe.
    For the most part money is not why many researchers do it.
    Thanks for stopping by

  16. You do know that most UFO sightings are just DT hallucinations. If you research mass hysteria, the Roswell aliens were just crash test dummies. They were carried on stretcher because crash test dummies weigh 180 pounds. 67 years ago and no real contact. If it took them millions of light years to get here, what are they waiting for? In 1976, a millionaire used a helicopter to fake a UFO in the El Cerro Mission, Meadow Lake area in Los Lunas, New Mexico at night until he was caught.

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