Friday, April 17, 2009

Above Bluebook: UFO Government Conspiracy

Updates: Chucks Articfacts, Night Vision Scope Test

It was in another lifetime…. full of toil and blood…. where darkness was a virtue… and the road was full of mud” Dylan

There was a clandestine government body unknown to Project Bluebook that investigated UFOs.
Notice, no question marks here.

I believe this is fact. The proof is below:
Mike Nelson: Protage Ohio UFO Venus Case:(for info)
Dedicated To Deputies Dale Spaur, William Neff and Mike Nelson

Many of you may not know Arthur Godfrey: he was a TV host in the fifties similar to Letterman and the rest. He was also a pilot who had witnessed a UFO. He mentioned it a few times over the years. On one of his shows, he interviewed Dorothy Kilgallen, a syndicated columnist. A private “source” and rather important person, as I remember, had reported to her a UFO experience. The male witness was on a dark deserted road near his car and noticed this bright disk coming toward him above the treetops. The disk made a turn and followed along a cut off dirt road. He was totally in shock but… what happened next shocked him even more. He watched as a dark “official looking” car with what looked like a radar dish, slowly pulled up. The car’s dish rotated toward the direction the UFO had taken, pointed right where the UFO had just traveled, then slowly took turned off down the same road.

Many debunkers and UFO skeptics claim the government wanted to be as far away from the nonsense of UFOs investigations as possible. Project Bluebook was a compromise to get people off the government’s back and the UFO subject out of their hair for good. John Alexander reinforces this idea more than anyone I know. John Alexander at the SSE conference spoke forcefully about his inside military contacts and how they would have told him about anything such as the aforementioned secret agency.
John, take a back seat…. Project Bluebook didn’t even know.
Mike Nelson reinforces what we have been hearing about all along. A powerful ultra-secret government authorized agency not only investigated UFOs, they also monitored them. They kept this secret from people with very high clearances.
Sometimes a Conspiracy is really a Conspiracy and you don’t need a theorist to figure it out.

Update Chuck’s Artifacts: A scientist will look at the material. He actually jumped at the chance. He agreed to do it freely but anonymously. We will have the test results and when we do we will post them.

Update On UFO (Night Vision Scope) : A couple friends and I purchased a level 3 night vision scope. My friend had been out with the scope for two weeks and he saw nothing. My thinking was maybe ETs were not visiting his state anymore. We had ordered a 3X zoom lens for it and it arrived two night ago. He took it out one night and called me up reporting what a difference it was using the zoom lens:
“ Joe you can see tons of stars now”.
So he took it out last night for a real run and here is his email to me.

“I was out with my son **** and his friend tonight. We saw no less than 6 moving objects in about 30 minutes. One raced across the sky and then stopped for about 5-10 seconds. I never took my eyes off of it. It then reversed direction and then went back the way it came”

For two weeks all he was seeing was satellites…but now he sees the visitors. Welcome to the new world Of UFO spotting.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog


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  2. Dear IQXS,
    Thanks, there is a fifth clip to this. You Tube acted weird loast night so I couldn't put it up. I try today.
    Joe Capp

  3. Great post Joe! What was that vehicle with the antennas and insignia doing there?

    If it was involved, per AFSA or something else, how did it know to be there? Where were the occupants of the vehicle?

    Very strange indeed!!

    Thanks for yet another of a series of enlightening posts.

  4. Dear Bob Thanks,

    Because It's so hard to get this DVD. I will put up the remaining clips and do another post on Monday. What bothers me is the amount of UFO community coverage this got in the beginning(2007) and even now, except in MUFON. I had only heard about this case by reading the MUFON journal. Did you hear or read about this anywhere? I did a post a year ago called "When Venus Turned out to be a UFO"
    There was not one comment, it might have been because I wasn't known then... but that doesn't explain why there was no coverage anywhere else on this case.
    This is such a stunning case investigated by a man of such great character you don't even read the debunkers attacking it. I think many in our UFO media community are posting a little too much just to get hits that they overlooked a pioneering case.

  5. Awesome...can't wait.

    I believe the last video is a repeat of one of the others
    , and is there text I can't read at the bottom of this post?, i.e. its all "glitchy".

    Thanks again, I think your right about the way some posters are. There are many pioneering cases not being handled.

  6. Dear Bob,
    Had noting but trouble putting up the post ET gremlins maybe. You Tube would not let me edit any text. Been also working night and day and weekends setting up new server and business. So I am running on empty as they say thanks for you tolerance and patience. I put the right clip up Four is right now.

  7. Very great post,hope you don't mind me sharing it.I've added your link to it,and your link has always been in my link link list.If I can ever do anything to help let me know,we are all here for the same thing,Thanks

  8. That is so nice thank you. My post are open to sharing use what you need.


  9. I came here from and I think this is a great post. Thanks for posting this stuff. We need people/blogs like this.

  10. Thanks History,
    That means alot because Rick Stokes over there at was one of the first to support and understant what I was trying to do...a man with empathy in his heart... rear these days.

  11. Good article.

    Richard Dolan always uses to describe how many members in - the supposedly neutral scientific research body - the Condon Committee complained (then internally, now externally) that they were led and biased by leader Edward Condon in the late 1960s. The rest of us now also know that the conclusions of the Condon Committee were made upon opinion beforehand since seemingly valid cases were explained away rather casually and in a hurry with the team leader giving orders on what was plausible "scientific" explanations and what was not. Not very scientific, but very political if you ask me. Obviously a hidden agenda was in place here and not inability/incompetence on Condons part or the groups part. Everybody has the right to fail but this was on another plane. Sometimes the initial conspiracy theory holds water.

    There was also confirmed conspiracy regarding the Blue Book Files. Documents now prove that anything UFO related, affecting national security, was handled outside of the Blue Book files and sent to another place entirelly. That means that all the really good cases was not handled by Project Blue Book and all it really was then was a public relations ploy. To conclude; "the powers that be" obviously conspired in order to control public opinion with politics plus pseudoscience regarding UFOs in the late 1960s. This has been suspected all along and used to float around as just another conspiracy theory among others in the UFO field but is now substantiated.

    I will cut my comment into 2 parts as the whole comment got too long,

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden


  12. ...continuing...

    I usually hate the term Conspiracy Theory because it doesn't mean much. It is such a broad and lazy term, mostly fitting for people who don't have the attention span to connect the dots.

    So much is explained away as random events (coincidence) or acts of incompetence over history. This is like religious people referring to God when not understanding what caused events. Often that's just being ignorant.

    Almost always we deny the possibility of any wrongdoing, we like to think of ourselves as benign and righteous. A reality-check would tell us that a majority of major scholars mentions corruption as the number one problem in the world today. What it does is, it implicates peoples logic, honesty and righteousness and introduces concepts where the limited rich can conspire to control world events by influencing key people in different disciplines. Esentially everyone has a boss or benefactor and has the potential to be involved in a conflict between politics and logic (wrong/right) where loyalty can come into play. If a person yields to such demands it is per definition a conspiracy since two (or more) has a secret agreement to commit to something of harmful purpose. In my opinion this translates to motives towards something not logical in the bigger perspective but beneficiary to the few (obviously including the people conspiring).

    So much is socially constructed and so much could be labelled the lazy misnomer term Conspiracy Theory if really wanted. Politics is completely socially constructed and all conspiracy if you deconstruct it, albeit we choose to call it "networking".

    Most of the stock market is also socially constructed. If we really knew the reasons why stocks rise and fall, we wouldn't have to resort to the sports-like short pseudo-analysis that is so prevelent by finacial "analysts" on TV. Since there is the potential and possibility for both failure and success all the time - there's always an explanation for both at hand. All the time and in everything. But don't confuse what took place with the play-by-play analysis of it - that's purely opinion. Financial cooperation (trusts) happens everyday by many but we're not really "in the know", you know.

    Sometimes opinion is called politics - it's the same thing but in different arenas. "-Investigation by proclamation" as Stanton Friedman would have said since the subject isn't researched thoroughly before reaching a conclusion.

    What I like to point out is laziness and ignorance won't take anyone anywhere dealing with the UFO subject. It's much too difficult for that. I'd like to highlight the fact that there is so much strange UFOlogical and its implications for people involved are nothing imaginative but very real. Even though we don't understand the motives for UFOs we cannot resort to call it God right away or dismiss it as nonsense. Also we cannot always dismiss people with UFO experiences by turning the investigation inwards conducting casual and hasty character assassinations. Just because we found a character flaw doesn't mean the person is lying and the experience couldn't be real. In scientific terms there is no percievable difference between a real event and an imaginative one. The mind has also been proven to control the body and vice versa, it's completely interchangeable in scientific terms and clinically inseparable. We do not possess the tools to tell which reality apart. So when debunkers tell the public what is real and what is not, it's opinion - not science.

    In the UFOlogy field, the researchers seem to still have to deal with these ignorant people a lot. That makes it even harder to get anywhere when we're arguing the sparse good data we do have.

    All the best,

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.


  13. Dear Daniel,
    excellent points. You said just because a person has a character flaw doesn't mean he is lying. Another point to be made is just because a video could be faked doesn't mean it was faked. An example is Stan Romanek's "Alien In The Window" video. Anyone who has followed this case can't but help to notice the mountains of evidence that something, maybe even an abduction, happened to Stan. There were to many witnesses to the events and other evidence to support what happened.
    But one video which can be easily faked was a field day for the debunkers who think anyone who comes out and states they were abducted are lying or delusional and any video has to be faked.

    At this rate will never have a video that meets there criteria even with a witness with exemplary character.
    Great comment thanks

  14. Dear Daniel,
    Bottom line Condon 20% UFO still unidentified. Project Bluebook the same. Bluebook also showed that the more experienced and eructated the eye witness was the harder it was to explain the object in conventual terms. So since there were so many unexplainable it would be beyond imagination that the government would not be interested...very interested.

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