Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who’s Really Getting Hoaxed? Part 2

“ I couldn’t abandon The witnesses” Angelia Joiner

Since the first “flying saucer” report by Kenneth Arnold until this day, UFO witnesses have been exploited. Whether it was to sell a book with a certain theory or to make money some other way, exploiting witnesses has been the name of the game. Of course, some exploitation is good when it is used in the proper context and gives credibility to the witnesses and experiences regarding the events. It is not the root of all evil.
So I get a little uneasy with the self righteous nature of some of these bloggers and researchers who aim their criticisms at the UFO witness.
How many UFO witnesses have put their trust in a UFO researcher, only to feel betrayed? Travis Walton comes to mind.

Two of the major movements, “Exopolitics” and “The Disclosure Projects,” exploit witnesses at press conferences by wrapping them around projects not necessarily related to the witnesses, but they also wrap these sincere UFO witnesses, who are hoping for answers, inside a public agenda the witnesses may not even agree with.

PRG (Exopolotics) e-mailed me the following on Peckman’s politicking around the “Stan Rominick” case:

“PRG fully supports Jeff Peckman's efforts to further demystify and broaden the public engagement of the extraterrestrial presence issue… he is a long standing political activist who has engaged a range of issues and run for office. The exopolitical process leading toward formal disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence has been held back by the unwillingness of non-exopolitical activists and activist organizations to challenge the ridicule curtain and join the disclosure process for mutual benefit.”

Notice, hardly a mention of good old Stan and his problems of loss of credibility due to Peckman’s agenda.…because it is really not about Stan or the other witnesses: it’s about agendas.
Those of us who have had life changing UFO sightings know what it can mean to feel validated. Unlike many of my colleagues claims, I am affected by other people’s feelings. Telling a UFO experience can cause a great deal of pain. The UFO witnesses, especially those with ongoing experiences, are frightened, sometimes even shattered, by the very unknowns these incidents present. The pressure on the family can be horrendous; divorces are more prevalent than you think; even financial problems can occur.

There is an old saying:
“ I can handle the evil done in the name of evil but heaven help us the evil done in the name of good.”

When Angelia Joiner who was running stories UFO witnesses in the Stephenville town newspaper she was asked to cut them off, that they were unimportant, and to stop taking messages But she knew what they were going through. Here was her answer:

DVD X Conference 2007

Packman is a politician. He wanted to make news and he did. It appears that he cared very little about protecting Stan’s credibility. From what I understand, there is solid evidence behind SM’s case. Of course, in Exoplotics’ future Stan’s case doesn’t matter…

They wrote in the e-mail,“Whatever opinion one may have of this video…” Presenting a video (which could be easily created in five minutes and put on You Tube) as the centerpiece of evidence is the stupidest thing one could do to foster credibility.
Try that in NY and you would be laughed right off the stage.
Exopolitcs think what Peckman did validates the Stan Romanek case. I think what he has done is easy fodder for the debunker…but in the end, who is going to get really be made the hoaxer- SM.
“Ufology is abuzz again with a tabloid news item, as Jeff Peckman — who
also sells a credit card that will save your life — showed the video of a “real living breathing alien” looking through a bedroom window to a selected audience in Denver.
The detail is that the video has not been actually released publicly, and the one above is a recreation by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society. They also created
some other videos with the same alien doll, which is in fact a very common prop, with units being auctioned on eBay and even appearing in NSFW shoots. Those blinking eyes were created in post-production, I guess, as the original doll doesn’t have that.
The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society probably didn’t spend dozens of thousand of dollars in that recreation, and yet their alien is, according to someone who watched both, looks “slightly more animated.”’

Also On NewsBlogger

“All the hyped alien visit and abduction accounts to date have been
soundly disproved. Scientists (as opposed to "scientists") have every interest in making contact with extraterrestrials, and most believe there are some out there (although not in Nebraska)”

“In fact, many groups are offering huge amounts of money to anyone who can prove paranormal activity. (Our favorite, magician James Randi, is
offering anyone with actual proof a million dollars.) So why doesn't Stan Romanek take Randi Challenge rather than fielding softballs from Larry King?”

Without evidence presented in a public forum, SM is still innocent until proven guilty; the witness is not the problem here.

What has happened to our country is reflected inside the UFO community. A witness’ experiences are no more than a public stage for many. They aren’t human…they don’t bleed.

This resulted in self reflection and the following pledge:
I will look at UFO Witnesses as people, not just for validation or as a challenge, but as people with families, even with flaws, just like everyone else. They deserve to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog


  1. Hey Joe...great work as always.

    Do you have a link for part one?

    I can't find it


  2. Dear Andy, Thanks, sometimes a person needs to hear that. The first part which clearly shows three examples of debunkers trying to hoax evidence to discredit UFO Witnesses points the need to respect and be careful not to prejudge the UFO Witnesses... in other words support them till all the evidence is in.

    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I agree completely that we should preserve witnesses, even if we shouldn't assume they are telling the truth. They may not be telling the truth, but they may not be lying either. They may just be honestly mistaken, or even deceived.

    In this particular case, though, Romanek himself has been making many wild claims, and the video he presents is very, very probably either the real thing or a hoax. The stakes are high.

    In the end, though, the main point here is that witnesses that present such extraordinary evidence will just have to live with the fact there will be suggestions that they hoaxed it.

    In science, contrary to a trial, the priority is NOT on not condemining an innocent man, but on exhausting the evidence. Until a resonable doubt remains, the evidence is false.

    But, again, we must have some common sense and try to avoid accusing or insinuating hoax whenever possible. People are often very honest, and there's usually no need to embarass them.

    Romanek's case unfortunately doesn't allow us that. His video is false until proven authentic, and it's not very plausible that it's a honest mistake. It's either the real thing, or _someone_ hoaxed it.

  4. I agree totally. But what are wild stories now?. There are people all over who are having multiple contacts and abductions. From what I understand the video was a very small piece of the evidence amased over one or two years in this case. Is is possible in anyones mind out there that the entities could be doing their own disinformation campagn as they abduct these people. Could this be a type of conditioning used to see what we do. The answers are out there but wild stories are part of starnge and well documented cases in UFO history and may just be a part of our visitors keeping control of the belief factor. I don't know if they are ETs but whatever they are they seem to want confuse us. Stan may be reporting a wild story that really happened. I do agree the end result must be based on all the evidence. But when you go public you should present your case with the best evidence possible. What we have here in plain english is bad marketing, which seems to be the hallmark of the UFO community.

    Thank You
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matter

  5. Very fine thinking. Only an unbiased approach to a level-headed search for the truth will bring us to some resolution of this mystery. The genuine witnesses will be served best by separating the true wheat from the chaff without sensationalism based on greed.

  6. Dear Bob,
    Your right it is so simple. Now, if you want to have a movement do what Kean & Fox did in November hold a press conference and present your best evidence(pilots from 7 countries) period. I think they should do it again with other well documented witnesses, say another press conference.
    Thank Bob
    Joseph Capp

  7. Joseph,

    On a recent episode of The Paracast, we spoke to Romanek, who claimed that he had no knowledge of Peckman's Metatron Harminozer. You can also hear about my conversations with some of the other behind-the-scenes players in the Romaneck situation, Nancy Talbot (of BLT Research) and a person named Clay Roberts, who is the key person keeping Romanek's hands tied. For my money, I don't think there's anything credible about Romanek's claims, as he doesn't seem capable of coughing up any actual evidence, and the folks who have glommed onto him make the whole situation even murkier.

  8. Dear David,
    Thank You.
    I didn't hear your Podcast. It may be that this case has no merits. But witness behavior is not a tell all. We may all act a little erractic when that is a part of our lives. I want to examine all the evidence.

    I know some witnesses are not sure themselves what is happening... that can be interpreted in all kinds of ways.
    Travis Walton action were considered erratic. The mental health people called in got him drunk. The UFO org. gave him a Lie detector test right after the abduction when the realizations was just sinking in. People don't treat witnesses like people and those that do seem to confuse the issue more. And who do we jump on the witnesses... sometimes for no other reason than they are reporting on something that conflicts with a theory one might be passionate be for.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  9. Joseph,

    I suggest you listen to The Paracast episode from last week, we've discovered that there are people pulling the strings behind the curtain, and their motives have precious little to do with anything regarding UFOs or the like. It's 99% that Romanek is making the whole thing up. As you already know, I'm not someone looking to debunk the UFO phenomenon, as I'm a witness myself. I AM interested in separating the genuine cases from the crap, and the fact that Romanek is surrounded by crap should raise some flags.

  10. I will, but I do not do guilt by association. I have heard from some of my friends who went to the presentation and they were impressed they are scientist so I will wait.
    Joe CaPP
    UFO Media Matters

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