Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who’s Really Getting Hoaxed? Part 1

I don’t know what the final truths will be on the Stan Romanek "Alien in The Window" case.

But I do know the routine: this witness, Stan, will be accused of all kinds of motives, he’ll be considered by mainstream media, as well as some ufology insiders, and professional debunkers, guilty till proven innocent.

Guilty of what?

They’ll say he’s hoaxing for fun, hoaxing for profit, or that he’s gullible, or delusional. The usual Big Four Faker Factors.

However this one resolves, I admit that personally, I would not have done it the way Peckman decided to sensationalize it.

But I’m here to help all you rational people take a deep breath …and take a closer look at some historic cases where those who shouted hoax…had ultimately hoaxed their own ‘evidence’. So-called.

Check these three outstanding examples.

1. Portage, Ohio Case, aka The Sound of Silence Is Deafening.
The explanation to this 30-plus year old case turns out to be a real UFO, cloaked; an elaborate government hoax created by a secret agency forcing a local sheriff to withhold crucial evidence from Project Bluebook. Because of this hoax … Police Officers statements were laughed at and they were told they were chasing Venus (through three counties).

By the way, have you even heard of this case on any other blog? Portage would prove, by the police files, how the government lied about having a secret agency to handle UFO cases far and above Project Bluebook. In this incident, the two police officers eventually had to leave their careers, which were damaged beyond repair. When the truth came out, one of the Police Officers (former officer Dale Spaur was in a hospice when they found him) said he was glad it became public and it happened before he died … But did it become public?

Don’t know of any blogger who’s covered this… “One of the good people” cases. I guess too many bloggers are busy bashing witnesses or waiting for that one where they can prove how objective they are to the skeptics.

I found two places where this great update on the famous UFO of Portage Ohio case was highlighted. MUFON Journal where I got the story, and my blog where I continue to follow it:

2. Rowell Flying Saucer Hoax… Or MOGUL Balloon Hoax.
The calculations presented to the scientific community (who never checked) that settled the case toward MOGUL was a “hoax”; the calculations were done as a farce, including having the balloon hovering for hours, ascending and descending (actually acting like an intelligently controlled device):

3. Trent Photos. Not only did the debunkers insinuate the Trents were liars --contrary to what all of the neighbors felt about them-- a dubious “Trent” photo showing a wire implying a device for hanging a fake object was circulated. Slight problem: in the original, real Trent photo, no wire was present. Just recently, another hoax photo was presented by a blog showing a model-size image of the “Trent” saucer…another obvious hoax:

So guess who got the short end of the stick in all these cases? The witnesses.

Harassing phone calls, threats…think about what that would mean in your life: THREATS for coming forward, telling the truth.

Sensationalism can certainly be used to make money. However, we all need to focus on the crucial baseline fact: the presence of sensationalism in a public revelation may have nothing to do with the truth of what the witnesses report. Wedding sensationalism to a case for monetary gain does not mean the subsequent research is faulty, either.

Seems it’s impossible for some UFO researchers to rationally examine what happens in a heavily publicized case.

Is it really so tough to step back for a moment, and logically, rationally consider each element separately: witness, evidence, effect of the public exposure, background research, media portrayal?

We owe every case our best attention.

What’s more, we owe every witness who was brave enough to come forward the opportunity to present their experience with some baseline respect from us.

Are we that self-righteous that even ufologists who already know what it’s like to take a lot of heat from friends, family, and who rarely risk any kind of discussion on these matters in the workplace, or with the people who live next door, that they summarily dismiss either a good witness account or apparent physical evidence because someone somewhere --often not even the witness, but someone in the media upstream-- is poised to gain some kind of profit?

You can go out into the ufology blogosphere or chat among your fellow conference goers, and you will even hear things like IF HE BELIEVED IN IT HIMSELF, WHY DIDN’T HE PUT THE MONEY INTO GETTING WIDER DISTRIBUTION FOR THE VIDEO?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t publicize or give decent exposure to your experience and evidence.
Here is a clip from the interview:

We forget, too, not everyone can afford to lose a job like the Portage officers, like billionaire tech inventor forced to resign from the company he founded Joe Firmage…

We forget not everyone can afford to invest in consulting experts and pre-vetting evidence before public release. Our own huge international groups can hardly afford the testing of a fraction of such evidence that is available…from genetic testing to simple chemical analysis.

How can we blame individual witnesses --who try not to become partisan, or who are ignorant of our organizations-- for waiting to come forward until the substantial funding for professional public relations campaigns and the battery of laboratory tests has been secured?

I’ve got some ideas about how we can avoid going partisan, or loco, regardless of our basic ufology orientation. Are you ready to take the unpartisan pledge? Come back next Thursday for the challenge!

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog


  1. Because there are many Regional Celestials of many different sect associated with this planet… many of which travel in their own Designs of celestial FLOATS (meaning Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology)…. And because of the many Foreign-Celestials which travel from abroad through distance dark space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet …. The UK should now be forth-coming ... the UK should now be called if nothing more , the New UECK ... United Earth and Celestial Kingdoms ...

    If confronting any Regional Celestial or a Foreign Celestial who were keeping secret their association with any particular upper-sect …. and if you were to ask them, ‘if there were Aliens?’ …. they would indeed say no … and would be well within the range of truth, because they do not consider themselves ‘Aliens’ … nor do they consider their Crafts of flight, ‘Unidentified’ ….

    It is now becoming common knowledge that Regional Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … Ancient Celestials were as nurturing and mothering care-takers hidden behind Earth's original frequency Veil ... and now because of failing unorthodox power Facilities of another specific Foreign Civilization who once traveled from distance space …. And who through trickery and deceit, gained control over US Government eons ago …. A great number of things hidden and kept secret from earthen population will at first gradually come into view as many Regional Celestials struggle uselessly to reestablish cloaking abilities …

    Many power facilities once elevated in secrecy as to further establish linkage of colonized relay stations stretching up through dark space reaching the highest point of this particular group of Foreign Celestial who invaded Earth Moon long ago, Will indeed fall from place ….

    The effects of this spill-over as elevated worlds fall from their once held high position, has been referred to as the opening of Seven Seals.

    And those many original celestial facilities which were already associated with this planet, who adapted their power facilities to draw from the Foreign Invader’s ‘Unorthodox Satellite Transmitter’ as to sustain or acquire greater power abilities to their own individual power sources, these Will gradually become visible both in upper an inner skies of this planet and …

    But there are also the countless Extra-Celestials who hold residence up and outside this the Seventh Universal Plane of endless darkness ….

    I’m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say …
    I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in such celestial matters as the new UFO era now approaches …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many ’WHYs?’.

  2. What makes us human is to question. So I ask you where is the questioning mind behind sod. Religion has many times lied to people using God to make them do all kinds of horrendous things in the name of "Good" What worries me about you is you don't even entertain the idea of ETS hood winking if you are smarter then them. Also these good feeling your having...could they have been induced. What in God's name has ET ever done for earth... proven.. not what you think or heard. I don't think they are inherently evil and I know they don't claimed they kill and drain the blood of cattle but how about if they lie...could that be...I think it should still be open to question and I think those who closed there minds to that are not thinking and that is a bad place to be with ETs. Please answer like a person not a set of platitituds.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Joseph Cap said What makes us human is to question …. This may be true, but more important …What makes a human wise is to search for an answer …. And you asked where was the questioning mind behind SoD … during that period of awakening, I had many questions, and now I try diligently to share those answers allowed me … Also a student very seldom surpasses the wisdom of his or her teacher … I’m unsure as to what good feelings you speak of, for this reason I can’t response to that statement … And considering the violent history of Earth, could you really think Earthen Humanity could have come this far without those good Celestials reaching in every now and then to keep those with the evil hand from basically annihilating all embodiedment of Souls which belong to the Master Creator … It was even the good Celestials who hid five groups of the Neanderthal when Earth’s core spew out it’s massive black ash, which caused the dinosaur extinction … as for Celestials lying, that depend on which sect you’re speaking of … those who infiltrated and gain governing control did so with great lies and deceit … and if you’re one of those who can’t believe before visual proof, then just give it some time … but as for me …. I must continue replying with answers and comments to such postings and questions …. I do so diligently so those in quest, will have these answers allowed me … and maybe just maybe … I can ease the fear of a few as this era of UFOs unfold around us …

  4. I should always remember never argue with someone who knows. What point could i possibly make?

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. I really regret you consider our exchange of comments arguments ... I can't help what I know .... I am what I am ... I also regret I have offended you ... be well, be safe, beware

  6. Dear Sod,
    you did not offend me. I am very frank in my answers. I believe some people are being guided by contact. I don't believe they could in any way know the true motives of their mentors. When you claimed this, you loose the most essential ingredient in spiritual development and that is humility. You may believe their motives are good but that doesn't prove it. Saying they told you or even showed you have they help the world doesn't prove it either. Think about all the bloodshed throughout history if they helped it wasn't much. with friends like these we don't need enemies. In other words the facts just don't reflect what they are saying. Someone is killing the cattle someone caused the death of the villagers in Brazil when they were burnt with light beam and two died. If you believe in UFOs then you must believe that killing and rape is not beyond many of them. This attitude discounts many witnesses horror and permanent change in people lives because of them.
    So if they were a friend of mine and they did this to others but told me they were very spiritually developed I'd kick them to the they say.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

    Joe Capp

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