Friday, May 30, 2008

Disclosure, Nick Pope Style

“…and I’ll know my song well before I start singing” Bob Dylan

“British U.F.O. Shocker! Government Officials Were Telling the Truth” so shouted the NY Times article --which is the disclosure to the world-- according to British Intelligence officer, Nick Pope. Times article here:

The UK Ministry of Defense has now begun to release “all” the documents it has on UFOs… and just in case you doubt it, we have good old Nick Pope to tell us we should believe them, even though they lied about what Nick Pope, his predecessors, and his department were doing for years.

Pretty sad isn’t it, how the British government, along with its “ex” UFO X Files government employee can convince us, after so many years of presenting lies, that now once and for all, we have the truth on UFOs in the UK. Like a child who has lied so many times, like an American President who shouts Weapons of Mass Destruction in all the wrong places, citizens on both sides of the pond have a big, bad case of Untruth Fatigue.

And if we are still that stupid, maybe we deserve what we get.

We also have the history of good UFO witnesses who get laughed at and dismissed by Government, capital G, on both sides of the Atlantic, for half a century.

Even now our community must constantly defend UFO witnesses --even, or especially those with impeccable science, engineering and military backgrounds-- whose stories hold true for decades…and still they’re called frauds. Even by some of our own.
What they’re really saying, these Professional Deny Guys, is UFOs are nothing, that Roswell or anything like it never happened… for instance, that the officer on duty that night who put his “hand on the craft” at Rendlesham that soon would take off silently was…oh, you fill in the blank. Or let the Nick Popes and the Deny Guys fill it in for you. It’s what they do best.

It is amazing that Nick Pope was here in the UFO community to champion the truth of these reports, even before he saw them.

But according to what Nick told me at a recent conference, he doesn’t believe there were any secrets on UFOs his department didn’t know about. He explained to me the way the British Government keeps secrets is different then the American government…well isn’t that special.

He has been saying publicly, since it was announced, when this batch of reports are released, there will be no more UK secrets left, as far as UFOs go.

But there comes a point when the government needs a watch dog to watch government.
How many times have UK and USA military-intelligence officials claimed they were not interested, only for us to find they were lying? How many UFO researchers find documents in the UK which were claimed by Pope’s team just years or months ago, to be non-existent?

Nick might counter, as he did, unbelievably but oh so personably, on Coast2Coast Radio recently, chatting charmingly with host George Knapp, in a downright jolly tone, as he assured listeners this time, the UK secret keepers want to get rid of it all and simply not be bothered. There had been too many FOIA-style requests, after all.

But there is the one item everyone should remember, especially if you believe UFOs were taken seriously by both the UK and USA governments, as I do: both governments have had 60+ years to sanitize the secret ET presence. More than half a century to hide, obfuscate, spin, and deny the most important, yet arguably, one of the easiest secrets to keep.

If anyone out there doubts how easy it is to ignore even solid evidence about UFOs, just ask the witnesses who try to be heard.

They will never disclouse... they will never admit to the World UFO's are Craft from somewhere else, they will never admit to this:

"Have You Sean The Saucers"

As for Nick Pope, he’s STILL a front man, whether he knows it or not. The UK government is home to some of the richest UFO reports in the world. If something of national defense nature occurred, when it came to UFOs, do you really think Nick Pope would know it? He claims he would, because the government has been honest.

These are direct quotes from the Times article:
“A few carried humanoid life forms, or so it seemed. A few materialized courtesy of the observers’ possibly having had a drink too many, as in the case of an unidentified flying light cluster witnessed loitering in the sky by the patrons of a pub in Kent.”

“Whatever they were, these phenomena reported to Britain’s Ministry of Defense over the years and made public this month were almost certainly not actual alien aircraft piloted by actual alien beings.”

“The government has been telling us the truth,” declared David Clarke, a senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, who has a side interest in U.F.O.’s. “There are a lot of weird things in the sky, and some of them we can’t explain, but there’s not a shred of evidence for a single alien visitation.”

I want to thank Nick Pope for proving once and for all it is all nonsense. Maybe I’ll just close down my blog because Pope says the truth is finally out there…But wait! Almost forgot: I’m from Brooklyn, and I’ve never bought a bridge yet. I don’t plan to start now.

As in the days of NICAP --which ended up debunked-- it wasn’t their enemies who destroyed them, it was their friends. So beware of the jolly, charming UK Ministry of Defense agents…especially when they claim they’re no longer hiding stuff, but then admit they might not have seen the really sensitive reports anyway. And especially, when they’re still on the government payroll. Nick Pope admitted on Coast2Coast that he had recommended the particular cases for release, and was still working on compiling those for release…over the next several years.

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