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MUFON Investagation: Stephenville

"Momma's in the basement mixing up some medicine I'm on the pavement thinking about the govenment" Bob Dylan

MUFON’s Journal published results of the organization’s findings on the detailed reports from 70 witnesses in Texas in its April 2008 issue. Bottom line: the vast majority of witnesses who reported to MUFON were regular people just wanting to get answers about what they saw. Of the many people who reported UFOs, 2 were found to be hoaxers. Amazing! You’d think with all the screams out there on You-Tube and debunker land, it’d be closer to 70.

There were almost as many UFO reports from the two Texas counties --Stephenville and Dublin-- in January and February in 2008 as in all of 2007, according to the only ones who are doing any data collection…our own good UFO organizations.

Notably, MUFON’s investigation found there were two “official” daylight sightings reporting a “large craft gray in color”, silent and moving at a high rate of speed. Many Texas reports were similar to those logged around the world, featuring large sequential blinking lights in the sky. Also notable about the Stephenville sightings is how many witnesses came forward with old reports. I guess they felt it was finally safe to do so. This factor of multiple, belated UFO reports --indicating many pre-existing UFO sightings from the region-- is in itself important, no matter how you slice it.

MUFON was not able to get written reports from the local Police Officers, just verbal descriptions. So what did these trained observers report? Three officers who gave accounts describe a large “craft”, gray in color with red strobe lights on the top. The two officers who were outside at the time reported the craft they observed was silent.

Of this investigation, 18 reports are unknown, with five still under investigation. They still have 100 continuing UFO sighting reports around the Dublin area. So the Great Stephenville UFO Incident of 2008 is not over because the press calls it over.

Not all the UFOs were of the same type. I like this one:
“At 6:50 AM on January 11, James Beatty had a close encounter…he saw bright white lights coming over a hill, on the opposite side of the dam…hugging the shore line…it was delta shaped…black and gray in color…approached to about 30 to 50 yards away… no bigger then a 1978 Thunderbird…rear was rectangle with three large round openings in its side. No apparent thrust nor fire…extended canopy running three quarters of the way down the fuselage. It was metallic as well. The bottom looked like it had panel lines, it had three non-blinking white lights under it. It made no sound at all.”

Just a reminder to the “ well… it’s only lights in the sky” bunch, CRAFT is the term three trained observers used to describe their daylight sighting.

For all you secret government test flight fanatics: why would the government be flying a huge, top-secret craft, near paranoid George’s ranch, in daylight?

And finally for all of you “why in the world would aliens fly a trillion miles to go to Texas?” theoreticians: it’s called bases. Try to think ahead!

David Coram Video. Seen on “Alien Hunters” episode Diagrams In The Sky, this one’s still an enigma. MUFON Journal reported Dr. Bruce Maccabee and others wanted to find the light source but “time restraints” kept them from going to the original spot. So until that is done, I can’t go with Maccabee’s conclusion, that what was captured was just a camera effect combined with atmospheric conditions and an out-of-focus star. David Coram’s grandchild, who was first to point out this strange light source, was drawn to it and asked his grandfather about the “lightening” in the sky. He saw that movement with the unaided eye.

DVD Agnelia Joiner (Fired Jounalist) "The Good The Bad & The Ugly About UFO Reporting. X Conference 2008"

So a follow up is what they deserve. I think “Alien Hunter” should do a follow up on Texas, too. After all, Stephenville was the biggest UFO phenomenon of the year, and there are more than 100 UFO sightings still being reported there. Also, it’s important to not let it the case get too cold. While the Alien Hunter crew is there, they could also do a follow-up, confirming, if that be the case, Maccabee’s conclusion by simply filming a star from the same place David Coram’s grandson pointed out what he was seeing.

Since the US Government’s not exactly forthcoming these days, CITIZEN INITIATIVE AND CAN DO is still looking like the smartest and most civilized response. Wouldn’t it be great if some other optics and video experts would join MUFON and volunteer some time? So…what are you doing next weekend?

MUFON needs people of all expertise levels to help analyze the enormous quantities of video and photos now being submitted. I heard it from good sources that MUFON is backed up for two years on the normal processing of multimedia submitted for examination. MUFON is a great organization and doing a fine job. Those hundred Texas witness reports are still waiting to be gathered and investigated. MUFON needs more skilled volunteers. How many will step forward?

Alien Hunters complements citizen organization efforts.
I’m happy “Alien Hunters” is on the air. The show allows access to scientific equipment that is many times beyond the frugal expense accounts of many of our citizen organizations.

Of course presenting the proper evidence is crucial in getting to the answers. But actually being there in the midst of a flap and catching something with the best equipment would be highly desirable. The next best thing is sending investigators quickly to do a thorough job. “Alien Hunters” gets a B+; with some work it can be a great show and help the larger effort validating the witnesses to these phenomenon and according witnesses their much deserved…and overdue respect. I don’t like the idea of offering money to witnesses for UFO video. The practice opens up a can of worms and does nothing to help the credibility of sightings or witnesses.

I still wonder how many people never reported what they saw.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. There are many celestials of many different sect … each traveling of their own Designed FLOATS … Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology …. The only celestial aliens that exist are those that travel from abroad through distance space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet ….

    Then of course, there are those earthen aliens such as illegal aliens traveling abroad from other earthen countries ….

    Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … And now because of failing power Facilities of their unorthodox advanced technology, many things hidden will at first gradually come into view as they struggle uselessly to reestablish their cloaking abilities … and many things once elevated in secrecy by their unorthodox power facility, Will fall from place … the effects of this spill-over has been referred to as the opening of seven seals ….

    A ‘once celestial’ people will walk as surface dwellers …..

    I am just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say …

    I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches …. …

  2. Dear Sod,
    The exact same terminology you used was was used in talking about UFO occupants in the 50s, it didn't help then, and it certainly doesn't help now. Give me people who don't know everything and I am comfortable, when someone knows everything it makes me uncomfortable. Then I have to decide, which one of the many people in contact, out there in UFO land, claiming to have the inside dope on everything, is right.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Dear Joe. I’m unfamiliar with the 50’s terminology you’re speaking about .. I write now as I know now .. And I am far from knowing everything … and the little I’m allowed to recall, I try to explain the best I know how … and since I can’t speak all the message given me in one posting, I try and attach my home-site with each little bit I put in comments to different sites … I hope this haven’t offended you … stay well and safe

  4. Dear Sod,
    I believe that some contactee are in touch with entitees. Many multi-contacts feel they have compulsions to video. I think it is less then humble for most contactees to believe that the information they may be fed is true. In fact most of it hurts and doesn't help credibility on this subject which may be one of the reason these entities do it. In the fifties and beyond these "contactees" and channelers were saying aliens were told the ETs were from Venus and Mars now they are from other dimensions and or other stars. Also there are many people who are hoaxers trying to make money on claiming they are contactees. Some of this stuff is the primary reason no press show up for The Disclosure Project and Exopolotics.
    I don't believe it is the true contactees fault but do believe they lack the humility to admit most of what they have been told is probably disinformation or nothing more then platitudes to confuses the issues and make them feel special. There is no proof that these entities ever helped the human race in any way that change the horrible history of our past. When dealing with an extremely advanced race you have to believe they would not spill the beans to an aggressive predatory species like us, all of us.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Aside from the yes\no sort of ongoing debate regarding this and other events, which of course, is a necessary exercise..I think you touched on a very important facet of the public and this phenomenon in regard to the mass media. UFO Hunters, Monster Quest et al are paranormal versions of the nightly news, in that the lack of depth is a detriment to the phenomenon and in the end trying to encapsulate fifty years of background information in forty minutes, let alone cover the full spectrum of an event is an impossibility. The format just doesn't work for such a complicated subject, so they try to condense-make it entertaining etc. I watched the one on MSNBC which typically was disappointing.Monster Quest never stays in one place long enough to do their subjects justice..oh, this was provocative...well...time to move our next episode...The only possible outlet that would do a decent job would be something like the PBS show Frontline whose purpose is to inform, and not entertain us as if we were 12 years old..... The only decent show I ever saw was one hosted by Nick Cook from Jane's who did a very provocative look at the subject of technology in the phenomenon...good reporting...good hard boiled journalism done with actually using legwork and not just stringing a bunch of clips together is a rare commodity in these dumbed down days, at least in the broadcast media...I for one would like to see
    Nick Redfern do a show..a documentary or at least write one...regardless of what our opinions are of the theories he presents, I think he does all of us a great service by doing a lot of legwork...same for Dolan...not many though....

  6. Dear Bruce,
    You miss something very profound in this. There are many open minds out there, young minds. The same minds that watched Star Trek and others. This reaches them, and that is our future. I am afraid that we have been trying for decades to put the story out there and it hasn't worked. Because we are so facture in what we think about the subject as it is.
    I think the subject of UFOs exploded because of U-Tube. There is debate on You-Tube on UFOs I run a channel and debate UFO's all the time.Some of the debate is first class. But when you show a video and give background you get people thinking and if you get the right people thinking change can happens. If good investigation begins on this subject debunkers explanations may be ruled out scientifically. I am an optimist.
    Thanks Bruce

  7. Hello again Joseph, hope all things are going well with you and yours … I’ve never had this compulsions to do video … this would make me very uncomfortable … when I write I’m able to think, consider evaluate and reevaluate what I’m saying, all at the same time… and then what I’m saying have to hold some basis in scriptures, and then some logic in science, astrology, and theology … it’s hard to consider all this while speaking .. and it’s much easier when writing … Plus there are often images I see which are hard to bring up descriptive words … it would be so embarrassing to be lost for words in a video …

    I’ve also never felt as if I am being fed some type of facts … I guess because of the way I was called, then anointed and taught … I’ve always felt I was being Enlightened by Divine Teaching of High Celestials … I guess some could refer to my teaching as being fed information by Aliens … but I never did … My Teachers are also those given charge over me during this brief stay …. If it were not for them … many circumstances would have pre-maturely ended my stay … and the Message I am to deliver which I do with every opportunity coming my way ….is just to important of a message … things are about to drastically change, and there are to many people of faith waiting on their deliver with feathered wings on his back … they must develop a new image of thought …

    Only when such a drastic change is near at hand … will the Creator send a messenger with warning … I live a very modest life under the roof of my daughter … there’s not much I need are want here … I guess I’d like to get my air conditioner fixed in my auto … but I won’t even ask my children to do that … I humbly do without … this is my nature …

    For many different reasons Celestials have chosen to keep their entwinements with the earthen humanity this big secret … but they of different celestial sects have not yet worked out their conflicting problems … which would only make earthen matters worse …

    As for celestial contacts helping people …. A certain satanic celestials make sure not to much help is rendered …they sort of control all things and sort of hold all things in bondage … even disembodied Souls … but their time for ruler ship has come to a bitter end … there are indeed wars and rumors of wars in celestial regions ….