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Mind Talk

'you've been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald"s books... you're very well read it's well known...but something is happening here and you don't know what it you Mister Jones"

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What really happens when you’re confronted by an alien? You can see it clearly standing there, looking at you and --by nearly all reports-- talking to you in your mind, telling you “Don’t be afraid, keep staring”.

The following authentic recording under hypnosis of Barney Hill (see the landmark Barney and Betty Hill abduction case) made by Mr. Hill’s psychiatrist allows each of us to witness Mr. Hill reliving this moment of contact.

Warning: it’s scary.

But while we can hear the fear on the recording all these years later, Barney remembered none of the terror when he arrived home later that night.

And what about us? Who’s hypnotized us, so we in the civilian research community have forgotten the fear and terror that is so often the true nature of the basic experience overlaid by all our blogging and conferences, lectures and book tours?

Why is empathy utterly lacking in the UFO field? Bloggers write about UFO witnesses as if they were nothing more than abstraction, spikes in a line on a graph.

So I’m wondering: would we feel the same if the Hills were in a horrible, spectacular accident? Say, a highly publicized plane crash? What does it take for the rest of us, the amateurs and the professionals on both sides of the Great Question, to risk a little empathy? The human terror we can now all be witness to on this tape should be engraved on every serious ufology commentator’s mind --especially if the commentator’s been guilty of the current wholesale disregard for witness integrity. What have we become as as a community when we so routinely make light of contactees’ courage?

Mr. Hill’s uncensored and vital expression on this recording should be a wake-up call to commentators on both sides of the ufology debate. Of course, even before Barney Hill walked bravely into UFO history-- he was already a hero, a civil rights activist when lynching and shooting of black men who spoke out against injustice was still happening, and when the interracial marriage he shared with his wife Betty was illegal in most of these United States.

So what would it be like to have a voice in your head, a voice you’re forced to realize is actually coming from a strange being with large eyes and a face that registers no trace of humanity, no emotion?

Many witnesses describe interaction with these beings as if they were wide awake yet watching themselves walk through some dream. But doesn’t the typical close encounter report seem a lot more like what we’d call a hypnotic state? Then there are the beginnings and endings of these strange interspecies transactions, as when humans are knocked unconscious with apparently nothing more than an ET’s touch. But the aliens’ control is not perfect, hence Betty’s dress was torn when she tried to resist.

I call this aspect of the contact transaction Mind Talk, because I don’t think the humans suddenly become telepathic. In most reports, it seems more likely the alien entity is making the mind connection and talking in the person’s language. What I’m noticing is that both the sending and receiving is instigated and controlled by the ET.

The other famous Betty case, the Betty Andreasson contact, is a prime example of a Mind Talk. This case was investigated by Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s team. Notice in the excerpt from the report below, how Betty’s feelings seem to be controlled:

“Before he could regain his composure, he saw the beings walk right through the wooden door! What happened next would test the imagination and strength of even an open-minded, adventurous person. The entire family was suddenly put into a state of suspended animation. One of the creatures went to Betty's father, while one of the other four began to make telepathic communication with Betty. One of the group seemed to be a leader of sorts. He was about five-feet tall. The other four appeared to be about a foot shorter. All of the beings had a pear-shaped head, with wide eyes, and small ears and noses. Their mouths were only slits, and never moved, though they were able to communicate through their minds….

“The creatures did not move as a human, but floated as they went. Betty would later relate that, though she was frightened, she felt a sense of calm, even friendship toward the beings.”

When you get into the details and follow the Mind Talk, the alien or entity does not always seem to know what human emotions are being expressed, or even that particular emotions are appropriate in the abduction. Does this indicate that a deep connection does not take place, at least not at first?

However, some alien species seem to have the ability to absolutely control contactees via their minds, as the contactees are completely subdued, even in the most terrifying interactions. Many abductees claim new or increased psychic abilities after consistent abductions. If these abilities are something our vistors can induce, could it be the psychic abilities are cultivated by certain alien species for easier communication?

I always remind myself the evidence shows that when people are abducted, the entities are mostly in charge. But shouldn’t we be following these cases more carefully, with a view to determine the visitors’ apparent strengths…and weaknesses?

Some contactee clues from the Mind Talk transactions we must consider:
--Do the visitors have the intellectual complexity to stage events?
--Are some of the visitor events confusing by design?
--Do the visitors know mind suggestion is not perfect at either end of the transaction?
--Are the visitors running a Plan B scenario alongside the more apparent contact event as a failsafe of their own?
--Or is this event-within-an-event type contact designed to dismay the bright ones among us when a given event finally becomes public, by injecting increasingly confusing or apparently contradictory data?

For the truly curious, doing an inventory of possible motives in ET behavior by asking “why would we do this if we were we were real aliens?” can be useful, but there’s no way from the human vantage point, to know what final or combination of motives is in actually governing the interactions.

If you take the history of UFOs together, you’ll agree many of our prime investigators have a fundamental problem with ET behavior, believing it mystical. Many professionals inside the ufology community --the only group that is doing extensive research on UFOs-- is torn about what the ETs really are, because some of the visitor behaviors don’t make sense.

Case in point: the NIDS team believed whatever they were facing at Skinwalker Ranch was not intelligent and therefore stealth wasn’t needed. The previous owner, the person who had the most experience with this phenomenon on the ranch, disagreed with this “intelligent decision made by the scientists”. Destruction of valuable equipment and the wrecking of the larger experiment was the result of presupposing the humans knew what motivated the visitors, aliens, or other groups of entities encountered at Skinwalker Ranch. NIDS concluded incidents of telepathy of some sort were involved, due to predictive accuracy about NIDS surveillance controls and movement of personnel by the entities, but the telepathic connection didn’t involve Mind Talk.

Making important conclusions or policy decisions about a species that interacts through their minds is a job best left for the species anthropologists of the future…if we have any. But the idea is mind boggling. Think about deep telepathy between species on a strategic basis: how could you lie…or be diplomatic…or even the least bit tactful?

If you believe the solid reports of Barney and Betty Hill and other courageous abductees, and the claim for ongoing contact with the ET military officials claim survived Roswell, we know the gray type aliens are real. What else they are is still up for debate. But a world without speech is something to think about. It could be part of our own evolutionary future.
Video: "Tribute To UFO Witnesses"

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Hi
    I have speculated these experiences are that of an altered consciousness that are non sensory and do not require the laws in which our everyday sensate forms and the rules which govern them apply. However, the mind is programmed for pattern recognition through our biology,as we do not experience anything directly...everything is a simulation in our mind's eye of an information field..matter as information which becomes to us, a experiential "reality." What we see normally in sensate terms is a simulation or akin to a dream...I sense that these experiences are a reversal of our normal processes of cognition, where the mind is interpreting or processing directly acting like a transceiver enfolded into an unknown field, which then processes this experiential information according to the models they overlay or objectify them with like a mold which interprets them.
    I think all of this is much stranger than we currently can conceptualize.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    As always nice to here from you.

    Yes it may be they way we perceive them. It may also be induced. But when you go into the history of UFOs you find that many reports show UFOs acted very strategic. They seemed to not only monitor our military atomic facilities but to actually interfere as possibility demonstrations. If you listen to the details of some of those interacting with "whatever it was" interfering while UFO were around...all of them felt there was some kind of intelligence behind what was happening. We can get esoteric out the window in speculation but the truth of the matters is in the morning we still have to take out the garbage. There is a physical world we live in and we are one of billions and the idea we can't imagine a way to get there... doesn't mean they can't get here. I bet they bleed like us. I'll also bet they really don't want to deal with us except when it important to them and when they eventually will have to. It may be that they are dimensional and they you can into all types of strange possibility. But we have no positive proof that ETs live in other dimension bet we do have proof they live here... Us.
    You Friend
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  3. Hi Joe
    Well..the problem is what appears to be intelligent and how we measure intelligence...a radio to someone who had never seen one would appear to be intelligent..despite the fact it serves an over-riding purpose as one piece of a systematic organization.In other words, we may be mistaking an effect for a causation...I think every theory needs the benefit of a doubt.
    Another issue is that we appear to be cognizant only by our own standards as we have no basis of comparison. Since everything we experience is a biochemical simulation, who knows what sort of strange effects we would experience
    and this would be theoretically, I must admit, a perfect double a strategy..if this biological field could be manipulated as you would create a Trojan Horse situation where A An experience did occur. B The experience in strictest empirical terms did not in the terms you experienced it. I could be untying your shoe laces in Idaho while you vividly were assured that you were on a Caribbean beach...enjoying an ice tea. Never say never.
    As Always
    Best Wishes

  4. Excellent article Joe. Your final words struck me; "If you believe the solid reports of Barney and Betty Hill and other courageous abductees.....".

    But they don't, not any real big numbers anyway. I am an abductee and have had multiple experiences from 1954 up until October 1988, but to tell them today I lose credence in everything else I try to do, so I don't. I ceased talking about them since I'm far from what many think I am after reporting that I was an abductee or reading what I've written.

    I have something like 4,500 comments here there and everywhere amongst the forums on the Internet and the one common denominator is that they rarely reply to those posts. That tells me that they either do not believe, cannot grasp the possibility, or sit in denial because the possibility may be there. it's the saddest thing and I'm sure other abductees would agree with me.

  5. Dear AC,
    I totally agree. Abductions can be terrifying but reporting it can be clearly scary also, I just did a You-Tube on my channel about the witnesses not the UFO researchers...not the great minds in the UFO field, but the witness, those who have to deal with their lives every day. Those who have their belief systems shattered to the core and may be looking for someone to trust, that someone may end up being unscrupulous people.

    I chide Bruce Denning on his esoteric ways in exploring the UFO phenomonon. I can do it myself, but the truth is what ever you believe this is very real... abductees bleed just like the rest of us.

    I don't know... I think empathy has been lost in ways and in so many area in our world. When people say ETS should land I say... what for?

    From the very beginning Budd Hopkins has had many people laughing at him outside and inside the UFO community. Some abductees took a great deal of time trusting Budd finally understood he was for real, honest and looking for answers. I think some in the UFO field also believe that now.
    These abductees are accused of character fault without any iota of evidence. And the mainstream scientific investigations... what a disgrace. Other than John Mack they cheery pick the cases and evidence to be slanted toward their own hypnosis's. They never use an abductees that was awake when taken...Could you imagine a diagnostician slanting evidence to make a diagnosis...
    Don't give up because I haven't. I really believe Gundy when he's says "Evil is also strong at first but good usually wins because it perseveres"
    By The way MUFON just formed an fantastic team "The Abduction/Experiencer Research Team. Headed by friendly scientist who really want to get the answers To:
    "Why are they Here?" and "What do they wan?t" and "Where are they From?"
    Trusting You will stay strong.
    UFO Media Matters
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