Friday, June 27, 2008

The Sound Of Silence

Marcy, Boss and other scientists are optimistic that within the next five or so years headlines will be splashed with news of a near twin of Earth in another star system...“Now we know enough to say that Earth-like planets are indeed orbiting many of those stars, unseen perhaps, but there nevertheless."

Date: January 31, 2008 Location: Indiana, United States
"I was home alone and decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water and maybe find a snack. Just as I approached the kitchen/dining room area (they're the same room and we have a bay-window/patio door there) I noticed what I immediately thought was a helicopter about 300-400 feet away, just across the street and above the tree-line. Because we kind of live in the country, I thought that was unusual... then it hit me that I couldn't hear any noise at all!

One of the most incredible abilities of UFO craft, no matter what size, is the SILENCE. This powerful aspect of the phenomenon is easily forgotten in the slide rule debates that often sidetrack us from the reality of the sighting.

But the people who see these things rather close notice the silence all the time, and it amazes them. It’s the silence that often makes them look closer. Silence not only intrigues witnesses, it also tantalizes the technology sector. After all, it’s the highly competitive aeronautics industries of developed nations who’re trying their best to make a silent fighter craft. They will achieve it…because someone already has.

The sound issue is also overlooked by the media. When the Air Force trotted out the F-16 explanation about the close encounters in the Stephenville Texas case, didn’t you want to scream! The debunkers claimed it was a jet, and they and the mainstream media just ignored the sound issue.

Why is it mainstream media and your local scientist, who so diligently want to protect us from falsehood, easily accept this voodoo, this anti-science propaganda?

If you ask any debunker why, they’ll tell you it’s to protect the public from untruths, like UFOs and other myths.

But the biggest myth of all is…you just can’t explain away UFO close encounters with jets, because the damned things are utterly silent.
I wish the debunkers would pay me a dollar for every time someone in our country has called an airport or airbase to complain about the extreme noise of the incoming planes. I bet that would end their “silent jet” explanation.

We’ve let them get away with their mindless mantra, jets, jets, jets for too long.

Let’s come back from Planet Debunker, and hear what the witnesses have to say:

Date: August 28, 2007 Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

"My wife and I both witnessed a craft over Seattle, WA on August 28, 2007... What struck me is that my ears were waiting for the roar of this craft's engines as it flew past us. We did not hear a sound and it appeared to be gliding at a constant speed on a fixed trajectory…”

Date: October 8, 2005 Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

“After about 2 minutes and maybe a thousand meters from where we first noticed it, a grey/white craft broke out of the water right where the white wave was and it continued to move in the same direction except this time it was flying in the air. From what I could see, I could not make out any conventional means of propulsion that I know of, no propeller, no rotors, no jet exhaust and completely silent from where I was.”

Date: September 17, 2003 Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Witness reports that on September 17, 2003, he and his wife were out jogging near their home, approximately 12-14 miles north of downtown Atlanta, GA, when their attention was suddenly drawn by a bizarrely lighted "panel of lights" in the evening sky. They witnessed the object for only an estimated 3-6 seconds as it silently glided across the night sky.”

Date: February, 1986 Location: Franklin, North Carolina, USA

"The outline of the craft was indistinct but the mass blocked the stars and sky while it passed overhead. It was totally silent...It was no more than about 300 feet up and moving at a crawl, maybe 10 mph, it was massive and approximately 100 yards (300 feet) in-between each light... As the craft moved over us, it performed an amazing feat!... it stopped and turned up on its axis and cart wheeled off into the eastern sky!"

Date: March, 1958 Location: Bouhamama, Algeria

Legionnaire N.G., was on sentry duty at a Foreign Legion camp at Bouahmama during the Algerian War, when he saw an enormous, roundish object descending. It stopped when it was about 35-40 metres above the ground, and began to hover there, motionless and silent. He estimated it to be as much as 350 metres wide. The witness feels that something most unusual happened to him psychologically

Date: October 3, 1958 Location: Monon, Indiana, USA
(multiple witnesses)

"The freight train is pretty noisy, of course, but I didn't hear any other noise, like the roar an airplane would have made. I think they were silent, or nearly silent, at least…They flew over us one after the other - big, round white things that looked about the color of fluorescent lights, kind of fuzzy around the edges. They didn't glare and they didn't light up things as they went over. They just came back toward us, over the top of the cars, one after the other. Then they went on down the tracks maybe another half a mile and seemed to stop."

My “Sound Of Silence” Vidoe Clip Maussan & Graza DVDs:

None of these are jets! Other equally ridiculous explanations have been balloons and birds. Balloons don’t hold a constant spin and straight trajectory. Birds don’t pivot on their axes to generate different forms and light patterns as UFOs did in these films.

These are the details we should remind people, the details inside the details. The sound of silence has been ignored for a long time.

When I started to learn how to mediate one teacher told me…when you start to quiet things down for the first time you will notice the silence, the silence that comes on like thunder.

Maybe it’s time we, the research community, make sure the UFO sound of silence comes on like thunder.

Had Quote This, so applicable, and from a great Link Site:

"This may explain why some NT residents reported they were seeing UFOs."(Jet Explanation Again!)

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Joe,

    I agree, the silence of the phenomena in most instances is a compelling attribute that something non ordinary is occuring.

    It makes me wonder if the lack of sound represents some sort of time or space barrier to that reception of stimulus.

    Rick Phillips

  2. Yea Rick,
    I wonder if the only way to go outside gravity is to reduce mass to zero. Have they learned how to do this impossibility. I do know the word "impossible" has loss some ground lately.
    When you cancel out gravity I am pretty sure you cancel out inertia, although I am not a scientist. But in my encounter I do remember feeling how graceful the flight of these two "saucers" were, perfectly space, silent.
    These entities may put play different technologies to move around.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters