Saturday, June 9, 2007

“Why Don’t They Land On The White House Lawn?”

In my estimate there have been at least 40 thousand tapes of UFOs, including crafts, (twenty five thousands to Jaime Maussan’s alone) during the 17 years of the Mexican flap.

On Video Below:
Junior Astronaut in a Woody Alien Voice:
"Hey Sir, excuse me I think, a ahaa, there is a UFO flying over there behind you."
Senior Astronaut Chaney Voice:
"AAAk AAAk listen you wimp. Aaaak don't bother me with details do your job. Commie Liberal Punk"

Clip from David Sereda's DVD "Evidence For NASA UFOs"

By the sounds of the following statement by leading astronomers in Britain they need to get out more:

“Intelligent extra-terrestrials almost certainly exist on distant planets beyond our solar system, leading British astronomers told the government yesterday.
The scientists expect that the first evidence of primitive alien life, such as microbes and vegetation, will emerge within 10 years, with more substantial finds following future space missions.”
Linked from the Anomalist,,2096473,00.html

The statement above to me is laughable, not hopeful.

There is a presence here and if the scientists want to see the evidence, they have only to go to Mexico. But spend some time there, don’t go there for one day and proclaim you have the answer: it’s ballooooons!

Truth is, you will never hear of National Geographic sending a team of experts down to Mexico for any expended period of time to film and study this phenomenon. The thousands of citizens, pilots, groups, TV journalists, airport personnel, police officers, town mayors and other officials, live news broadcasts --and even the Mexican drug border patrol officers who video taped these objects-- all these witnesses mean nothing to closed scientific minds and the media.

There is not a chance of any debunker explaining reasonably what is happening in Mexico…because it is overwhelming.

The Media is doing a wonderful job. Keep it up. Pretend it isn’t there, except when something astounding happens and the defenders of their "truth" can’t deny it.

What to do then? Let me see…I've got it, by God! Just follow the scenario: you throw something out, don’t worry, it will be swallowed. But don’t ever allude to the bigger picture.

On the other thousands of thousands of other UFO sighted and video taped.
In all the predictions and portrayals in the movies of ET contact, UFOs landing and making formal contact always happens in America. They would land at the UN or the White House and contact would begin. It does sound logical. If you want to make contact, you do it with the power elite, those in charge. That’s how we do it.

But it seems to me, if anything, the UFO entities have an affinity for the common folk like me. I don’t believe there is much proof that the ETs and the government are in cahoots. If you compare the validity and believability of John Lear’s testimony against, let’s say, a June Crain, whose honesty of character and story ring so true, June would win, hands down.

I have a clue for you. If you want to know when a story is disinformation, look for a ridiculous statement along with all the statements that ring true.

In John Lear’s case, he claims Venus --along with other planets-- is inhabited and what you see on the planet is not the surface. There is also Bob Lazar, who never said anything about aliens in the beginning of his disclosure accounts. That doesn’t have to mean John Lear lied, but those leaks given to him are the set ups for the UFO community…or maybe the tendency to embellish. I’m just wondering why Mr. Lear bought it. There are numerous examples of these leaks of disinformation designed to make a mockery of our field.

But ETs seem to do the same thing. In a previous post, “Applied Species Psychology” in what I theorize as staging, I’ve written that ETs make their presence palatable --and palatable only to the believers-- by performing a type of play, ridiculous displays with alien costumes right out of TV and other public media. This way the possibility of ETs ever being taken seriously becomes almost non-existent.

Also, if you can wrap yourself in metaphysical displays, even those who may have witnessed your hardware and believe something is there become confused as they investigate. A very smart strategy, indeed.

But not only do those witnesses become confused, they give up.

The most credible witnesses whose reports have stood the test of time lead me to believe we have in our possession the remnants of a crashed saucer.

Also, as testified to by June Crain --who was there, I believe, when it happened-- we have in our possession some bodies that were recovered.

Beyond that, for me it is guess work. I’m not even sure that what crashed and was recovered represented anything near the ETs’ best technology. Would you fly around a world of intelligent human predators with your best technology?

If formal contact is made in Mexico, what a joke that would be on America! Here we are, a country that used to be the shining example of tolerance and democracy, left out of the first contact with a species from another planet. It would serve us right.

Maybe after public contact, the aliens will pretend America’s scientists couldn’t possibly exist. They may have a good case.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters.
Update on NASA Tape: I found out NASA is not carried on Cablevision. You can use streaming video on the Web. At this point, I am trying to find the proper Video Recorder that can rip the stream. The ones I've looked at are not good. I will let you know. I have already lost two days.


  1. Hi,

    I wonder if you ever heard of either something called Operation MAGMA or something called the REES or RSEE file, project or something similar? I dont know if these are real acronyms or just nonsense.

    Best Regards

    Bruce D

  2. Dear Bruce,

    No I don't think i have. What do they claim the acronyms mean? Did you Google them and try to trace them?
    By the way I am trying to get the Center For UFOs to allow me to present the witnesses testimony they recoded for posterity. They presented it on a tape. I bought the tape and transferred it a DVD. I will present just their statements without comment on the day of anniversary of Roswell God willing it will be on UTube at the same time.
    I will ask around about those acronyms.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. The best I could discover is that Magma is some computer program apparently associated with the NSA. I have no idea what its purpose is and will have to look further into it. Rees ia apparently not an acronym but a Astrophysicist who has some highly original ideas about extraterrestrial life among many other things...If anyone knows anything about this Magma program, I would appreciate hearing from them. Please post what happens with your efforts with the Center as I am certain I am not the only one in the audience who applauds your efforts in this regard.

  4. Dear Bruce,
    What made your curious about those acronyms in the first place.

    The Center For UFOs ask me if I was scientist, I said no but my blog is non commercial, and I know what it is like to be laughed at on this subject. So we will see what they will do.

    Thanks Bruce keep me up to date

  5. The recent series of events on the International Space Station,in conjunction with the shuttle mission, which may or may not result in the abandonment of the facility is a provocative situation. Based on past, well documented episodes of curiousity toward our space ventures by unidentified craft, one wonders if this will initiate an interest on their part, and if the demonstration of this interest will increase expotentially in relation to either the severity or unusual operations on our part in reaction to the systems failures, etc. I am following this developing story to see if we have a corresponding unusual or extraordinary operation on ETs part. I would be surprised in terms of probability if we didnt.

  6. Dear Bruce,

    That is a good idea but don't fall into the trap I always seem to fall into. That is believing I have figured out what the ETs next move should be.

    There is one thing we do know we can't predict what these ETS will do next or when.

    The flaps could stop tomorrow as they have in the past with no word and no signs - that matters in the long run. Their presence near the shuttle could stop. In the past the UFO community believed that the increase activity meant something was about to happened but in the end nothing did. I say this more to ground myself than anything else.

    The Ets have shut down the public attention in the past. It was easily done. They assaulted common sense If we've think we'd been duped the human reaction is anger and embarrassment . The governments of the world always needed to control public opinion. The creation of a powerful stigma around anyone who might even entertain this idea has been rather easily manufactured by the government. This conditioning also deters whistleblowers who have enough problems getter attention on matters that could easily be believed. The public has been controlled by the military when it comes to UFOs all the time.
    Do we really believe that the aliens are so different from us that they don't study the psychology of humans. They don't even have to study just by a book and translate it.

    But please ETs, if you go to buy a book - go to New York citythey won't notice you.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  7. I agree, however I should have qualified my comments more accurately in that, I don't think they would have behaved any differently however, which was my poorly worded may be a unfortunate but better opportunity to gather visual etc documentation which has been fairly routine in other missions..especially video. This was in the context of your post. Sorry, I should have been clearer in expressing what the point of my comment was...

  8. Dear Bruce,

    I agree with you, every time you comment you get me thinking. If this a special year this may happen. If the ETS are putting the message out as a ruse. It would be intentionally done to bewilder those who believe. The UFO and Phenomenon community has power and the more people interested the better. The government knows that and so does ET(in my book). They keep the think going for some reason. I believe it is for eventual disclosure. But like all higher intelligences they wish to be in control.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters.
    Update On Taping:
    I found out cablevision is no longer airing the NASA downlink. You can get it on the web but the programs to copy the stream I tried are just to buggy. I be ready next time if I have to write my own little progy.

    Thanks Bruce
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters