Monday, June 4, 2007

So You Want To Do More: Tape NASA


"Secret Space What Is NASA Hiding" by Jeff Challender shows what started his journey into the unknown. SST96 inspecting Solar Panals a UFO and an Ice crystal are capture in the same clip. Enough said.

Friday there will be the launch of Space Shuttle Mission 117. I intend to record every hour of it if possible by tape. Any one else willing to try? The entire mission are usually carried on Cable on Satillite on one of the channels you have to search to find it.

We have already witnessed some amazing footage during the the STS 116 Mission. The Discovery shuttle was launched December 9th, 2006 returned December 22, 2006.
Some of NASAs broadcast from Shuttle 116 Discovery I copied and zoom in on using Adobe Premiere. I downloaded here at my web site. Please run it a couple of times and look at it carefully.

If anyone wishes to tape the mission and, while examining the footage, comes upon any anomalies, please send anything that may be of interest to me. I will try and get someone who has the expertise to examine it.
Some say this is the year, of not contact, but undeniable proof of the presence of ETs. That this was their plan and accourding to an old nuts and bolts UFO researcher in South America. His statement shocked many who knew him because he was always a strong advocate of a no nonsense approach and very careful in what he said. What I am saying is it’s an interesting source. I will find out who this UFO researcher was and post his name.
If this turns out to be true this shuttle mission could be one hell of a ride. Of course, we know accelerated contact has been spoken about for years and nothing happened. But this has been a startling year O’Hare pilot and the UK pilot come forward with frank and published reports of observing objects –“craft”. Two objects witnessed in the UK were up to a mile long.

I would also love some honest skeptics to do this work. Hey all of you honest skeptics- time to prove me wrong. Tape the mission and show me any anomalies you find and give me prosaic explanations. There is one thing I promise you: if you prove me wrong I will admit it on this site. Please notice I didn’t say debunker.

Ever since the late Martin Stubbs downloaded the full Shuttle mission at a TV network link has some serious questions arrive about what the hell were this spiral lights they he noticed on the tapes. He was not a “UFO nut” he was a “NASA nut”.
Later on David Sereda, Jeff Challender and now, Jaime Maussan, have shown( through the thankful diligence of determined people who did what I am challenging you people to do) video taped the missions and what was shown were unbelievable objects. Sometimes these lights moved up through a cloud bank and excellerated to a speed of 700,000 miles an hour. In the latest they are hovering , following the shuttle and moving right up the to the Space Station.
What are these object lights that can maneuvered around the shuttle and the space station? As more people started to tape the broadcasts of shuttle missions, more and more astonishing anomalies have been appearing- maybe on purpose. If they are here, wouldn’t they monitor us? There is a theory but that’s later.

In Shuttle Discovery 116 mission many objects resembling crafts were filmed. Some of these videos were quite startling. Many times these objects appeared while the astronauts were sleeping.
What was the object that moved from the dark of space right up to the Space Station Arm in an orbit and traveling at perhaps17, 0000 miles an hour. If that was not enough it moved back.
What is the object that enters the earth’s atmosphere straight on and withstands the intense heat of the atmosphere without a burn?
What is the the object orbiting above the earth’s atmosphere which resembles closely the object hovering next to the Space Station Arm? For me it seems to be turning its row of lights off and then back on one at time; my wife feels it is one object that became two objects.
Some of these are on my web site which I have displayed for a month now.

What ever you believe, these lights are, they are not ice, reflections or boosters. These are objects that move about independently within their orbits. These can not be space junk. The Maussan/Garza DVD also shows a brightly lit object fly between the solar panels. Its light is reflected off the solar panels after the sun sets. (I didn’t post that yet.) There are many, many more objects filed during Discovery 116 was a long flight.

All of you young people out there who love the UFO subject, all of you scientists who have an open mind – all of you skeptics who are fair – it’s about time you started seeing these astounding displays for yourself, don’t you think? Of course there are no guarantees, but what makes it so worthwhile is the possibility that ETs are watching and waiting.
If they have been here a long time, contact will be inevitable –if we survive long enough. If they have a stake in our world (and I think they have because of their intense interest in the A-Bomb test) then Global Warming may have a strong impact on their beginning disclosure. You may even catch the smoking gun!

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Hi Joseph,

    Enjoyed the blog and will add a link from my blog.

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Whats the best way to find out the where and when? I have a feeling if I ask someone at my cable company about taping NASA shuttle footage they would just look at me with their mouth slightly open.

  3. Dear Ant,
    Thank you it is always nice to hear a kind word. If we can get people to tape this mission and something appears - at least we can say this is not a hoax this really happened we have the tapes and they are from many different sources. But the bottom line is people need to see for themselves. Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    I went to the NASA site they explain how it is offered to the cable and satellite feed free. The problem is will they carry it. I intend to do my research in the next couple of day. When you call the cable company or other ask them if they carry the entire mission for educational purposes. When I find out something I will post it here. If any one else find out I hope they will post a message here also.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Joseph Capp, hello--

    This comment is more in response to a comment you wrote at, about an article I wrote about a c.1997 video of a purported UFO crash.

    (Readers at your website can view the video I'm talking about at, embedded in a column entitled "UFOs Will Crash.")

    First, I just wanted to thank you for your information about Jaime Maussan putting that video on an international conference video that he sold for five dollars. That's very interesting.

    What I'd like to know from you though, is what conference was that at? And do you recall the name of the video? Or when that was? Or where Maussan got the tape from?

    I am very interested in talking with Jaime Maussan, as all of my sources so far have led me back to him. Judging from the tone of your posting, you seem to be fairly familiar with him--do you know how I could get in touch with him? An e-mail address or a phone number? I've had no luck so far getting in touch with him through his website.

    As for my second column about the video being a "character assassination" of Maussan, you're probably right that I could have been milder in my treatment of him. Since Maussan himself never responded to my queries, all I had to go on was what I could turn up in my research, and the majority of that concerning Maussan's role in the UFO community was overwhelmingly negative.

    I plan to be fairer in my final column on this subject, and, with your words in mind, I think I'll even go back and soften the last column as it appears on my website.

    Please drop me a line anytime, if you can answer any of my questions. If you would help me with this, I would be happy to give UFO Media Matters a link from my website and an endorsement in my column. ...I'll probably do that anyway.

    Thanks for reading this, and please feel free--you or your readers--to contact me anytime--at

    Thanks again,

    Mike Smith

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