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OF UFOS And Global Warming Part One AND Two

Support HR-985 Whistleblower protection act now before the US Senate.

J. Maussan S. Garza "NASA Misssion& UFO Incidents" DVD:
A Policeman in Mexico gets a call over his radio about reports of a UFO Craft coming down near his patrol car where they record the event on the cars video. They searched for the craft but found nothing.

Interesting, isn’t it--the ongoing denial of Global Warming by a loud but dwindling number of Bushites in Congress and other places of power?

I believe more than anything in the ability of science to find out the truth around these issues. I know the peer review process works.

The overwhelming evidence is we are contributing to global warming in a serious way.

Of course there’s always room for debate, but when you have so many peer-reviewed papers agreeing on a single conclusion, you have to go with the consensus. Scientists have egos --and in this era of diminishing pure-science research and hyper-specialization-- scientists also have closely-guarded specialties.

It’s this combination that has devolved into a vast system of protectionism --an institutional protectionism whose basic response to anomaly or controversy is silence. In the case of Global Warming, we’ve just witnessed how this institutional silence can be decades long…despite masses of evidence to the contrary.

So, given all those egos, protectionism and institutionalized silence, scientists from all specialty areas consensing on Global Warming, it’s got to be a first! A real anomaly!

And that’s why I keep reminding myself to highlight the difference between pure science…and scientists.

I can’t help but notice how the larger group of scientists have managed to maintain the other kind of consensus --consensus by total silence-- on the UFO question.

But despite the scientific community’s desperate consensus of silence, UFOs have stood against the best debunking campaign in the world…and still they remain unidentified.

Proof of the existence of UFOs is so powerful that it will stand up to any kind of scrutiny. That is, if anyone would spend the money to present the true scope of that proof.

Unfortunately, the more traditional politics of science --which I’m calling silence-- are such that scientists, individually or institutionally, will not allow authentic scientific research on UFOs.

What do I mean by that? Simply this: you can’t get a peer-reviewed paper written on the UFO topic.

Did you know the only peer reviewed paper entertained by the scientific community since1980 was accepted by The Journal Of The British Interplanetary Society on the condition the authors could only use three old, non-contemporary cases?

Does it take a scientist to decode a restriction like that? The BIS Journal paper wasn’t about scientific inquiry. It was about keeping things safe, keeping the domain controlled by grossly limiting scope via the pitiful number of cases examined. I wonder how global warming would have fared if each paper were allowed allow three statistics which the governing body selected.
However, if you think rationally about the subject of the paper below, and the scientific argument that Fermi’s Paradox did not take into account anomalous activities, maybe this, in itself, is evidence that we are being visited.
Fermi’s Paradox: the time has long past since earth should have been visited by other civilizations, in fact by more than thousands a times. So, where are these other civilizations? See the paper:


J. Deardorff, B. Haisch, B. Maccabee and H.E. Puthoff
Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol 58, pp. 43-50, 2005.

Fermi was right: there should be evidence.

Well, evidence is here! We call the evidence UFOs, and guess what? They do an amazingly diverse range of things…including things that look like magic to us.

Fermi predicted multiples of advanced civilizations, a hundred times over…Serious, scientific-minded researchers and thinking folks report incredible diversity in both the form and behavior of UFOs. Ditto with the reports on the diversity of UFO inhabitants’ form and behavior.

So, let me ask the key question this way: given all this diversity in form and behavior, couldn’t thoughtful people conclude that this very diversity might represent multiple origins from a variety of technologies, cultures, and worlds?

But what really gets me pissed off is how scientists won’t talk to us, the citizen observers of the UFO phenomenon. It’s more like they talk at us. We all know how that feels. They treat us like idiots. So we ignore them, but they don’t ignore us, because the professional debunking and the derision never stop. Debunking and derision are the only violations of the conspiracy of silence UFO researchers get from our approach to the scientific community.

Here’s my point: there’s plenty of silence on the research and debate front…but plenty of noise on the professional, institutional debunking front.

Anyone --newb or long-time UFO civilian researcher, or honest scientist-- can see that there is great pressure at this time to make sure this subject remains ‘stupidized’. Yet every worthwhile investigation has already proven UFOs exist…unless ‘unidentified’ means something other than we don’t know exactly what it is, or where it came from.

UFOs are real. They EXIST.

They exist because some of the people who view them know, by reason of their expertise, what they are not.

For the rest of my HOT UFO PROOF LIST, see the next blog, PART 2.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Joe -- it's an intriguing combination -- the parallels of silence on global warming and UFOs. In fact the CIA has produced reports on these topics but how they get transferred to policy is another matter.

    I've read your earlier religion and UFO blogs -- ranting against Colin Bennett. I didn't read his latest books but I did read his book on Charles Fort which I thought was well-done.

    My take on UFOs is quite simple. Have you read "Life's Solution: Humans in a Lonely Universe" by professor Conway Simon Morris? It's not very popular since he argues that evolution works by convergence, not random selection. In other words basic design principles are recreated by Nature within different trajectories of species, simply because they fit for the environment. But along similar lines the evidence suggests that humans are alone in the universe.

    Now I don't agree with this -- but I do think that UFOs are cutting-edge military black-ops. I, myself, had a very close encounter with a big, black equilateral triangle craft, slowly humming over the yard, powered by plasma balls, each a different color. Summer, 1997.

    I reported it to MUFON, only long after the fact, and I do appreciate the other similar black triangle reports they had by people nearby -- one in hastings, MN and two in the Twin Cities.

    Ironically though I think that science IS a religion and that the CIA is promoting the "alien invasion" agenda to keep people scared. It seems that the common interpretation paranormal phenomenon now, accompanying UFO encounters, is fear.

    Well there's good reason to fear the military-industrial complex yet how many have trouble falling asleep because of nuclear power plant meltdowns or missile accidents or chemical factory leaks, etc.? But a little scientific research shows that nuke plants regularly leak tritium, and missile accidents are quite common and dangerous.

    In stead CNN is promoting the alien invasion. I've read Paul Hill's book on Unconventional Flying Saucers -- I've read all of Jacque Vallee's book, all of John Keel's books and also every other UFO book I could get my hands on.

    I'm a big fan of Nick Redfern's recent UFO books -- he incorporates a paranormal angle which might be construed as metaphysical but the important thing to keep in mind is that science itself is mystical.

    Professor Harry M. Collin's essay "Lead to Gold" details how negative results as a limit proof only works when using technology. So to say that UFOs are not proven is actually a logical fallacy. UFOs by definition can never be proven and for that reason UFOs will always exist. In fact the cutting edge of science always relies on negation as proof -- since the result is zero then the technology works.

    On the other hand the "metaphysical" interpretation states that no symbol can be used for infinity and so there can never be a closed system of proof. Proof is only a concept available for axioms that started with the concept of "magnitude" -- the hypotenuse as force for catapult technology.

    Most bread and butter Americans rely on practical technology as the answer to almost all problems. But global warming is showing that there can be no proof for the solution to the UFO problem -- nor for the ecological crisis. The best science can do is rely on Japan's supercomputers which model global ecological dynamics using quantum chaos science. But that's only probabilities and the computers do not care what the results are -- yet the scientists are completely dependent on the computer doing iterations to decide any action necessary to take place.

    Meanwhile Cargill, started by the Freemasons, is turning the brain of the planet, the Amazon, into silica-based soybeans.

    Professor David F. Noble's 1996 book "The Religion of Technology" details how modern science is apocalyptic because technology is elitist vis a vis the global masses living in slums and succombing to massacres, genocide, etc. This is seen as a positive "cleansing" to create a new techno-spiritual garden of eden, one that the CIA is promoting through the fear of an alien invasion.

    Obviously if the aliens are just like "us" then nukes are justified, everything is justified. But these UFOs are just a projection of the cutting-edge of science which remains classified and compartmentalized, such that even the scientists do not know -- they receive "transmissions" from their muses -- the Freemason gods hungry for further ritual sacrifices.

  2. Hi

    That is without any doubt whatsoever, the most compelling footage that I am aware of, to date. The source could not more impeccable unless it would have been shot by the Secret Service on the White House Lawn. Thanks for putting it up for us to view. I think the probability is very high that reasonably soon, events on the ground will over run the traditional scientific communities’ territorial imperative or position of hiding in the corner with their hands over their ears shouting I cant hear you…I personally consider this period of entropy, the calm before the storm, as I posted on my blog, its reasonable to consider that in effect, they are waiting with intent. I used the analogy of a hawk circling in an updraft watching, observing, and waiting for an opportune conjunction of an also fairly easily predictable series of events that will transpire. They will not make contact until we are at our most vulnerable and therefore our most receptive to interspecies contact. They have proven to be masters of psychological camouflage, hiding in plain sight as well as very clever mimics. I think that phase is largely over as tolerance’s hand is forced into acceptance and the intelligence operations finally stop hide and go seek with the fact when the cards are on the table, they will say I am as bewildered as you are, but it was my job not to be…a lame excuse in my book. They intentionally violate our physic boundaries of safety and a false empirical security of all things that can be known are known. This is no accident. Just remember there are a lot of us in the left side bleachers who did not fall by the wayside. Just keep hitting them.

    Best Regards

    Bruce D

  3. Dear Bruce,
    I beleive, if they have been here for a long time that public contact with our species was inevitable, but global warming may have hurried it along. The scientist have bult there own box and I truly believe, unlike the debunkers, some of them would love to take this question on, but not at the sake of losing their careers. I hope you read my second part. I like my list would you add anything to the list? UFO are real because:

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    You have made some excellent points. But you lost me if you want me to believe the world wide sightings of triangles and craft are black ops. Right now there have been thousands of sightings in rural Mexico and South America. 3000 cattle mutilations with many sightings of UFOs around them. As far as Colin Bennett. I have no axe to grind with him he is a excellent writer. He had a right to his opinion and I to mine. I'll leave it at that.
    UFOs will never be identified but some may be intelligent vehicles from other planets.
    One: Scientist can identify through the proper research weather they are under intelligent control.
    Two: Science through research can identify whether they perform operations beyond anything our science can do with our physics.
    Three: I do believe science will be able to prove whether some of these objects are technological

    This will go a long way toward telling us what they are not. I'll believe UFOs are all metaphysical when others prove we humans are all metaphysical.
    By the way right now MUFON is sending out, what I call an active research team, to an area where UFO are reported constantly. I call it active research because they are not waiting for a sighting to happen.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    I hope you read part two and my UFO are real list. The UFO paper presented to science was pretty good.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Hi

    I think there is an undercurrent akin to a shift in regard to global warming in the general population. Technological science occupied a paradigm wherein every problem was solvable and if not, given the proper resources it would. It has become very clear that this science has created global warming. This science is incapable of reversing or nullifying the situation it has created. After the advent of the atomic bomb, the discovery of concentration camps, etc..we all remember the famous Time Magazine cover announcing God is Dead. Science became for the general public a quasi religion. At the same time we sped to the moon, developed wonder drugs etc. Science, at least pure science, went by the wayside during this time period. It was turned into a federally funded ward of the government's defense industry who provided the money for hard research for its own ends. This is largely still so. Its like mixing religion and politics. This is what Eisenhower so nervous, he recognised this. So, who pays for research and who will step up and bite the hand that feeds them? Or who has deep pockets? Rockafeller, can countmon one hand and still have fingers left. Private money always has strings attached. It is becoming increasingly clear we have backed ourselves into a technological corner and technology cannot remove us from where it put us. Its the 500 pound elephant in our rooms. It will become clear very soon that government is in a no win situation. No one can solve this although that is what we expect from them. Their credibility will erode. Look at just one example..Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath...This is the tip of a enormous iceburg that I am sure as they say, these are chickens who are coming home to roost. I see the present as a calm before the storm whether we believe its coming or not. That is why I posted an entire exposition on fear in my blog which examines how our technology gives us a false sense of security, and the ufos violate intentionally violate this psychological barrier very cleverly by demonstration. This river runs deep.Fear will increase as well as anxiety, the loss of self comforting illusions we require. I think the ufo occupants know this very well because it is very predictable. When this entropy of our culture reaches its peak, they will oland. If they did so beforehand, we would not be to say the least..ready in terms of a sense of vulnerability. You could say that from the perspective of the man on the street, ufos are the least of our problems. This sense will increase, setting the stage if you will. By the way, I misplaced my glasses this morning so if you are reading this and it loos odd, thats why. I am as blind as a bat without them.

    Best Regards

    Bruce D

    PS..I am writing my list..I will forward it this evening when I find my glasses. Ha!

  6. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you for some very interesting comments. We have very intelligent people in the UFO debate. Scientist bemoan the attacks on Science by the Bushies. I feel that some of the anger at science was brought on by the attitude of some scientist. They open there mouths when they have the answers and when they don't but claim they do. I think their immediate debunking attitude on UFOs, Conspiracies, metaphysical phenomenon and their conformity to today's model of the universe no matter what has lost some of the credibility. Most of the good work will be done by individuals who think with their heads and hearts not with just the pocketbooks. There is a new book out on Einstein and it tells how he was a rebel and how he would question even the tenets of Newton.
    I am very sorry that religion has hijacked God I believe God as what was expressed by Einstein - a creator that expressed itself through the laws of the Universe make sense. We have a God (in religions)so co-dependent on humans that 99.999999 percent of the universe in wasted.
    What we need now in a scientist is not intelligence but inspired unimpaired genius for the rough road up ahead. If science claims it will take ten years to solve a curtain problem then it will - we need scientists who'll say we can do it now and do.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  7. I found my glasses.

    1. Documented Near Misses with Civilian and Military Aircraft
    2. Intrusions into Secured Parameters of Military Facilities
    3. Ground Effects of irradiation, foliage, indentations etc at Landing Site
    4. Three Studies ( Britain US France) confirming 5% or more events have validity
    5 Ongoing Onboard Radar and Gun Camera Documentation from several military organizations
    6 Documented Military Pursuits of Craft. ( Belgium US Mexico South America)
    7 Testimony of Trained Observers as Specialists from both ground and airborne positions.
    8 Triangulated Events ( two or more independent radar confirmations in tracking in real time with on board observation from military aircraft)
    9 Tampering with Missile Defense Systems corresponding with real time events documented by defensive security personnel who are trained observers.
    10 Triangulated Civilian Police Sightings over a large geographic area confirming flight path, craft type, and behavior ( US Belgium )
    11 Two Presidential Sightings ( Carter –ground Reagan- airborne )
    12 Documented monitoring of ground events, civilian research organizations, etc by both Military and CIA intelligence agencies.
    13 Four major events of military importance and investigation. (Canada US Britain)

  8. Yes Bruce Go. WE have allot to work with if we can get the people interested. I know scientist who love this subject and believe it is real but will not sacrifice their careers for it. I am not going to point my fingers because if I was in their place I would do the same thing I have a family too. But if the people (witnesses, reporters) believe it is real and well known then society can demand action. Too bad the 1952 fly over of Washington didn't happen now what a trip that would be. None of us are fully aware of how powerful the internet can be.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  9. I have often thought that a good way to present this to the public would be a program based on this being settled in a fictional court case. There is enough evidence...right now...that if I were representing the fact that UFOs are real I could easily win this case hands down based strictly on the evidence, beyond any reasonable doubt. This would make a great presentation.

  10. Dear Bruce,
    I would like to have a court hearing to see if science is guilty or not guilty of giving the UFO subject a fair investigation.
    But your case would win hands down. The debunkers would testify all the pilots and officers and astronauts are fools and they would lose the jury faster then you could say Jumping Jim Oberg.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  11. The story of Unidentified Falling Objects may be history repeating itself. Until just two-hundred years ago, the best scientific minds of the era thought the idea of rocks falling from the sky was a bunch of hokum. Meteorites...

    Several months ago, my 83 year old mother was visiting our family. We were watching a documentary on UFOs.

    A skeptic was speaking...My mother has an Irish temper and is known to make comments to no one in particular when she is peeved at something she views unfavorably that is spoken or said on tv.

    Says Mom; "What does that guy need!?, a g--d---n brick wall to fall on his head?

    And so it goes.

  12. Dear Bruce,
    Sounds like your mother has more brains then the editors of the Skeptical Inquirer - combined

    Thank You

  13. Ok what do you think of David Sereda's analysis for UFOs. Makes sense to me.

  14. Dear Anonymous,
    Now you are getting very dear to my heart. I first saw his DVD on NASA and was stunned. His theory on changing the frequency of matter and Mass was interesting to say the least. I have a scientist friend who remains anonymous for obvious reasons. I submitted the DVD to him and asked him to view it. He is a physicist and view it 6 times. He was astonished and couldn't explain some of the events that were recorded, also he was very interested in his ideas on quantum mechanics and matter. David is coming out with a new DVD "From Here to Andromeda" which i will get. I have another researher who has taken picture of animalist objects near to the White House that he can only see in certain wavelength. I am suppose to send him a copy also so he can watch it and compare notes. Yes he is my man. But of course we have our differences as always. I never make anyone my sole source if we ever our to solve this thing it will be together.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  15. Joe -- it was me, drew hempel, with the David Sereda question. I had found his book used. Max Born stated that Einstein discovered that the ether has no substance. My take is that the cutting-edge of science overlaps with paranormal phenomenon. Even Henri Poincare published an essay arguing that the subconscious mind was more knowledgeable than our conceptual minds and that new ideas in science rely on tapping into this mystic source.

    Unfortunately, on a global level, I don't think science has been for the better of humanity. 2 billion live in slums with no sanitation; 30,000 kids die a day from malnutrition-based disease; genocide and massacres have become common; technology is out-of-control with apocalyptic results. There's only 20 years left of freshwater.

    What remains is Einstein's ether with no substance.

  16. Dear Drew,
    I agree that the subconscious has never been fully addressed. It is interesting to note that most of the people who take DMT experience the same "spiritual guide" the giant serpent. Who speaks to them. I am putting this out there because I think a shared "hallucination" does not explain this. As I stated in my "Applied Species Psychology" the metaphysical may be a dimension the ET use to move through space-time. I am so upset that religion has hijacked the metaphysical and claimed it is an expression of their God. if one things is for certain the Metaphysical is worldwide and not subject to religion or non religion. The subcounsous is used in these encounters I believe the ETs know about this, understand it, and use it. The Metaphysical is here and could have been left here along time ago by ETS or built into evolutions to help us think abstractly and to give us faith there is more.
    I believe also there is a limit to the powers the metaphysical has in our reality.

    On another side of this subject. There is a great book out and I forgot the author about hijacking God for evil purposes it is called "American Fascist" about the religious right and how government has used many Christian followers unbending devotion toward the destruction of democracy. The way it was implemented was amazing. and screamed out conspiracies. I am a progressive but I believe in conspiracies and feel that is the greatest weaknesses of the progressives movement; they are naive. Well documented book by the way.
    I refuse to be put into a box by the UFO community or anyone else. My Belief system is a work in progress because no one has the answers - Yet.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  17. Hey Joe -- you should read this interview with UFO researchers Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop. I'm big fans of their work.

    But hey your comment is right on! Yesterday I was reading "From Fish to Philosopher" -- a book by the former director of the American Museum of Natural History. He was also a physiology Dr. at Harvard.

    He states that the protoveterbrate was probably some type of snake that remains a mystery and might as well have come from outerspace!

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    I've asked Nick Redfern for an interview by e-mail and he agreed. I have Nick's book on Roswell we disagree on what happened. I do believe his leeks are genuine Nick's credibility has not been in question for me. I just don't believe it was ours. I know the government loves to confuse and I don't trust leeks from shadowy figures even with good credentials. I think the government believes it needs to hold on to the entity secret until they know what is the truth about their motives. Not one person of honesty in or out of the UFO field can claim they know that for curtain. For that they would have to read the aliens mind their real mind that is.

    UFO Media Matters takes the side that the original witnesses who had nothing to gain are the best source for what happened. I also believe June Crain handled a piece of a "spaceship" that was from "New Mexico" and it was the "memory metal" which was spoken about so often. I find Junes character unimpeachable. If you wish to read about her in a past post "The Good American" is dear to my heart.
    Note: I hope to be able to put a tape of retelling of the Roswell crash by the original witnesses on the day 60 year Anniversary. I have the VHS and copied it to a DVD ready for edit and UP-TUBE. If I can get permission. I think we all need to hear what they say not what the government is leaking. I like Nick and his writing. I read him all the time in UFO Magazine. A plus for the field. UFO Media Matters will never be commercial no ads no books to plug nothing like that. If I do a review of a DVD, Book or whatever , as I have done in the past, I will do the good and the bad as far as my opinion goes. UFOMM will continue to support honest UFO witnesses. I will be presenting an interview with James Carrion director of MUFON and you can bet I will address issues not kiss butt. By the way I like the guy and how he handles himself especially around the Colin Bennett Neo-Con move on MUFON.

    UFO Media Matters