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Will You Give Stan Freidman A Break!

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Stan Friedman the UFO researcher that broke Roswell and proved the MJ12 documents needed to be seriously considered is a great researcher and is a good man. Always willing to help and not for money; for what he believes in.
He has stood up against some powerful forces in and out of the UFO community. He has made fools out of No class – Phil Klass – The entire Skeptical Inquirer(inquisitor) – Jumping James Oberg -
that is when he is given a fair chance to respond. Yet he stands higher then them all with dignity and a good sense of humor. What better way to honor him than to poke fun at him.

It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. How long has Stanton Friedman been around UFOs, anyway?

At least a hundred years it seems like. All his travels to offbeat places --interviewing the Roswell witnesses, for starters --all those lonely nights on the road out in the boonies under the big, big sky…

You can see from his CV, and all those investigations, that Stan Friedman’s often defiantly in the right place. But never, it seems, at the right time.

To see a UFO, that is.

They just won’t cut him a break. The aliens, that is. He’s never run into an alien. Hasn’t even witnessed a genuine I-can’t-explain-it UFO craft.

So I started wondering: what are they afraid of? The aliens, that is.

What inner source does this man resonate with, what vibes does he broadcast that scares the (what ever they excrete) out of the aliens? Could it be his undeniable integrity? Stanton’s, that is. I don’t think so. [Kidding!]

So maybe it’s the questions Freidman might ask. Are they afraid he’ll let ‘em have it right between the eyes, just as he does all his detractors? Can’t you just see it: they pick him up on a lonely road…when he wakes, he stands up proud, straight and tall, to his mighty 5’ 6” height and what the aliens hear goes something like this:

“Hey what’re you doing with all those cattle? And no double talk, keep your facts straight! I’m a nuclear physicist, you know. No monkey business and no ‘just experimenting’ baloney. You’re the same guys who’ve been doing this for decades.
I’ve got my eye on you.”

If anyone could get them to slip up --the aliens that is-- it would be Stanton.

And we all know they could never pull one of those channeling campaigns on Stan. You know what I’m talking about, the ‘If you build it, it will fly’ programs, that lead to phony obsessions and whacky cults.

I don’t care which star system we’re talking about, if an alien faction from anywhere ever tried a channeling campaign on him, Stanton would give ‘em an earful. Probably on the order of: “What do you mean ‘build a flying disk and it will fly’? This is all wrong. All wrong. Are you people trying to make a fool out of me? Whatever this is, it’s not a flying disk!”

And, god help them if they tried, even once, the ‘we will introduce you to Jesus and Moses’ mind game. That would be the last straw. Those of us fortunate to have seen Friedman in action at the ufology conference podium, we know he’s got a million comebacks to destroy the old ET Religion Card. We’d be backing away from that one, but carefully, because Friedman would have that Big Lie covered, and the fireworks would be launched:

“What is this? Who do you think I am-- some poor aboriginal from 4000-years ago, that you can trot out a God figure or some religious icon…and I will blindly behave myself…or follow you into hell? I’ve read Arthur C. Clark --and I am not fooled by your magic tricks.”

If you’d like to witness some Friedman fireworks, mark your calendar. July, it’ll be the perfect time for the aliens to show up, and show themselves. So I’m putting out the bulletin here.

If the aliens aren’t afraid to bring a real scientist about their craft, it’s time for them to put up or shut up.

The brilliant and funny --but still, apparently virginal-- Stanton Friedman will be in Roswell, New Mexico July 5, 2007. He’ll be a featured presenter at the 60th Anniversary of an alien craft crash landing. Along with the different functions, at night after the festivities, a group of sky watchers will go to a quiet hill and wait. For UFOs, that is.

It might be that one night Mr. Friedman will stay up after his bedtime and join those nightly sky watching jaunts.

But wait! I finally got it. I know why the aliens have punked out.

If Stanton can be this powerful and unrelenting an investigator --without ever having a confirmed UFO experience-- then what would they face, if one day this summer, he turns into an eyewitness? Stanton That is.

Just when the debunkers had it the 17 year UFO flap in Mexico figured out - migratory bird, balooooooon, constiations, hoax those pesky UFOs go and do this.

Video: From the great DVD Jaime Maussan & S. T. Garza "NASA Missions & UFO Incidents reproduced by International UFO Congess on the DVD.

Joseph Capp
UF0 Media Matters

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