Thursday, May 17, 2007

The UFO Religion Part III

UFO Caught In Jet Turbulence:
From: Jaime Maussan "NASA Missions & UFO Incidents"

How do you hide from a world?

Why would ETs produce and maintain an entire apparently non-technological, non-mechanical phenomenon or exhibit outlandish mechanical devices that seem to come right out of B grade moves? Is there a rational explanation which could be applied to intelligence for this behavior? The answer I found was in the words of a song:
“How do you hang on to a dream?” By Tim Hardin.
If you have no recourse but to hide on a world from another planet(s) how would you design a plan to conceal a highly advanced technological civilization(s). Once hidden what type of program would you put in place to make sure a developing intelligent population never catches on.
In my opinion the most effective disinformation campaign ever carried out has been carried out on us.
There is no doubt this phenomenon with “ET” reports has been around at least from the late 1940s. I always use common sense when I approach the UFO subject. For me it is only common sense, that the wisest disinformation campaign any intelligence could wage would be one which is never recognized as such by the intended target. We are a space faring people looking onward and outward and, if we survive, we will develop star flight. So common sense dictates there are others. They should have shown themselves unless…. If these others are here it is obvious they are keeping secret. So what would they do to stay secret? If there is not a metaphysical force why not use it or duplicated it. Believe it or not I think we are comfortable with the mystic universe. It is, after all, familiar and many believe it is just not real. So we have a built in dismissive culture to the mystical. We also display a love for the mystical as entertainment, we call it prestidigitation.

Those of us who do believe in the metaphysical also know intuitively and by our history that this force could never stand up against a good musket; at least not for very long.
Besides ETs displaying actual metaphysical effects to camouflage themselves, there are other less technological ways to confuse. One of the ways “ETs” confuse through disinformation is what I call “Staging”. In its basic form, it is a kind of theater, a play that goes on whenever they’re are around in public; a piece that is added or subtracted to make the report stand out as an illogical puzzle.
I believe Betty and Barney Hill were entertained by part of that play. Why make up a play which has them as what they are “space aliens” just visiting our earth? Well, aliens had become a part of our culture, “reflecting metaphysical icons”, or human hysteria (which ever you believe). The idea is to have no real consistency.
If you are looking for clues to indicate disinformation aimed at a group or groups in our world, think of how the data is strange.
In the Betty and Barny Hill case they had a star chart. On the chart were lines indicating routes to different star systems. One of the lines showed dashes which indicated trade from their home to other star systems. Dashed Lines? Any open-minded scientist would laugh at aliens just happening to use dash lines the odds would seem high. So it is this detail “dashed lines” that you and I may allow a smart mind would wince at which it is aimed at. Of course this was just one incident. I thought discarding the canteen and pocketing the coin in the “Donald Shrum” case highlighted in the Part two of our “The UFO Religion” post was a brilliant example of ‘staging”. These types of “stagings” are perfectly aimed at the human scientific mind and the detail minded. Many UFO researcher note alien to human similarities in their reports and I am not talking physical. This is a form of reverse logic. Scientists know the basis for intelligence is logic; rules that work here work throughout the universe. These visitors break those rules on purpose.
How about the large displays over cities?
This has been part of the metaphysical world since even before Constantine saw a cross in the sky as a sign. Why not include it? It may also be a form of communication to our government. I always considered the 1952 fly over of Washington DC a message. The visitors may send a message to our government in more ways than one. The government may also try to hide this when the visitors are annoying them. These “stagings” are effective psychological weapons. Senseless actions do not go well with the scientific community. Some of what they do may be absolute arrogance at our stupidity of some of our people. Intelligence and ego have a long history on earth and I would bet it’s not unique.
Of course there is another possibility which would fit nicely with the ruse; that is:
Our government has formed an alliance with these visitors.
We could consider the idea that they may have to eventually go public as our ways of detection increase.
We also have to address “Captain Nemo” type ships- the ones that have a nineteenth century look. Could the skins of their ships be so complex that they could change shapes on command or when needed. Could the skin of their crafts be manipulated like the desktop themes to your computer? Not as far fetched as you might think. The skins of the craft could project 3-d complex video also making them look like anything they want them to be.
Richard Schowengerdt (RD), an engineer who worked for Northrop Grumman and on secret Navy projects, won a patent No. 5,307,162 entitled “Cloaking Using Optoelectonically Controlled Camouflage” in 1994 and with his new “Project Chaneleo” he presented various papers to the power elite detailing this fascinating era of invisibility in our future. Schowengerdt in an interview carried out by Robert Guffey published in the March UFO Magazine described the application of this technology.
Schowengerdt explains:
“Project Chameleo” was conceived with the idea we could take(video) a background and present it on the surface surrounding or in front of an object giving the same effects as if you were looking through the object”
On commenting on its other uses for this “Controlled Camouflage” he states:
“Yeah you could use it for psychological warfare. You could create a situation where a person thinks he’s seeing what he is not seeing…you would greatly disturb the psyche of a group… you could create things so goofy they would be wondering what is going on.”

It is not hard to be strange and human tendency is to move far away from strange. I read many mystic reports and find some of them remind me of our “visitors” being caught at something and misdirecting the viewer. Many of the other experiences including abduction could be a form of verbal, mental and staging misdirection. This does not mean they do not abduct only that some staging does on to confuse. Even the most ardent defender of adductions will agree that many of the reports transcend the logical and these abductors are less then honest. “Contactees” and “Chennelers” could also be used in a disinformation campaign of truth and fiction wrapped up in a mystical stage umbrella its ultimate aim to confuse the topic and research. Some say it is too intelligent. I say how would we know.
There is a wizard behind the curtain we just don’t know who or what it is.
So if they have been here for decades and haven’t attacked why not just relax?
This overall disinformation plan is a part of a much wider discipline of what I call “Applied Species Psychology”: a continuing adaptive plan to misinform, control and divert serious intention. The bottom line seems to be that these “visitors” need something desperately from earth and will protect that knowledge for ever being public but I don’t think their technology is perfect.
Two Vermont state residents report on watching a falling UFO:
“…look like a ball floating down from the sky like a leaf. She(my friend) ran to get binoculars… the ship turned over …with the binoculars we could see so much of this equipment…the metal was smooth and shiny as molded…5 or 6 engines spinning in different directions…inside were tubes and inside those were more tubes spinning in the opposite directions… it turned and you could see the saucer shape.”

If these visitors are here with established “bases” it seems logical they would became very interested in our action especially after testing A-Bombs. How will they react to a massive change in our climate? Will this affect their bases or them?
Should we be frightened? Not as long as they need us but as far as I can tell if the ETs don’t need you anymore they discard you like a dead cow – minus parts and minus blood.

Thank You
Jospeh Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. In a word, Wow. It's going to take several re-readings of your post to fully grasp it's import in the context of my own view. I think your blog has a unique focus and perspective. I wanted to convey what a revelation that video segment was. One consideration or theory concerning propulsion of these craft has been the possible use of an electrical field to "burn away" atmospheric drag,which would account for some if not all of their amazing acceleration rates. This video appears to be evidence that this theory may be wrong. Have you read "Unconventional Flying Objects" by Paul Hill, a former NASA employee? I hope you spell out more details of your views in future posts.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    Yes I have. Paul Hills book helped me resolve the issue of the color of the two UFOs we witnessed. Their color was a kind of copper but mcuh more, and after reading his book I decided the color was probably some type of discharge around the ship, even though the edges seemed solid.
    There are two books which I have read which I think would give you great insight into this idea of "Staging" and "Applied Species Psychology.
    "Allien Liaison" by Timothy Good(very hard to get) And "The Hunt For The Skinwalker" By Colm A. Kelleher PH. D.and George Knapp both books were about "Cattle Ranches" where highly unusual activates were displayed including: Cattle Multlations, Metaphysical, Allien entities, Bigfoot and other animals, Craft, Solid creatures, wolves, invisibility, potergeist activities, men in black; the whole gambit.

    Both investigations involved science teams. One ranch was in Colorado and one in Utah. I want to quote from these books to give you idea of what was witnessed. Remember the owners were ranchers trying to make a living.
    In the Colorado incident at the ranch Jim one of the owners actually met a pilot of a craft and spoke with them at an arrange meeting
    "were two individuals waiting for me...50 or 60 feet from us was a disk on the ground...they were 5 or 6 ft tall..look like us... large eyes...finer features...I told them if they were mutilating cattle, it was very foolish..the only thing I found out for sure was "Bigfoot" abbeys their commands. Jim one of the investigators and Ex air force security officers describes his reaction to all this:"Is it possible it could have been a totally subjective experience.. even with all of us it could have been hallucinations.. Maybe we were all deceived in a way I just can't picture how. Others incidents included: Nine disk landing One indent when one of the other owners Barbara get struck by a force an pushed back when Jim tries to approach one of the saucers "I thought about (why they did this to her)...I was the one walking toward the ship...But then I started to understand...they did the most practical thing that could be done to get me back inside and get both people away from the window. ...I really began to respect how clever they were." Maybe we should listen to the witnesses a little more they have much to tell us if we will listen

    The second ranch was in Utah on the "Gorman's"(not real name) ranch. It was so strange that Jim Bigalow who funded NIDS "National Institute Of Discovery Science" bought the ranch and had Tom Gorman stay on help with the ranch and the ongoing phenomenon with a team.. They still own it. Tom the owner wanted to stay on. He had lost the ranch of his dreams and he was angry at what happened. The Gorman's felt they were being watched and overhead by the phenomena. Did Gorman think some of to was "staging" yes although he didn't call it that. After years of hassles with this ongoing secret intrusion one night:
    ..noticed a bright light that was watching him. ..he saw such objects often ..was accustomed to being watched in this manner. .. on this night he threw down his pitch fork and ran toward the darted behind a ridge.
    ...Gorman quickly seized the opportunity and dove behind a ball of hay and burrowed in. Then he waited. Sure enough within a few minutes the object flew over the field flying back and forth as if looking for him. ....he had succeeded in making a fool our of the probe. A fter a while ..Gorman climb out of the hay and started shouting and taunting the object...Gorman said It blink several times on and off and flew over the ridge... Gorman felt he had shown the fallibility of the sensing system. Only later did
    Gorman consider the possibility that the object was only toying with him."
    There was something at these ranches and it was brighter then the science teams that came there. It disguised itself as several different elements but was intelligent and aware. I believe the answer was simply we were outsmarted ever inch of the way. In the end they proved they could befuddle anyone. The cattle which were mutlated were real and the disinformation campagn against the NIDS team was perfect.
    Pretty smart huh!

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Hi,

    I corresponded with Colm over the course of several e mail exchanges
    not on this experience but in a larger less specific general sense of determining what was the origination and intent of what you described. You could say this is a continuation of that process of exchanging perspectives.
    In my own speculations I have considered nature's inventiveness in producing such an enormous range of adaptive sensate, physical and behavorial tactics to both hunt and avoid being hunted, two sides of the same coin..sometimes it balances other times it doesnt. However, in one sense I think you hit an important point,,there is no doubt whatsoever as to who holds the upper hand if you will between ourselves and whomever or whatever they may be.
    So, if we assume they are hunting and they are natural in a sense that we do not recognise, one would think it reasonable they are hunting for something we cannot grasp..otherwise if it were we ourselves as the hunter being hunted...we would have lost that
    contest a long time ago. Also, if they have this natural capability of assuming a variety of forms as a defensive adaptation or even tact, why bother? I don't know.
    On my own blog I approach this from considering invisibility or not having form as a sentient and potential natural state we do not recognise. It's all anybodys guess.

  4. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you for such stimulating writing. I was battleing the same battle until I reviewed the different NASA tapes. I have a friend who is anonymous he is a physicist he was very intrigued by the different objects. When you look carefully at those tapes there is something coming and going from somewhere else. I believe the best answer is entities like us. The reason they don't interfere is they can't. Why? We know there are some good answers to that but we don't which one it is or if it is many answers. As in the case of the Colorado Ranch he found no answer but when Jim reacted unexpectedly and walked toward the 9 landed disks the result was a very logical response. They knocked the woman over "Barbara" and diverted attention long enough to disappear. Why did they need to divert attention? I don't know. There is a tendency to believe this is beyond our understanding but - when Tom Gorman hid from the glob,and he was smart about how he hid, it reacted like the imperfect machine it was it lost him He said it divided the area up into quadrants and started to search for him. I think Tom over analyzed later when he felt he had been fooled and the globe knew where he was, in fact that thought may have been planted. The Wolf incident which may have been produced by the ETS was real. Is it possible to conjure up something. There seem to be rules the shamans use could the aliens know how to do this? It seems obvious they were trying to be part of a legend. One other item. There is a famous case where a prospector in Poland(I think) way out happened on a landed Disk. He walked up to it and touched it - it was warm. He called inside and the disk rotated to an exhaust vent which vented hot gas. It burnt him and left the marks on him. Perfect vent marks. Sometimes when I get to esoteric I remember that. I don't think it was Metaphysical.

    Your New Friend
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. I have arrived at a perspective where the metaphysical and the empirical cojoin in a mirror image of one another. This phenomenon creates a intentional situation that leads to a behavioral reaction in us wherein we cannot tell which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The empirical or the metaphysical? I think it is both, which propagates it's own difficulties in both keeping a sober perspective, and not getting stuck in the trap this situation sets, to fall into premature conclusions favoring one side or the other..whether its intentional or not as a tactic, this phenomenon conquers by the division of researchers into camps in opposition to one another,one is essentially empirical, one is metaphysically oriented, which, in turn further clouds the situation of one attempting to reach or maintain a balanced view.It shows evidence of both. My latest version of an operating theory is that we are interacting randomly and by happenstance with an unknown form of sentient life that as I have said before on my own blog, is not omniscient, but is superior to our species in that it put it simply..more evolved. It uses camoflauge effectively as a natural species does, it just cannot be found in our current catalog.Reinforcing mythologies in utilising a paradoxical manifestation whether its airships, bigfoot or what have date its worked very well for them. We have been sent by a trick of our sensate based awareness on a fools errand. In the meantime, they go about doing what they need to do.

  6. Dear Bruce,
    We are on the same page. I believe what is here is physical apart from the metaphysical. UFO Media Matters supports the dignity of all honest witnesses to the paranormal. But there is very strong evidence of technology. There is also another strange aspect to it. I honestly believe that a physical object with aliens crashed at Roswell. The Balloon theory completely falls apart when you look carefully at the evidence. The disk was not that advanced it you believe the leaks. It may be that they don't fly the best stuff unless they have. What ever you believe from whatever leaks either fiber optics, laser, gravity drives none of it seems to be thousands of years advanced of us. However I believe they are thousands of years in advance of us. The idea that they would fly less advanced aircraft fits in well with my theory. Only Bushies don't have plan B. The ETS do and if something crashes they want us to be secure enough to think we could duplicate it and they are not that advanced. I do believe (if we ever spend the money in research) that the metaphysical will be discovered because it is there. WE have never conducted a long term well funded researched on the subject of Alien Craft as an explanation into one aspect of the UFO phenomenon. What we would need of course is a team with the right equipment to go to an ongoing flap, or genuine continuing experiencer covertly, for long term investigation. Once they were found out however by the ETs your head would be put into a spun a few times by the end of the investigation.
    I believe what Timothy Good believes. They have bases here. It makes sense. There was a great book "Invisible Residence" by a NAVY man Ivan T. Sanderson. All about underwater objects and the NAVY and other mariners expiriences which were well documented interaction with Unidentified Underwater objects. Wonderful read by the way a classic in UFO land.
    The metaphysical seems intelligent also and taps into the essence of our humanity no matter what we believe. It can change you when you experience it. But I do not think the Metaphysical is the alien unless they have much more control then I thought. I also believe in God minus religion. My God is involved with a universe(s) not just earth. The metaphysical fits well in this space because it is all about God reminding us there is more much more. It keeps my faith high and I love how it is equally express to everyone, rich, poor, uneducated, educated Catholic Protesent Jew Muslim all shades all languages maybe all universes.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters