Thursday, May 10, 2007

The UFO Religion Part II Of III

They’re at every UFO conference.
They spout a type of “The Secret” philosophy given to them by ETs…or spirit guides claiming to be from another planet, star system, or galaxy - or all of the above.
Some believe they’re the chosen ones of ET, and their “experiences” (abductions), are a training camp.
Some of them have the same smile you’ll see on Born Again Christians --until you challenge their matter of fact beliefs.
Some of them are very kind people.
Some of them have lost all critical thinking.
Many of them believe UFOs, Angles, and Jesus are all interrelated.
They are an important source of revenue in the commercial UFO world.

Mr. Bennett, spokesman of the All UFOs Are Metaphysical School, gives off a nasty whiff of antique McCarthyism as he makes a not quite relevant comparison of MUFON conferences to the old no-discussion-no-debate ‘government’ sessions of the former Soviet Union. But is this kind of writing Bennett’s doing ultimately supporting rational discussion of the phenomenon by reasonable people?

So listen up, you lower class, over-forty type geeks, and you secret Old School Commies, you’re the reason academia has never accepted UFOs! According to Bennett.

Looks like Mr. Bennett’s forgotten one of the real reasons UFOs were discredited.

If anything, it was the Contactees and the Space Brother Channelers --with their spiritualist-based movements of the 50s continuing into our era-- who scared away academia and discouraged scientific serious investigation. In fact, the Nuts and Bolts investigators of those days came very close to having a former CIA director testify before congress to call for serious UFO study.

Major Donald Keyhoe was the prime mover in the battle to get the truth out about UFOs. Keyhoe started NICAP (National Investigation Committee on Arial Phenomenon) and NICAP was one breath away from having a former CIA director testify in front of Congress that UFOs “should be taken seriously and investigated by the scientific community.”
But somebody pulled the plug, which could mean this straight-forward, nuts and bolts approach is sometimes dangerous. See:
“UFO And The National Security State” By Richard Dolan.

But take a closer look at Mr. Bennett’s claim that all UFOs are purely metaphysical. Many of his observations about the incredible range of UFO phenomenon are valid and should be examined:
- ETs seem to go through walls, disappear and reappear.
- Craft observed to fall like a leaf, with a swaying motion
- ETs wear headgear right out of the movies
- Craft look like they were built by Captain Nemo
- ETs observed with Bigfoot and other criptids
- ETs change shape
- ETs may be associated with religious Icons
- ETs give warnings to the people who would typically be the least listened to.
- ET of many different types reported.
- ETs may act stupid – unintelligent
- ETs may give warnings that are in your local newspaper.

Mr. Bennett’s wrong about another thing: MUFON does investigate even the most bizarre, phenomenon-rich…and controversial cases. Take a look at the newly-reopened landmark case that illustrates MUFON’s willingness to investigate what may be the case showing the greatest phenomenological diversity of them all:

The entities in this incident don’t just act different, they exhibit behavior right out of a B-grade science fiction movie. Doesn’t that sound like a projection of the mind --or better yet, a hoax? Unfortunately there are too many documented cases from around the world which seem to confirm similar, if not every sort, of strange behavior by the UFO visitor types in this spectacular incident, and of course examples of alien strange behavior are reported in abductions.

Even Dr. J. Allen Hynek from Project Bluebook tried to come to terms with this tension between what we think of as paranormal and other ‘high strangeness’ in UFO reports:
"Here we have 'creatures of light' who find walls no obstacle to free passage into rooms and who find no difficulty in exerting uncanny control over the witnesses' minds. If this represents an advanced technology, then it must incorporate the paranormal just as our own incorporates transistors and computers. Somehow, 'they' have mastered the puzzle of mind over matter....More and more of these high-strangeness cases are surfacing...They outrage our common sense, and they do constitute a challenge to our present belief systems."

But although the metaphysical/paranormal angle may explain some incidents, it doesn’t explain why the ET are reported again and again…acting stupid or just plain illogical.

It was this factor --the weirdly stupid behavior as exemplified in the robots case-- that gave me the ideas I call “Staging” and “Applied Species Psychology.”

Donald Shrum went bow hunting September 4, 1964. At sunset in an isolated area of Placer County California, Donald became isolated from his friends, realizing he was lost and it was getting dark, he knew he would have to stay the night. Climbing a tree so that he would not become the hunted, he strapped himself in till morning. Later he saw a zigzagging light and figured it was a rescue helicopter. After getting down out of the tree, he built a signal fire. When what he thought was a helicopter landed 50-plus yards away, its strange appearance frightened Donald Shrum. So he climbed up the tree again.

Later two humanoids (gray type) and a robot (see illustrations above) tried to dislodge Donald from the tree. He was besieged all night long. He lighted matches and twigs and through them at the beings, shot arrows one hit to show an "arc flash" of as it hit the robot -- and the robot flew backwards on its “metal ass”!
And what about this puzzling bit: when Donald threw his canteen at the gray and the robot, they inspected it, then threw it aside; but when he threw some coins, the visitors kept them.
The robot belched gas directly at Donald and it almost made him unconscious. The kicker though, was when another robot --just like the first-- joined the other two attackers, and then came more belched gas, together with some strange vapor that was launched, and finally Donald went out. The next day he was alone and still tied to the tree.

Donald Shrum made his way back to his other friends; one of them had witnessed the same UFO.

MUFON investigated this story in 1964, and if you don’t think this case is bizarre, I don’t what could be.

Donald Shrum has not, till now, spoken publicly of the incident for 43 years. If you ever wonder what cases ring true take a look at the passage of time and how the person reacts. I feel Donal Shrum actions underline the fact that he was telling the truth. You can read the full story of Donald Shrum and his recent comments including what they found when they retured to the site in "MUFON Journal" April Issue No. 468

The UFO Religion Part III
“How Do You Hang On To A Dream” Tim Hardin


  1. This was a great sift of the grain in the grist mill. Seperating the wheat from the chaff, the prematurely arrived at, from the imaginary, to the inexplained which only afew are honest enough to stand up and have the courage to ask what all this portends or means, if anything beyond expediantly conceptualising new spiritual inventions out of the recycled bones of old pardigms, which to some, I guess without discernment, could say, a rose by any other color, would smell as sweet. Great Blog Joe...

    Bruce aka UFO Paradigm Probe.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    I have been around the UFO enigma for 40 years. I have just started to go to UFO conferences. You would be surprise how many well rounded professionals get turned off by the "spiritual" side of this exploration. i have no problem if they believe what ever they believe but to attack the only US UFO origination which uses scientific methods(and I've been hearing that continually at these conferences) is the UFO community shooting itself in the foot again - which it had done for years. You can't count on the UFO researchers/publishers to really stand up - book sales would be hurt and conferences would be lost.
    That is why UFO Media Matters will never become commercially selling any books. We will review DVD but honestly any other intensions would just cramp our style.
    Your Blog has me thinking also. but the ideas I came out with started with trying to build a explanation believing at 10% of all reports are probably correct, including some "channlers" and "contactees". Now how do you build a theory around that? I started with one basic idea -they are smarter then us. I then wonder how they could be here and still keep that secret. The easy answer would be a physiological adaptive program of disinformation beyond even what our government could cook up. what did not revel in my post but is a part of the Shrum spoke about now was; they went out to the sighting field to weeks later and it was raked clear and cigarette butts and a cigar butt was found around the area.
    Thanks again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Your analysis dovetails nicley with Richard Dolan's work, which completely revised and revisted some premature theories I had before reading "UFOs and The National Security State." I had a managerial supervisor who I was in a discussion with regarding an employees disruptive behavior. I was ambivilent as to what I should do. He said," Young man, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's probably a duck."

  4. Dear Bruce,
    One of the primary reasons I personally gave up on the metaphysical approach was the NASA video from the Space Shuttle flights. David Serada shows some phenomenal examples of large craft rising through the clouds accelerating to hundreds of thousands of miles an hour, and then orbiting around the earth . The Jaime Maussan DVD (e-mail me if you want details)has some spectacular pieces of NASA footage. I would love to get the actual NASA tape. But it was those tapes that convinced me our visitors were more advanced then we thought. I personally more involved with the witness views then the researchers. Take a look at this PowerPoint Presentation.What a spectacular piece of work. It is what we need to do more of.

    I like to also focus on the good witnesses to these phenomenon. When all is said and done it is these brave souls who put career on the line and have to take the laughter and jibes but still come forward that makes it worth while. But it was the O'Hare incident that really anger me. O'Berg basically said that pilots were notorious bad witnesses at crash sites (according to some study) implying of course the pilot at O'Hare who mention on the radio "It was not a UFO it was a craft" descriptions should be to be taken with a grain of salt.
    - I thought I might not be the world best speller but I make more sense than that so I started writing this blog. Then out of blue I started to get help.

    Thanks Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Thank you for the lovely article. My father is Don Shrum. A few websites out there have changed my dad's story, but you stuck to the facts and I wanted to commend you for it (as well as Steven Reichmuth from MUFON).

    It has never been easy for my dad to discuss his encounter, even among family and friends, and I remember waking up to his screams at night when he suffered nightmares because of it.

    My dad is a gentle, simple man who was never one to tell tall tales or embellish his own experiences. I am extremely proud of him to have finally come forward. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by exposing himself this way ... but he did it because for him, the truth is everything.

    Thank you again.

    Daughter "Shrum" (#2)

  6. Dear Shrum #2
    I was away on vacation out of the country and I came back to read your lovely comment Thank you from my heart.
    The human aspect is often forgotten in our search for proof of UFOs. When I read your father story I knew he was humble and knew intuitively he had nothing to prove. Your father, and other brave souls, keep the real UFO story alive.
    Thanks again and may you have some very happy holidays.