Sunday, May 6, 2007

Th The UFO Religion PART I

Colin Bennett – “Worst Person in the World!”
Where are you Keith Olbermann when I need you?

I recently read an article in "UFO Magazine’"s March issue, “Watch Out, The Bellevue Commissars Are Coming”, by Colin Bennett. Bennett also writes for "The New Fortean Times". His article slams the Mutual UFO Network, which he refers to as “factual analysis” investigators whose scientific investigations are too narrow when you are dealing with another form of the metaphysical , which Mr. Bennett seems to believe, is the one and simple explanation for UFOs.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is the largest UFO investigation organization of UFOs. MUFON is a non profit organization. Many of the “field investigators” are volunteer’s part time. Their mission statement reflects this lofty goal:
“The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.”

Mr. Bennett’s’ belief that UFOs are just an another mystical event seem very dogmatic and reminds me of the catholic church in it’s earlier days. Of course some Christian groups believe E T are demons or angels and can be just as dogmatic. I was for a long time just as dogmatic about a technology explanation but I had to admit some of the wee documented cases made no sense. One case gave me an idea but I’ve present first in my next post.
UFO media matters will provide logical, alternative, common sense answers to the most bizarre of UFO cases in – The UFO Religion Part II –
Now to the Rush Limbaugh of the UFO world.
Bennett charges that MUFON suppresses some of the more metaphysical and bizarre reports by credible witnesses of UFO experiences . Why, because Bennett claims, these cases would not reinforce MUFON’s views. In Part 2 I present a case that is as bazaar as you going to get. It was investigated by MUFON in 1964 I believe it can be explained logically.

The attack spin-and-blame game Mr. Bennett plays in the article does nothing but help continue to polarize the different factions and groups within the UFO community. His frustrations and attacks against MUFONS’ dependence on scientific methodology and technology are both disingenuous and downright misleading. He’s a good writer, but great writers convey a sense of profound truth, which was sadly lacking in Mr. Bennett’s article.
Mr. Bennett rants how philosopher Thomas Aquinas would weep at MUFON’s investigators, and the:
“Locust clouds of lower class - middle class professional’s who descend upon the UFO experience…with their facts and figures”.
Leave it up to the supposed fellow “spiritual” travelers to bring up “class” first. Makes you wonder, what Jesus would think?

I say Bennett’s exaggerations are not even based in reality. Especially when he rants:
“the idea of four hundred well trained and earnest field investigators wielding notebooks and forensic science kits on a single strange experience of a poor human being is a daunting prospect. This is as awesome a scare as a threat of becoming interrogated by congeries of grocers of Kafkaesque librarians, all asking questions full of common-sense practicality about documents, categories; and file codes and types of cheese.”

It’s important to remember that MUFON is a volunteer organization. I think such groups are vital to maintaining discussion on UFOs and related topics in a free society --especially in a culture like ours, where public documents get sealed for decades, and multi-trillions of taxpayer dollars are dedicated to the Black Budget. MUFON is kept alive today by donations of time and money. They have a very limit budget. Common sense would dictate you put the most bucks with the best possibility of payoff; in this case verifiable evidence.
So, Mr. Bennet, here’s some of your own medicine, back at you:

Yes, those “over-forty” “lower class” type gals and guys are sent in by MUFON. They arrive from America, Paris and Moscow and who knows where else, and then they descend like “locust” scaring to death a “poor human being” the one lone UFO witness. We all know MUFON has nothing better to do, and money to burn.

Just in case we don’t have enough to be frightened about we better worry about the MUFON conferences. Bennett informs us – now-of a new terror a commie like MUFON member a “lower class” brainwashed attendee.

“Chairman Leonid Brezhnev’s turgid orations to the Soviet Politburo… watching the exclusively white collar over-forties trying to jump to their feet at every mechanical cliché and applaud ... like seals… Just one reason why ufology has not entered the universities in he last fifty years.. of avoidance of all intellectual structure other than
crude, static mechanism.”

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

The UFO Religion Part II
“Explain Robots Right Out Of A B-Grade Movie?”


  1. Joe, how can you expect serious people to take you seriously?
    A person who was concerned with attention to detail - with getting the facts right - would at least use spell check.
    It's spelled "bizarre", Joe.

  2. I did do a spell check but it didn't catch it. I just hope you look at content rather then spelling. I see many perfectly spelled blogs that are full of s**T. But you have to give it them at least their speeling is right.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters.

    I also spell check after I post it. There has been a real problem with posting. it takes me 20 minute just to post and 20 25 seconds between editing. I edited before I post now and don't edit again.

    Thank You
    Joseph Cappo
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Joesph,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and it inspired me to begin my own which I think dovetails nicely with your work. I added your link to my site. It is about how the ufo situation can change paradigms, as well as exploring the ramifications of our visitors.

    Best Regards
    Bruce Duensing

  4. Dear Bruce,
    I know I am a work in progress and I hope to lean much. I will look at you blog and let you know what I think. Also I will give you a link.
    I really believe we have underestimated our visitors. They have to have some type of logical contingency plan. Something is flying around landing and hurting people and I don't think it's that smart to just accept this as "mystical" even when it is at time illogical. What we need to do is construct a new paradyne around their behavior and include it in a logical frame work. Anything else would just be beyond our understanding and useless.

    Thanks again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters