Wednesday, May 2, 2007

NASA Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

I don’t like others to tell me what to think. It seems there is a lot of that going around lately. These pictures are from the “Mars Anomaly Research”. I am really interested in what they imply. The more I look at Mars the more I think the NASA scientists are in denial or liars. How long are we going to believe the answers they throw out which just do not cover, or in any way, explain what we are seeing? Many feel we are constantly treated with compete contempt and disregard by this tax supported agency. But most of all, how stupid do they think we are? I don’t know for sure if this is life but it is not rocks or the dark soil underneath.
First we have the main Mars photo without magnification.

“The above first image evidence is not something that I would normally report on simply because I doubt that very many would be able to distinguish this from geological terrain. This type of evidence is common in the Mars distant obfuscated satellite imaging. I pass over reporting on evidence like this often because I suspect many would see this as just too inconclusive. Yet it is biological life and it is included in this report because it is present in this strip and it demonstrates yet another example of a different looking Mars forest life bio-diversity.”

Skipper on the second image 200 magnifications – Don’t believe your eyes, believe the great god NASA:

2nd Image Mars

3rd Image Earth:


“The above (2nd) .. image is a 200% zoom factor closer view of a section of the Mars vegetation forest evidence. I have not imaged the bands of algae growth evidence or other growth on either side of this band of tree evidence because the main thrust of this report is the conventional vegetation woody forest tree evidence. This view is just beginning to get a little too blurry but it is still informative as to being able to identify this as mostly conventional woody tree forest fragment evidence.”


"Now in the above..(third) image I want you to compare the Mars vegetation forest fragment evidence in the previous 2–4 images to this similar looking Earth based hardwood forest fragment evidence. This Earth evidence comes as a more oblique closer aerial view without obfuscation tactics and resolution problems present in it and so the view of detail making up the forest canopy upper surface is of course better than in the much greater distant and resolution compromised Mars satellite imaging lacking in such subtle detail.”

The end results is these cursory attempts to explain Anomalies images by NASA and the debunkers that have fueled and reinforced the contempt many people feel toward NASA and their lock step debunkers.
As long as we accept these stupid explanations we will get stupid explanations. I am an activist in the political arena. I find the same contempt by politician in treating the public. They seem to think all we need to be concerned with are lower taxes, lower gas prices, never mind accountability. I have always believed there are Americans who are not that selfish.
The same can be said for NASAs utter contempt for the public unless of course it has to do with support for their next project. If you think I’m crazy try and pay to get any compete Shuttle mission video, the videos we paid for; but please don’t hold your breath.

NASA We Are Not That Stupid

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters.


  1. They do look like trees but you can't say they're tree before you land something near them. I wish they were trees but what I wish and what reality is are two different things. Showing trees on Earth that look like trees on Mars is not proof and don't you think that if there were large animals on Mars, they would appear in NASA and ESA photographs? Or in rover pics? Please don't quote me those blurred anomalies which could be anything. Just one clear insect-like creature crawling around the ground. It's not enough that we need to believe that something exists.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Yes you are right that these photos would not constitute proof positive but what it does show is NASA doesn't care to address what these are - why not just sat we don't what these terrain represents.throw out stupid explanations - there can't be right anyway. Sometimes I wonder if they are looking at the same photos I am.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. This is the real issue at this point: NASA's refusal to address these anomalies. The best way to discourage interest in something is to ignore it. With all these unusual potentially biological or technological data, one would think this would be a priority, but, and I believe pointedly, it is not.
    - Nate Dray of Kent, OH.

  4. Bravo...and when you take into account some of most recent NASA shuttle footage shot from their own camera's. You would have to include in "their lack of interest in:
    Spinning, lighted, rather large craft, approaching the Shuttle and the space station. Craft maneuvering along the solar panels when their down and many more including astronauts talking about it. At that point you get a sense of the "don't ask don't tell" NASA world they are forced to live in.

    First Astronaut: "There is a UFO"
    Second Astronaut: "Don't worry about it just keep working."
    Those simplified statement are the jest of actual statements made by two astronauts on a repair mission. So one astronaut ask; "what is that" just like the first pioneers asked when they went into space in America, but the NASA of today won't even knowledge it there...who can call that science.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters