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The fear of even considering conspiracies.

I always laugh inside when I bring up the word conspiracy to a person who secretly has “Conspiraphobia”. Their continual grumblings of no and never sound like John Stewart when he imitates the Penguin” doing Channy… “Conspiracy naaaw..naw conspiracy never happens, naaaaw naaaww, impossible naaaaw.”

What world do these people live in? There is nothing to be afraid of it, it’s as American as apple pie. America is full of conspiracies.

Every time an ambassador is sent on a “special visit” to another country you can bet your soul that in the back rooms something is going down that resembles a plot.

Every time a senator or congressmen goes on one of these vacation jaunts paid for by some super corporation you can bet in the backroom of that corporation the mover and shaker of that are thinking about how to influence that official i.e.: conspiracy

Of the millions of “Top Secret” documents still classified, how many of them would reveal conspiracies against other countries or our own citizens? The amount of documents still classified top secret, restricted or confidential disproves beyond question the ability of the government to hide conspiracies and secrets. That is why many of them are still secret.

The CIA was born to conspire.

The Tobacco companies conspired for years not only to hide the truth but to influence or silence those who found out and or would publish the truth that tobacco is additive and deadly.

Is conspiring new to our government? I would ask the Native American Indian on that one.

Now we come to UFOs.

Talk about “Conspiraphobia”, mention the word conspiracy to a debunker, scientist or the media and they just shake their heads and laugh at you. Laughter sometimes hides fear and believe me they are afraid to death.

There is a great line in the Bela Lugosi film, “Dracula”; Van Helsing says

“The power of the vampire is that no one believes he is real”.

This goes for conspiracies, also.

In the 1940’s, the early days of UFO, even though the Air Force seem to not have a clue what UFO were, they still tried to force the public to withhold reports. They did this through a designed effort of intimidation and ridicule. In 1947 “when a reporter went out to interview someone who had seen a UFO, military intelligence agents had been there first …Many people had been apparently warned not to talk too much.”
This government policy doesn’t happen without direction, thy conspire…Oh all right, all right, I’ll hold my pen.

One of the first heads of the CIA, Rear Admiral- Rosco Hillenkoetter, made public statements regarding ending the UFO secrecy.
So just who was hiding these secrets and why? What Hillenkoetter described sounds like a dirty word to me. One investigator found over 125 reports between June and July in 1947. The idea that our military was not sitting somewhere planning some contingency on what these UFOs were and how to deal with them is absurd, especially since their own “theodolites” had tracked a “disc” at 18,000 miles an hour. Even the military agents had stated that some of the witnesses were beyond reproach and made conventional explanations “impossible”.
–“ UfOs and The National Security State,” by Richard Dolan

Good intelligence has to be based on common sense. Considering the war and the Atomic Bombs, and the timing of these sightings, not considering interplanetary visits would have been the height of arrogance.
But let’s go one step further. Much is said about the quality of the government work done back then:
- establishing the CIA,
- segregating the branches of the military,
- defying the job of Secretary Of Defense.

If they were that good then how would they proceed with this secret? Could you let it be known, even by a leak from your own military, that not only does the public have to worry about an atomic bomb – but also aliens? Would you ever allow this to get out, without knowing exactly what was up?
How could you possibly control the circus atmosphere or the rumors and dangers inherent in disclosure? So they conspire to keep this secret and they did it by restricting all middle level intelligence from any knowledge and most top level intelligence from the truth about UFOs. The highly fantastic idea of the even the possibility of being visited by aliens is perfect for this approach. It reinforced the secrecy a thousand time over because the ridicule around this topic stop even casual curiously by a very large majority in power.
But wouldn’t the scientist figure it out they are bright enough to see the data. Unfortunate their egos could have been easily played. After all without aliens they are the smartest people on earth. One scientist scientists suggest this could have happened.

Quoting Bernard Haisch, Ph. D. once Science Editor of “The Astrophysical Journal”. In writing about his intelligence connections over the years and their leaks to him, he states:

“It is interesting that from the clandestine intelligence world-perspective the scientific community, for all of its technical and theoretical sophistication, is viewed as remarkably naive in certain respects. We scientists tend to think that we know better than anyone else what is possible and what is impossible, and that we of all people could surely not be kept in the dark for very long.”

What does he say about the leaks?:

“I now have three completely independent examples of individuals whom I trust reporting to me that individuals they trust have admitted to handling alien materials in "our" possession in the course of secret official duties.”

It is so secret that even top people here it second hand!

By the way, take a look at this guy’s credentials.

If all this doesn’t want you to be cured of “Conspiraphobia” remember Kevin Tellman. This was a modern conspiracy that the military applied without conscience. All the elements were there, including guards outside the doors making sure the others soldiers wouldn’t talk etc, etc, etc.


If the military would go to these lengths to cover a case of friendly fire, what would they do in the case of unfriendly aliens?

So what is the cure for “Conspiraphobia” ?

Take three doses of truth and a glass of open mind and call me in the morning.

Joseph Capp
UFO media Matters.

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