Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's A Craft Dam It! II

By Joseph Capp

"RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region"

Video Of The Week:

If the reader takes a close look at this headine above, the reader may note that, although this story was mainly about Roswell, it was also about some people in New Mexico who were actually witnessing something very strange ON A weekly bases. Kenneth Arnold wasn't the only one seeing these disks in the skies, many were seeing them. Some citizens were worried these “discs” flying over at close range, were Russian. There was practically a UFO flap in New Mexico around Roswell.

Flying craft concerns were not created in a vacuum, or because of strange lights, and not because of Kenneth Arnold or Roswell.

Don't let anyone convince you these “flying disks” sightings were caused by sci-fi movies, either I was a sci-fi fan and we bought the periodicals. The sci-fi writers were pretty sophisticated and had their aliens coming in great ships in all types, sizes, and shapes. Believe me, I don’t remember seeing any specific type. The truth is, if anything, the flying disks reports inspired producers and writer to throw together some of the movies to cash in on the craze.

None of these sci-fi great memories were out yet:
“Earth Vs The Flying Saucer”, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” ”, “The Thing from another World” , “Invasion of the Saucer Men” “The Twilight Zone, “Outer Limits”, etc, etc, etc.

Just to reinforce the case for UCC Unidentified Controlled Craft. If you took all the cases *Roswell, Brentwood, MJ12, Aztec, Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, and you proved conclusively they were all hoaxes you would still be facing the UFO craft and entity dilemma. You would be facing thousands of witnesses in South America, England, France, Australia, people, credible witness who see these craft, some complete with entities. We are not talking about quick glances here that could have been a mistake. We are talking about detail observation.

How do we even know these encounters even happened?

The British intelligence knew it. Remember the British Secret “Condign Report” (the one they kept secret and researched because they were scared of the Russians). They tried to explain the close encounter cases and the entities reported by witnesses, in fact it was necessary to find a reason for these cases as something other than lies or hoaxes.

” ..these plasmas can play tricks on the minds and create the long vivid impressions. It was medically proven that localized electromagnetic fields cause response in the temporal lobes of the brain.” Condign Report

So they explain close encounters of this type by claiming “Plasma” caused magnetic disturbance in the brain.

Science has more evidence that global warming is a myth than UFO are “Plasma Balls”.

If you read a little in between the lines in the Condign Report you will understand why they emphasized “long vivid impression”. Lets say, long enough for these witness to observe great detail and report it.
No wonder they mention these witnesses were insistent about what they experienced. Wouldn’t you?

Let’s get damn real here! No one could change these witnesses’ minds about what they claimed they reported, therefore the researchers had to assert they were hallucinating. They couldn’t call them liars because they realized there were quite a few of these “Close Encounters” out there in UFO land complete with some testy entities. They also knew the caliber of some of the witnesses calling them liars and hoaxing just wouldn’t ring true. What do you do when your theory on just “mistaken witnesses” starts to reach this criteria of detail? Well simple, take a clue from the Russians. In the old days of the Soviet Union if you didn’t believe the state had all the answers, you were crazy. Problem solved.

I remember during the O’Hare incident and the UFC (Unidentified Flying Craft), ascientist who came on the Keth Oberman show. Keth Oberman asked about the stupid explanation put forth by the Skeptics and the FAA. The scientist on the show said: “Why don’t we just say we don’t know, when we don’t know.” To see a scientist practice some humility, well it felt both refreshing and genuine, something rarely vocalized by the scientific community on this subject.

So we have credible witnesses who Videoed, photographed and interacted with these craft around the world. The idea that our military would fly secret flying machines to all parts of the world; is absurd. These witnesses, sometimes in groups, are hoaxers or having hallucinations, I don’t think so.

We can all sit on our nice computer thrones and throw out explanations for what these people have reported, but, have we not become as what Chapman describes in “The Great Dictator”?

“We think too much and feel too little. Our cleverness has made us hard and unkind.”

Maybe the fools are to clever to see the truth

* Report on a Roswell Witnesses: Info care of Stanton Freidman:
An honored service man, Colonel Blanchard, who according to the debunkers, wasn’t bright enough to identify a weather balloon from an advanced craft, goes on to be promoted all the way up to:FOUR STAR GENERAL and VICE CHIEF OF STAFF, till he suddenly died. To me this was an honorable man whose’ first instinct was to give this story to the people where it belonged.

Note From Over The Hills:
I remember a craze that very few debunkers want to talk about. How the authorities were always blaming “Comic Books” for crime and juvenile delinquency.
Well there is one thing we know for sure now after 60 years, since the government forced Mad Comic Books and EC and other comic’s to make a choice; change their content or go to a magazine style, juvenile delinquency has all but disappeared in America.

“Hey mister you want to be just like me grab a six-shooter and rob everybody you see, just tell the judge I said it was all right…Yea! Bob Dylan

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matter

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