Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not a bird, plane, light, It’s A Craft dam it!

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-What happens when both the clueless
and the disinfo pros tell you…
you didn’t see what you saw? photographed? videoed?

I read a lot of bloggers who deal with the UFO topic who just don’t get it. Or don’t want you to get it.

One Big Thing they don’t get is: there is as much evidence of technologically superior craft flying around as there is evidence of bizarre lights in the night.

I believe the everyday people --and the pilots-- do observe lights that do very odd things. Plenty of witnesses are bringing a lot to the table, as far as credibility, and when you include photos and videos, well, it’s a no-brainer.
But when bloggers claim what it is all about is non-intelligent anomalies, I have to take umbrage.
Another tactic is to claim these widely witnessed craft are all designed by our government in above-top-secret projects, and therefore not “alien”. They fly them all around the world folks even in the jungles of South America.

But this last-ditch assertion doesn’t ring true if you look at the history of UFO sightings. Here’s an under-reported example, some almost-hidden history about UFOs

I was at a lecture featuring Timothy Good in New York City; Mr. Good’s presentation showed newly released documents, including the many reports by US Airmen during World War II citing foo fighters. Notably, some of these were described by both pilots and by radar ops not as lights, but as air craft shaped like cylinders. Wouldn’t that have been pretty far back for any kind of technological breakthrough as speculated by some UFO researchers curiously focused on Germany and its aeronautics? That alleged German tech --boy, must have been pumping out those flying disk out early in those factories!
Here's an example Foo Fighters Japan and Craft photo 1870.

Circa 1955, consider the famous “Newhouse Film”; those still debating the Newhouse case, saying it was birds, are forgetting one important point. Newhouse witnessed craft that “were like discus.. gunmetal in color”.
What was finally caught on film were lights, because they moved too far away for any detail. In other words, the witnesses say they were craft. Newhouse’s wife was the one who first saw them --and observed the craft for several minutes-- while she tried to persuade her husband to pull over and look. Another interesting note--but unfortunately, not a rare occurrence in the field-- it took her husband several minutes to look for his camera:

When astronaut Gordon Cooper reported his account of chasing UFOs over Germany, he didn’t say ‘we chased lights’. He said they were “lens-shaped objects” and observed how they “flew in formation”. They had this crazy way of moving “sideways” when the pilot tried to close in on them. This was a quote from Cooper’s statement on the “UFOs Unplugged” DVD.

By the way, Jumping’ Jim Oberg would be funny debunking on Cooper if it wasn’t so spineless. Oberg reports he spoke with a NASA engineer who happened to be a friend of Cooper who knew all about these sightings by Cooper and that that it was in New Mexico and not in Germany and the explanations was… floating seed pods carried by the wind.

I think we all know technocrats and disinfo guys like these who must have an answer --or feed us a line-- no matter how just plain dumb it is. Yeah, Jumpin’ Jim Oberg would have us believe that an Engineer at NASA he met at lunch, over the repeated statements of an American Hero who was up in space and flying many commercial and experimental aircraft --not behind a computer.

Reader, you buy this load from Oberg? Oberg, who never had the cojones to call the American Hero from Shawnee, Oklahoma a liar outright in print when he was alive --and therefore able to respond to the professional debunker’s disinfo campaign.

You see, in addition to being a Marine, an astronaut, a highly decorated Colonel, and a pilot with more than 7,000 hours of flight time, 4,000 hours of that in jet aircraft flying all types of commercial and all kinds of general aviation airplanes and helicopters, Col. Gordon Cooper was also both a test pilot of experimental craft, and an aircraft designer, who consulted with Lockheed and other aeronautic groups involved in commercial, defense, and space exploration on advanced craft.

So, hey, Oberg, it’s ok to spin a story around a professional pilot, astronaut, and aircraft designer’s first-person testimony? But to call him a liar out loud? That’s a NO NO! What’s the matter Jimmy, afraid Col. Gordon Cooper might’ve sued you…and won?

You sir, in my book, have no ethics, only innuendo.

Answers to Oberg debunking Cooper Here:

Part II
There Are Craft Out There

I love the idea of free speech. But with this
wonderful blessing we received through the maximum sacrifice of our fellows human beings must come the serious responsibility of using it justly.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Does Timothy Good still support the Adamski fraud?

  2. Dear CS,

    Timothy Good believes Adamski was a person who had some experiences in the beginning and then he capitalized on it exaggerating what happened. I met one person who was with Adamski in the beginning as a witness only. He said he experienced many different phenomena around Adamski. I have a post called Do Hoaxers See UFOs?. I was thinking about Adamski when I was surfing and came across a Crop Circle Maker Web site. I look around and noticed they were commenting on how they were having experiences with UFOs when they out make crop circles. They kept mentioning the "real crop" circle makers. Very Interesting if you think maybe, just maybe, who ever or what ever are flying these UFOs understands human behavior and are playing us for all it's worth. A kind of ET disinformation If it is ET.

    Thank You

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matter