Sunday, April 8, 2007

Part II Travis Walton The Hoax That Wasn't

Part II

Walton: the man with a second chance.

What would happen to a person emotionally who was abducted by intelligent entities for five days.? Do the debunkers even start out with the possibility it is true? History speaks volumes to the only answer, and it is no.
APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) held a secret polygraph test (November 15) five days after the abduction, and three days after the emotional breakdown induced through the introduction the drug alcohol by the psychiatrist. The polygraph examiner described Travis as “trying to control his breathing” so as to fool the test. APRO tried to protect Watson by hiding the results ( with friends like these…). This usually happens when a belief system gets in the way of the facts. If there are aliens our only hope is following the data honestly. Although we may not get the results we want we should apply common sense and honesty to get to the truth. An example of debunking in history is the Louis Pasture. A doctor who felt Pastures claim that “Rabies” came from a “Virus” was publicly debunked when the doctor injected massive amounts of the “Virus” into his body. He did not get “Rabies”. I am sure at the time the case was closed for everyone except of course Pasture. Eventually it was discovered the Virus was weakened from setting in the lab. For all purposes the doctor had immunized himself by injecting the weaken Rabies virus.
There are millions upon millions of people out there just like Travis Walton, before he was abducted by a UFO; people who lived in a fantasy world, and who ended up in trouble as a youth. Travis took a turn in his life during his probation. He started working and eventually married. Because of his effort, his youthful conviction was expunged from the record.
The “National Inquirer”, investigated the story, found Travis to be so upset it necessitated flying in a husband-and-wife team of psychiatrists from Colorado to tranquilize the kid (Travis) and keep the cowboy (his brother) from exploding.
Jeff Wells reported “The kid was a wreck and it was all the psychiatrist could do to get him ready for the lie-detector expert we had lined up.
The test lasted an hour and I was in the next room fending off the TV crew when I heard the cowboy scream: "I'll kill the son of a bitch!"
“The kid had failed the test miserably. The polygraph man said it was the plainest case of lying he'd seen in 20 years but the office (The National Enquirer) was yelling for another expert and a different result.
To head that off we had the psychiatrist put the cowboy and the kid through a long session of analysis.
Their methods were unique. The next day the four of them disappeared into a room and soon a waiter was headed there with two bottles of cognac.
At the end of it the psychiatrists were rolling drunk but they had their story and the brothers were crestfallen.
It seemed that the kid's father, who had deserted them as a child, had been a spaceship fanatic and all his life the kid had wanted to ride in a spacecraft.
He had seen something out there in the woods, some kind of an eerie light which had triggered a powerful hallucination which might recur at any time. There was no question of any kidnap by any mushroom men.”
Does anybody believe this scenario? I ask you, if you were a prosecuting attorney, would you introduce this psychiatrist report as evidence of guilt? If the psychiatrists believed the possibility of trauma in this case, they should have refused a polygraph test at that time. Could you imagine what would happen in a traumatic rape case, where the victim was held for five days, if the police asked the victim to take a polygraph test the next day? And after not getting the answer they wanted, they get the victim stinking drunk and declare them insane.
If Walton was traumatized by an “eerie light” which caused a “psychotic break”, as reported by the psychiatrists, what psychiatrist would feed a person alcohol? It is obvious the good doctors believed Travis was either hallucinating or lying. There was no other possibility.
Now, for the first lie detector test. Mr. McCarthy, the examiner, had excellent credentials. He was trained at the Army's polygraph school at Fort Gordon. Mr. McCarthy is a member of the American Polygraph Association and has been licensed by the State of Illinois since 1964 –impressive. Remember, Mr. McCarthy reported it was an obvious hoax, with Travis trying to control his breathing.
I think we can discount this test for several reasons. Wouldn’t any person who, the last time they were tested, three days earlier and broke down completely, try to control their emotional reaction, especially after a five day traumatic kidnapping? Is it possible they would, during the test, instinctively, hold their breath, breathing erratically, or even controlled breathing? I would bet all three.
Travis’ breakdown happened four days earlier. Remember Travis and Duane were drugged (alcohol). It would be conceivable to me that Walton would try to get his name cleared of the “hoax”, especially if it true. He may have pretended he was OK even though he was in a severe state of shock or he may have not even known how bad he was. In either case the above polygraph test results should never be considered a definitive answer at that time, no matter who administered it.
Duane, Walton’s brother, was not a “psychopath”. Yes, he believed aliens were good, he said he had sightings himself. None of them tried to hide these facts from the authorities. Duane appeared to hate the press and authority figures. He was very protective of his brother. So what? With a father who cared more about UFOs than his family, I think the idea that his brother protected him is fine in my book. It is amazing they didn’t hate the father and believe it was all bunk. Or, maybe, they had seen the evidence themselves and it couldn’t be denied, exactly what they said.
Walton didn’t believe the aliens were so great.
It was the psychiatrists, the journalist, and the debunkers who showed no concern at all, no emotion just the critical eye examining every detail with a predefined conclusion in mind and no common sense. Walton acted like a man with “battle fatigue”. His battle was not only with the alien reality but also with human reactions to the unknown. I don’t think any of us could imagine how it must feel to wake up with strange creatures around, not in a state of semi consciousness, but wide awake. Think about the magnitude of what we are examining here before you answer that.
He ran toward the craft, sure he would meet wonderful space brothers, and what he found was far from it.
The idea of multiple sightings in Hyneck and NICAPs days was frowned upon. It was usually dismissed as a product of either hallucination or a hoax. Many reports were not made public or were dismissed because they wanted UFOs to be taken seriously. It was hard enough to make the powers that even look into the subject matter. As always humans decided what these aliens should do, or shouldn’t do, based upon the pre-conceived agenda we have given them.
Talk of aliens and you were dessert for the debunkers. Especially if you were, let’s just say, not a professional, to be polite. In these days, however, there have been thoroughly researched cases where multiple interactions with UFOs have been documented by MUFON and others. As far as the UFO close encounter, many witnesses have reported quasi- religious feelings. That is exactly how some process their encounters. Now as far as the debunkers pointing out Walton was not dehydrated after 5 days of captivity, I guess they got me on that one. I can’t think of any way the aliens could have given him water.
At this point you may be at least open minded enough to say:
I agree the way everyone handled this case was very unprofessional from the on-start. This ended up clouding the picture. None of the tests were conclusive. Most people believed these men saw something. They are still alive today. Perhaps another lie detector test is in order…
“The following report on the final polygraph examination of Travis Walton, Mike Rogers and Allan was actually sponsored by a skeptic, Jerry Black. The test was performed with the latest state of the art equipment, by Cy Gilson, the most highly respected polygraph expert”.
The relevant questions asked during the polygraph test, and the answers given, are reproduced here:

Of course the resilts of this test can't be right TRAVIS was in his right mind.

UFO Media Matters


  1. Cy Gilson was my uncle, and his
    professionalism and his skill as a polygraph expert are perhaps unmatched amongst his peers in the field of polygraphy as a forensic tool.

    we discussed this Travis Walton and crew test, and back then, Cy told me that he was more or less forced to rethink the "humans are the sole form of intelligent life in the universe" concept, something most Catholics cannot handle admitting too very readily or freely.

    I support his conclusion that the men told the truth, and I think that the absurdity of assuming 'human' life is the only 'intelligent life' in the Universe, speaks for itself.

    it wouldn't surprise me if life elsewhere has since marked the Earth a; "no visit zone, no intelligent life there" based on the insipid propensity for humans to kill everything they cannot understand or comprehend.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for responding to my heart felt post on Travis Watson. He never tried to seek the limelight for a long time and what was done to him by both dogmatic skeptics and even some UFO researcher was not fare. You uncle was a skeptic but a real skeptic a man of honor who allowed the evidence to speak for itself. He was so good very few debunkers have had the nerve to attack him and believe me in this field that is saying something. I am sorry if your uncle passed away he was an honest man and the world needs more of that type of character.I
    We also need to stop treating many UFO witnesses as if they have sunk to bottom of the borrow by just stating what happened. Something extraordinary happen to that man. A friend of mind sat with him at dinner and he said Travis was a humble human being. Your uncle was a truth seeker a great man and I am sure he helped make the world a better place. I will use this email in a future post unless you object. It will about UFO witnesses motives that sometimes even when we think a person ,by his background, may not be impeccable, they may still be telling the truth.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Bog

  3. Will someone please put this thing to rest and go find the other five men involved in the incident and ask them again to tell what happened. Hoaxes are usually revealed years later, especially when seven people, most of which received no money from the story are involved. Or did they receive money? Get my drift? Go talk to the other five men not just Travis and Mike Rogers.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you. Travis and three of the other witnessed took a lie detector test by a skeptic they all past. Travis because a recluse for a while after the incident but finally wrote a book decades later. He speaks some time at some of the UFO conferences. My friend Gary met him and from what my friend has said he is a very humble guy.
    Thanks again
    Joe Capp
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. BDF

    Aliens live among us, they do exist and to them we are aliens as well.

  6. so much can be said about the travis walton story as well as others who have encounters of there own and are most likely much like my own but we dont tell of our experiences becouse of the disbelievers and people who just refuse that there could be more out there then what we understand or refuse to except! For myself I choose to believe the Travis Walton story. As far as my own encounter, it was sometime from the last 60's to early 70's that myself along with my sister,and our parents were abducted from our home in Maryland and taken to a family members home in Tennessee, we were taken to this family member for a short visit and brought back to our home in Maryland, They are many other details to my story that may be told one day, but for now I will just leave things here!!

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for writing and if you ever want to tell what happened UFO Media Matters would be honored to report your story here.
    My Personal email is Travis Walton is suppose to be at the International UFO Conference I am looking forward to meeting him. For year Travis would talk to anyone about this subject because of the way the treated him but I am glad he is back and helping to expose the truth.
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  9. who the hell is travis watson?

  10. Travis Walton was a young man who was abducted by ETs. The story was huge when it happened because he was missing for 5 days and they thought his friends had killed him. They were claiming they came upon an UFO craft and Travis ran out to it a beam shot him and he was slammed backwards. When his six friends witnessed this they took off in the truck when they finally got back their courage they went back and he and the object was gone. Just Goggle Travis Walton and UFO and you will find the rest of the story. By the way they all past lie detector test given them by the police.

  11. The person who started this by claiming it was a hoax mentioned that he graduated. The person's grammer and spelling is horrible and if he knew that people were going to read it, why didn't he use a dictionary? His grammer would have remained bad but he at least would have spelled words correctly.

    My question is this: Have you ever interviewed an abductee who is a Christian?

  12. why didn't the investigator check
    immediately with the Air Force to see if they were in the area and flashed him with a chopper or if they noticed anything that night?