Friday, April 6, 2007

Part I Travis Walton The Hoax That Wasn't

Travis Walton: The Hoax that Wasn’t
Part One:
By Joseph Capp

Sometimes the truth is hiding in the spin.

Wednesday, November 5, 1975
Seven men working a “tree-thinning” contract (9 years in business) in Turkey Springs, Arizona returning home from working late due to trying to meet a deadline, sight a UFO craft in a clearing in the woods.
They report to an officer later that they had spotted a UFO hovering there and a fellow worker, Travis Walton, ran towards the UFO despite their warnings. He then was hit by a beam of light from the object. He was knocked back ten feet and lay unmoving.
Frightened, the remaining six fled in the car. When they returned later, he was gone, so was the craft. They reported it to the police two hours later. The police officers returned with them to the site and after a through search Travis was officially listed as missing.
On Nov 10th, suspecting foul play, the authorities asked the 6 members of the crew to take polygraph exams. They agreed. Five passed the test; one was inconclusive.
On Nov 11th, five days later, Walton calls his brother-in-law at 12 midnight and begs him to pick him up. When he is found, he appears visibly frightened. He starts babbling about spaceships and aliens.
The story gets picked up by the national press then the circus moves in including the UFO researchers.

“The Skeptical Inquirer” and its late truth machine; Phillip Klass weigh in on this “laughable story” by attacking the characters of the 7 men and the evidence supporting their story.

Debunkers’ Concerns:
1. The young man, Travis Walton, had a expunged record (burglary) so Mr. No Klass mentioned the record in his book, but didn’t mention how he came by this fact. Of course, this should have been a plus to Walton’s character, since he did get the conviction wiped off the record by doing what was right, but Klass didn’t represent it that way in the book. Travis had revealed his youthful offence in the primary examination after the UFO incident.
2. Mr. Klass had valid data which indicated that certain information had been withheld intentionally by APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) which was based in Tucson, Arizona. (Travis Watson failed his first polygraph test administered by an expert with 10 years experience, hired by APRO).
3. Travis took a second Polygraph test (two months later) and he passed, but Klass pointed out the examiners only had 2 years experience and was instructed what questions to ask.
4. The motive given for the hoax by the debunkers and others is: Mike Rogers, owner of the business for nine years,” had grossly underestimated the magnitude of the job and could not complete it on time” This would result in payment held up till spring unless he could prove an act of God –which this was.

The Walton family are described as a “UFO Freak family” because they believed that UFOs were space ships from other worlds. Some members of the family had claimed to have witnessed UFO craft. "I'm not surprised,” said one member, “I don’t think he (Travis) is on this earth. Duane, his brother, “the psychopath” said "Travis will be found; the UFO's are friendly” when he was questioned by the authorities right after the disappearance. Travis Walton admitted that his father, who deserted them, believed in UFOs. “Klass noted: “no concern expressed by family” therefore they knew his disappearance was a lie and family was fantasy prone. And, yada, yada, yada…

By the way, just a note, under the freedom of information act documents were de-classified to indicate activity by UFOs in and around the areas at that time:

“DOD, USAF, and CIA document reveal that during October, November, and December of 1975, reliable military personnel repeatedly sighted unconventional aerial objects in the vicinity of nuclear-weapons storage areas, aircraft alert areas and nuclear-missile control facilities at Loring Air Force Base, Maine; Wurtsmith AFB Michigan; Malstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota…”

There is no doubt the press thought this was a good story - but never real. Listen to the tale weaved by the “National Inquirer” journalist Jeff Wales – never a real champion of the abduction story.
From the man who picked Wales up: "The brother has taken charge and the brother is some kind of… The kid is scared to death of him and so is our reporter."
Jeff Wales, upon seeing Travis’s brother for the first time reported “The cowboy (Travis Watson’s brother Duane) was no disappointment. He was one of the meanest and toughest-looking men I've ever seen - in his late twenties, a rodeo professional and amateur light-heavyweight fighter, a total abstainer, broad-shouldered, T-shirt packed with muscle, chiseled-down hips, bow legged, eyes full of nails, tense, unpredictable.”
"Nobody is going to laugh at my brother," he told Wales.
Wales replied… “we would hide them away and pay the kid a grand to tell his story”
“To our relief the cowboy agreed - but not, he said, because of the money, because his brother had a true story to tell which would enlighten the world”.
“Our first sight of the kid (Travis) was at dinner in the hotel dining room that night. It was a shock. He sat there mute, pale, twitching like a cornered animal. He was either a brilliant actor or he was in serious funk about something”.
UFO Media Matters

Part II
Walton: The Man With Second Chance.


  1. He and his work crew were not lying.

  2. Thank you casey,
    for posting a comment here. What I wrote came from my heart. I really think Travis Walton displayed a great deal of character over the years. I believe he was exploited by both sides. while having to relive this experience in his mind; what horror.
    This continuing treatment of UFO witnesses is a disgrace. Most witnesses are sincere and have not committed any crime, they need to be treated with respect, and this was not done from day one with Travis...or his crew. Today we are starting to see others come forward and one day, I believe Travis and his crew will go down in history as testifying honestly about a truly freighting, but true experience.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Here's the thing. In his book, he states that he saw human-looking beings there, as well as your prototypical alien types.This is 1975.I'm not sure when the idea of these aliens are visiting here because they need genetic material because their race is dying out started , but it would seem that this case is an indication of that.

    I have seen a UFO, as has my grandfather.No one else in my family has seen one, nor will any claim to have. Where we are from, it is not a good idea to claim any sort of weirdness, kind of like that part of Arizona back then---you just didn't go against the norm.
    I commend mr. walton and the crew.

  4. Thsnk You,Of course Travis had been fed booze to get him to say that. I was a trained certified NYS counselor in my younger days, work with hudreds of doctors, social workers. None of them ever fed a patient alcohol to get a story of them.
    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. I got abducted by an alien when I was 12. We listened to the geto boys together and then he dropped me off. A week later I discovered a tattoo on the bottom of my foot of a half eaten apple with a smiling worm coming out of it. I was to young to be tattooed in anyshop, so I think the alien gave me the tattoo and erased my memory of having it tattooed on my foot. It's so good to know that there are people out there with an open mind.

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  8. I think anyone who truly believes that we are the only planet that has intelligent life(out of billions, literally), is an absolute nutcase. It amazes me how close-minded and insecure people are. They just wake up each day and believe what the government and "mainstream society" tells them to believe. I can't imagine living such a shallow, boring, brainwashed life of mediocricy. Travis Walton's story has more evidence and proof which proves it's validity than the skeptics have against it. Put it this way, if you presented a case in a courtroom with 7 witnesses testifying under oath, I think that would be enough to get a verdict on any decision. Yet these shallow skeptics who are too afraid to open their brainwashed, mediocre minds still doubt them. They say "bring us evidence". I say, "bring me evidence that we're alone."

  9. Dear Passion,
    Travis will be coming out with a second book.I would like Travis to go under hypnosis to try and find out what happen for the 5 days he can't remember.


  10. "I got abducted by an alien when I was 12. We listened to the geto boys together and then he dropped me off. A week later I discovered a tattoo on the bottom of my foot of a half eaten apple with a smiling worm coming out of it. I was to young to be tattooed in anyshop, so I think the alien gave me the tattoo and erased my memory of having it tattooed on my foot. It's so good to know that there are people out there with an open mind."

    Wow. That sounds completely plausible. Not psychotic at all. Maybe they were trying to tell you to kill hitchhikers. Good luck with that.

  11. I personally saw Travis Walton be accused as a damnable liar on national television. He was drunk hiding in a small hunting hutch owned by his mother... evidence of his being there, ie. beer cans, pork & bean cans, potato chip bags, with his fingerprints on them etc. proved that he stayed there. When accused on national TV by debunker Philip Klaus, he did NOT respond.
    Everything he reported was a complete fabricated hoax. He apparently did it for the the money and the fame. What a total liar. I would tell him the same thing to his face.

    I know I'm late to this conversation, and there's a good possibility that no one will read this.  Nevertheless, here's what my research on polygraphs has led me to believe.  First of all, it's not that uncommon for a polygraph to get something wrong—typically, by indicating that someone is lying, even though they're being truthful; however, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that a "normal" person (someone not from the intelligence game) could answer a legitimate question (an actual question of merit that means something to the subject; for instance, a question that might indicate someone is a liar who makes up stories about UFOs) with a bold-faced LIE (ie., question: do you believe you witnessed a UFO? answer: YES) and not get caught (or at least get flagged as suspicious) by even the most mediocre of examiners.

    Simply put: DECEPTION IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HIDE from a polygraph examiner.  In fact, that's why government agencies like the CIA, NSA, and US Customs and Border Protection use polygraphs when interviewing new candidates—not to see when they're telling the truth, but WHEN THEY ARE LYING!  So if Travis Walton says he was abducted by aliens, and the polygraph says he's being deceptive, he might be lying, or he could be nervous but telling the truth.  On the other hand, if he says he was abducted by aliens, and the polygraph sees no signs of deception, he really believes he was abducted by aliens.  Now, if six other people all confirm that story—that they witnessed what could only be described as a UFO shoot Walton with a blue beam of light that knocked him to the ground—you can take to the bank that they actually witnessed some truly f'd up sh*t (or at least very much believe they did)!  A regular, everyday person is just not trained or equipped to successfully avoid detection on these tests, not even by a half-competent polygraph examiner, and ABSOLUTE NOT BY SIX DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS!

    That is why the fact that 7 different [normal] individuals ALL answered YES to a question asking if they believe they saw an alien UFO is so incredibly compelling.  Even if it was all simply a hoax—be it a spur-of-the-moment kind of development, or a very well planned and orchestrated affair—yet 3 people still managed to successfully deceive their polygraph examiner, that alone would be a remarkable achievement, especially when you consider their professions (loggers who probably don't associate much with spies).  Yes, Travis Walton "failed" his first polygraph; however, polygraph examiners also know that factors like stress and anxiety— especially that which comes when a subject begins to over-value the results of their own test (example: if i fail this question, people will think i made everything up)—can easily cause a truthful answer to appear deceptive.  Another possibility to consider regarding this first test is that he was telling the truth—with the stress and anxiety the result of being only hours removed from an alien abduction; after all, we have no way of knowing, or even predicting for that matter, how a person might/should react to such a traumatic event like this.

  13. Also, here's my take on so many self-described "skeptics."  It's kind of ironic that [skeptics] have such high demands for evidence from anyone claiming to have seen a UFO, yet they regularly accept barely-circumstantial evidence—like the fact that Walton broke the law one time, several years ago—as enough to conclude that he must be lying.  They regularly disregard/dismiss/ignore highly credible witness testimony while considering old, second-hand rumor/opinion as definitive proof of a hoax.

    Yes it's true that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but i would submit that the shear volume of HIGHLY CREDIBLE, yet circumstantial evidence, is in itself, INCREDIBLY COMPELLING!