Thursday, November 18, 2010

UFOs: Anatomy of a fraud

The need to believe.

What is the difference between a hoax and outright fraud? For me at lease, a hoax is perpetrated to elicit an emotional response while a fraud involves some type of gain be it monitory or otherwise. On the internet alone in 2009 fraud and scams were rampant:
“From January 1, 2008 – December 31, 2008, the IC3 website received 275,284 complaint submissions. This is a (33.1%) increase when compared to 2007 when 206,884 complaints were received. These filings were composed of complaints primarily related to fraudulent and non-fraudulent issues on the Internet”

Has the UFO community been subject to outright fraud? I believe the Ray Santilli’s “Alien Autopsy” film and Jonathan Reed’s “Dead Alien” in a bag are two prime examples of UFO frauds. There are always groups of people in the UFO community who want to believe so much that to entertain opposite views are no longer a part of their UFO education. It is easy considering what debunkers do to UFO witnesses to just consider any opposite view a waste of time. But even in the face of hard core facts produced by good people within our community many still considered this as debunking. In one instance I was leaving the UFOIC in 2009 taking a shuttle to the airport with other attendees. There was a discussion between a UFO researcher and a producer of b-grade UFO movie short subjects. The producer, even though she was told Santilli admitted the film was an outright fraud continued to argue the film was real. The argument she presented of course ended up blaming the government…so what else is new? This loss of common sense is better understood if you remember what we are dealing with. If you see something so extraordinary and unexplained the very mention of it may change for worst the way people respect you it can become an emotional tornado. The more unbelievable the UFO/paranormal experience, the more the need not be judged. No matter what the John Wayne’s among our communities say being believed helps to bring closure to the shock of what you witnessed. This need, as human as it is, sometime creates great empathy for others and can be used by evil people for their own gain. This over extended empathy can make anyone valuable and subject to fraud.

We must all be reminded that sensational literature, books, DVD, can truly make money and any time money is involved our community must be over cautious. Books like “Communion” and “Day after Roswell” make millions of dollars. This potential payday could easily perk the interest of unscrupulous people who view you and myself as nothing more than fools.

“Dr.” Jonathan Reeds is a prime example of how to fool most of the people some of the time. This guy constructed the perfect con for the UFO community. The first thing a con must have is someone or something to back up his or her story. Good old Jonathan had video, photos and a friend. The friend “Robert Raith” went along for the ride. Now what is so great about Reed is he had no real evidence even to the extent that “Dr. Jonathan Reed had no past.

Here is a quick synopsis of his description of the encounter from the UFO Casebook:

On the day in question, Reed's dog was sniffing around in the brush until something caught her attention. Suzy bolted ahead of Reed who soon heard her barking. In a moment or two, the barking turned even more ominous sounding. Reed was sure that Suzy was in a fight with a wild animal, maybe a bear. They had spotted one earlier in the day. Grabbing a large tree branch to ward off some fierce competitor, he finally came close enough to see the cause of the struggle. To his utter shock, he was staring at a being beyond his wildest imagination.

The beast was moving at lighting speed, and vibrating simultaneously. The beast grabbed Suzy and began to tear her to shreds. Reed yelled, and caught the attention of the beast, who stared at him in a fierce, menacing fashion. Somehow, Reed managed to crack the beast on the head, supposedly killing it. The creature was about 4-5 feet tall, but had more mature features than its childlike size would indicate. The creature was wearing a one piece, seamless, black garment, which rejuvenated itself when cut or torn. Reed, exhausted from the emotional, adrenaline flowing ordeal, rested for a time, contemplating what to do.

After a period of two hours, Reed heard a humming sound in the forest, and followed it until he saw a black obelisk hovering above the ground. Fighting off heavy, electrostatic laden air, Reed managed to touch the obelisk. Eventually, the humming stopped. He neither saw nor heard anyone... or anything else in the vicinity of the black obelisk. The doctor was sick, and totally exhausted, but tried to regain his strength. Darkness was drawing near, so Reed wrapped up the alien in a thermo blanket for the long one and a half hour journey back to transportation.

All the while, a thousand thoughts went through his head. Was what he had the discovery of the century? If so, how could he preserve and protect it? Arriving home, he placed the alien in a freezer in his garage. Soon he fell into a deep sleep. The next day, he went back to the freezer, took out the alien, and all the while manipulating the alien body parts, videotaped the creature.

He tried to find some friends to share the experience, but managed only one. He tried to hide his photos and videos with another friend, but the bulk of the evidence was ultimately lost, except for some that he managed to stow away.

Reed claims that he and his friend were followed everywhere they went, their lives threatened, and Reed's house ransacked. The alien, which had miraculously come back to life, was gone. Reed says that he had to live underground for 2 years, and could not get even one UFO group to help him with his story. He also claims to have been shot during the years following the ordeal.

Many, even some UFO researches, believed Reed and gave him the benefit of doubt. Reed claimed because the UFO researchers couldn’t find any past on him this gave his story credence. Of course if there was no Dr. Jonathan Reed you wouldn’t find any past. As the story continued it started to fall apart when people who knew this guy came forward to debunk his story:

“Bill Werner and Denise Charvet knew Jonathan Reed very well before October 1996, Both stated that his real name is Jonathan Bradley Rutter and told about information about his personal history that is contrary to what Jonathan has been stated on radio shows, in public lectures, Websites, etc,”

Oh but this didn’t stop people from believing Reed after all the government put these people up to lie about him. So as all good UFO researchers do they asked to have the video and photo evidence analyzed. Reed of course wouldn’t allow this, after all the government has the power to influence anyone and if they got a hold of these videos and these photos they would disappear.

So Reed and his buddy made the rounds on all the talk UFO radio shows. They continually promoted their book and made what I would think a nice little piece of cash. Those who challenged there story them were called debunkers by some in the UFO community.

Let me ask the reader this? How can we say on the one hand the premiere intelligence community has been able to keep the UFO/ET presence a fantasy in the public’s eyes for over 60 years and on the other hand will spend millions on suppressing a blurry video and a photo by a guy who has no real evidence?

What would you do if you wanted to make tens of thousands of dollars? How much money would it take to make a puppet with eyes that open and close? What would it take to make a UFO craft out of cardboard and paint? How easy would it be to make it look like it was hovering?

In the following Video you will see a small group do exactly that:

Fact Or Faked Jonathan Reed.

We all should be empathetic towards UFO witnesses who come forward publicly about their UFO experiences. However, when there is money involved we must be very cautious. There are people who will do anything for money including murder…faking a alien encounter would be nothing for people like that. Hoaxing and frauds do more to discredit the reality of UFOs and alien encounters than all the debunkers put together. It’s up to us to use common sense and independent evidence before we defend a story as being true and make real fools of ourselves.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog


  1. Your video doesn't it work. Says it is too long..??
    Regarding your interesting article---See some say that people who come foreward do so reluctantly for fear of ridicule and worse (remember that guy on that famous UFO cause that 'swamp gas' Hynec 'investigated in the 60s? he was distressed cause people vandalized his car etc. he really did look upset.

    So the thing is how to dig WHO aims to make money out of confessing to abduction or any form of UFO and 'ET' experience and who doesn't and seems humble and brave for revealing their experience publically. Do they ALL make money or is it just the Whitely Striebders?--remember he was already an established author

  2. Dear Muzuzu,
    I just want to let you know I fix the video.
    Thanks and take a look it's interesting.


  3. An excellent piece of writing and research... B J Booth, UFO Casebook

  4. Thanks.
    it made me laugh where he says how the 'alien' had such extraordinay strength to tear the dog like it did and then magically turn it to ashes (ooops there goes the evidence) but then allows itself to get hit over the head by a freaked out earthling weilding a piece of wood...? ;)

  5. Thanks Billy and thank you for your permission to quote from a great and balanced article you wrote on this case.


  6. Dear Muzuzu,
    Yep and it took him two years to go public. Perfect, i would like to know how much money they made. I know that "The Day After Roswell" made at 7 million dollars.

  7. "This loss of common sense is better understood if you remember what we are dealing with."

    A world filled with people who are lacking in common sense. ;O)

  8. Dear Frank,
    That's a nice easy answer but what you don't seem to understand is that many of these people believed the world was round , just like you, before their UFO encounter. Only those who have experienced UFOs up and personal know what a game changer that can be. You can't explain that to someone who has never experience it. It's like war you have to be there to truly understand. I know very conservative scientists that have been completely changed by close encounters.

  9. Hey Joe, we must be on same wavelength today :) particularly, becauee earlier I had been thinking about this. I remember many years ago reading some book about peoples encounters eeing UFOs up close and the emphasis of the book was the description of how they felt and how it affected their sense of reality in the moment. I was thinking I wished a) I had made a note of the book, and b) that I could find reports that really go into this, and how also the experience totally 'game changes' them.

    I have been reading lately about some pretty high strange encounters, and I feel that a big purpose of this strangeness is precisely to shake us out of rigid reality-tunnels imposed on us via propaganda from 'education' mass media, politics, science and so on

    Have you anywhere written any articles which really go into how such experience dramatically changed your worldview, and do you know of any sources that go into this please?

  10. Dear Muzu,
    I love two books on this subject go to amazon and put in "Hunt For the
    Skinwalker" That book describes the purchase of a ranch by Robert Bigalow for the purposes of investigating the continuing high strangeness the owners experienced for years on this ranch. There is also a book by Timothy Good called "Alien Liaison" which describes, in one section of the book, another ranch in a different state which experienced similar weird phenomenon. I have a post on the subject here and my opinions about the poor investigation done by "NIDS"
    part one and two here.
    Part 1
    Part 2


  11. We are doing live paranormal investigations where we will be recording everything on video and audio. Evps and full videos will be on our website there is also a forum for anyone to talk to us and its all free to join. we are the closest you will ever come to knowing the truth!

  12. Reed was still pushing his fraudulent account on the paranormal files (or whatever that latest paranormal investigations 'reality' show is).

    I've wondered if anyone ever bothered to establish if Suzy, the dog, existed. If she did there would no doubt be VET records of her spaying, shots, deworming ect. Yearly records at the very least.

    And was the name Jonathan Reed even the legal name of this fraudster?

    I'm just surprised and disappointed that he made it onto a tv show just a few months ago when there were/are so many truly fascinating cases that should be given attention.

    ~ Susan

  13. Thanks Brownie,
    I think Reed claimed the vets bills were wipe clean by...who else the government.


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  15. Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks I. C.,

    I hope to see you back here soon.

  17. It still amazes, Santilli cannot prove, has no proof, that he made the famous 'alien autopsy' video, yet people everywhere flippantly discount it because everyone knows ray Santilli made it, he admitted it etc... where is the outtake footage?

    The same goes for the Rutter/Reed story: UFOWatchdog or UFOCasebook or Abovetopsecret debunked his whole story, or so the story goes. People need to look further than the first site they find that debunks this story, but not many do. These sites are all guilty of misinformation. Please search youtube for user named Factnotfaked and watch the video entitled "Exposing the Lies of Fact or Faked - 2010 Hollywood vs The Real Thing from 1996 - Dr Reed Case".

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