Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Aliens Have Landed

A Halloween Joint

Please vote, and vote Democratic to save our country: JC

Please note: NY City has a new UFO phone hot line.You can find it here at:

“This is Rachel Maddox of MSNBC. It has been almost 24 hours since the President confirmed that beings from another planet will be landing in Washington at the National Mall. Most of you watching this program are aware yesterday every TV channels in America and across the globe was interrupted by an announcement by these beings from another planet. The transmission was audio so as of now we don’t know what their appearance might be. The announcement was simple and to the point and we are going to show it now again:

‘We are the Darcons from a planet 32 light years from your world. We will be landing at your National Mall in Washington DC tomorrow, November 11, 2011 at 11 pm. At that time we will make an important announcement to your species which will be broadcast on all of your networks. This is a peaceful landing.’

As you know this message has been gone over time and time again for hints to what it may mean. The part that has everyone worried was the last sentence- not so much what the statement said, but what was left out. Do they mean just the landing is peaceful or that they come in peace generally? The other part of this is that they didn’t ask to land. It was more of just informing us they are coming. Some are saying this is a bad omen.

We have two guests standing by who may be able to shed light on this. First, we have James Oberg, a science writer and former employee of NASA. We also have long time UFO researcher and scientist, Stanton Friedman.

Good evening, gentleman. James, what are your ideas on what is happening here? Do you believe that this visit is proof that all of the UFO reports in the past were real? What is your take on the questions and fears others have expressed?”

Oberg: “I have been writing for years that we have no proof that UFOs were alien craft. Science needs to have proof and what has been reported and investigated just didn’t rise to that level of proof. We have no idea whether this visit has anything to do with UFOs. This may be the first contact between our two species. They may have just arrived. As far as the last sentence and lack of protocol, these are all part of our world and may not be fully understood by these other world beings. I don’t think we should try to interpret this in any way as being hostile.”


“ Stanton, what do you think about what James has said and what is your take on what is happening? Do you think these beings are part of the UFO cover-up?”

Stanton Friedman:

“Well, if you’re asking me do I believe there is enough evidence that UFOs are real, I ask you what other proof do you need? Of course, we who have investigated credible reports of these craft couldn’t produce a UFO on cue, as Oberg and other scientists wanted. However, we have documented proof that something was flying in our skies and we didn’t know what they were. The mainstream scientists, the ‘Skeptical Inquirer” including Oberg, were adamant in claiming UFOs were not worthy of investigation. I would like to ask Mr. Oberg if he thinks they are worth it now?”

James Oberg:
“We don’t know if this has anything to do with UFOs.”


“Stanton, to continue, what is your take on the ETs intention? Do you think, as others have said, that these beings could be the ETs that are reported abducting people? Also Dr., do you still claim the government knew about these ETs and have covered up the crash at Roswell?

“In my many years of studying this I find that abductions, though traumatic, have not been violent in nature. It seems more like one species trying to study another. The government, as far as I’m concerned, has known about the Extra-terrestrial presence at least since the 1940s. As for their intentions, if these are the beings from the UFOs, they have been around for a while. If they wanted to take us out they had ample time. One more thought: these ETs may not be the same ETs that crashed at Roswell. If one species from another planet was able to get here then it stands to reason there may be more.”

“More than one ET? That boggles the mind. We thank both of you and now we turn to the U.S. Senator Susan Collins, lead ranking member of Homeland Security. Senator Collins, Fox news interviewed Sara Palin and asked her what her take was on this “ET” landing. Let me read what she said:

‘I am not sure the message is truthful… Why did the Obama administration just allow them to land? Is it possible the government is involved in some type of disinformation by producing a hoax? Also, as you know, I am a Christian woman and the bible states at the end time there will be signs in the heaven and the earth. That Satan will lead many astray. Could these be Satan’s demons pretending to be aliens? Everything is possible now.’

Rachel: “So what do you think of her statement?”


“Well, if these are demons, they are using a massive ship to get here. We actually have the craft on radar in orbit and we know that whatever is here has technology. As for the hoax idea by our government, that’s as crazy as the demon idea.”


“How about her statement that these beings were allowed to land without protest? What about Obama’s decision not to have a military presence where they land?”

“In the first place we didn’t have two way communications with these intelligences. When they made the announcement we were able to track their craft in orbit but other than that we have not be able to communicate with them. The president decided that no matter who these beings are they will be welcomed in peace. Remember, they came from another star system with technology we could only dream about. If they wanted to hurt us it would have done it already. To attack their craft would be foolhardy. Remember, before this happened scientists didn’t think they could get here. As for landing without permission, they might not quite understand our customs.”

“ Senator why do you think they decided to land in the United States?”


“We have discussed and we put forward several reasons, the prominent one being the United Nations is here. Another reason may be the Unites States is home to more races, cultures and religions than anywhere else on earth: a complete representation of our species.”


“Thank you Senator, and now we are nearing the time of the landing and I think… if we can just move the camera to the sky…I think I see a light- almost likea star, but getting brighter. This just in from the military…a small craft has left the large craft in orbit and is heading towards the DC area. As you can see on your TV sets, the craft is getting larger. It looks almost very much saucer shape. I really can’t believe it. Well, for all purposes, as you can plainly see, this craft resembles the flying saucers many have reported. James Oberg, are you still there?”

James Oberg: “Yes I am”

Rachel: “What is your take that this craft looks like a classic flying saucer?”

Oberg: “ I have to say the object does look similar to what has been reported.”


“We still have Stanton Friedman standing by… Stanton…,”

Stanton Friedman. “Yes, I am here.”

“Witnessing this classic flying saucer land, do you feel vindicated?

“Well I think there should be a great deal of apologizing in many places. UFO witnesses had to endure sarcasm not only from the debunkers but from scientists and the media. Right now, unless the government wants to release its information about this subject, we the UFO researchers, know more than anyone else about these people from another world.”

“Thank you both. We now go back to the ship which seems to be a few hundred feet up. It seems to be landing slowly. We have 30 seconds to 11 pm. It seems at this rate the ETs may be a little late. As we wait and watch we want to update you on a story from yesterday. It has been confirmed that some right wing militia groups are standing vigil tonight and they are armed. They have issued a statement and I quote: ‘Any UFO that tries to land on their property will be fired on.’

It is now ten seconds to 11pm and the ETs are going to be late. I guess their precisely is not our precisely…Unbelievable, folks! The object just shot from a hundred feet up to ten feet above the pavilion! Our close-up camera couldn’t follow it because it was so fast. The object is just hovering there a panel now opens… couldn’t even tell it was there… and something is coming out. Oh my God! As you can see they are floating down to the podium. They look like classic aliens….Stanton are these the types that has been reported?”

“Yes, the small beings with the big heads are the most reported and part of the Roswell/Corona crash.”

“The beings are close to the podium and I think they’re getting ready to speak so let’s listen to what they have to say:.

‘To the predominant species on earth: There are many species from other planets who have come here but we were the first. We have a strict policy of non-interference except in one instance: If a species comes to a point where their presence will kill a life bearing planet then we interfere to save the planet. You have come to this cross roads and continue to push this planet to its brink. In one hundred years, if you don’t stop, your planet will turn into a similar planet in your system the one you call the planet Venus. We don’t believe in violence and destruction. We are not invaders. Today is November 11; we came on the 11th hour. Next month, on December 21st at 11 pm the last child will be born on your planet. Your species will die out in a generation. We, in conjunction with other species will put your planet back into balance but we will not take over your planet or inhabit it. A living planet belongs to all species not just one. We will let God’s evolution decide the future dominant species for this planet; maybe they will be wiser. Your welcome on this planet is over.”


“This is unbelievable. Could what they be saying be real…oh Hell, excuse me, wait a minute the object is getting so bright it …it ..I can’t believe it just seemed to wink out… like a of a light that imploded... It’s gone! It was amazing I need a second…We now are waiting for a word from the president. Stanton are you still there”

Stanton: “Yes”


What is your take on this could this happen?”

Stanton: “ I have to say I never thought these ETs would be that hostile. I am completely at a loss... but to get to your question. If they say they can do it than believe me from what has been reported, they can”

Rachel: “I have just been informed the President is ready to speak”

Happy Halloween

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog


  1. Hi Joe,

    Pretty realistic in many ways. Enjoyed the fiction regardless. That said, the only vote IMO is to NOT re-elect ANYONE. IF now is NOT the time to enforce term limits on EVERYONE what is?

    Literally, if someone is unopposed in the ballot - don't cast a vote in that contest. And IF someone is an incumbent, often marked with an astrick on the ballot - simply do NOT vote for them.

    Now is the time to go to Libertarians, Green Party -- etc. If not now, when?

    Rick Phillips

  2. Dear N4ever,
    For me the choice is clear. There are democrats that I am angry at. But a no vote is sending a message to the tea party. I have been on the planet for over a half a century and the Tea Party is the worst group of people I have witnessed since the days of the KKK. The Libertarians in many cases are raciest. The idea that they think the civil rights act was wrong is horrible. The federal government has a right to stop practices by any state that infringes on the rights of the individual American. Gays, Athirst, even the KKK all have rights equal to any other Americans.
    The Libertarians were out there screening about the civil rights movement I was there when it happened. That they thought States"
    rights superseded human rights gives you an idea of how selfish they are.
    Joe Miller in Alaska and Ron Paul are nut jobs. They use gestapo tactics on journalist won't answer questions (except on Fox) and basically have no plan except to throw our old and our sick American to the to the corporate wolfs. Many of them are Christian too and nothing like what Christ preached.
    I will not throw away my vote. I may not agree with everything the democrats do but at least they are trying. I will state here and now that some day Obama will be acknowledge as one of our greatest president. The tea party will eventually crawl back into the hole they emerged from but horror groups like that will be back.

  3. You morons think this is a joking matter , have a huge wake up call coming ...arrogance will be you downfall

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Humor is what makes us human.


  5. Tea Party?

    Alice in wonderland. These terms are not merely 'catchy,' they are symbolic in nature. Can't believe people still believe theres a division between the two parties.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    There is a major difference in the parties. The Republicans as a party since the beginning was in the pockets of big business. If you don't think so 230 million dollars have been spent in this election by big business supporting Republicans. How stupid do you think big corporations are? They seem to think there is a difference. The Republicans headed by Bush removed and gutted ever oversight program we had. They removed restraints on Off shore drilling. On Slush funds you name it the pushed it. They want to end social security as we know it. Your probably a young man but SS saved my life. The idea that they will put the social security funds into the Stock Market and strip Wall Street of any oversights is the height of arrogance and stupidity. But what do they care they don't need SS all they need it a set of golf clubs.
    When was the last time you saw a liberal politician's goons step on a women head as Ron Paul's goons did. Or hand cuff a journalist as Joe Miller did. When was the last time you saw a liberal politician refused to be interviewed what does the tea party candidates have to hide. This is the beginning of a Nazi party in Americana blaming the Jews only in this case it's the Mexicans. The Democratic party along with Obama has tried time and time again to pass sensible legislation through the congress, legislation that even the republicans help work on and they filibustered them. The American are so stupid that they are going to elect some of the most extreme unqualified people in the history of America to office out of anger that in many was was there own fault or didn't most of the people re-elect bush. I didn't loose a dime in the stock market the reason being that I knew the bubble was a scam. I knew the inflated housing market would go bust because I knew the republican and what they were doing.
    So think all the parties are the same that is exactly what the Republican and all of the corporate dogs want you to think. Though Fox "news" the tea party creeps have been exposed to lying propaganda for two years and are as as indoctrinated as any Nazi goon squads were in Germany. For me I will vote not only vote democratic but I will be proud to vote for honest discourse, continued SS and Mediacare, mimimum wage, unenployment beinfits and all the thinks the republianc will distroy if they get into office.
    Thank God for the democrats without them we would have no hope. Do a little bit more reading when you make statements like they are all the same they are not!
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. Generally speaking, I wish UFO editorialists would avoid political discussion. In nearly all cases the political commentary has only served to lower my opinion of the individual or organization making the commentary. People who, in the course of editorializing about UFOs, normally seem quite rational magically lose their ability to think critically when speaking of political matters.

    I have long since abandoned the practice of debating specific political points because the points are driven by deep value systems either passed on from others (parents or idols) or otherwise seated in unsupported ideals. Instead, I simply recommend texts that begin to form a logical basis for discussion of political matters. One place I usually start is with Pugsley’s Alpha Strategy. While certainly not perfect, the rational basis of many of his arguments is quite sound.

    With that out of the way, by all means let’s get back on topic. I enjoyed the Wellsian portrayal of an announced alien landing. If nothing else, it clearly demonstrates the absurdity of making contact in such a fashion.

  8. Dear Empiricist,
    Thank you very much for you comment. I don't feel the way you do. There are many right wing nuts in the UFO community and at this crucial time in our nation we are about to vote in the most unqualified people in the world to congress. This nation is angry I get it. But to vote in fascist who won't ever answer question for the press and than tries to beat them up when they do try to ask questions reminds me of the NAZI goons in the second world war. The NAZI party did the same as the tea party they used their nations anger to blame the Jews and the liberals who they called Communist. The NAXI were at 33% popularity when they took power. There is a grat deal of government haters in the UFO community. I don't mind taking my shots at them. Most of the people who read my blog know that I do not subscribe to horrible government conspiracies that are put out there nor do I care if people who can't handle the facts about the them. Many web pages will not run my blog when I post anything political. I understand that. But I am non-commercial and I don't care. I started this because I felt there was so much intimidation by the debunkers and some UFO researchers toward UFO witnesses that I decided to be a voice for them.
    This is the most critical time in my history of voting. I believe the hatred directed toward the Mexican people and liberals and American Muslim is a diversion away from the people really causing our problems the corporate n socialpathic power mongers who have bought this election with both domestic and foreign money. Those who now vote out of anger will be sorry for the day they did it. I am old by the time they end social security as we know it or medicare or any entitilment program that shows one American cares for other American I will be dead. But the rest of you have to face it and I feel sorry for you all.
    I can go to my grave thankful that my voice of caring for others in my country was aired and that I didn't blame the government just the republican agenda for the mess we are in.
    Good luck America with the facist you vote in. By the way I never voted for Bush I feel very vindicated.
    Thank you for your comment
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial blog

  9. Joseph,
    I want to thank you for your humor. I've been looking for the truth, digging, searching for a year and a half now... what is TRULY out there is unbelieveable, sometimes horrible... so, you have to have a sense of humor, I know it helps me at times, especially with the "oh-shit" moments you have as a "ufo activist/researcher".
    My stand on politics: what the hell should I vote for? I want the TRUTH, I want CHANGE, and HUMAN RIGHTS. WHO in Washington stands for this?! If I were voting, it would be for Democrats. Republicans are extreme to me, and, I agree with Joseph on the SS... why would you take that away from us? Greed. The root of all evil... if only humanity would come together with ALL their "riches" for the greater of ALL mankind, what a global impact that would have on our planet. Instead, we cater to our egos, it's all about "elections", and how great this person is over that person... who has to have the most "power"...
    I saw a very touching video on YouTube, "The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes." I suggest to others: watch it. Think about what this little girl is saying.
    We ALL are capable of great things, but in my honest opinion- on our government- it needs an overhaul. My question to you, Joseph, is when will we come together to change this? Not as "states" with borders, and different countries- but as a WHOLE- Global. To me, this is when, and ONLY when, we, as HUMANity will be able to make our planet a better place.
    With Respect, Love & Light

  10. As you know this message has been gone over time and time again for hints to what it may mean. The part that has everyone worried was the last sentence- not so much what the statement said, but what was left out.

  11. For your sake, I hope you're correct in believing that you won't be around when the entitlement programs you've depended upon go belly-up.

    Furthermore, whether you like it or not, ours is not the only nation coming to the realization that money to finance the massive social programs that are so popular has run out.

    Rather than burden their grandchildren with the atrocious amount of indebtedness our government has saddled us with, the tea party people you label as Nazi types want the size of our government and its excessive spending habits reduced. Otherwise, it won't be long before our currency will be devalued and we'll all be carrying a suitcase of twenty-dollar bills to the grocer's to buy a loaf of bread.

    That's a scenario we voting-age citizens may deserve because of the voting choices we've made, but not one the tea party people would choose for their descendants.

  12. Hi Joe,
    With yourself being the original inspiration to write on the ufo phenomenon and Rick being a fellow traveler on the edge of it's possibilities, I could not help bu add a comment. All of us have been with this for decades.As for myself, the original momentum of scientific interest by the public from McDonald, Vallee, Hynek, Michel has been replaced by exopolitics, either overtly or inferred, which to my reckoning has little to do with the phenomenon itself. Paul Kimball said now it's more of a sociological phenomenon..to which in light of exopolitics bears some relation to the truth. I was very disappointed by Dolan's book which has nearly nailed the coffin shut on my interest, which is quite an accomplishment. The wonder and promise and suspension of belief has been replaced by prosaic considerations that frankly are personally well..boring. R.A Wilson said that dogma is attended by a lack of information, where maybe is information rich. I think the field has become so domesticated without the influence of science that it is at it's nadir. I can tell that by saying this several times on my own blog, no one wants to hear this. Well, I didn't begin writing to win a popularity contest. The UFO field is now more or less, a political field much to it's detriment.
    Best Wishes

  13. Dear Carrie,
    It's nice to know there are more liberals around the UFO community. In this country something unprecedented has happened. In the history of America never has a TV new channel funded by a billionaire from another country which doesn't report the news, but rather, propagandizes the news as a way to promote radical conservative views. They do this with trumped up facts and distorted reasoning. This is on the air 24hrs a day 7 days a week. That I have never experienced in this country before. Glen Beck is a prime example of the horror were facing. The NAZI party took over Germany with less support by the public than the tea party and they didn't have a big fox news organization behind them and actually giving donations to them. I ask you have you ever heard of that.
    This is dangerous because most of the people in the tea party do not do there homework or check the bullshit on fox.
    You have the talk of overthrowing the government now. Think about that a duly elected president and congress should be over thrown by a minority group who want there way no matter what. Sound familiar?
    I wish the world was as we both want it but there are some people who will not compromised. I doubt if you had talked sensibly to Hitler he wouldn't have compromised except to maybe fool you into complacency.
    However, I did have tears in my eyes when I watched the Daily's shows John Stewart and Colbert who had the great rally for "Reason" in DC. The hundreds of thousands of people that turned out even a couple "tea beggars" shows that things can change. That you can appeal to the higher side of people and they can understand the need to work together.
    One of the greatest impediments to this is fundamentalism. Jewish, Muslim and Christian. Because there is no bending if God says your right. That is the greatest divider that humans have ever faced because there is no room for compromise.
    There caring, reasonable loving people in this country...many of them. I sure there was in Germany at the time. But as the saying goes It just takes good people standing by and doing nothing that could mean the end of democracy. Even in America.
    I posted my encouragement because I think there is a right side in this. I think the democrats as imperfect as they are embody the caring of Christ... not the christian right. The only time Jesus got angry was at the capitalist money changers in the synagogue.
    I believe, as many reasonable believe, that although we like to think America allows all of it's citizen equal opportunity this in reality is the ideal not the reality.
    The young gay boy who committed suicide proves that. So I am proud to say I am with a party that history will bare out had the better vision of America the one which you are an American citizen and deserve, no matter what religion or lack there of, sexual orientation, financial status or
    political persuasion you are still an American deserving all the freedoms of other Americans. Without that America is a "sounding brass".
    Thanks Carie

  14. Dear Bruce,
    I agree but form politics arises ideas that change the course of humankind. However politics with out information is dangerous. We do have a group within the UFO community striving for this compassion and dignity for the witness. Science to verify their experience. That's where I stand and I am in the long run an optimist. We need sane voices like yours Bruce. Remember all it takes is a few good people standing by when nonsense happens to allow it to corrupt without challenge.
    Thanks Bruce

  15. Dear Anonymous,
    The dept is really caused by defense we spend more on defense, and this is a fact, than all other nations combined. What for to use a stealth bomber against people who live in caves.
    People are quick to point out the entitlement programs and this is nonsense. The deficit that spiral us into a trillion and half dept were passed and pushed by bush.
    The phony war in Irag and the trillion dollar tax cut for the highest income group in America. In fact he said at the time we didn't need the surplus. You see many people just forget the past. Of course other counties are doing this there are bottom feeder all over the world. But when have top people are earning 97 percent of the wealth, higher than ever before in the history of our country than I don't believe the problem is with trying to help your fellow American I think our problem is everyone doesn't want to pay there full share. I call them stingy selfish Americans and I stand by that statement.

  16. From Rachel Maddow's favorite ufologist (eat your hearts out, eager-believers!!)

    Hi, Joe, while we're all still giggling, let me remind you of Phil Klass's curse: "You will never know more than you do today about what UFOs are, and on your dying day you'll still be wondering." But what-the-heck, if you can make fun of people whose views you can't even accurately repeat, you'll have had a little counterfeit joy in life, and I can't begrudge you that if it's the best you can do. See you on the Rachel Maddow show, or when the space brothers arrive -- whenever.

    Jim O

  17. Dear Jim,
    My life is not UFOs it my grandchildren and my wife. I love poking fun at all of us me included. Don't stop laughing Jim. Phil K Lass's curse? Well I don't sit around losing sleep over that nether did I loose sleep over his explanation. If I did without knowing so what that life and death. I'm still going to have fun along the way.
    Joe Capp

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