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UFOs : Fact Or Fake

I don't usually highlight a show on TV but the Sci-Fy channel has started a new series called " Fact or Faked.= and it's excellent so far. Basically the shows premise is to find reported phenomenon including UFOs and try to find a logical explanation. The first two shows highlighted two cases I had put up on YouTube as very interesting. One case they took on was investigated by MUFON and was presented at a MUFON conference. The video shows three creatures with capes walking past surveillance cameras.
This is the clip I had presented on YouTube:

The debunkers took me on by claiming they were everything from dogs walking across the yard – to dummies being pulled along. These one line debunkers dumb statements are par for the course and you have to expect it. So with all their explanations in hand I decided to look at this video in a video editing program and when I was done nothing they claimed fit the bill. As you probably notice these creatures were extremely thin and wore some type of cape. Also if you look carefully they are walking not being pulled along. Flying ETs with capes have been reported all over Mexico including one police offers personal horrifying experience. Also in many well documented abduction experiences abductees have been reporting for years these almost insect looking beings…long and very skinny. They both seem to fit and I felt this was a good case. So it felt somewhat exonerated when "FACT OR FATE" investigated this case and found some interesting results, here is the clip below:

What I don't fathom in all of this, is the viciousness these people continue to emotionally vomit on the person who reported this. These "debunkers" casually look at these videos and have no compunction to ridicule and impinge someone's integrity livelihood and intelligence, not to mention their race if they are not white. I believe the UFO witnesses deserve to be defended even though I will get attacked also.

If one ET has arrived on earth than others have and an evolving intelligent insect race on some planet does not seem impossible some of the insects on this planet are pretty smart already.

There is two things that happens when you are so closed minded you can't see, the first is a blindness to what you automatically disregard externally and a blindness internally to being wrong. What a sad, egotistical life.

Note: The second case will be highlighted on a future Post.

"Fact or Faked" on the Sci-Fy channel is a good show and I highly recommend it.

PS: John Ventre asked me to post this and I gladly agreed:

Pennsylvania leads the Nation in UFO Sightings

"UFO's. . . Seeing is Believing". The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network will present it's 3rd Annual UFO Conference's on Saturday October 9th, 2010 from 8am-5pm at the Sheraton Hotel 400 Oxford Valley Rd Langehorne Pa 19047 and on Saturday October 16th 2010 from 10am to 6pm at the Westmoreland Community College 145 Pavillion Ln Youngwood, Pa 15697.
Pennsylvania has been the epicenter of the world's largest UFO wave since the summer of 2008. There have been over 650 UFO reports filed with MUFON from Pittsburgh to Philly over the past two years. John Ventre, the Pennsylvania State Director for MUFON stated, "We're getting clusters of sightings from every town from Pittsburgh to Philly along the southern half of the state. We have 151 reports in the Pittsburgh-Westmoreland County area and 355 in the Philly area. I get reports of UFO's coming in from Lake Erie in Ohio and across Wheeling, West Virginia into the Pittsburgh area and they are seen minutes later on the Eastern part of the state.
The Conference will present a combination of expert Paranormal, Abduction and UFO speakers.

Speakers include Richard Dolan who has written numerous books on the government coverup, Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters, Budd Hopkins on Abductions, Kathleen Marden on Betty and Barney Hill, Peter Robbins who investigated the Rendlesham Forrest UK incident, John Ventre of the Mutual UFO Network, Stan Gordon will present Kecksburg then and Leslie Kean who sued NASA will present Kecksburg now on the 45th anniversary.

"The quality of speakers at this Conference rivals the larger pricier conferences that take place around the country", said Ventre.

Professional presentations and vendor tables will highlight this conference in an academic setting. "We also have a few surprises for the audience and they are not Halloween tricks", said Ventre.
Admission price's are $20 in Pitt and $30 in Philly. Advance orders and the Conference agenda can be obtained at John Ventre's website at or . John Ventre can be reached at 724 836 1266 or at
The Mutual UFO Network was founded in 1969 after the US Air Force concluded their 17 year Project Blue Book study of UFO's and concluded that UFO's are not a threat to National Security. "They never said UFO's don't exist. There is overwhelming evidence that they do. I believe this is an aviation safety issue. The only reason there are not more collisions is because of their ability to manuever, not ours", said Ventre.

Mufon has 2700 members worldwide and over 900 certified investigators. The Pennsylvania MUFON branch has 129 members and 21 certified investigators. Anyone interested in joining MUFON can speak to John Ventre or one of the many investigators that will be at the conference from Pa, WV, NY, NJ and Ohio. "One thing I know fromconducting my investigations: if you've seen one, you believe", said Ventre.

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  1. Thank you or posting this- You did a great job

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for taking the time out to make a comment, and thanks again for being so kind.


  3. I too, watch this episode of Fact or Fake with great curiosity. I had not considered the "insectoid alien" scenario.

    Has the original filmer of the incident had any further encounters?

    I would love to see higher resolution video taken, if at all possible. A 3ccd camera rigged to a PC by firewire would take some awesome video. And Sony makes the beside night vision camera out there.

    As for the man's fear, if neither he nor his animals were harmed, I really don't think he has a lot to worry about. The press generally likes to inspire fear of the unknown, but, to my logical mind it works like this; THEY have the technology (obviously) to travel light-years to get here. Stands to reason that they would have the technology to take this world over, without much damage to themselves. And yet, we're still here. Maybe they're NOT so hostile as some are trying to lead us to believe?

  4. Dear hallrr2,
    I believe when we are all caring around hd smart phones with nigh vision capabilities we will all see some very interesting video and photos. This happened I think two years ago. As usual the he was called a hoaxer and all types of stuff. I was thinking why they didn't ask him that themselves. It may have been he said something off camera and that is why they visited that wooded area. I can see why he he may be hesitant about going on camera to talk about more experiences.
    Either way something is weird around that house.

  5. The thin legged creature walking across the lawn episode was especially intriguing,but as for the show itself....well...12 year olds might like it,but serious investigation is not their forte. Its just another slap together rapid fire ,no substance concoction that passes for TV these days. I mean in the thin legged creature episode they made so much noise crossing that open field a deaf man could have heard them. The thermal imager picked up heat sources which they assumed, without reasonable evidence, that they were the creatures who crossed the lawn. Those thermal sources could have been human or animal as well. Why on this show is there such an insistence upon expensive high technology ,which seems to conveniently lose battery power when things get interesting. Wouldn't it have been more prudent when tracking the alleged creatures to sit quietly hidden at the edge of the open field with a pair of 10X50 binoculars and just observe instead of tromping through the grass like a heard of elephants. And the incessant talking while tracking the creatures? through a darkened night, when one's voice can carry for long distances, certainty is not very professional or sensible. Especially,when you are in pursuit of a creature of unknown capabilities. My Sister got so frustrated at the ineptness and shallow content of the investigations that she about went screaming out of the house and into the woods for some relief.

  6. How could you possibly know what noise they could have made. You statement right there, assume they are animals or human. You need to grow up a little about TV shows. If you are unable to separate some sensationalizing for ratings than you are living in a lost world. This was investigated by MUFON and they came to a conclusion that this was not a human or any animal they know of. This was about 4 feet tall it would have to be a staving child to be that thin.
    But the main point of my post was how the knee jerk reactions of "Dumb debunkers one line explanation" are useless except to cloud the reports and attack the witnesses we all need to get to the bottom of this.
    Thank You

  7. I applaud and support your willingness to defend those who come forward with evidence of anomalous activity.

    When a commenter launches personal attacks it is usually an indication of a lack of pertinent contrary evidence. A commenter's unwillingness or inability to use and demonstrate reason instead of emotion in assessing evidence indicates a mind lacking discipline. It takes effort and time to think things through in order to come to a reasonable conclusion. The absence of this process is an indication of immaturity.

    In other words, those who attack instead of persuade using reason are likely immature, lazy, or both.

    Attackers are bullies and should be handled as such: confront in public with reason and compassion. Once exposed for what they are, they wither and usually find some other forum in which to spew. If they persist, block their further input. They have nothing pertinent to contribute.

    After all, at the root they merely point out the obvious: the evidence *could* be fraudulent. People are clever and can accomplish amazing things. No one disagrees with the reality of this.

    The purpose of a blog like this is to evaluate & discuss evidence of anomalous events as reasonable adults. Those who participate sincerely will find the process (and perhaps the results) far more productive and interesting than any amount of schoolyard name-calling.

    Mr. Capp, I stand with you in defense of Jose of Fresno and all those who dare to come forward against personal attacks. I want to see and evaluate the evidence. Thank you for making this possible.

    Oakland, CA

  8. Dear Patricia,
    You said it better than anyone. This is about understanding where most people are emotionally when they have these experiences. the get excited they make mistakes they don't think. I have a friend who is a scientist shortly after he met he had his first daytime UFO craft sighting. This man is a very smart man and visits all the major defense labs in the country. Yet although the sighting was of some duration he never took out his camera he had in the back, he told me he couldn't believe he didn't get it. He said he was so transfixed everything else went out of his head. However if he came publicity with this story how You tube debunkers would have said ridicules called him a liar and wouldn't have believed he was a scientist.
    I can hear them now "Kinda of convenient he forgot his camera"

    Not only did I get attacks on Jose's character but on his race also...which I remove and banned.
    This reflects a segment of our society which for two long has been treated kinder than they give. Not any more on my watch. I take them on because it is easy and I have a thick Brooklyn Skin.

  9. Hi Joseph,

    This video fascinates me and has done done since i saw it a few years ago, if it's a fake it's a very clever fake, the questions that spring to my mind are, did anybody else in the neighbourhood here the dogs barking? why did these creatures cross the lawn at intervals and not together? its definitly creepy and unatural and if it is fake these guys have great imaginations and talent, i guess only time will tell.

  10. I saw the original broadcast and spent a lot of time searching for the video, mainly because I was under the false impression the video was called "night crawler", per the show segment.

    Personally, I believe the video to be a hoax but I'm sure there are those who believe it.

    When I blogged on it, most of the responces seemed to be of the same opinion, that it was a hoax with perhaps one person being open-minded to it being real.

    The only good thing I can say about the video is that it is not readily apparent what the "creature" is. It took me nearly 20 views of the clip to figure out what I was looking at, a supposed "gray". (head & eyes become visible as creature nears time stamp) Normally if someone is going to fake something that want people to realize what it is. So I do give the maker credit for that aspect, however it still does nothing to change my belief that the video is a hoax.

  11. dear elfishdean,
    I agree this would have been a clever fake. But this man does not fit the profile. If we first address anything that is really out there on just those groups we may pass up what may be real. People saw these cape entities over Mexico for a year os. A police officer was attacked and in shock over what happened.
    When he claimed witch in a cape attached him. When they received his description it fit that of a gray with a cape on. So this is not just out of the blue.
    Thank you

  12. Dear boyinthemachine,
    I understand that thinking. This couldn't be real so just dismiss it easily as a hoax. I went into that video and could not see the claims they made on it. This is not the first time i put this attacks. I put this up I think two years ago. I was called everything in the book when I tried to come to the defense of this person. But I will tell you this I give the UFO witness the same respect I give any person till they prove me wrong. In the America I knew you were innocent till proven guilty. One line BS explanations do not a case make.

  13. "How could you possibly know what noise they could have made."

    Because they filmed themselves making noise?

    Im not saying the man's video is a hoax but these ghostchaser shows are really bad and should stay away from serious investigations.

  14. Well you can say what ever you like about these shows. This case was back up by MUFON so take it or leave it. I do believe these shows are important. "Ghost Hunters, one of the shows you claim are "bad" is not only well done but I challenge you to prove Otherwise. For me these one line accusations mean nothing. The case before this on "Fact or Fake" proved a You Tube video which was filmed by a family was indeed fake. They showed also that the family had actually filmed a flying saucer, however it was a stage prop for a movie that was launch in a wideness reserve. So it was some good investigating skills that found the answer. Of course you have the freedom to turn it off as I have the freedom to put it up.

  15. Dear Mr. Capp:
    Great video and interesting conversation. You mentioned that MUFON had investigated this incident. Is their report on the web? I could not find it on their website. Could you help Please.

  16. Dear Anonymous,
    You know I don't know. I know it had to be investigated out of the Frezno Ca. MUFON chapter there. You can go on MUFON's Web site and find a list of Director for that that area. You may be able to email him directly about the case. If not you, could always email MUFON directly and get's his/her email.

  17. It's difficult to make observations with absolute certainty, owing to the quality of the video, but here's what I see:

    1) the "legs" of the object are not striding forward like a biped, they are splaying outward with the "head" as the locus

    2) when the object "walks," the object and its shadow meet at the ground; when it stops (near the time stamp), there's a big gap between the object and its shadow

    3) when the object stops, it sways

    If these observations are correct, we have to consider seriously the possibility the object is a mechanism hanging from a line, being pulled along: the line sags somewhat in the middle, keeping the object close to the ground; when the object nears the end of the line, no more line sag, so the object is raised up; the object is stopped when the operator discovers the object is now floating and not "walking," and the momentum causes it to sway.

  18. It's NOT UFO's ...

    In the direction of the night camera, which city or building is out there with a large glas wall acting as a mirror and polution or heat as a mirror in the sky just like a Fata Morgana ??? Car/truck lights ...

    This MUST be the explanation ... for the fast turn's and movement speed ...

  19. Swing set moving: You never measured the wind speed before you covered it with the canopy. This is a big major thing left out....I say it is not fake!

  20. Hi........

    How to create them:

    A white sheet
    Balloon filed with gas
    2 Marbles

    Tie the sheet arround the balloon, so you get the head + leggs shape, put one marble in each legg... now walk up a hill, and just trow one legg down hill, the whole constuction will walk down, like in the vids

    Another trick todo this is:

    Create the balloon/ sheet puppet...tie fish line at the feet from the puppet and at your own feet, now start walking, the puppet will follow you, you can make the line as long as you want