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James Carrion “The Center For UFO Truth”?

Proof Of UFO?s Take a look at the clips:UFOMM

I just read James Carrion's (MUFON's ex- "International Director") statement of purpose on his blog site, "Center for UFO Truth". If his opening statement is any indication of what UFO truth he is referring to we're in for a one sided ride. He claims:

"Unfortunately, the field of Ufology has nothing to show for more than 60 years of investigation and research. By not adhering to professional evidentiary standards, Ufology will neither join the halls of academia nor will it discover what truly lies behind the subject of UFOs."


However, let's take a look at his statements very carefully. Basically he is saying if only our UFO researchers had dotted their "I"s and crossed their "t"s the UFO subject would have been thought worthy of study by the big scientific guns. The truth is Carl Sagan's had a catch 22 demand that UFO researchers produce not just evidence, but "extraordinary evidence". For UFO researches to produce extraordinary UFO evidence it would take extraordinary money and since UFO researchers have never had that money you have a perfect catch 22 in the UFO world.

The lives of Dr. Hynek and a braver James comes to mind when anyone insuates mainstreme attitude is all the UFO researchers fault. The other James was Dr. James McDonald, who was destroyed for using unchallengeable science to prove the debunkers science was sloppy. He never realize how much danger his career was in. He foolishly believed good scientists would always champion good science. He was so well respected other respected by his meticulous work the other scientist started agreeing with his science debunking the debunkers.. His destruction was so obviously orchestrated that it sent "coward waves" through the entire scientific community. He committed suicide because of the loss of his academic career. Remember, this was in the very beginning of UFO research and done by a mainstream scientist. Hynek had a career in the mainstream never had a grant or an academic career after changing his opinion on UFOs. Hynek didn't care the science was there he knew from the evidence they were real. Hynek also started Ted Phillips on his journey which also produced repeatable evidence at UFO landing sites. Hyneck himself must have had some pretty convincing evidence as he was ask to present it at the United Nations meeting on UFOs. http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/lee-speigel-on-his-1978-attempt-to-convince-the-united-nations-to-study-ufos/19530404

Remember Carrion is suggesting this was all sloppy research.

James' "Truth Train" has started off on the wrong track regarding scientists. This attitude by scientific is not new it is an attitude practice on all outside the box phenomenon that take place, take for example research into psychic phenomenon.

A classic example of how the scientific community deals with a very good scientist who does cross his "I" and his "t"s is reflected by Bob Jahn a man with the right credentials who headed for years the "Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research " Bob was an emeritus Professor of Aerospace Sciences and Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, who has taught and published extensively in advanced space propulsion systems, plasma dynamics, fluid mechanics, quantum mechanics, and engineering anomalies. But did it matter?


This playing field is treated the same as UFOs Even with a top respectable scientist and his team presenting solid repeatable evidence. the same old repeatable BS happens. There was not even a hint of other scientists being interested? I. Do you really think these actions by his comrads was because of his bad science? Jahn finally gave up trying to get his colleagues' attention, frustrated he claimed " we keep getting the same answers, but no one is listening". THESE SCIENTISTS REACTED AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE REACTED -ACCEPT THE SLOPPY REBUTTLES, AND GO ON WITH PURSUING SAFE FUNDING GRANTS.

The governments on both sides of the cold war finally took action themselves on some of their enigmas. I guess they didn't believe the scientists claims;"there is nothing to it". The only reason they didn't end up with psychic weapons was because couldn't control it. The government also was not as nonchalant as they claim over the UFO question. If UFOs were just sloppy science why did they feel a need to take them out?

No James, you are dead wrong, the fault of today's UFO state of affairs belongs at the seat of our great but fragile minds the scientists. Most of the extreme beliefs are here because there is a vacuum in science verses experience on these topics. So where there is a vacuum something will fill it. When any person realizes that the impossible just happened, against all the science that they've known to be true in science it may lead them doubtful on all of reality.

All around the world today people are realizing that their first hand UFO or paranormal experience is not unique. They read and watch on You Tube objects or experiences just like their own. Many more friends and relatives believe them. We also have the majority who don't report at all but know deep down something is wrong with the way science sees this world or others. I hope that is changing.

Some scientist see the You Tube too. Not all scientists are cowards. Recently, the National Geographic Channel had a program on recent investigations into the strange lights that are witnessed around the world at different locations. The once showcased here are the" Brown Mountain Lights. and the Hassdalen lights. By the way "Hassdalen Project", the longest investigation on these type lights by scientists in the entire world. So when James claims there has been no reaction to UFO investigations in the past is not true. One of the most interesting part of this clip is the UFO does something impossible and reputable scientist admitted it.


My problem with the good science presented in these clips is an historic one. It is that there is never any scientific follow-up investigations which could lead to more findings. The mystical and UFOs are out there if science won't do the job don't blame some charlatans for filling the vacuum.

Note: James also hinted that he found a great deal of problems in MUFON and elsewhere in a previous post. This will be probably be a part the "Center For UFO Truth" future articles. James took the job of edited the all the MUFON data they had on reports and investigations for a database. He claimed ,after he resigned, that corruption and all types of misbehaviors were perpetrated by certain researchers inside MUFON. I am looking forward to what he has, but I don't expect a balanced presentation.

Joseph Capp
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National Geographic finds UFOs:


  1. I think this is a case of someone putting himself at the front of an intercontinental ballistic missile whose only fuel is controversy, which attracts attention and energy supplied by his stirring of emotions, which have a short shelf life in relation to long term goals, especially if you are a "one shot" sort of proposition. Will he land on target? Is he more of a commentator than a researcher? Will his ego self destruct on re-entry? Abort! Abort! "Flame" out indeed.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    Or a good one would be "Danger James
    Carrion Danger self district mechanism on, don't attack retreat, retreat..to much ego in the way.

    I know he has a sense of humor...right?


  3. Let's stick a fork into the "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," rubric, eh? It's done.

    See, "extraordinary" claims requiring "extraordinary" evidence implies that "mundane" claims require only "mundane" evidence. There is no such sliding scale. "Claims" require "evidence," I submit.

    Extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims only provides for moving goal posts that the ever constipated klasskurtxian uses to keep the extraordinary away from them on an ever receding evidentiary horizon, eh?

    Claims require evidence... the end. I submit that there is _no_ amount of extraordinary evidence leading the skeptibunky pelicanist to water... that will make him drink.

    That said, I find our Mr. Carrion ridiculously motivating, singularly underwhelming, and abundantly embarrassing.

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    >> AVG Blog -- http://alienviewgroup.blogspot.com/
    >>> U F O M a g a z i n e -- www.ufomag.com

  4. Dear Alfred,
    Welcome Back. I just had a UFO witness who's case is in the UK MOD release documents relate to me that what he told the MOD was not the whole story. He had witnessed a very large fleet of UFOs but minimized the size so he would have a chance of being believed by the authorities who felt responsible to report to.
    All UFO witnesses are suspected of lying or being "crazy". Understanding and being empathetic to these emotional conditions for the UFO witness and the underpaid UFO researcher seems to be lacking in James' list of grips.
    I am sorry James that the ETs and government are smarter than us but don't blame us.

  5. Where'd I go? [g].

    Oddly, I talk about this stuff in my regular column in this month's UFO Magazine...

    Too, it's rare, I expect all things equal — the individual who reports a UFO —or lies about same— for 15 minutes of dubious fame. As a consequence for most of these, to some degree, "...Careers are destroyed. Promotions dry up. Advanced training evaporates. Confidence is compromised... Advancement is curtailed... Friends laugh... Friends laugh, reader!"

    A rather toxic 15 minutes, eh?

    Actually, and for reasons you iterated, much observed strangeness goes unreported out of embarrassment. ...As Hynek pointed out in his TUFOE, eh?

    Hynek compared people to calibrated (or not) scientific instruments in his very telling analogy... proving his logic handily in the following very illuminating way. I submit it makes perfect sense on reflection.

    "In science," he wrote, "It is standard practice to calibrate ones instruments. No astronomer, for instance, would accept measures of the velocities of distant galaxies obtained by the means of an uncalibrated spectrograph. However, if such an instrument had given consistently good results in the past, had frequently been tested and had not recently experienced any jarring shocks, the observer would usually accept its results without any further checking..."

    Hynek continues, "...The parallel for us is, of course, obvious: if our UFO reporter has, by his past actions and performance, shown a high degree of reliability and responsibility and is known to be stable and not 'out of adjustment,' then we have no a priori reason to distrust his coherent report, particularly when it is given in concert with several other 'human instruments,' also of acceptable reliability."

    Eh? It remains these self-aware if prideful "instruments" are understandably reluctant to call their "calibration" into question, though many will — out of that same pride to make the honest and un-baggaged accurate report.

    Closing, this Hynek trumps a Carrion I expect where Hynek points out observable "reality," and Mr. Carrion flogs a premise as flawed as his idea of "look at me" leadership, ship abandonment, and grinning community betrayal.

  6. Dear ALfred,
    one point most of the people who see UFOs are not hoaxers and haven't really witnesses a UFOs. These people are also treated with disdain as if they were just a bother. But they prove that many people are just curious as to what they have seen. There is no hidden agenda. We do see UFO researchers targeted by hoaxers. Some get fooled some intentionally fool us. But so did science have it's hoaxes. At this time I think some of the younger scientist are getting it. I have two that won't come out of the mainstream closet that help me, including free analysis of any UFO fragment I think worthy of testing.
    That's how committed they are behind the scene. Scientific researcher live for grants and will do mostly anything to get them. But if they got together and said hey we need to finally find out what is going on...it would be done.

  7. Joe,

    The funny part to me - is that his blog allows NO comments (as more and more opinioned `anomalists' are doing.


    Rick Phillips

  8. Dear M4ever,
    I had written a post last year after I went to the International MUFON Conference it was called "The End Of MUFON" I had inadvertently change my email to an old dead email address. I discovered it and went to the moderation's page and found 72 comments. The first comment was by James Carrion who claimed I was not allowing comments because I was scared of the reaction from MUFON members on what I wrote.
    I apologize to those who had made a comment published them and found most of the old timers and some member agreed with me.
    So now we find what he had accused me of he is doing. Let's hope it changes especially as he has made accusations against some UFO researchers... they should have a chance to respond.
    We will see what the great truth finder does.
    I agree that is happening and I think it sucks. Another thing is making you sigh up to make a comment. I don't about others but I don't need those who make comments to have sign up. Free uncommerecial space for free speach. That is what I am for.
    Thanks again for stopping by.

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