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UFO Witness: In His Own Words

What happens when a person has consistent UFO sightings and videos them? What happens when that person tries to put up what they saw on You Tube? Does the tyranny of skepticism come into play and will he be attacked on all sides? Finally, what happens when that someone asks others to come see and film what he sees?

Well, the answer to the last question is, not one UFO organization did anything.

Why, because we all know this UFO You Tube stuff is all BS, right? You Tube videos seem to get UFOs organizational attention when they are attached to a larger story or when they are sensationalized. I guess the thinking goes: Most individuals are guilty of hoaxes and not worthy of examination. This has got to change. You Tube is a wonderful UFO resource. Videos on You Tube can be tracked down and analyzed and most of the good ones are videoed by individuals who care rather than hoax.

I came across Kevin McCracken clips on his You Tube channel here:


Kevin filmed these objects, over and over, which seem to form a triangle but are really distinct, separate objects. These light objects are very impressive to me and deserved further study. Kevin had asked for help only a one person replied. You will hear about him in his response to the attack campaign.

I asked Kevin to send me a copy of the original and he kindly agreed. What was very strange in the first clip, other than the objects being strange in themselves, is the part where they go behind a cloud and seemingly stop dead. I know some will say they were hidden by the cloud cover, but I looked over this clip time and time again. There does seem to be some black sky right in the place where these series of light objects should come out. Some of them would have been seen. It is by no way conclusive; but not to be dismissed so lightly. A further study of these objects in the video, has indicated to me that these lights are the objects and are not attached to some larger craft. I took the two clips into an editing program and tried to find one instance where the stars dimmed when they happened to pass in between the lights. Although there was some distortion from bringing the objects so close, I could not find one instance where any of the stars dimmed. This could indicate there were no protruding wings of structures on the sides of these light objects. As far as seeing geese wings, as you can see in the slowed down version (1/4 speed) the only dimming of the lights are caused by clouds or movement of the scope by Kevin. Kevin, as have many other multiple UFO witnesses, was lambasted by the usual bottom feeder skeptics on You Tube the minute he put his experience up. As so often is the case, the emotions these tyrannical skeptics produce on UFO witnesses are not fun. I felt Kevin should have his complete say.

Kevin McCracken 408-839-0578- Oakland California

I have seen these craft on five separate Friday nights at 10:00 PM. You will have to call me a liar at this point in order for the geese theory to fly. I invite anyone who is serious. To sit with me, just bring your own night vision and video camera. Phone and contact info is at the bottom. You need some skin in the game if you want to participate. Since when do geese or any other animal in the natural world besides man show up at the same time at the same coordinates flying in the same direction like military clockwork? For all you geese chasers please answer we all want to hear your explanation for that. This example reminds me of the North Vietnamese SAM squads commenting that they could set their watches to the American bombing runs. No need to stay at the SAM all day just be ready ten minutes before the scheduled bombing run. This adhered to schedule demonstrates human behavior, creatures of habit and prisoners of time, a construct of man. It also demonstrates an arrogance of the un-touchable.

. These geese chasers bet their whole argument on flapping goose wings. They state you can clearly see them when the tape is slowed down to 25% speed. Geese flap their wings at 2.6 beats per second. That speed is easily recognizable at 30 FPS. If these were geese you could clearly see these geese beating their wings without the aid of modern film editing tools. See the many infrared examples on YOUTUBE of birds in flight. My video’s 05-28-2010 and 06-11-2010 look nothing like the other infrared video’s of birds flying. One geese chaser states that the infrared we observe on the video is stray light being reflected off the soft goose down under bellies from the city lights of Oakland. What complete hog-wash. If you recall there was cloud cover on the night of 5-28-2010 at about 2500 feet over the location of the video recording. That means your geese are big enough and bright enough to reflect not emit light similar to the satellite shown later in the video. Geese chasers with all do respect this is nothing more than fabrication and embellishment on your their part.If you recall the 5 targets flew well over the cloud cover. Geese fly at between 40-70km/h max straight and level. The speed your geese were flying if at 1000 Meters above camera level was 82.5km/h based on the cloud cover seen in the video 40 degrees/16s.reference for geese flying speed.


Now if in fact these were geese at 1000 meters above the camera. With the camera set at an effective magnification of 6X. You would be able to clearly see geese with no second look, no need to slow it down to 25% or 7.5 FPS . Not to mention no sound from them; NO HONKING! I have 40 geese outside my office with chicks right now. They were quite a bit smaller on 5-28-2010. No way was that flock going to fly very high very far with chicks. Geese HONK when they fly. This is an integral part of their breathing and communication. So you might argue these geese must be much higher. That’s why you can barely see their wings flapping or even hear them. Well ok they are already flying faster straight and level than recorded and studied by the fellow above. So how high are they flying? How about Another 1000 meters? We just double the speed of to 164 km/h an impossible speed. At some point geese chasers need to stop wasting my and every body’s time with the bird stories. We have the footage we can count the seconds ticked off on the video. We can see the stars in the background we can count the 40 degrees flown between the stars in 16 seconds to figure speed. No big deal just solve for the triangle right. Yes or no geese chasers a simple nod will do. Aw shucks, I guess so they say. Next thing to do is calculate actual target size based on focal length spot diameter and estimated distance to target which I will do. Just not yet I am waiting for some information from the camera manufacturer. I might add that my preliminary calculations on object size verse camera focal length and image size are quite large and the altitude is very high. I will share the final results when I am sure of the accuracy. My initial reaction to these objects was Space Craft and after all the review of the footage frame by frame over and over. Not to mention 30 years in Aero Space engineering, Debating and taking the attacks from the likes of all the geese chasers, I am going to stay with my initial observation and statements on video and say Space Craft. I am not here to dis-info lie cheat, fake etc. It is very possible that these video’s and others like it are the smoking gun video tape evidence of electrogravitic Space Craft similar to the type talked about by PHD and Author Paul LaViolette.Here is a few tid bits I found on the subject of electrogravitics read below:

“Retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware has passed on to me information from a three-star general he knows who revealed to him in July that ‘the new Lockheed-Martin space shuttle (Space Plane) and the B-2 (stealth bomber) both have electrogravitic systems on board’ and that ‘this explains why our 21 Northrop B-2s cost about a billion dollars each.’ Thus, after taking off conventionally, the B-2 can switch to antigravity mode, and, I have heard, fly around the world without refueling.” – Dr. Richard Boylan, Sept. 22, 1997, Sacramento, CAAntigravity Evolves from Electrogravitics and Subquantum KineticsBook Review by Thomas Valone, PhD, PE – Integrity Research Institute – 12/21/08Starting with a detailed review of electrogravitics and the life of T. Townsend Brown, Dr.Paul LaViolette’s book, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion (Bear & Company, 2008)offers a wonderfully informative description of the science of propulsion generators. Paultends to use the terms “antigravity” and “electrogravitics” quite liberally, even whenother terms might be more precise. However, the phenomena that is reviewed in his book,such as the 2200 newton per kilowatt thrust generated by T.T. Brown’s best high voltagediscs in his report, “Electrohydrodynamics” are quite impressive. Also interesting are thedetails about Brown’s later life research into petrovoltaics that include graphs of thespontaneous voltage (about 300 mV) developed continuously over a nine-day period.Paul is careful to include corroboration when available, such as the Physical Reviewpaper by Dr. Elmer Harrington from the National Bureau of Standards that confirmsBrown’s effects on gravitational acceleration and heat generation in rocks.Paul also includes probably the most scientific review of the Philadelphia Experiment inprint today along with the possibility that T.T. Brown participated in the event and how itmight have been orchestrated. He includes, for example, a summary of Jim and KenCorum’s experiments with high-amperage coils around a steel torus that produced afivefold reduction in radar reflection and a review of the Hutchison Effect. The evolutionof antigravity research into the black world is given plausible reality with the evidenceprovided by several black ops interviews also in the book, as well as quotes fromengineering articles.While the book returns periodically to T.T. Brown and the asymmetric capacitors thatgave the term “electrogravitics” its birth, the description of the Lafforgue patentdeveloping longitudinal thrust is an added intrigue. Many readers may be familiar withPaul’s article on the electrogravitics properties of the B-2 bomber that used to be in mybook, Electrogravitics Systems, Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology, until it wasrecalled for its inclusion in his new book. However, in Secrets of Antigravity Propulsiona lot more detail is revealed making the B-2 electrification even more convincing. AFrench astrophysicist proposes the visible luminosity of the craft as proof that it wasbeing excited by a high-voltage field. Even an online movie and color stills in possessionof Northrop Grumman are documented that provide evidence of the high voltage glow.With information about an AC microwave excitation mode, LaViolette makes the casefor a 40,000 newton per kilowatt thrust with a million volt potential for the B-2 thrusters,enough to explain the rumored no-fuel flight around the world.Probably the most exciting chapter for me was the Chapter 6 description of thePodkletnov-Modanese electrogravitics impulse generator. It was reported in the Jane’sDefense Weekly to knock over a set of books at one kilometer distance with a negligiblepower loss even hundreds of kilometers away. Paul predicted from his subquantumkinetic theory that the gravity impulse generator should have no recoil, which was thenconfirmed by Professor Podkletnov. His description of the increased punch from a fasterrise time Marx generator seems quite credible from my research into the electrokineticequation developed by Jefimenko, which has the same feature and the same polaritytoward the positive pole. However, Paul forgot to mention the most compelling civilianapplication for the Podkletnov gravity impulse generator, which is for planetaryprotection from killer near-earth-orbit (NEO) objects. Enough evidence is presented inthe book to show that such a generator can maintain a collimated and coherent forcebeam for miles with enough pressure to perhaps nudge a large object away from acollision course.The book also includes a review of the historic Project Skyvault which is introduced by ablack ops informant, as the first source of information that Paul received about it. Itmakes the case for an electrogravitics force developed from nonlinear materials exposedto microwaves, as well as an interesting description of phase conjugated mirror effects.One example given is the FASER research performed by Obolensky in the author’spresence over a period of two years which also included a runaway experiment thatexploded under resonant conditions.”

I began to research into the electrogravitics because the IR brightness seen in my video’s. Geese chasers will ask “Just what could electromagnetism have to do with this topic they ask”? Well everything my fine-feathered friends. Go back and read above.


What would emit a bright infrared signature besides heat? Answer microwave radiation. If you pull on the Paul LaViolette string you get a whole new perspective. I must thank other bloggers from Casebook who informed me about Paul.

In the future I will do another video with some changes for the better and hopefully answer more questions. When the next video comes out I am sure the various bird chasers will have more to say about Geese. But please all the doubters share with us all how these Space Craft electrogravitic craft or (geese) have been at the same place at the same time on 5 separate Friday nights? We are all waiting for the answer… Maybe to get to the other side they answer. Hmmmm….

Thanks, Kevin. We all read a great deal about how UFO bloggers are nothing more than a un-informed nuisances. But it will be people who will solve this UFO phenomenon question: people like you, the reader, those at casebook, and Kevin. No longer is UFOs data and information in the hands of UFO researchers or the debunkers, now this data is supplied by savvy UFO experiencersrs for all to read and see.

By the way I have also included a clip from a rather recent night vision capture over the famous Gilliland UFO Ranch.
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