Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Was Roswell A Plant?

Could the famous Roswell crash be a modern day Ancient Astronaut intervention?

Could alien beings have decided after the Second World War to leak some of their "primitive technology" to the United States to help us in the future? Many inside the UFO community believe in the Ancient Astronaut theory. That theory states that ETs were involve with ancient empires by helping them with their technology. They seemed to have presented themselves as sons of the Gods to the natives. Has this stopped? I fervently believe that in no way did the ETs give an anti-gravity machine to any ancient civilization. We find some claims by the ancients but a simpler answer is they were sowing their own brand of disinformation (scare the hell out of your enemies). I do believe, at that time, ETs helped these empires using technology, disguised as magic, and these ETs were in total control of these gadgets at all times. How could they do this today in our world and who would they pick? Would they present themselves as gods to a now technologically based society? I doubt it.

Why was the ship at Roswell left by the ETs to be discovered? Considering all the length these entities go to so their true natures won't be discovered, why didn't they know they had crashed? It seems obvious to me the recovered technology reported reflects a technology from our near future, not a distant one. Why were their bodies left to rot? Are you trying to tell me there are no intercommunications between these spacecraft?

There is a great deal of unanswered questions around these crashes. I will deal with the Roswell case because that is the one I believe really happened. Something doesn't make sense. We know that whoever or whatever is behind the UFO sightings does not want us to capture their craft. Anytime our planes tried to bring them down it was disastrous.

So here comes the Roswell crash, a smorgasbord of technology and alien bodies given to us on a silver platter to figure out. Yet we haven't had a hint of alien intrusion to try and stop these supposedly disastrous blunders. We all know one technology that was retrieved at the Roswell site: pieces of the wreckage. The memory metal and I beams are not in dispute. What do you think about those pieces? Were they a thousand years in our future technological development, a hundred, fifty? At this time I believe we will have that technology in less than fifty years. It certainly doesn't reflect the technology being witnessed and reported now, or even at that time.

Some may counter, "Well, Joe, don't you remember there were dead aliens and a live one?" What did they do kill some of their own? First we have to ask, was there a live alien at all? From the history of Roswell this story has two sides. One side claims the ETs they saw were all dead. The other side; one was alive. If they were all dead. Remember we really don't know how they died could the bodies have been a plant. Even if there was a ET that was alive many humans volunteer for very important possible death missions and this would certainly have been one. We have to also consider the big question- do they really die?

Why America you might ask? If you believe ETs are spiritual and compassionate or even just practical then America was the country. The ETs monitored the war and knew we had developed the Atomic bomb. The stakes had changed and if they had bases they were in danger. The United States was a country whose population represented almost all of the diverse cultures in our world. In those times America didn't want war .We were horrified, as a nation, at the horrors the Germans had inflected on the Jews and other minorities. We were starting to grow up as a nation. We had a well informed citizenry to mould the country's future. America was the shining star of freedom for the future. In the past it seemed ETs pick Empires on the brink of greatness America may have been another example of this.

Recently Tony Bragilia presented yet another example of a witness to the crash of a spaceship in Roswell. I would say a very high percentage of UFO skeptical researchers and people in the UFO community have come to the conclusion that the explanation of what happened at Roswell can only be defined now as an ET Spaceship.

Kevin Randle now admits the most probable explanation for Roswell is a crashed ET craft. Randle, in his new book, also gave credit to Don Schmitt's continuing research even though they had a parting of the ways. I feel that is a good deed and helps in getting at the whole truth. I wrote an article on Schmitt and Kevin's parting of the ways here:

Below are the clips from the Lieutenant Colonel
Philip J. Corso interview, but here I want to chide S. Friedman on his ideas about Corso. First he was head of the foreign technology unit, for Stanton to compare his clearance and they way it was handled with Corso's and his insider clearence is ridiculous. Second, the idea that this man would ruin his credibility, in the majority of the public's eye for a book sale should be unthinkable considering what he was involved in trying to bring our boys home. Isn't it more likely that his book "The Day After Roswell" was half truths used to leak some information to the public, as a safety net for his family, along with disinformation aimed toward our enemies? Anyone with his knowledge and expertise would know easily how to do that. I feel Stanton has dismissed Corso to easily without truly understanding the implications for anyone who would leak verifiable smoking gun information on a secret "higher than the H-Bomb"; Roswell. Many agree within the UFO community that in the 1990s some in the government wanted the truth out. How could you do that without being in real trouble? Maybe Corso found a way.

So if the UFO community can stop arguing over whether the Roswell crash was an ET, then we can start to discuss how a civilization as advanced as what we are continuing to witnesses could have ships that crash at all.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Joe - Good to hear someone barking up the right tree for once. This is the first blog, article, or book that I've read where some questions from a more evolved perspective are asked. How is it that such superior technology is still vulnerable to "crashing?" Why wasn't there any sort of "search and rescue" operation from the parent command? Why did the military reverse its position so quickly regarding the crash?

    The most simple explanation, if one accepts that this truly was an ET ship, is that it was indeed, On Purpose. Why? As you suggest, to pass technology . . . but it goes much deeper than that. Consider this possibility:

    Some malevolent ETs desire certain materials from Earth/humanity and are required to have permission in order to take it. The leaders of the malevolent ET race contact the human leaders most likely to give them what they want . . . originally Nazi leaders and later, US/UK leadership. They offer powerful technology in exchange for what they want . . . human and animal DNA amongst other things. The "Powers that Be" agree to the contract which enriches them, but puts normal humans at risk, so the contract is made secretly. Some technology is passed directly and hidden in the bowels of commercial and military laboratories. Spaceship technology is passed in a way that enables the "Powers that Be" plausible deniability . . . through arranged crashes. The ETs are willing to "sacrifice" some of their older technology ships and a few of their half biological/half android worker beings in these staged crashed as well. The PTB are given a heads up as to when and where the crash will take place and they are able to show up and clean up before anyone knows what happened. They are much better at that today then their early efforts in the 1940s/50s.

    If humanity were to find out that the PTB had agreed to offering human/animal experimentation and hybridization for their own profit, their authority would collapse, so they have built in layers of protection and deniability to deflect such interrogation.

    This is the true fear behind disclosure. It's not that humanity would fear that ETs exist, it's that the secret dealing with the malevolent and the PTB would be uncovered that the secret of UFOs and ETs is so tightly guarded. There are many types of benevolent ETs who have offered assistance in advancing humanity which have been turned down over the years as well. This is another closely held secret. Can you imagine that Free Energy has been offered to humanity, but was turned down because the PTB would not benefit from it? These are the bigger secrets.

    This is scratching the surface, but if these questions were to be followed up and research is done in the "right places" the whole ball of yarn would unravel. There are some loose threads out there and more are discovered each week. Let's pull on them and see what happens!

    Nice work Joe . . . we're beginning to get somewhere.

  2. Joesph,
    I was heartened to read a new variation on the theories as to what happened so long ago, although I personally think this is not very probable scenario, although it does represent a remarkable innovation on the possible motives for a very cold case.
    However, if there is a ongoing extraterrestrial presence, regardless of whether or not Roswell is a result of this or otherwise ( if this is a critical assumption), this may also be a misdirection of our attention to the obvious, the red herring or straw dog that is planted ( regardless of who planted it) that diverts our attention away from ongoing evidence in the present tense. The military defense systems remain a ripe fruit yet to be exploited. To my way of thinking, it is more probable that the U.S Naval Command ( if there are extraterrestrials) has an enormous potential but not proven wealth
    of anomalous tracking data. The security of nuclear defense weapons systems and their capabilities are a "secret" kept reliably over decades. The other is the more recent ( comparatively)
    infiltration of the airspace over military bases. All of this is subject to false testimony planted to give investigators what they want, on the military's terms. The same sense of patriotism and sworn duty to protect the country could lead as easily to lying with a straight face with a sense of deep seated duty to protect the actual facts. This is the essence of psychological warfare, a battle without guns. The same reasoning protects stealth aircraft by staging plausible denial. Everyone has missed the fact that the space program has been handed over to private commercial interests with the carrot of the exploitation of resources elsewhere like the example of Bigelow Aerospace, who was behind Skinwalker Ranch and has had ties with Jacques Vallee among others. He has been very coy and has kept a low profile. He made a recent series of posts that direct attention to the military rather than other causes in regard to crop circles. With little evidence, a scientist claiming this, to my mind is oddly out of place for someone who was previously so notoriously cautious in his statements. Is this yet another misdirection of attention?
    There certainly is a great deal of activity over a phenomenon that does not exist.
    Best Wishes

  3. The idea that the Roswell event was staged was used in Whitley Strieber's novel Majestic. Given the trickster-like quality of the UFO phenomenon, I wholeheartedly agree that it deserves to be explored.

    Where I'm finding myself in disagreement with you is in trying to see the purpose of such a planting. The idea that ETs might pick the USA as the ideal nation worthy of receiving a helping hand seems, IMHO, a bit biased —I'm a Mexican BTW ;-)

    I could as well see it as a malevolent diversion. Maybe to make the US forces fall into the pretension that these objects were more fragile than they really are.

    This, BTW, came to my mind:

    Operation Mincemeat.

    Or maybe it was all part of a long-range plan to launch America into an extremely costly pursuit to reverse-engineer the alien tech, diverting monies that could have been used for the direct improvement of the American people instead of black budgets; thus launching the two super-powers into a spiraling arms race that would end up bankrupting both.

    But this is all narrative speculation.

    Bottomline: I agree with you that Roswell definitely involves some level of deception —whether from humans or non-humans.

  4. Dear Rossume,
    I think the idea that ETs may have help the ancient sometime violent societies in the past but somehow have deserted the future seems odd to me. In the past, if we believe the text these ETs gave those societies great power disguised as mathematics, astronomy etc. great advances in those days although it most have taken some time for the locals to master this.
    So it seems to me this time would be the crucial time to pick a side and help the future. It could be all for selfish reasons, because of the Atomic Bomb and the cold war.
    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the psychology and then apply to manipulate humans, power and confort is the primary goal of every human to some extent.
    Thanks for a great comment. My blog is non-commercial because of the freedom it imparts. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you in the future.

  5. Dear Bruce,
    All throughout history we read about out ancestors pointing to the sky and saying we received this from them. Mainstream archeology are quick to give the great powers of the past great intelligence in building their massive structures, but somehow become stupid when it applies to who gave them this knowledge. But think about this Bruce, many of the leaders were thought of as Gods so why didn't they take the credit for these wonders unless they were instructed to give credit where credit was do...maybe even for the future us.

  6. Red Pill Junkie,
    The reason I feel is the ability of an the ETs to predict our psychology and our technology. Our they hear to invade or openly in science based age to expose themselves publicly all signs are no. But did they know they would be exposed because of the technology in the future. There is only so many ways you can hide and reside at the same time. So they chose our government because they were insured by the cold war we would do just what we did do; keep it secret. I don't think the Mexican government at that time would have been able to keep it secret. What would they have done with the knowledge since the greatest engineers in the world were in the US and Russia.Here we have a controlled expose to technology that in no way endangers them and leads us to think there technology tho advanced is recognizable. They gave us a small scout craft they had built specially for the occasion. It's a no brainier and should be right up there with any explanation that has been given so far. As far as the other crashes I'm not sure they happened. As far as the trickster idea this concept is so easy to bat around. How can you argue with a force that has godlike qualities...how do you research it to prove it. It's an easy answer but it doesn't fit. We are on a planet Kepler just discovered 750 candidates for planets even within months. Even Hawkins recently admitted that our theories on cosmology now, in the future will probably be discarded. That leads a great deal of room for star travel.
    Thanks and please visit again. I am non-commercial and free to say what i want.

  7. Joesph,
    I think a great deal of this is the entangled nature of parallel belief systems.God(s)were blamed for the errors of men, due to their competing desires and the seeming contradiction between life, death and the larger planetary environment that makes life possible, that does not make exceptions for men, not beast. The danger I see is the psychology that let's us off the hook, that we are victims ( of circumstance) whether it is the Gods or the trans-personal made into Gods for the sake of avoiding the fear that runs much deeper that we as a species are poised between becoming slaves of what we have created and learning some humility and taking responsibility for those who cannot speak up,who do not have a vote. If you really look at this, was there a vote taken on Hiroshima? On Iraq? ...Aliens are a straw dog..a featureless palette. What I am saying is that we do have real "plants" here on Earth about to go into space to exploit it..that is not prone to civil law, it is a private, commercial affair that has been transferred out of the direct causation of government ( read public) oversight into the hands of a few Jay Goulds. I find it surprising that so much attention is given to Roswell..think of it another way..perhaps all this aliens this and aliens that takes our eyes off of what goes on here to some extent.which is exactly the prescription we have been directed to for decades that may be a placebo or a misdirection of attention for our greater ills,which you have just very effectively reflected, unintentionally. I don't mean to be disparaging but inst this a long way around the mountain?
    Best Wishes

  8. Dear Bruce,
    First let's state some basic accepted truths at least by our community and that is whatever this phenomenon is it hasn't shown itself for public disclosure.
    However it has shown itself publicly to the military in many countries (Russia claiming now their missile bases were also monitored). So there was a major differences in communicating with the power brokers and your local Joe. This in itself shows the ability of this phenomenon to understand human psychology so well they weren't fearful of government exposing the secret.
    99 percent of the people may have one UFO thought a year if that usually brought on by a story on TV. If you asked someone about a recent famous UFO case say O'Hare you may find one in a hundred who even remember the name.
    This is a subject for campfires in the real world. But this wasn't the case with our government. They allowed themselves to be video with the best camera on earth as they destroyed a missile. Did they know, for the higher ups at least in the government, the alien question had already been settle. Everyone was always told to shut-up or else.
    Would they get involved in the day to day details of how to intrude. I doubt it. Nor do I blame ETs for the trouble on earth. We want a father figure to make it all right but do they want to be father figures...the past doesn't say that. However I think there is something very special about worlds like ours. So far we are an oases in space. We have fantastic potential if we survive but we have to grow up for ourselves no peoples or things can do that for us. Pain is a great adjuster and America and the world is about to go through it worst pain in a very long time.
    The answer seems to be ETS don't publicly interfere. They will not slow themselves to be real on Newsweek.
    It seems very consistent with the ancient kings, who I believe, were the only ones allowed to connect to the gods. They proved this connection to the populations by the tremendous deeds produced under the guidance of these sky gods.
    Thanks Bruce as you know always a pleasure to trade idea with you.