Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Postcards from the Edge: Report From The UFO Congress

[Be;ow are some clips with night vision, all but one, UFOMM claims are satellites. Also as a bonus I've included the entire presentation by Travis Walton at the UFO Congress. He's coming out with a new book about the case and what happened afterward. It was just great, enjoy,jc]
Note: Fixed Video Clips

As I walked through the pathways between the hundreds of slot machines and their robotic players at the Aquarius hotel in Laughing, Nevada, I understood more than ever how easy it is to fool humans. Most of the players were gray with age and sat almost transfixed at their one arm masters as they puffed occasionally on a cigarette. As I continued toward the Congress, I thought humorously; “ they would probably think I’m the one that’s crazy”.

I went to the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada to test out our night vision monocular, hear Travis Walton, and hopefully go out with Ed Grimsley.

UFOs: In The Heat of the Night Part One and Two



On the first day, I found Ed with his good friend, Bill, strolling in the books and DVDs room at the Congress. I immediately went up to him and asked him if he was having nightly spotting. He told me they had a table and, yes, he with Bill, are going out and had to charged twenty five dollars per person to offset the cost of his room and other expenses.

This year’s UFO Congress was stacked with two hour spiritual ET and or Nazi conspiracy speakers. Vinnie who came with me from the NY UFO Meeting Group was in a state of confusion with topics like; “Inside Starships: A visionary journey to life on other planets” , but to his credit Vinnie was able to sit through the nonsensical and press on to more credible speakers like Travis Walton. Since that type of lineup was not my forte, I and Vinnie had more time to work with the scope. The first night, Sunday, Ed went out it was too cloudy and cold for me to attend. Monday night it was clear. Ed, with his scopes, and we, with ours, went out to the known spot. There is a saying “the best laid plans of mice and men” and this seemed to apply.

It was so cold and windy out there that setting up the scope and working with it was impossible. As I became colder and colder I could imagine “died watching UFOs” inscribed on my tombstone. I went back to the room, but Vinnie stayed. Nothing significant was viewed that night.

Tuesday, it was still real cloudy and very cold but Vinnie wanted to go out with Ed again so I sent him out with the scope. Vinnie had some sightings. Although the rest of Ed’s group viewed one sighting with multiple ships, Vinnie missed that one. (By the way we did not have our “Night Enforcer” scope focused properly. I think that is why we missed some of the objects.)

(With our Scope and adapter below you never have to bend your neck)

Wednesday was a washout with constant clouds. Thursday, Vinnie went out with the scope and he was able to catch one object which may have been something but all in all they were probably satellites. They were not what we saw last year.

I have to say, having briefly examined Vinnie’s video, and listening to Ed shouting in the background that the two objects Vinnie followed were UFOs, when they were most likely satellites, doesn’t help his credibility. Slow down, Ed. Ed’s spotting excursion this year weren’t as coordinated or as equipped as last year. When you add the clouds and the wind, it was miserable for spotting anything. But onward and upward, maybe next year in Phoenix we will have better luck and this time catch them on video.

Damn you Aliens! J

Final thoughts On the International UFO Congress:

International UFO Congress will now be produced by “Open Minds” and this may mean a balanced Congress next year. . The Spot for the 2011 International UFO Congress is brand new casino on an native American reservation a few miles outside of Phoenix. It has to be better than the Aquarius Hotel.. They announced they will be having “Night Visions UFO Spotting” which should be interesting around that area. I spoke to Alejandro Rojas about my concerns for a more balanced venue.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. 1965...at dusk i was 10 or 11 saw a craft come down and hover in the school yard ...vivid still in my memory...no other craft could do or look like that.

  2. Joe
    I planned to attend per your suggestion, but by the time the details were available to me it was impossible to attend. That being said, I hope to catch up with you next year, unless some other disastrous crisis appears out of nowhere.
    The Walton presentation struck me firstly with the tones of resignation, some depression, the sort of monotone voice accompanied by sighs that I am all too familiar with. I increasingly wished for him that none of this had ever happened. Again, something I can relate to, with the death of my son.
    The growth rates of the trees, various trace evidence is intriguing..however, the presence of a military intelligence operative with ties to Klass, who happened to be deer hunting may have been as a probabilistic, coincidental anomaly, but it is oddly reminiscent of the mysterious "forest ranger" , who never came forward in the background of the Allagash Incident, despite the notorious nature of what occurred in his territorial precinct.
    Best Wishes

  3. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you for you comment. There are times in my experience where you need very little external evidence to know something is real. The Travis experience goes beyond physical evidence down to how humans would normally react this close to the enigma. My friend who came with me and was very skeptical said. "There is not one place in his story that I can raise any objection to. It just sounded to real." Sometimes you have to reach beyond the data to heart of the matter. I believe how he dealt with this entire circus shout volumes of how true this was.
    Bruce that's sound great next year. I will be having some friends and I will help you set it up. Maybe you can teach me how to spell. We have a great time and you will really like my friends they are humble bright people and that makes them special.
    I've had to face so much death this last 10 years with 3 sisters close friends, not counting Phyllis's family.
    Without my firm belief something intelligent lives on after death I think I would had an even tougher time.
    But Bruce like you I am a survivor and I know they live on here as long as I live on. That is my legacy to them and my respect for the love they gave me.
    My health is not the best and I fear death less and dying more.
    We are old timers in a future shock world. What a trip.
    Thanks Bruce nice to see you back.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Than you know personally how this affects you. There is no knowledge that could unite humans than the announcement that ETs are if fact here. What I saw wasn't built on earth. Where they are from is both exciting yet scary. If and when this story breaks I want my grandchildren to know at that time how deeply involved I was in seeking the truth about UFOs.
    Although I might not be there when the proof arrives, I know this will happen some day, I believe that because what ever was piloting that ship sure as hell wasn't us.
    Thanks for the great comment and i certainly would like to hear more of your story. My email is ufomm@verizon.net always there when you want to talk.
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Thanks for the report Joe. It's great to read experiences from a SANE (and sometimes skeptical?) UFO believer. Every day, I visit websites which display obvious hoaxes or blurry photos of birds as "credible UFO's". Or stories of people writing about "events" which also were PROVEN years ago to have been the work of scammers and con men. http://www.physics.smu.edu/~pseudo/UFOs/Scully/
    So, it only helps your credibility to not report every passing Satellite as a UFO.
    Thanks for your blog. Hope to join you at the UFO meet-up when I can.

  6. Dear Kevin,
    I use to think just like you about blurry UFOs. Than I read the book Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul Hill. Please read this and let me know what you think. Remember UFOs are not Star Trek.

    Thanks Keven


  7. Sorry Keven here is the link



  8. regarding blurry UFO's. I agree with you there. I just think sometimes people get a little too excited about a blurry "smudge" that MIGHT be showing some sort of craft. And call it AMAZING proof. Personally, if I see a blurry smudge that looks like a bird and the photographer didn't notice the object until he checks his pics after the fact... it's not a very credible picture to me.

    Regarding the Travis Walton lecture... very interesting! Can't wait to read his new book!

  9. Dear Keven,
    You're right and I will be posting something soon on questionable imagery. The presentation by MUFOM's image analyst, astronomer and president of FX models(a company that does work for the Navy) will discuss video and photo anomalies that turn out not to be UFOs. He absolutely destroys David Sereda contentions about the "Tether" had UFOs around it. He explains everything in prosaic terms. It is interesting to note he had his with his family had close encounters complete with entities so he is far from a debunker.
    Look for "UFOs:Deconstructing David"
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  10. Joe,

    I saw the link to your blog and read it. Did you sit at a table on Saturday nite at the banquet with your friend, Vinnie who was looking for a bottle of Merlot? I believe I sat next to him. I remember him mentioning Joe Capps and that you had a blog. Well, if that was you then this must be it. It is a great blog.

    I did not get to have the nite goggle experience, however I did see Travis Walton for the first time in person and felt a conveyance of real sincerity.

    This may or may not be a coincidence but on my return to Las Vegas on Sunday morning, I looked at the cloud formations, and guess what they were in the shape of? What else, a mother ship, and I was not the only one on the shuttle to comment aloud on it. That was a fitting end to the Congress. If that was not enough, while I was awaiting my departure flight, I glanced down on the floor, and on the carpet was the shape of the classic UFO on the carpet. You explain it. It was a very illuminating and enjoyable experience and I look forward to what the next Congress brings forth.

  11. Dear Geni,
    Vinnie thought the Marlot was good and wanted some more, so he went looking for tables that didn't like wine.He found some wine. I didn't drink any.
    I am glad you had a good time and I am also looking forward to Phoenix next year.