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NY UFOs: The Town on The Edge Of Forever Part One

Could it be possible for a town to collectively stop reporting UFOs? Could the residents be so fed up with the notoriety and curiosity seekers that their collective consciousness decides “no more”. There are some places around the New York city area where I believe people are still having many UFO/Paranormal experiences. They just don't report them.

If there ever was a place where “portals” exist then Pine Bush and the greater Hudson Valley would be that place. There were more sightings there than anywhere else in the world.

“The Hudson River valley of New York state was the site of one of the most widely witnessed and extended episodes of UFO activity ever. Literally thousands of witnesses observed the objects, and many photos and videos were taken. The "siege" begot over 7,000 documented and investigated sightings of a boomerang-shaped craft or crafts moving silently through the sky over New York and Connecticut between 1982 and 1995”.

Yes, a major UFO flap which centered around one Jewish cemetery in Pine Bush. Some of these reports were so astounding as to include UFO craft landings with little entities. When the reports finally quieted down the media went quickly to other topics…but the UFOs were still there.

The Jewish Cemetery Portal?

The people in Pine Bush are secluded souls on purpose. They have no time for big city ideas or money schemes. A rural town surrounded by farms, the residents love their privacy most of all. At the end of this long drawn out flap the town had had enough. One UFO writer spent a great deal of time around Pine Bush and the surrounding area in a great small book called, “The Pine Bush Phenomenon” by Vincent Polise. Polise was there not only during the publicized flap but also years later. In a brief run in with a long time resident, Polise catches the understandable mood of the townspeople. Vincent, on one of his many trips to Pine Bush, brought up the subject of UFOs to one of these residents. The answer was short and to the point, “No, there are no UFOs now, please go now.”

The reaction of these town folks surprised writer Polise but as a long time follower of UFO witness reactions this was not surprising to me. I believe that statement reflected many people in this small private community. Debunkers will constantly spin the idea that everyone in the rural towns are just dying for the notoriety of UFO reporting and in fact hoaxing is their pastime. But that is just not the reality of most UFO witnesses, especially in small towns. Most residents at Pine Bush would like it to stay small and quiet and for the UFOs to go away.

The question is: did the UFOs ever really go away?

The recent Stephenville UFO flap has proven the UFO sightings continue long after the media has gone to sleep on the experiences. In an article update in the MUFON journal reporting on Stephenville, MUFON received 300 UFO reports months after the press had refused to print any more on the subject. In other words, the “Stephenville” flap wasn’t over just because the press said it was over. The reason why the press stopped printing UFO Stories was simply because of phone calls from the locals who wanted it to stop. No big conspiracies… just people being people.

There are two types of UFO obsessions. The first I call the “Passive UFO” personality who just follow the UFO story by way of the news, media and now the internet. The second type is the “Active UFO” follower who want to experience a UFO. They go to the UFO places that they hear about and learn what is going on. They try to have an experience. Some of these people are not thoughtful. They will trample on private property and just seem to forget the simply courtesies of life. Yet, there are those respectful adventurers who understand they represent something larger than themselves. This type of person may actually help keep these UFO flaps going long after they have died in the media. For example, in his book, Victor Polise mentioned how he believes many people in the “Pine Bush” area have videos and photos of what they witnessed. Polise himself continued to investigate and experience phenomenon long after the public thought it was over. . There may be, as he suggested, many more photos and videos of UFOs and even landings with little entities that would never see the light of day. He not only became a experiencer but a partner in the phenomenon.

When I’ve written in the past about going to certain area that attract UFOs I never wrote about Pine Bush and the greater Hudson Valley. I went up to Pine Bush with my wife. We spent the day taking a look around Pine Bush. We found the “Jewish Cemetery” (above) where some striking UFO/Paranormal experiences supposedly took place. We spoke to some of the townspeople who seemed to have very little to say about what happened, Some didn’t know what we were talking about.

I asked about the flap of UFO reports at this Flying Saucer diner but they seemed to be unaware of what we were talking about.

Pine Bush was much more than just UFOs. It was in effect what is called a “High Strangeness Area.” Not only were there various “silent” craft reported but globes of light, shadow animals and loud machinery noises seeming to emanate from under the ground. The reports were so amazing and continual that it inspired a book entitled “Night Siege.”

One report had hundreds of people pulling their cars off the highway to stare at a huge "silent" triangle that flew over. So many people saw this that it spun a “debunkers dumb explanation”: “A group of pilots played a hoax by flying their small planes at night in close formation”.( I wonder how they kept all those engines silent.)

Part Two of “NY UFOs” Vincent Polise experiences the “calling”, detailed places in Pine Bush to go UFO spotting., Pine Bush UFO meeting and UFO etiquette.

Pine Bush Meeting:

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. fascinating post and quite an interesting idea that the town has developed ufo amnesia. people move into and away from towns everywhere...but when the ufo cafe doesn't know its own history that's just odd!
    did you have the chance to ask police, local historical societies or the local library any questions? they might be the only place you could get people to talk to you about the sightings. how about the witnesses themselves, any chance to get their names and speak to them? great post, tmara

  2. also i loved the documentary...especially because i am interested in the mysterious stone chambers of new england ever since i read sal trento's book. were the sightings connected with these chambers? tmara

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    You know I don't know. I would bet there are. Something to ask at the Pine Bush UFO meeting. I am sure the regulars at that meeting are still seeing things and know where they are.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Eventually we did speak to someone who knew where a book store which had the book I was quoting from. But for the most part people wouldn't talk about it.
    When you have those that are skeptical teaming up with those who have had enough intrusions in the their town UFOs sightings may go underground even though they are still happening. At the time I was just looking around I didn't know what I know now. Maybe I will go back if I do I certainly will be talking to more people.

    Thanks again

  5. Well I lived in this area at the time of the sightings, experienced them to the max and was so deeply involved that I was forbidden to speak about the lights when a reporter (Cindy Bowles) from unsolved mysteries called me. I actually answered questions about a ghost story and told her nothing about my UFO encounters, and she asked if the lights were connected to the caves which I lived close to and was familiar with. Of all the things I've seen I can't testify of any association btw the lights and the caves.

  6. Dear Marshall,
    Thank you for that interesting experience. People who have never had a sighting don't understand how many times people feel very restrained from given the details to an "unbelievable" incident. Rather than the 15 minutes of fame debunkers claim is their motive, most UFO witnesses, just don't want the notoriety.
    Thank you for sharing that here with us.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  8. Marshall:

    Thank you for your post. You were forbidden to speak about the lights - forbidden by whom?

  9. I also lived in Pine Bush. I was there from 1978-1995 but also visited there before that time period as well as after. I distinctly remember SEVERAL occasions of calling the local police department as well as Stewart Airport to report sightings. We had sightings almost nightly for years.
    These memories are very vivid and I also remember some that were pretty terrifying as well. I do not discuss them with anyone out of fear that they would think I was crazy. As a matter of fact at the time we (my family) had these sightings we did not know that anyone else did because we did not discuss them with anyone. It wasn't until I left the area that I was even aware that this was a common occurrence. Looking back now I wish we would have shared our experiences with others. I also know that my uncle had an experience with a sighting as far back as the 1960's which also was never reported. Strange to think that this is still going on!!

  10. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for making that comment. My last post was called "The NY UFO Meeting Group" we recently went up to Pine Bush with night vision equipment. We failed to record anything. But the town is very resistant to outsiders trying to view UFOs. I don't Blaine them. Although we were respectful of people property many who came before us weren't. I would love to read an account of what you saw. If you don't want to put that in a comment you could send it to me personally at We also have a group in Manhattan NY that meets every month if you are in the area. I believe to this day that when a "UFO flap" happens, such as what happened at Pine Bush there are more people who don't report it than do. By the way Pine Bush and that area hold the number one spot for reported UFOs in any flap 7000 believe it or not.
    Thanks for sharing that I only wish that we had our equipment when it was going on.

  11. There is still activity in the area, but it's in a different phase than it was 20 years. The sightings aren't exactly the same. Whatever beings are there have been moving ahead with an agenda of some sort. At first it was difficult for them to be discreet about it as they were laying the groundwork. Now that they've established themselves they don't need to venture around as much as they did. I was suddenly "scanned" around 7 years ago while driving through the area looking for random phenomena. I had done this on many occasions but nothing ever happened. Suddenly there was a bright red flash from "everywhere" that lit up the road and a whole subdivision. They are still keeping tabs on who's going through and what they are doing there. There is much less reason for them to come out and interact and be seen as there was 15 or 20 years ago. They were also conducting many experiments with wildlife and sometimes pets which now appear to be over. They made many mistakes which resulted in many encounters that they didn't intend, but since then they perfected many of their operations so we don't see it as much. And by the way, the Jewish cemetery is no coincidence. There have been sightings near other Jewish cemeteries in other places. The Jewish remains buried in those cemeteries are a source of DNA that the visitors use for something.

    1. Are you Dr. Satish Rohatgi, the pediatrician?!

  12. I lived in Pine Bush 1985 - 1993. I moved from the Hudson Valley completely in 2007. I won't tell you all where I am now, or who I am...but I will tell you that in my new place I met someone recently who said he saw a UFO in a Jewish cemetery here. He took me there and showed me around. He lived in a house adjacent to the cemetery and described a glowing orange that decended over the cemetery, and then shot up into the sky when his group of friends began to observe it. I think they are looking for Jewish human remains which may contain traces of extraterrestrial DNA. It would explain that whole thing about Jews being the "chosen people of god". No, I'm not Jewish. I'll also say that the guy who showed me that other cemetery had no clue of Pine Bush or the things that happened there. He took me directly to another Jewish cemetery 400 miles away from Pine Bush and said, "I saw a UFO here".