Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What questions would you ask an ET

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What would you ask an “alien” if one was standing in front of you, “mano-do-mano.”

Why don’t we take a little mind trip with me while we contemplate those questions?

You are out in a field. A UFO craft has landed and a being from another planet stands before you. Soon you come to realize what is in front of you and does not intend to harm you. You are nervous but you send the thought… “Can I ask some questions of you and will you answer honestly?” The ET replies in your mind, “I will answer your questions.” Now, it is up to you but you never thought in a million years you would have this chance.

When this idea for the post resided in my mind I thought: what questions I would ask this ET? If you have your own please post them.

  1. Are you or another ET species causing Cattle Mutilation?

  2. If you are, why are you doing this to the cattle.

  3. Why must you hurt the animal?

  4. What is the main reason there is no public contact between our species?

  5. If you do not want public knowledge of your existence why do carry on these very public displays reported and filmed by hundreds?

  6. Do you monitor our Atomic Missile program.

  7. If you care about us why didn’t you stop the Missile buildup?

  8. Are you or any other ETs abducting our people?

  9. Why does any advanced race allow the kidnapping of other sentient species?

  10. If you are responsible for abductions why do you allow the abductees to feel the pain of your examination?

  11. Are there more than one species here on this planet earth.

  12. Why are you and the others here?

  13. Are any of the species visiting us at war with each other or hostile toward each other?

  14. How long have species been visiting our planet?
  15. Have you interfered with our development in the past?

These are the main questions that come to my mind when I think of what I would ask an off-worlder if I had the chance. Who knows, one day we may all have the chance.

Joseph Capp

Joseph Capp

UFO Media Matters


  1. Another great article, by the way. Thanks.

    Obviously one could say, yeah, but that wasn't real...but, in my case, I reacted the way you would if someone suddenly through a grenade in your lap.

    It was something thick, and palpable. It wasn't based on rationality, it just was. It was like turning the corner, and being face-to-face with a grown Lion. Even if the Lion had a collar, and chain, suddenly being so close would bring it on.

    I guess I'm saying I think questions would be futile. They didn't injure me, that I know of, but the auto-fear I experienced was over-powering.

    I know this is supposed to be a hypothetical setup, so I'm sorry to sound like mr. negative. I really thought about this, after I read your post, and just came up blank.

  2. Dear Bob,
    Well your real experience is enlightening and honest That is why this was hypothetical. I know if I saw an object land in a field I would investigate. My wife knows this about me. But to come face to face with a being who made have done some of these horrific things would be very scary. I know all I had read good and bad about ETS would be running around in my head.

    Thanks Bob

  3. Good post, but I would stay away from the questions we have observable data from (more or less) and ask about stuff we would like to know but can't figure out without given the answers. Of course these answers would have to be taken at face value. I don't think anyone would be given that many questions in a situation like you describe anyhow... (As such I would omit questions about involvement in cattle mutilation and interest in missile bases and our advanced weaponry since we already observed that they show interest in that.) I would ask questions regarding if there are more ET-races and if so what they do to disguise themselves if they live among us (this can lead in many directions). Also the questions regarding war and conflict ET vs ET or ET vs Man is also interesting. Any interference in our history is also very important to ask about. I would ask them if their existence is flesh and bone and bound to our present.

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  4. Dear Daniel,
    Good questions. But for me the cattle mutilations and the abductions go right to the core values that these entities possess. Is it one species that does this. Why do the others stand by? Some cattle have been found to be alive and probably in pain when mutilated. Why would intelligent species not care about the pain? Are ETs walking around among us is a good question. One I hadn't thought of. Many of us talk about contact but being in front of an ET asking the questions and actually learning the answers is another story.
    We may in the end wish we never asked the questions in the first place.

  5. Mr Crlll,

    Can you teach me how to use HTML properly?

  6. The obligatory questions would be:
    Who and what are you? Where are you from? Why are you here? What do you want? Who sent you here?

  7. Dear T. O.
    Those would be the first questions no doubt but don't you want to dig a little deeper. I want to know about the negatives attributed to these entities and what it means. I do think by listening to their answers some of these question we may figure out their real intentions.
    Thanks Again