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NY UFO: The Town on the Edge of Forever Part 2

Pine Bush UFO Video below 2007-2008-2009

“I been wond'rin' all about me
Ever since I seen you there.
On the cliffs of your wildcat charms I'm riding,
I know I'm 'round you but I don't know where:. Dylan

The Calling:

It happens time after time, either during a flap or in certain UFO hot spots. Some individuals get strong psychic compulsions, a calling, if you will, to go to a spot where inevitably a UFO displays. Pine Bush is no exception to this high strangeness. Victor Polise ; “The Pine Bush Phenomenon” found this fact out first hand. while investigating in this area for ten years, As the sightings of Polise and others gained momentum he came to believe he was in communication with this intelligence who he thought may be “extra-terrestrial”. He describes the feeling that came over him:

“ I knew something was wrong I felt goose bumps and the hair on the back of my hand all stood up…I thought maybe I was sick when it dawned on me…it was them!.. They were preparing me for some kind of communication, but what?”

After mentally communicating to “them” he asked these beings to prove this was happening by showing themselves in a certain area... He drove to that area with adrenalin pumping in his body and the absolute knowledge that something for certain was going to happen. He became so impatient that he announced after only “one minute”.

“Well I’m here, show me! At that moment I saw bright pulses of light all over – north, south, east west – Amazing strobe lights… I felt like they were rolling out the band wagon for me, I was completely floored”

As I mentioned earlier Polises reported compulsion is not new. This has been reported over and over again. As a point of fact the same compulsion was reported on another well investigated UFO / Phenomenon hot spot. This ranch was highlighted on a previous post on UFO Media Matters; “The Other Skinwalker Ranch”:

“Together with the older son Joe, Jim on a compulsion they drove up one nigh to the top of a hill where a 35 foot circle had been for some time and nothing had grown…”

Getting out of the car and seeing a light in a group trees they walk toward it. “…there was a box on the ground…it was making a buzzing sound and there was a light inside it… not on it. As I approached the box the buzzing got louder.” This made them retreat in fear. Later that same night as described in the book Jim made face to fact contact with these beings who not only knew who he was but admitted to harassing them. This was a well documented case.

Timothy Good’s book “Alien Liaison”


Another strange effect Polise felt, and reports about, in the book is what the locals call scanning. In the early sightings of Pine Bush many UFO spotters reporting knowing they were being scanned by some intelligence in the crafts. Polise describes what scanning is:

“The are two type of scanning going on… flash scanning and metal scanning… The flash scanning is an intense light shinning from somewhere above…The mental scanning is more difficult to explain.” He describes the feeling that comes over him

“I felt a numbness to my head…it didn’t last long and was gone when I went past the cemetery”. This is what most people describe along with the “knowing” they are being “watched” by these beings when it happens.

With all of this happening I ask the question, now, today; could a group of people go up to Pine Bush and create their own “calling”? Could they in effect tap into the energy around Pine Bush. Could a group of people, with good intentions reignite a new Pine Bush flap. Many might say that is crazy but intentions may be a prerequisite of contact. After all, the main group of people who these intelligences display for are just your normal everyday people. Many of them had no interest in UFOs before the displays some of course did, but all were zeroed in on for some reason. Many who have these contacts choose not to go public. Do they continue because of that?

There is something these beings get from displays…weather it be the attention of the government or a need we haven’t understood … they do happen. A form of communication seems to follow with one or more people. Do the sightings stop themselves or does the mood of the residence help end the flap.

Here is my suggested experiment for some of you younger adventurers to find out if Pine Bush is still a portal. A group of people journeys on a regular bases up to Pine Bush area and tries to make contact. They bring all the recording gadgets with them and they asked permission to film these beings. This is all done each weekend for a month, visiting the different spots I list below. I suggest strongly that anyone who decides to do this be very respectful of the people’s property. It’s a no brainer; the more you respect the property the more you be allowed to go UFO spotting.

An important part to add to your adventure is contacting the Pine Bush UFO/Phenomenon Meeting for the latest update. Going to the meeting and learning what is happening would certainly help in the experiment.

Pine Bush Meeting:

Pine Bush New York areas for UFO Spotting: (don’t forget to bring your GPS)

  1. Route 52 is the main highway to the Hot Spots” The Jewish Cemetery is along this route. It is easy to miss so keep an eye out. Do not trespass into the cemetery. The woods behind the cemetery also harbor strange phenomenon.

  2. West Searsville Road two and half miles from the cemetery. There were places to park so look around.. A mile long stretch that may make you a believer.

  3. South Searsville Road continuing down West Searsville Road you will come to a stop sign turning left you will find many places to park to go spotting. For those of you have a generation 3 or better night scope, you can get a clear few of the horizon from this area.

  4. Fleury Road, a half mile from the cemetery is a very active place and key point to view all areas including the Jewish Cemetery. What out for the animals while driving.

  5. Muddy Hill Lane, gravel parking lot parking no lights much strobe activity and UFO Craft activity over the mountains.

  6. Albany Post road high speed limit on road so if you have to park make sure it is way over off the side of the road. A great activity in the line of trees you can view from there.

  7. Rider road between Walden and Pine Bush is a more populated area so parking with good views of the night sky can be had for all.

    I believe there may be a reason UFOs pick an area and those reasons are beyond our knowledge now. Do ETs pick these desolate spots to gather certain people together to scan them? Would ET entities respond if a group tried to initiate nightly contacts? The answer is I don’t know… and no one else does either, that’s the point. But even if it was a total failure there is nothing more beautiful then looking at a starry sky and talking to friends. Would I go… I think I may. I have been thinking of taking a group up to start the ball rolling.

    By the way does anyone wish to take the blue pill with me?

    Were the Pine Bush residence having mass hysteria? That is what the debunkers would like you to think. But when hundreds of people, including their families pull over to the side of the road, spontaneously to watch a giant triangle silently go over their heads, then the only ones who are hallucinating are the debunkers. Because the world I live in doesn't just doesn't work that way.

Videos below are from Pine Bush Area 2007-2008-2009:

Joe Capp

UFO Media Matters

Non-Commercial Blog


  1. I hope people go investigate to find out for themselves and collect some good data. At worst they will have a day out in the open. It seems like the probability to spot unconventional aircraft here is high.

    The videos you posted are interesting, especially the second one where a larger seemingly triangular craft is hovering among trees behind a house. However I really could do without the audio commentary in these videos. These true believers babbling about orion and how true all this is and how amazing these craft are. From the videos themselves I can see only from the second one what looks like a craft the other ones are inconclusive from video. Could be unconventional, maybe not, I wouldn't know. Comments regarding these videos on youtube describe them to be operated by mental interface and so forth. More babbling and nonsense that can't be taken seriously without any more backing.

    I just read a blog by a Hyper Chroniac that was convinced HE was the source of a photographed anomaly on Saturn rings since he "flew there" the night before. People out there have all kinds of mental disorders, it's obvious they have a hard time distinguishing dream from reality. Maybe they have a point but I really have to suspect they are sick.

    On to the videos; Any differences to conventional aircraft would be fairly obvious when spotting these craft first hand but as the people filming this are such bad observers, just rambling about orion and how "true" all this is, they lose the opportunity to document their sighting in a meaningful manner.

    Sometimes the people can get you interested in a case (like Lonnie Zamora) sometimes they really put you off. I feel like I lose interest here quickly.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  2. Dear Daniel,
    The main purpose of the videos and maybe I should have spelled this out, was to show things are still going on in that area, or why would people be out spotting even now. I did a search on Pine Bush and these on You Tube and these came up. I felt these looked the best. I agree with what you said about mental disorders I met a few at the UFO conferences.

  3. Joe im so sick and tired of you ALIEN BASHING on all these sightings!
    Leave the POOR aliens alone!
    After all, if they want to forcibly RAPE humans there must be a perfectly reasonable scientific reason for it!
    And when they forcibly ABDUCT people, they are merely tagging us for future reference, in order to conduct MORE and more painful science experiments on us!
    How DARE you misinterpret these cute little cuddly guys as being EVIL and ominous???
    After all when they ripped Whitley Striebers rectum with their PROBES they had the BEST OF INTENTIONS, you ALIENOPHOBIC person, you!



  4. Sorry Late Night,
    I just love those little creatures and I'm sure they don't mean it.

  5. Hi Joseph. I don't know if you do requests but if you do have some funny personal stories ready to go about some of Ufologys real kooks and nut jobs you have met or seen it sure would be an entertaining read I think. I suspect you might have some stories lying around since you visit these UFO Conferences every now and then. (I have stayed away from UFO Conferences myself because some peoples cluelessness can drive me crazy on sight. Better I do my studies elsewhere.)

    What do you think about this idea?

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  6. Dear Daniel,
    have some stories and maybe i will write about them in the future. Some of your very naive people are abductees who wish to find some good in their abductions...I don't want to make fun of that because it classic post stress. The powers that be in the UFO community though ,that is another story ,they certainly know how to hit back as my post on MUFON's end demonstrates. So they are fair game same as the Christian right. But I like writing fun stuff so I will keep it in mind. "The funny side of UFOs"

    Thanks Daniel

  7. The reason why certain areas are chosen is because the geomagnetic grid of the earth has "hot" places where it is possible to open portals to other dimensions. The earth's grid is an interface between dimensions...between 3D Earth and
    4D Earth. There are specific intersections where sophisticated technology can be used to open or navigate the portals. Our government is aware of these places and so were many indian tribes who left behind artifacts and structures nearby...or at the very least they had legends parallel to the experiences modern people have at these sites.