Friday, April 4, 2008

The Other Skinwalker Ranch: Contact

Heard about Skinwalker Ranch, haven’t you? The rugged 480-acre property in Utah’s Uinta Basin, near Roosevelt and Vernal, was investigated by scientists from the National Institute of Discovery Science and award-winning journalist George Knapp, who followed the story for years. At the now infamous former cattle ranch, strange phenomenon continually happened to a family of ranchers. Cattle mutilations, sightings of UFO craft and strange animals, and a variety of poltergeist phenomenon over a two-year period drove this family of ranchers to sell their life’s dream --their ranch.
The NIDS scientific team, sent in by the property’s new owner, pioneering commercial spaceflight investor Robert Bigelow, were made fools of by…what ever was there.

But the Skinwalker property wasn’t the first family ranch plagued by strange phenomenon, what appeared to be ETs and strange animals. Another family confronted terrifying phenomenon on their ranch, where eventual contact, and an agreement were made.

What happened at that lesser-known ranch was investigated under the ageis of A.P.R.O., by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, psychologist, Dr. John Deer, seismologist, his wife, Janet, and Dr. PeterVan Arsdale, anthropologist. Respected British author Timothy Good reports on what happened in a great book --which is hard to find these days-- Alien Liaison.

What a story! A family and close friends pull their financial resources together to buy a ranch in Colorado near the Rocky Mountain area. Soon, family and friends are enmeshed in continued and varied phenomenon they’d hardly even dreamed of.

The witnesses finally reported their experiences on condition of total anonymity. Backgrounds of the witnesses is interesting, too: Jim, a former US Air Force Security Officer and Public Relations Officer; John, management exec in a large corporation; Jim’s wife, Barbara; their teenage sons; and a law enforcement officer, who remains unnamed.

The family and friends moved into the beautiful ranch, remodeled it in about three months, and almost immediately, started experiencing strange phenomenon. Their escalating experience with strange phenomena that ended with encounters began with electronic humming, sounds that couldn’t be accounted for. In October 1975 the cattle were baying so loudly and their coon dog was so extremely afraid that Jim grabbed a rifle and ran outside.

Jim found the cattle huddled together. He walked to the dam on their property and there was a large lighted object of “trapezoidal shape. John had heard of cattle mutilations and because of his small caliber gun, he decided not to fire.

One night Jim read about a reward for perpetrators of cattle mutilations and decided to go hunting for them. Jim states: “I found myself unable to move, it was like paralysis, like I was drugged.” Barbara, John’s wife, was having flooding memories and panic attacks, and when she tried to tell John she couldn’t, because “every time I started to tell him I would stutter”.

Some time later one of the teenage sons, Joe, found a mutilated cow only 200 hundred yards from the house.

“The boys were pretty upset because they claimed something had followed them back to the house, ” Jim reported. On checking they found in the snow 18 inch “Bigfoot like” prints following them all the way back to the house and even found prints in the manure in the barn. It was a classic mutilation. “The law officer promised to show up but he never did,” Jim added. Two weeks later a second mutilation was found. According to author Good, when the law officer hadn’t shown up again after the second phone call, Jim decided to have a personal talk with the law.

Jim: “They explained to me they knew what the mutilations were. They only report one in four….there had been four hundred [mutilations] reported by this time. It was being done by Extraterrestrials…they had spoken to the FBI about it…I told him I couldn’t believe it, if you couldn’t solve the crime at least don’t blame it on something like that.”

[DVD: This is the entire DVD of the "Mothership retrieving scouts"" given anonymously to me at a UFO Conference. Next Post "Contact Ranch"we will include a follow-up with zooming in on important portions of the video to take a closer look; stay tuned. ]

One night at about 10, two visiting friends and a rancher heard a strange noise emanating from the cistern southeast of the house and about sixty yards up a slope.

Jim: “After listening to the noise [visiting friends and the rancher] saw a huge object push its way through the barbed wire fence and come straight at them down the hill”…[They] came running to the house…we went back and traced the root and there again were some footprints.

Good tells how Jim found some hair and sent it to a biogenetics lab in Denver. The report came back marked “no known species”.

Soon the entire household turned paranoid. Jim was sleeping by the front door, staying awake most of the night, hoping to catch the culprit in the act of harming his cattle.

Jim: “Alerted by a humming sound at 2 am I looked out the window and saw a disc-shaped object flying slowly past the front of the house up the gully”.

“Another time I saw the hairy creature running near the house. I was tolerating it to a certain degree but one night I just couldn’t. I went out and saw one running beside the corral and I shot it…Barbara came running out. When Harry and Roger came back we went to track it. It didn’t seem to be hurt at all. There was a flinch and I am a good shot, but there were no blood, no traces, no signs.”

They continued on to the next property when they heard this most unusual sound…a whine with a beeping noise.

Jim: “I notified the law officer that I shot one and he gave me hell saying he didn’t want anyone killed. I was so upset I stormed outside and yelled, ‘if I can’t have the land then you won’t have it either’. I blew the whole thing away. I meant it, too. Later I tried to calm down. I returned to the house [and I ] went out on the porch again.

Jim: “While outside…this voice just came out of nowhere.. That was the first time I was really ever shaken, rather than angry...[the voice] it was like FM stereo; it came from everywhere”.
‘Dr. Jim, We accept’

Next Friday: Part II : "Contact Ranch"


  1. Excellent post and the topic of "weird ranches" have fascinated me for a long time. thanks for the reminder about Good's book -- I'd forgotten that! I know I have it somewhere; it'll be fun and interesting to read it again.

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