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The Other Skinwalker Ranch, Part Two:

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"And Louise held a handful of rain asking you to deny it."
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Talking To Aliens

Keep listening as Jim --a former military public relations officer-- reveals details from a case among the most bizarre in UFO history. Jim reported a huge range of phenomenon, including actual face-to-face contact. Much like the original Skinwalker Ranch accounts, Jim describes multiple phenomena experienced by witnesses out on the working ranch that UFOMM dubbed Contact Ranch. Jim and his extended family were also trying to raise cattle, out in another part of the Four Corners Area of the American West when they encountered the unimaginable.

2am: Nine discs landed in the yard! The family --Jim, Barbara, and their son, David-- and two friends were at home. Seeing the discs, witnesses tried to wake everyone else, but the sleepers were unresponsive. Jim approached the discs. Barbara, looking out the window, was knocked senseless to the floor by an unseen force. Reviving Barbara, witnesses noticed the objects were gone. Jim wondered why they hadn’t used the force on him.

[Excerpted from Alien Liason, by Timothy Good]
“But then I began to understand how clever they were…They didn’t do it to me because I was walking toward them…They did the most practical thing that could be done to get me back inside and get both people away from the window…and I think I began to respect how clever they were. Then I began to think the Government was doing this to us. Except that there were a lot of unusual things, for instance…

“David upstairs had been paralyzed during the incident that way he couldn’t respond. He could hear us calling but couldn’t get up. Ultrasonic sounds were heard all night long. He was sick for three days.

“At 2am one night in the presence of guests, the lights went out in the house, a mechanical-sounding voice was heard coming from all the radio and TV speakers.

“We were sitting right in front of a console stereo… and the voice came out of it. I can almost recite the words exactly…

Attention: we have allowed you to remain. We have interfered with your lives very little. Do not cause us to take action which you will regret. Your friends will be instructed to remain silent concerning us.

“One of the guests, Dan, a computer and electronics specialist, was determined to a find a rational explanation for the mysterious broadcast; he dismantled the stereo set…He went through the whole unit and said he couldn’t figure it out…He checked and the stereo was off; the phonograph was on when the lights went off…the radio receiver part was off… the type of transmitter it would take to cause a signal to go through the whole house would be beyond our means to…put up.”

After an experience Jim and his son had, with a light in the trees and a “Black Box” that disappeared, Jim told his son to go into the house, while he [Jim] would find out what it was.

“That was the closest I’ve been to afraid. I had to force my legs to move down because I didn’t know what I would see.

“I walked down to the light and there were two individuals waiting for me in the light. The light didn’t come from anywhere…They obviously weren’t nervous and as soon as I walked up, spoke to me by name [as though]…. ‘How nice of you to come’. Down below us was a disc on the ground 50 or 60 away.

“…And [I ] had no doubts they were human. They were approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, [in] tight fitting clothing like a flight suit…[their] clothing changing colors from brown to silver...I don’t know how.

…they were fair with large eyes…blond hair and it wasn’t long…The thing that impressed me the most was the eyes…Their facial features were finer. They were almost delicate, effeminate, and completely self-assured... They apologized for the inconveniences…and told us more a equitable arrangement would be worked out between us, whatever that means. I wanted to ask a lot of questions but found I didn’t …There were several things they asked me not to repeat that had no significant meaning at all. I think they were checking to see if I would keep my mouth shut. I told them if they were mutilating cows it was very foolish…it would draw attention to themselves. They didn’t give me any earth shattering information or admit they were mutilating the cows. The only thing for sure was the big fuzzy thing “Bigfoot-Like” obeyed their commands. They mentioned the box, how I did the right thing backing away from it…it is what I call an implied threat. They nodded and approximately 20 to 30 feet away “Bigfoot” as I call him, got up and walked toward the box. The box changed tone and he dropped, and they said, ‘as you see they can be quite lethal’.” [Emphasis added by UFOMM.]

“They said they would come back and talk again…They did tell me that my memory would not be tampered with. I thought of all the things I would have liked to ask… I was pretty rocked, because I did see the disc and it was quite clear…I am pretty sure they play rough. It’s not big brother spiritual beings from space…I am absolutely convinced that they couldn’t care less if we live or die.”

Alien Liaison, Colorado Breakthrough, Tim Good
Whatever you believe as a ground truth, there are plenty of additional choices you have to make about the Contact Ranch breakthrough case [reported by Tim Good in Alien Liason]:
Did any of this happen?
Did all of this happen?
If some or all of it happened, how was Jim --a US military intelligence officer on a remote, family-owned ranch-- able to do what entire teams of scientists were unable to do for decades? How was Jim able to make contact with who/what ever it was?

Jim did this by accepting the phenomena were driven by an intelligence, and by challenging that intelligence.

The beings seem to gain respect for Jim, and they may have decided to contact him further under controlled conditions. Whatever they really are, control seems very important to these beings.

I spoke with author Tim Good at a bar recently during a conference. I asked Tim if any one had ever followed up on the folks who lived on Contact Ranch. Tim says to the best of his knowledge he didn’t think so, but he did feel the family may still be living there.

What a shame we don’t know the next chapter of the Contact Ranch saga. What happened after that intense phase of phenom ended? Did Jim really pass their test? He never did tell anyone what the beings had told him, far as we know.

So, did they come back, make contact again? If contact continued, what was said? What happened with their cattle? Were the rest of the livestock left alone after the initial mutilations? This seems important, since Jim felt the beings “were responsible for the cattle mutilations.”

Tim Good observed the Contact Ranch witnesses felt the “military operations explanation was not sufficient to account for the strange events which they have experienced.”

It may be that ETs are always aware of the larger stage where these interactions are being reported.

For me, this is another example of theater staged by ETs for multiple purposes. Interesting how the ETs specifically mentioned they would not alter Jim’s memory. And then there’s the self-assured countenance, the gift of strong determination in the face of the terrible, that is a gift the ETs bestowed on Jim, whether intentionally or by default.

All this plays into the staging of events in scenarios where ETs feel always in control and yet where they do not easily outthink us. Notice how the beings spoke perfect English and mentioned their interference as being “very little” on the scale of threats.

At the original Skinwalker Ranch, the staging of the varied phenom was more confrontational, and the level of interference greater. The alleged alien beings were different, too: more in line with the so-called grays.

Maybe the bizarre animals are the hardest to explain: huge wolves from the original Skinwalker Ranch and Bigfoots from Contact Ranch. Neither type of these cryptids witnessed by the terrified ranch families and researchers could be killed, and both cryptid groups seemed to be under intelligent control.

And why not? If this particular group of ETs have been here a long time, they may have used these creatures. Maybe they designed them! Whether ET designed or simply captured part of our own cryptid menagerie, it’s not a stretch to imagine, based on the data reported at both ranches, how these cryptids might be used to spy and control land areas. By creating native superstitions --as with Bigfoot-- ETs could control access to these areas by making sure the natives avoid the areas…for generations.

By introducing Big Foot into the mix, the alleged ETs have created an important impediment to witnesses reporting their experiences and to victims getting help after the fact. Adding Big Foot makes any potential report too incredible to be believed. Because of the Big Foot factor, even the UFO investigators could only come to one conclusion: “at least some of the incidents had a basis for objective reality.”

How clever are they, these ETs who seemed to be running the shows at Skinwalker and Contact Ranch?

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    What an interesting post.I had to read it several times to digest it....this falls into line with a recent experience of my daughter who has no interest at all in this sort of thing...the first thing which happened was "something"that appeared at the patio door...floating...I have her sketch...we have also had any number of odd phone messages...electronic devices going own non alien induction experiences...all of this boiled down seems to indicate we
    individually seem to attenuate these attempts at communication and they end up being a hybrid like two people talking over each other. Odd.
    Best Wishes

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  3. "Attention: we have allowed you to remain."

    Have our elders allowed us to remain By taking the nuclear missiles away from our criminal elite who rifled us with them?

    "We have interfered with your lives very little."

    Would we guess about enough to awaken us to the threat poised to us by the tens of thousands of nuclear bombs planted in our midst?

    "Do not cause us to take action which you will regret. "

    Would we regret it if we did something that caused our elders to step away from us, allowing Jew to finally get some nice clear shots with the 150,000 nuclear bombs he built to sweep us away from life?