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The Line They Will Not Cross:Cattle Multilations

Cattle Mutilations, Fear Factor…
and Filtering the Data

"Look out kid there's something you did..God knows when but you doing it again" Bob Dylan

Let’s get rid of the real bulls**t right away.

Any fool inside or outside the UFO field who believes a rancher doesn’t know what a predator attack looks like, or what a coyote scavenged livestock carcass looks like…is a fool.

The truth is --which many a kiss-butt researcher knows-- for every vet who claims the perpetrators behind mutilations are animal predators, there are 5 good veterinarians, with a lot more to lose, who don’t.

I call this truism the visible Line. The visible Line is crossed when a professional has a chance to look foolish or loose their career if they side with any UFO researcher on any case. If they do suddenly, all the character, all the years of good work, and the respect are gone in an instant.

Dr. James McDonald, Dr. John Mack…and David Jacobs are just a few examples of professional scientist skeptics who saw enough to become UFO believers, and paid the price for it. Including death.

What is the career factor in all of this? Many a skeptic will not even take the fear factor into account, and believe it or not, I’ve heard some MUFON researchers who personally accept this bizarre position. Another thing that disgusts me is the way the witnesses who have the most to lose are simply dismissed by the professional skeptics and even a certain kind of UFO researchers. Perfect example, again, is those ranchers, who in fact, have the most day-in, day-out experience with their animals and the predators and scavengers who plague every rancher’s life. These ranchers can trace their families back on the land for many generations….in other words, they are successful at what they do, as were their fathers and grandfathers, and because this environmental knowledge is passed down, these ranchers know every aspect of the interlocking biological systems, all the flora and fauna of their region. Their families’ lives and livelihoods depend on that knowledge.

So how is it, the most knowledgeable among us about cattle, about large-animal predation, scavenging, downed cows and livestock disease in America --the ranchers who have the collective experience of generations-- are suddenly idiots, according to the professional skeptics. That’s right, men who are the experts in their field are suddenly idiots, for no other reason than what they see and decide to report doesn’t fit the familiar patterns of livestock injury, or large-animal eterinary medicine...or our government’s institutionalized program of denial.

And that’s another truism of the professional skeptic’s BS Arsenal, one that we need to make sure doesn’t end up in the serious UFO researcher’s mindset:
If it doesn’t fit, explain it away. This one we need to exorcise. Quick!

Linda Milton Howe DVD "Stramge Harest" Goggle the DVD

Where was the outrage at the government shills, FBI, and pro UFO skeptics? Well the ranchers certainly felt it. But their feelings are wiped off the map when doublespeak mainstream researchers who will slant the science will not cross that fear line. Phenomenon witnesses are not fodder for someone hypostasis they are human beings.

In the book An by Lindia Milton Howe "Alien Harest" we get a sense of what it’s like. By the wa Ms Howe spent decades researching this subject compared to the very short time the FBI did there very bias researche. A Wyoming veterinarian, who spoke with Linda Moulton Howe, wanted to remain anonymous. He was asked by the local Sheriff’s Department for a report on a mutilated cow near the Colorado border. This vet admits he never gave the Sheriff the true report, as far as his real conclusions were concerned:

“I never believed there was anything to the cattle mutilations until I examined the cow near Carpenter. The eyeball, optic nerve, eye tissue were so thoroughly removed and so clean I still am wondering how they did it.”

Author Linda Howe says this Wyoming vet tells why he did not report what he really found and what he really concluded:
“I felt it would damage my reputation if I did.”

You can’t debate research like that.

Whether you’re a trained researcher or having a lively side conversation at a conference-- you will always lose, because the other side is pre-filtering the data with fear, or pre-qualifying it, manufacturing opinions to make it fit a pre-selected ‘answer’. You can’t argue the data when the real field data has been hijacked, altered, filtered or otherwise made to fit, courtesy of the fear factor. The people who decide a certain line can’t be crossed will dismiss everything that points to anything beyond that line.

And that’s just the strangeness of the physical evidence.

What happens to, say, a rancher’s evidence when he describes even higher strangeness, like ETs? Couldn’t take that seriously either, right? Well, you know those old ranchers have a lot of time to waste telling stories. Like this one.

Looking for a missed cow, a rancher came over a rise when he witnessed four strange creatures…
“They were wearing some tight fitting green clothes like the color of mesquite leaves in the spring… even the feet were covered. Between them they were carrying a calf.”
Linda Milton Howe Alien Harvest

Was this guy a nut case? No, he was a rancher who had been raising cattle for forty years. So, why, the minute these words leave his mouth, does the mainstream discount him? If we believed the man, the answer would seem simple: ETs. The calf was found later with its skin rolled up over the body. Even some UFO researchers will discount this rancher because their invisible line is ETs.

NIDS did a through study of cattle mutilations. The NIDS organization came to the conclusion that in this particular kind of cattle mutilation, the origin could not be predators. If fact, they had cases where cattle were being “tapped” (with something like a hypodermic needle inserted) for blood extraction. Also an operation was performed where:

“…in the last trimester of the their counting cycle, within 60 days or less
of calving. Well one animal that they tapped that this happened to
in…in 2000, uh, I had checked her and confirmed pregnancy before I
put her in the dry corral. So within that 60-day time period she was
tapped, and on her calving date I went in her again, and she had
aborted --now this would be about…this would be about a 45-pound
abortion, you know? I’d see it. But she had…she had aborted, I hadn’t
found the calf, and she was scarred up inside. I could never…
get her with calf, I had to sell her. I had to beef her.”

NIDS ask the rancher if he took the calf to a vet.
“I did that. Now I’ll tell you how she scarred up inside—uh…beyond the
cervix where the uterus is, it begins. There are two…there are two
uterine horns, you know?.... The uterine horns were… you know, all that was there was, scar tissue—just gone.”

NIDS claimed that they believe many of the cattle mutilations were done by
the military to check for Mad Cow Disease. However it is interesting to note that many of the cow mutilations were around Malmstrom Air Force Base:
“…Appendix 1 is an MS Excel spreadsheet file showing the date, time, location and details of 129 separate UFO reports, 67 mutilation reports and 63 instances of unidentified helicopters that were called into the Cascade sheriff’s department between late 1974/early 1975 and 1977…

The more significant sightings were of an egg-shaped object with arms, an egg-shaped craft the size of a two-storied building possessing glowing windows, a ‘hotel-sized’ object accompanied by four smaller lights, and a 300-foot long object possessing rows of continuous pulsating lights on the top and bottom.”

So the book is still open on mutilated cattle, but one thing’s certain: these hard working, and wise ranchers were never wrong. Cattle mutilation is not caused by predators.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Joesph,

    These reports are also provocative.
    Best Wishes

  2. joseph, what's the point of cow mutilations. let's say there are alien beings. let's say they are intelligent and far more advanced than we are. in fact they are so advanced, they can travel from god knows how far away just to get here. so once they get here, if they're so advanced, why do they feel the need to mutilate cows and supposedly take their body parts? what purpose could they possibly have in doing that?

  3. Thank You so much.
    The best answer to this is "I don't know." The most important line in the UFO world.
    Having said that, I find no problem putting forth a logical least for the ET version.
    If the government knows ETs are here, ETs may be making a statements, messages to our governments. Not only in Mutilations but in "Displays" and being nosy at airbases. Also when they shut down missile silos.
    Recently they had a expert pilot on "Alien Hunter" he obviously hadn't believed in UFOs before the show. After listening to the Iran pilot and helping with a demonstration he said. "It was like(the craft) it was like it was playing a cat and mouse game with him." That simplistic answer may be right on the mark. The ETs need something here ...they need to hide...they need to control...they need to misinform...and maybe they need, sometimes, to interact with us.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  4. Seems to me, whomever or whatever is performing the dissection on cattle and other species (Human too), are looking for levels of radio active contamination in present day (eg 1974+)crop areas that were in or near atomic testing grounds in the 40s-50s.
    Eyes, Cheeks, Tongues, Uterus, Anal and Tits being removed seems logical in the sense of where to find trace element levels.

  5. Dear Raf,
    The problem with that theory is the cattle mutilations happen in other parts of the world. Argentina comes to mind. Who ever is doing this has no respect for borders. Although leaving the carcass in plan sight is a statement to me. What they do to the and for what reason is still a mystery. Is it wonderful to have mastery, and not know all the answers.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  6. I feel that who or whatever is dissecting animal organs is only doing so to study and obtain information about planet earth and its inhabitants. They have been known to abduct every kind of living thing, not to mention, seen flying over places with various kinds of human interaction, more importantly waring nations. Why wouldn't they want to learn everything they can about another planet and other semi-intelligent beings?

    The definition of intelligence is "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations". And lets face it they didn't master intergalactic space travel by not being highly cognitive beings hell bent on learning and consuming information

  7. Thank J,
    What I like to point in all of this is that some of our visitors are not very spiritual in our sense of the word. Some of the animals were dropped from heights, and dissected while they were alive. I get nervous when people talk about how spiritual they are,...shades of "To Serve Man" constantly cross my mind. Although some may be highly spiritual, there has to be a reason they leave us alone. They don't seem to compete between the different worlds at lease on this planet which is good for us.
    Thanks Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  8. If those responsible for these phenomena are trying to remain hidden, they're doing a poor job. If they're trying to reveal themselves, they're not doing much better. I'm left with several tentative explanations, about equally unsettling, e.g., 1. They're practicing some kind of psi ops. 2. They're insane, at least by our standards. 3. There are so many species, factions, agendas, and whatnot, that the net effect is complete incomprehensibility.

  9. There are a few reason why they do this. It could be a message to governments. During the Atomic Build-up not only did they become public but they interfered with our missiles and shot one down. Do they know for certain our government will not disclose...even an insane ET could figure that out. These seem to be arrogant statements made on purpose. But if you hang in there in the next 6 months to a year from what I have head at this conference UFO evidence will be presented to change the world. I have just look at what they have from the fields of Roswell. A Skeptic has them and he believes. The test and the results you will see on You Tube when I put up. Tuesday. "could not be duplicated on earth." The ratio in the sample is impossible to reproduce. There is so much I know is coming out in the next year there will be no question UFOs are craft from somewhere else
    Joe Capp