Friday, April 25, 2008

Pomp And Circumstance In UFO Land

Intelligence Versus Common Sense

At the 2008 X-Conference I heard speaker John Alexander, PhD. Alexander’s one of the main players in the NIDS project. Talk about a character right out of Bonfire Of The Vanities…I think it would be especially fun for someone in the Government, capital G, to lie to this guy. I know I would.

Alexander asked three unimpeachable --according to him-- sources about Roswell and artifacts: a General, a Scientist, and the head of Skunk Works. Their reactions, Alexander says, were genuine. They were surprised, very surprised! Even bewildered. None of the three had even thought about it! According to them, according to Alexander.

It’s not real. Roswell’s not real, Alexander knows. Because these top insiders told him so.

Of course this would mean the Roswell military witnesses were wrong…you know, those military men who kept their word to their government for a lifetime, but at their deathbeds, when there was no possible acclaim, no financial gain to be had, they told family members they saw a ship and the dead creatures’ bodies.

In my book, this Alexander-style debunking, it was and still is a rotten payback to our dedicated military men and women! The grunts in the military do all the work, and when things go down, always get the short edge of the sick.

Not happening on my page.

I’ve heard enough of the disparaging and dismissive overtones about the content of the reports of the witnesses at Roswell, but now, thanks to Alexander, we’re being told to question the basic integrity and sanity of these brave folks, the rank-and-file military guys who did the heavy lifting and stayed true until the very end.

Mr. Alexander scientist was a prime player in the Skinwalker ranch investigation, so we know what happens when a team of ego driven scientist confront the intelligence of these entities. They get burned without a trace of what happened.
Let me inject a dose of reality, or maybe a little truth serum, into the super-inflated ego blimp this is this prestigious PhD.
I now invite the reader on an Empathic Journey to the Collective Insider Psyche of the Military Techno Elite. Here we are on that fateful day, and, as we follow the special vibrations of that General, Scientist, and head of Skunk Works program, we sense a common experience, a shared zone of privileged scrutiny and hyper smarts. We ‘see’ that it’s You who are privy to the most closely held and dangerous secret of all time! You are a member of a select few, a Cabal of The Sacred Trust among whom this secret has been held and cautiously passed on for decades. But the good vibrations of your collective workday are disrupted as…in walks this prominent scientist with a resume up the kazoo.

He asks you, Hey what about this crashed UFO stuff? What about Roswell?

Would you, Mr. Insider:
A: Admit to him the secret is real?
B: Nether admit…nor deny?
C: Lie and be good at it?
No….what would you do….

We hear You, the Supreme Military Insider, and how you respond to this intrusion into you day:
Sure, John. We’ll just schedule you in on Thursday For Area 51, where we still keep one of these alien gizmos. Let me know what you think…But hey, let’s just keep this between you and me. Wouldn’t want this sort of thing getting out.

DVD "Strange Harvest" Who's is the Expert here; Scientist or man with the truck. You Decide!

How smart is Dr. Alexander, after all, if he thinks military brass couldn’t have bald-face lied to him, and would do a damn fine job of doing it?

One of the presenters at “The Great UFO & Earth Mysteries” conference past was around in the early birth of the skeptics’ movement. He spoke about his friendship to Phillip Klass and how he secretly taped him…which ended up costing him their friendship.

The Skeptic had read a news report about U2 Spy Planes and UFOs. He had previously discussed this topic thoroughly with his close friend, a good CIA source, and friend.

This friend, a CIA agent, had bald-face lied to him. But The Skeptic thought they had been close.

Skeptic :“Why did you lie to me?”

CIA Guy: “Because that is what we do.”

If UFOs were wholly metaphysical, then the Military would leave it with the physicist and hardly bother. This is the interpretation of the evidence some people push. It is not ET, they say, and it is anything but ET.

If it is UFOs and ETS it would be the most important secret the insiders --Military Brass and Tech elite, and CIA-- ever kept. They’ve had time to learn, time to hone their methods, time to build up nearly impenetrable shields of proven psychological programs of manipulation. Including the old standby routine, in which the Brass and the Tech Elite claim non-involvement, no interest and take particular care to leave no paper trail.

Most of the detailed reports on UFOs they can get from us. Other reports they already know. How to handle UFO flaps by now on. If the display gets too annoying, send in the Jets and lie…You don’t fire…and you chase them away. They don’t attack because they never seem to want to, unless you attack first. And then you lose.

The more pronounced cases you keep up on or followup on. You know what they are, and you know they’re probably not here to invade.

But most importantly, you know couldn’t do anything if they did.

Alexander’s attitude is typical of the pomp which doomed NIDS’ investigation to failure at the Skinwalker Ranch. The NIDS team were like the “nit swallowing the camel.”

Alexander presses his point that there is no paper trail, knowing full well that any paper traill would have been sanitized with different search criteria and very limited in the first place. June Crain, a Top Secret Q-clearance witness handled a piece of the object from the long-ago New Mexico crash, yet never mentioned coming across any paper work on what happened. She did, however, mention the delight, and out-right laughing fit the scientist were having on the balloon explanation. Read all about it here:

Finally, Alexander claims every followup tip has been bogus…so, every UFO researcher has tons of leaks and tons on insiders… none of them have them have really produced the beef…and none --in my estimation-- ever will.

It is up to ET and Always been up to ET.

Alexander is a very blunt personality, but that bluntness comes with an ego that was a voice in challenging the unknown at the Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch owners kept reporting hearing mumbling and laughter coming from nowhere. Now I know why:

ET 1:
“Hey you guys these humans are putting four cameras up facing each other to try to catch us…what do you say we dismantle one in full view of the other cameras”
ET 2:
Yea…that sounds good.. have them do it very slowly and methodically so they get the point.

ET Leader: “They never get the point.”

What is the point? They are smarter than us…all of us.

Joe Capp

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