Wednesday, April 30, 2008

UFO Are Just Secret Weapons!

Yea Sure......

"People talk about situations, read books, recite quotations, draw conclusions on the wall..." Bob Dylan

When anyone, who looks rather intelligent, dressed in all the right accouterments, has letters after his or her name, tries to tell you in a "I have all the data ready tone" "UFOs are just "Secret Weapons" pause....laugh, and asked that person... in which century?

Below I will present unique photos from the past. These photos I show below are presented here by permission, and with my thanks, to WENDELLE STEVENS.
I never recommend anything I don't really like. I really was fascinated by this two book set. There recounts of "Fatima", which include the first drawings by one of young girls, is fascinating. the sketches show what looks like a "being of light". The picture of the UFO at Fatima had me conjuring up my "Staging Theory. "

But Most of all I love the photos of UFO from around the world. You can find this great two book Set: " UFO Photograph's Around The Wold" Vol. One & Vol Two:

The Photo's you will see below revel a story of the old and the new. This story of a world of regular people seeing UFO"s and taking photographs has been overlooked in our McDonald lifestyle. This was not a digital world at all, this was a world with 35mm, Polaroid and Instamatic's cameras,. A world of UFOs which still calls to us about truth beyond hoaxes and beyond any persone's discounting explanations.

This Photo I thought was interesting: I did some work on it in Photoshop:

The Two Photo's here were taken in Passiac N.Y.

Note the possible disturbance around each object; ("corona discharge")

Now for some comparisons from Alaska notice same disturbance.

Now compare this photo taken 1972 with one from a DVD clip I posted on "You Tube" under "jcappufo". Notice the back of the saucer especially and the a small bright light source.

65 year old photograph early 1990:

These are the almost identical to what I witnessed, with a friend, fly over an Atlantic City Beach in 1962. They ones we viewed were very close and their color was a deep copper type color.

This is our history, captured in time, a truth of experienced, of wonder and a reality few have witnessed The witnesses are the "majaority", those who did not want to tell their names, nor share their,stories or photo's. The photos speak for themselves, in a language we all know. The language of knowing... this story has never been really told right, and what a story it is, we will post more in the future of even photo'solders. If you have old staange family photos you wish to share send a copy to:
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matter
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