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“UFO and Paranormal Scientist”

What does the word scientist really mean?

“A scientist, in the broadest sense, refers to any person that engages in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge or an individual that engages in such practices and traditions that are linked to schools of thought or philosophy. ...”

“A person who has studied science, especially one who is active in a particular field of investigation.”

A person who studies natural phenomena in a systematic manner.”

There are people, “scientists”, diligently at work to prove that not only the scientific mainstream opinion is wrong about UFOs, but also about the paranormal. The evidence is in and it can not be disputed. Something that is real in our natural world has been ignored. The mainstream scientific community has ignored evidence of the paranormal and UFOs because of prejudice reinforced by debunkers. The idea that the majority of scientists will not look at evidence because others say it is nonsense shows the hypocrisy and lack of courage we are dealing with.

It has been very difficult to get repeatable evidence on UFOs but that’s not the case with hauntings and psychical research. There is strong evidence of its existence and it has been verified by technology repeatedly.

I just watched another ghost hunting show on TV. Are these scientific endeavors? You bet they are. I know most scientists have nightmares of “religious dogma” when they think of hauntings, spirits, demons and such. The truth is these investigations have not proved any religion is right. Most of the research seems to indicate no one has the whole story. But, there is a real story.

Many Paranormal scientist research groups have proved, by repeated experiments, with scientific instruments, that something intelligent, not visible, which may, or may not identify themselves, actually exists . Some of these “intelligences” have the same memories as those that have died. Many times this research was done by different paranormal groups at the same place with very similar results. Is this NOT the same as repeated results in any other research of “natural phenomena"?

I know many scientists believe the debunkers opinions when it comes to these topics… but these skeptics do a very poor job of research. They do very little leg work and hardly any witness interviews. When they do interview people who experience these phenomenon, they try to steer them, or cherry pick ones that’sare easily explained. Research like that would be a laughing stock in any other scientific mainstream discipline.

As an example recently I watched a TV show where a skeptic was interviewing a haunting witness. Later on in the show the skeptic offered an easy explanation. The person he chose to interview had a very mundane experience, so it was easily explained. But, what is forgotten in this debunking presentation is, any well respectable paranormal investigator would have offered the same explanation. The real deal is what is so impressive. That real deal is the personal experiences back up by video, audio, inferred, full spectrum video, frequency detectors, temperature indicators, showing ghosts, hearing ghosts and measuring ghosts … yep ghosts.

It seems like the universe is not done surprising us.

I am sick of the non-interest by mainstream scientists in the important subjects of UFOs and the Paranormal, especially when they make comments in front of TV with no real background knowledge on the subject matter. Just because you’re an astronomer doesn’t mean you know about UFOs. Would you interview an astronomer on weather patterns or a meteorologist on distant galaxies? So, why in heavens name, do they have experts, with no real experience, sound off on a subject they know virtually nothing about? Well, someone might say they know a great deal about the cosmos. So, what are they, an expert on alien life or where our technology will be (God willing) in a thousand years…how about ten thousand years? Some scientist suggest we will never go to the stars so beings from other stars can’t come here. It is amazing how many times that has been attributed to other scientific theories only to be proven wrong.

I know for many scientists this stuff is hard to believe. I know the rational mind will dismiss these shows as staged by the TV show producers. The truth is some of what happens couldn’t be staged. The shows themselves have had program technicians quit because of their experiences in haunted locations. When interviewed, one said, “I never thought in an instant this was real.” How do we know this happened? It happened right on video. The scientists filmed and measured thousand of “unexplainables” at these locations. One that really had me sit up and gasping was when they filmed, with infrared, footprints appearing on a floor as they walked casually away.

I believe by all criteria these are Ghost and UFO Scientists (G&U) and they have a type of peer review. They can lose credibility through sloppy research or dishonesty. G&Us are grilled at every conference. There is always question and answer sessions and serious questions are asked…and answered. G&Us ask for independent opinions on video and audio evidence. Skeptic believers abound in the haunting field and they want proof real proof. A really important point I want to make here is: they get it. No matter who they are, they all say there is paranormal activity at certain areas or UFOs that can not, I repeat, can not be explained. That alone should case the antenna on any honest scientist go up.

Could humans have an energy that lives on after death…of course we could. Could we have some choice after we die…possibly? Could UFOs be from other worlds? I ask anyone, does our science even have the half the answers on the universe when 95% of it’s contents are unexplained? As for evil (demon) spirits, the reports show they are excised by different religious and belief systems according to the area where it has happening. This shows to me this has nothing to do with religion and yet everything to do with our power to affect this dimension or realm.

A courageous scientist would take notice when a hardened, no nonsense police detective has his or hers entire belief system turned around because his murder case is solved by a psychic. In all of these cases astounding evidence was produced by the psychic with no possibility of knowledge.

Detectives are the professional experts in their fields. One detective may be fooled by psychics, but all of them?

Because scientists have placed such a horrible stigma on anyone who pursues paranormal answers, including detectives, In almost every murder case the detectives were very skeptical to bring in a skeptic but when you are that desperate you go against the scientific grain. Detectives have stated over and over some murderers would have probably gotten away if it wasn’t for a psychics help. Some of those murders were serial killers.

Some of the attitudes of the populations at large as reflected by those detectives can be directly link to the campaign against the paranormal by scientist and debunkers alike. Scientist and debunkers will say we are doing this as a service to the public. How, by closing a door on a ongoing phenomenon that may have far reaching benifit?

Don’t get me wrong there are scientist who have taken the courage to test these theories. The DVD clip I present below is from the 27th conference held by the “Society For Scientific Exploration”, but once these get involved with testing these theories, the mainstream treats them as if they had leprosy.

Scientist have them self to blame for the resentment felt not only in our communities but around the country. When somebody has an experience like some of us have had and is dismissed by someone who wasn’t there and knows virtually nothing about the subject, it appears, to believers and non-believers alike, as the height of arrogance….hum….arrogance and scientist- who would have ever known?

This DVD clip is dedicated to Bruce Duesing and the world of the mind:

Jole Jones Professor of Radiologist, 27th Conference of the Society For Scientific Exploration.

Joe Capp

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  1. The problem with the subject of UFOs and mainstream science is that the subject of UFOs holds the highest classification within the US (and other countries no doubt)government and military. UFOs are more highly classified than Nuclear weapons. Therefore the subject of UFOs is actively obfuscated by agencies of various world governments. I have no doubt that there has been a great deal of scientific activity surrounding the subject since the 1940s. The active suppression of information, discrediting of the subject, and disinformation by the government/military has virtually prevented any real "outside" inquiry by scientists.

  2. Good post!

    I have listened to so many skeptics and debunkers over the years and know now where they're coming from. They have two major problems.

    1. Most do not acknowledge anything ET as a valid explanation. This is partly because this is a scientifical dead-end (can't be replicated or made into product).

    2. Most skeptics have a hard time saying 'I don't know' when the data at hand is valid but doesn't correspond to any database we have. If it doesn't fit their paradigm, skeptics will grasp for prosaic solutions that don't fit rather than admit defeat. This seems to be a current cultural problem amongst western science in general. What's the harm in saying - "I don't know"? All this speaks volumes to me about who they are and where they're coming from.

    Skeptics will do anything to avoid going into the unknown. They have systematized to not read up on the best ufological data (like you describe). That way they can always get away with - "Well, I'm not aquainted with this particular case in detail but I can comment on it in more general terms." - and so the debunking begins by describing the problems with witness testimony explaining it all away with swamp gas or Venus. Usually they will also stop conveying the negative results of research into "flashbulb memory". Skeptics/debunkers will say that whoever you are, whatever you say, you COULD be wrong! Thus your data can't be trusted. Hence no need to further look into it or give it any attention really...

    I agree that skeptics are not very qualified to comment on these cases (are anyone?) They only cost time and attention pointing out the obvious that ufologists could figure out for themselves. A lot of the old school ufologists were often scientists or police officers and not 'Average Joes'. Their conclusions were often very solidly built and skeptics holding PhD's or Masters Degrees, in various not so applicable subjects, usually don't have much to offer these people.

    Like you, I have also noticed that skeptics are not even interested in talking to witnesses and doing any legwork. I have now understood why - it isn't the fact that these witnesses don't have the best intentions and are believable from a humanitarian standpoint, it's the fact that it's memory and can POTENTIALLY be erroneous. Even if the witness statement hypothetically was assumed 100% truthful, it can't be tested to 100% exclude other possible sources for recording erroneus data in the human memory. Setting up an experiment and replicating the conditions are also impossible due to the many data-unknowns surrounding the case (of course the absent data is claimed to be VERY important). The skeptic will always cover their ass saying that the data is insuffient to draw a conclusion on. It doesn't matter how much data you have, this will always be a fact. The skeptic won't define his/her criteria for when anything can be considered a real phenomenon. Especially a conclusion like ET. That would need extraordinary evidence HAHA! (..hinting to the VERY stupid claim by Carl Sagan that "extraordinary claims needed extraordinary evidence" which is a logical fallacy...) Skeptics never corner themselves but always looking for an out so that they can avoid the unforeseen unpleasant conclusion.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  3. OK, needed to make a second posting to get all my comments in... :-D

    Here is where I think science has fallen into it's own trap: In all of science history, real world experiments or experiences USUALLY preceed any mathematical documentation of the phenomenon (string theory excluded). Why is it so hard to concede that there is a paranormal phenomenon going on that warrants further study to gain scientifical understanding? We see the effects upon nature and people but yet it is of no importance to science? Science problem here is opinion-based - i.e. POLITICAL! It's important to NEVER lose sight of that fact. My belief is that science and politics (and religion) should never mix in such ways.

    Also commenting on "Trained Observer", the openly peer research concerning antigravity largely went black (sometimes in the 1960s if I remember correctly). You follow the papertrail of intriguing new scientific discoveries in the litterature and then, suddenly it all stops, seemingly going up in thin air. It all "goes black" of course, the research doesn't stop there.

    As I have said earlier in comments, it's laughable the world record speed by a plane is 33 years old! By estimating each development cycle to approx 8 years we do not know the capabilities of AT LEAST 4 newer secret aircraft projects superseeding the SR-71 from 1976 and onwards. How can anyone say we can't keep secrets when that is a fact. We can and we do. Many conspiracies are alive and well.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  4. Dear Daniel,
    great of the things that really ticks me off is how easy it is for skeptics. They don't have to spend years investigating. They don't have to deal with all of the evidence, mostly what they do is continue spinning the same explanations and basically the larger scientific community, and scientitist groupies believe them.
    I believe there will be scientist in the future who may change all this. Like any good inner calling science breads rebellion and rebellion needs a mystery and there is no greater mystery than UFOs and the Paranormal.
    Thanks Daniel

  5. Dear Daniel,
    Your right they shoot themselves in the foot but who notices. Except for people like us who check details the scientist and their groupies swallow it hook line and sinker.
    All we can to is make another crack in the wall and hope some day it will come down.
    Thanks Daniel

  6. I don't think there is a problem with science or scientists taking the UFO phenomena seriously. The problem is that the there has been a sophisticated program in operation since the 1940s controlling all information about the UFO phenomena. The magnitude of this program's power and reach shouldn't be underestimated. You have to remember that even Hynek was an agent of the CIA during the time he was playing his role in BlueBook for the Air Force. (see Dolan) I have no doubt there have been scores of scientists with a great deal of resources at their disposal secretly studying the UFO phenomena since the 1940s for the Air Force and Naval Intelligence. The "public face" is that there is nothing to it and those not required for the program are discouraged and discredited at the mention of it. The government of the USA and the branches of its military certainly take the phenomena seriously (with of Trillions of dollars resources at their disposal) while maintaining a public attitude of indifference.
    One other thing that comes to mind. There is a statement I read somewhere, I'll try to find it, that says that anyone getting close enough to see what the UFO business is really all about immediately agrees that it shouldn't be disclosed to the general public. It stands to reason there could be something so terrifying that no one wants to see the what the consequences of disclosing it might be and therefore the serious study of it leads to a necessary secrecy and a public discrediting of the subject.

  7. Dear Trained Observer,
    I don't let the scientific community completely off the hook since they are more intelligent than we are yet they hide behind very ignorant statement. That for me can only mean one thing, since I don't believe they are all liars. They don't really read about and evidence on the subjects. I don't know, I thought scientist were about science the need to investigate life mysteries and explain them. Because of all this I don't consider many scientist just innocent bystanders in the lack of UFO research.
    Thanks, your comments are always thought provoking.


  8. When you know your funding will dry up, your family will be harassed, and perhaps you'll loose your job and prevented from getting another, etc., etc., as a "scientist" who has to earn a living (and stay out of federal prison) you might decide not getting involved in UFO research is the intelligent thing to do after all. People disappear, they die, they go "crazy". It is a serious subject and having a fear of clearly demonstrated consequences is understandable. I'm saying that much of your ire toward science and scientists is misplaced and doesn't give enough consideration to the very intensive counter-intelligence program that is in daily operation by multiple government agencies to suppress, discourage, and misinform the UFO subject.

  9. Dear Trained Observer,
    I agree, there is no doubt in my mind the government has done a rigorous job to make UFOs and the investigation of them ridiculous and even a danger to a career. I wrote a article about what happened to Dr. James McDonald. It is very dangerous if you are a well respected scientist and a great communicator, like McDonald. But unless science picks up this very difficult banner it will be regulated to the government or the ETS to do any disclosing and I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.