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UFO Brazilian Disclosures : The Case that could change the world

Some of the information I quoted was taken from the book :
"UFO Crash In Brazil
by Dr. Roger Lier

If Brazil is serious about full “UFO Disclosure” there is one case, if true, that would settle the ET debate for all time. The case is about a crashed UFO, dead aliens, and dead people. That incident happened and has been called the real Brazilian Roswell. No, it’s not “Operation Saucer;” it is the Crashed UFO 1996 Varginha Brazil case. In this quiet community 300 km. from the Brazilian capital, something tremendous happened. Although Dr. Roger Lear, the famous alien implant pioneer researcher, went to investigate the case years later, the primary ufologist who researched the case was Ubirajara (Bira) Rodriques His report and subsequent investigation has made this a very serious case. Brazil has announced it has decided to release more UFO files but only through the 1980s. The Varginha alien case is the one I am waiting for. It took place in Jamuary, 1996. What happened in that town and the evidence amassed affected Stanton Friedmen enough to say, “Varginha may be the modern Roswell.”
If you are not familiar with this case, here is a short synopsis:

It all stared with three young females, Varginha residents, out for a Saturday stroll taking a shortcut through a vacant field where, much to their horror, they came upon “the devil”.

A small being was crouched by a wall. It was witnessed by all three girls, Liliane and Valquira, who were sisters, and their friend, Katia. They all described the entity as having a large head and bulging veins in the shoulder area. At first, the entity had its head turned to the wall but when they screamed the “creature” turn to look at them. It had large “red” eyes and three bump- like protrusions (“horns”) on its head. Liliane reported she felt sympathy for the little creature. She had strong feeling it was hurt and intelligent. Although they ran, the sympathy factor by a young girl for this creature makes me feel there is hope for the human race yet.
The sisters, with their friend, ran home to tell their mother. They were so upset they started crying. The mother and a friend decided to investigate and went to the spot at the wall. The creature was gone but they did notice flattened weeds where something was sitting and footprints.
Later in the day of the this incident, according to investigator, Ubirajara (Bira) Rodriques, there was a major storm with giant hail that broke windows and windshields. The storm washed away all traces of the creature at the wall. But this story was not over. It was only the beginning. During that storm, two police officers came across a similar entity, one half block from where the creature was first reported by the girls, limping across a road. They didn’t shoot it; they put in into the car to take it to a medical center. Another example of compassion for something off worldly. This Medical Center was more like a first aid facility. The employees there suggested taking the being to a hospital. It was transported by the police to Hospital Regional, the local hospital. Soon the military took over and, of course, a lid of security was imposed. We should take a moment to say no one, not even debunkers. should take the word of Brazil military and their denials about this incident. At that time in Brazil the military were very repressive to the people and were not to be trusted.
The local hospital did not seem to be able to help the being. The military transported it to a much better hospital, Hospital Humanities. Hospital personnel relate how the being was transported by military convoy out of the hospital. This date of the transport to the better equipped hospital was Monday, January 22, 1996.
Later, witnesses at the rear of the hospital reported seeing the military load a body into a small crate. The military convoy then transported the being to a military training camp 25km away. Was the being already dead? Eventually, the being’s body was delivered to Brazil’s finest university. Reliable witnesses at each facility reported seeing the military and the body. Interesting to note: one police officer who transported the live creature and touch it, died of very mysterious causes. According to Dr Leir, the symptoms were similar to Ebola. His medical records from the hospital were confiscated by the military, never to be seen again. This happened two weeks after the incident. Of course, there was a great deal of hype around this incident by the press, but UFO researchers, including the editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, were able to get many witnesses involved to come forward. One witness was the sister of the police officer who had died.

Will the Brazilian government release what happened at Varginha? This case could be the proof we have been waiting for. There is one problem. Witnesses reported a strong presence of American officials at the hospital. How much influence over the Brazilian government on these matters the good old USA has we do not know. But, if this case is a hoax, why would all these medcial personnel get involved?

On other country disclousures and how seriious they are, let us take the UK as an example. The UK has never released the follow-up investigation or the video taken at Brentwaters. This was the case where a UFO craft landed and was touched. I doubt they ever will no matter what Nick Pope claims.

Brazil has a long and rich history of UFO activity. This is the country where the first modern UFO ET abduction took place: Antonio Boas. There are hoaxes but they usually end up being discovered by the excellent leg work of the UFO investigators down there.
This case has the smoking gun, but, so did Brentwaters. In the UFO community obsession to have UFO records released we may not realize that these selective disclosures are nothing more than a snow job to hide the real beef.

I have included a video clip with interviews:

Joseph Capp
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  1. Excellent job! Thank you for the post. Indeed...this case is highly underrated in my opinion...simply amazing and far more a critical incident than believed.

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  2. "At that time in Brazil the military were very repressive to the people"... in 1996? where did you get this stupid statement from? in ANY country military intelligence would try to take advantage of such situation but to say that there was miitary repression in Brazil at that time shows that you're not so well informed...

  3. "At that time in Brazil the military were very repressive to the people"... in 1996? where did you get this stupid statement from? in ANY country military intelligence would try to take advantage of such situation but to say that there was miitary repression in Brazil at that time shows that you're not so well informed...

  4. I apoligise to all for late posting of comments. My email was all messed up.

    Sorry To All

  5. Dear Sonaltta,

    I may have misstated. What was reported in Dr. Lear's book was the locals were frightened of the military.

  6. With so many civilian hospital personnel allegedly involved, where are the personal interviews and testimonies? Where are the local TV spots that cover US officials making a presence in the hospital? There must have been an official lock down as well, for the alleged military take over of the alien body. There is no way to hide this kind of activity from everyone without leaving bread crumbs of evidence. This is what this story needs.